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Monday 20 July 2009

De-politicizing issues


From an anonymous commentator to my latest blog entry, I got these words:-

Forget about the economy. It will be politics from now on. The stupidity of one agency has now blown apart any semblance of direction. This is a stupidity egged on by the politicians.

I think we are going to find a flat battery.

19 July 2009 19:31

Sad but true. The state of our economy is the least of concerns. The natural proclivity and favourite pastime is about politics, the more damning the better. The death of an aide to a state EXCO is subjected to various interpretations. The often combative stance taken by bloggers underscores the need to carry out an impartial inquiry to ascertain the true cause of death.

I received an insouciant and supercilious comment that agrees with me that we are saddened by the death of Teoh Beng Hock but I was aping KJ in asking for the formation of a RCI. I was aping KJ therefore I must be on the payroll of KJ. How trite.

The objective of an RCI is to establish the guilt or innocence of a party or parties. If the government moves quickly to form one, it is signalling to the public it is serious about transparency and integrity. Only through the forensic inquiry of an independent body answerable to the King or to parliament can we seek out the truth.

Those bodies that have vested interests or deemed to have even the remotest of interest cannot instil confidence in the public of their impartiality. The MACC internal affairs inquiry will never be accepted as credible because the MACC is seen as the most interested of parties. It must be an inquiry that must be done and seen to be done by a special constituted body.

If the government doesn't want to constitute an RCI, it must assume the responsibility to set up a special inquiry team made up of distinguished personalities. The formation of one is necessary to quell public distrust and to snuff out the politicisation of the death of Teoh from both divides of the political spectrum.


A Voice 20 July 2009 at 08:56  

In other words, Najib can distance themselves from being rope into this mess.

But will they allow so, the opposition and sceptics? Already they are going full blast blaming MACC, Police, Najib, just short of Rosmah and planning to implicate Najib's housemaids.

They are dead set to politicise and play on public sentiment to revive the sagging numbers at their ceramah and Anwar's supporters at the court.

Holding a RCI is like playing to the hands of Lim Kit Siang. He basically want an RCI for every issue. You secede to one demand and they will demand more. It implies a non functionaing Government, which is not happening.

Tough. Glad I am not PM now.

BTW, if KJ paid you money, buy me a good roti telor next time we meet. :)

Unknown 20 July 2009 at 09:16  


One Wonders, If the Government can have a Royal Commission into the Lingam Case, where no death was involved, why not in this case?

Fi-sha 20 July 2009 at 11:17  

Good Morning Datuk Sak

I'm a malay but I am so ashamed that the ruling Command Centre - managed by mostly Muslim Malays - are resorting to the hideous tactic to remain in power: -

1. Make people poorer (see the hikes in various areas that seem to shoot those people in low and middle income brackets recently) and thus, making them so desperate in times of needs, like now, they would take whatever being thrown at them, regardless whether they are ethical, conscientious or not.

2. Make race and religion such an BIG issue that unnecessarily incite hatred amongst the people when we should all work together to brace this difficult times.

I wonder Datuk, when are we going to stop playing this game?

Thank you Datuk - at least they are too few malay men out there with the right frame of mind.


kuldeep 20 July 2009 at 13:27  

Wats the outcome of the Lingam RCI?Are the guilty in jail now?

Anonymous,  20 July 2009 at 13:27  


The reports of all the other RCI investigations are waiting to be acted on. Those are a lot more damming. The two exposes from RPK on the MAS and IGP send shivers through my spine on what else are swept under the carpet. Is there decency left anymore? Everything is done in the name of political expediency. Yet everything is being championed as fighting for Malay rights. The two cases mentioned shows that the ordinary Malays are being taken for a ride in the name of NEP.
My fervent hope is that the ordinary Malays would wake up and fight for your rights, not from the non-Malays but from you own so called leaders who are screwing you left right and centre.


Anonymous,  20 July 2009 at 13:34  

It was foolish of MACC to interrogate a witness as if he was a suspect. All the more so when he was not a hostile witness. I think it was just a case of overzealous officers trying to justify their appointment to the post and perhaps trying to please their boss.
Who else can we trust other than the RCI? The police and the MACC lost their credibility a long time ago. After all credibility is just a perception and you have to earn it and not to expect it to be bestowed upon you by any authority.

