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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 24 August 2009

A Bridge too far?

Permatang Pasir- a bridge too far?

On Tuesday, 25th of August, the people of Permatang Pasir will go to the polls. They will decide which party they want as wakil rakyat. I join all UMNO members in saluting the brave UMNO people for campaigning tirelessly. They have carried a heavy burden perhaps one that is beyond their capacity. The Pemuda UMNO must be cited for their single mindedness in their efforts.

Unfortunately like the allied armies sent to capture several bridges in German occupied territories, Permatang Pasir may be the bridge at the lower Rhine. Permatang Pasir may be like what British Lieutenant-General Frederick A.M. Browning, deputy commander of the First Allied Airborne Army, who told Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the operation's architect, before the operation, "I THINK WE MAY BE GOING A BRIDGE TOO FAR.

What UMNO has done thus far, is similar to what a Pasar Malam trader is doing. They want to pass on the fake article as the original. Or they want to sell a defective good for the price of a wholesome product. Hence a large proportion of their untiring and relentless efforts were directed at defending their candidate. The 'turning over' of the ex law partner of Rohaizat serves only to stiffen people's perception, that it's all an UMNO BIG LIE.

The people of Permatang Pasir will decide on the basis of individual judgement calls. It is true; they have lived under the wakil-rakyatship of a PAS man for more than 10 years. They have adjusted to whatever development they could have under that stewardship. While they lived during those years under PAS, Penang was ruled by Gerakan and the Federal government was BN. Permatang Pasir should have been made an anak emas during all those years, if BN and Gerakan wanted to cultivate goodwill. It is just too tricky to be converted to an anak emas after years of being anak tiri-ed. Has the father owned up to the abandoned wife with his child?

Suddenly the people of PP are flooded with promises to make PP an anak emas. Will they be given the golden spoon to feed themselves? Will Nuri helicopters or even the Super Pumas be used to drop money from the sky for Permatang Pasir people?

You are back to the same arguments about bringing development on behalf of the people. The people of PP have self cultivated themselves under a climate of less dependence on big government all those years, I don't think, they will want to sacrifice their freedom. As far as UMNO is concerned, UMNO hasn't change its spots at all- still deluding themselves that it is THEY who are the dispenser of glad tidings.

The answer as to who will win Permatang Pasir has been given by Rais Yatim. He says he is confident that PAS majority will be reduced. That's about as far as he is willing to go.


Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 07:23  

Dato' Sak,
I agree with the soon to be retired minister that at best it will be a reduced majority. Who knows the goings on in Lunas may even increase the majority? It is just too coincidental for the Lunas rep to announce his defection at this crucial time and in KL for that. His timing seems to be perfect. Many people are wondering how much 'pulus' may have changed hands.
You are right, UMNO has not changed much other than the slogans.

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 08:22
Anwar Ibrahim berprestasi tinggi dan tiada masalah perkahwinan kah kah kah

Unknown 24 August 2009 at 09:07  


If DS Najib thinks that by distancing himself from PP, he will not be affected by the outcome, he is sadly wrong....

He has to accept that as Head of UMNO and the ruling party, whatever the outcome, the BUCK STOPS WITH HIM and NOT Muhyideen....

The Photo of Muhyideen stirring the Pot with Rohaizat is so symbolic! They will reap what they have sown...

KS Cheah 24 August 2009 at 10:06  

Dear Dato' Sak,

In an earlier post, "BN for Permatang Pasir" you said what the voters in PP "should" do. In this post you speak of what you expect them to do. Combine the two, you will have PP by-election in a nutshell.

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 13:22  

Dato as you know that wonderful song whose lyrics go like,and now the end is near and so i face the final curtain say's it all for a lost cause.

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 14:38  

It is unthinkable for people of PP, who have been supporting PAS all along to pick UMNO's candidate who is so tainted.
Only people with no morality and sense of right and wrong will pick this UMNO scum.
I have alot of respect for the Malays in Permatang Pauh and Penang.
They will know whom to choose.

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 14:41  

Dato' Sak

Did you notice that no BN and UMNO other big guns (other than Muhyddin and Zahid) have come to say anything good about the candidate. The most they did was a token presence.

That is a clear sign they have given up on the mistake.

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 17:57  

Barisan will win Permatang Pasir..

>voters turnout will be mid fifties to low sixties..
>the witch hunt by PR on rohaizat is a failed strategy that will backlash.
>lunas and other stories of disillusioned PKR reps
>PAS not given any face in penang n selangor
>widespread gangster activities in selangor...and open selling of alcohol in muslim areas.PAS hv lost its way..the groundswell will demonstrate their displeasure.
>more of PAS leaders becoming like corporate tycoons..forgetting their roots
>Anwar strategy of postponing his day in court for sodomy2 makes ppl suspicious..and withdrawal od suleiman is puzzling...raise issues?wat is anwar worried of?
>the battle of PKFZ..with OTK showing courage and skills hv given MCA a new image..that ppl can buy..n will buy
>the LGE failure of Buah Pala..and Samy Velu's new hairstyle

No doubt..BN will win..the odds are stacked in their favor to win...

But a note of caution..I am not referring to outright win but a Manek Urai type rxplained by Rais..all BN needs is smaller majority...even by 1 vote..thats winning.

Sans 24 August 2009 at 18:39  

Unrelated but may interest you to see KJ fielding some questions from this crowd. 4 parts in all

Anonymous,  25 August 2009 at 05:05  

Dato' just for your info that there is no more Super Puma helicopter in the service as the last one had crashed in Butterworth killing all the crew mwmbers.
The helos that you saw flying up down during by election in Manik Urai were The Nuris and the Blackhawks.
Probably DPM will use Sukhoi or F18 this time to drop money from the sky.
Say sorry to UMNO leaders as they have reach the peak of their incompetency and hypocrites and unless people in PP still believe DPM ridiculous promise of a golden "Jamban tan" as in Manik Urai then I rest my case.
UMNO must change!!!dh9753

Anonymous,  25 August 2009 at 19:09  

Again,MAHYUDDIN lost a by election>>he keeps losing by elections after by elections...he is a very big failure.

If its a football team..he will be removed and managers with better track record (mahfuz,nasaruddin etc) brought over to take the lead.And the team will also be chopped and changed i.e Dato Pa,Dato Zahid,KJ will be dropped and replaced by the more capable force of TianChua(attack),Husam(defense),LimKitSiang(midfield).

Never in our history have our leadership LOST so many elections.

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