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Saturday 8 August 2009

Lessons in Leadership

Here is a talk given by the world class Infosys chairman on leadership. I thought, after listening to a P Ramlee song, we move on to a serious matter. This country needs an inspiring as well as a leader with the qualities Mr Murthi speaks about.


Anonymous,  8 August 2009 at 16:51  

Leadership Malaysian style >> MAS announced their biggest ever quarter profit..
Smoke and Mirrors..who do they think they are fooling?
Investors,rakyat(cos govt owns 60% of MAS) deserves the truth..we cannot be treated like fools and continue to be deceived by PR nonsense..
Losing money is a smaller sin compared to trying to hoodwink the public.
MAS's credibility shot..but will the "powers that be" countenance such acts?CEO,COO anf CFO shld walk the plank immediately.

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