Anonymous,  20 July 2009 at 13:35  

I think RCI is the only option for the government and the country.

If indeed MACC is overboard, put in some measures for them to follow, then at least you show the rakyat you mean it.

If not, I will only give more fuel to Opposition to carry on and drag the country and its important institutions to the dirty yards.

I would say our Police and MACC certainly need some form of body they ought to be accountable to and not just PM's department. How can you swallow such bullocks from heads where they feel they can do no wrong but they have been harboring all sorts of inappropriate methods to get confessions. I am surprise that our law admit such confessions through coercion. But sometimes you have to think what level of people they are getting in the forces. Probably those were the only effective methods they know rather than proper forensic and real investigation work.

Anonymous,  20 July 2009 at 13:40  

Never has so much hard work been so quickly undone....this is the last thing PM needs right now - he must be fuming!! But it is also an opporunity to do something which has never been done - act quickly, decisively, impartially and let the axe falls accordingly -more than anything else, his actions will define whether '1 Malaysia' is mere words

Anonymous,  20 July 2009 at 13:40  

Because if we were to have a RCI for every death in this country, we will have to set up a 'permanent' RCI.

Lingam was of national interest, the manipulation of the highest levels of the Judiciary by the Executive.

But I will say one thing, in ANY other country except for our rotten country, by now the MACC chief would have resigned.

Aspan Alias 20 July 2009 at 14:53  

There shouldn't be any more polemic on this sensitive matter.
Royal Commission is mandatory choice.
Let us not quarrel any further bro.
Who knows, this time around RCI can work?

Stephen Doss 20 July 2009 at 15:26  

The situation is such today that it is not about doing the right thing, it is about who says what first, because Kit Siang called it first (RCI)therefore the govt's attempt to form a RCI now will be seen as playing into the hands of the opposition.

To hell with doing the right thing

this seems to be the mentality of people like A Voice....

By the way, to put on record the first person to call for an RCI was KJ not Kit Siang, not the opposition...

Unknown 20 July 2009 at 19:47  


A Voice Said;

"They are dead set to politicise and play on public sentiment to revive the sagging numbers at their ceramah and Anwar's supporters at the court."

By politicising this case, A voice inadvertently confirmed that the case is being politicised by both sides of the divide...

Proving the dire need for a Non Political Royal Commission.

backStreetGluttons 20 July 2009 at 20:10  

Those who are guilty are scared of the truth. So simple and self explanatory !

As in one who has plenty to hide for truth will surely make them lose power instantly.

Whats so difficult to understand ?

Politics ? Bloggers ? Mainstream/ sidestream media ? Own shadow ?
God ?

Pak Zawi 20 July 2009 at 21:09  

Dato' Sak,
When the victim's handphone was found by the police to be still in the custody of MACC, all credibility of MACC was obliterated. How could they release him without handing over his phone? It is all the more fishy.

Greenbug 20 July 2009 at 23:36  

Dato Sak, whats the point of forming a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the death of Teoh Beng Hock if there is no sincerity in following thru with the findings. Just look at the feet-dragging of the VK Lingam inquiry and you will agree that most Malaysians think it is a waste of time.

I personally think a RCI will calm things down a bit but it will not erase the beliefs and opinions that have already been etched deep in the minds of most Malaysians.

If PM Najib takes a day off and ponder, he will realize that there are only a few things lying between him and his achievement as a good / great leader i.e.: remove idiots like Nazri Aziz, the IGP, the AG, MACC Chief and this alone would move him so much closer to getting 85% approval rating overnight. Would he have the political will / courage to carry this through? I doubt and thats why he will never be half of what his father used to be, sorry.

Pak Zawi 21 July 2009 at 07:12  

Agree fully with what you wrote.

Anonymous,  21 July 2009 at 16:41  

Sir, pray tell me. What became of the two RCI's instituted by the government of the day to inquire into the RCMP and the Lingamgate issues/has anything happened as result, I mean really happened. So, now we inow what an RCI is all about.It really has nothing to do with Kit Siang of any other person.It is all about getting to the truth of the mater. the truth as we know is always elusive when it comes to thie government of the day. Sorry, but this comment comes from a heart that has had to suffer disappointments on the RCI previously.

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