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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 17 April 2024

The battle for KKB.

1. Soon the battle of KKB will begin. The by elections take place because the DAP incumbent passed away.

2. Since 1974, KKB has become part of the Selangor State Assembly. The seat has been won by BN and DAP.

3. When BN won the seat, people's thinking was not that sophisticated. You can almost say BN won when voters were more ignorant. They were more moved by immediate gains which moneybags BN offered.

4. When people's thinking became more sophisticated, they think of more long term gains, that all, irrespective of racial groups are all in the same boat, DAP won.

5. You can almost speak of an unspoken rule. When ignorance reigns, when short term gains are more prioritised, where racial and religious bigotry reigns, BN wins. When the opposite take place, DAP wins.

6. You can't avoid some people with a tunnel vision. PAS, because of its religious extremism and conservatism is confident of winning. Those with a racial supremacy complex and suffering from 'the infinite malady' of DAPhylis see their party winning. Those who suffer from perpetual divorce from UMNO disease, think PN could win.

7. They are wrong in their prognoses. Here are my reasons. 8. # political sophistication# the reality of demographics.

9. Reasonable people do not want to rule and conquer others not do they want to impose their racial supremacy as expoused by the Akmals of this world. They don't want to hate and despise one another. They want to help one another. They want to live by others happiness not misery.

10. Those negatives are necessary products of religious extremism and racial supremacy. Exactly the principles expoused by PN( bersatu, pas and gerakan who, what? Meaning PN can never win.

11. Hence the prognoses by religious extremists(pas) the racial supremacists and those suffering from the infinite malady of DAPphylis, and the people who contacted the divorce from UMNO disease are all off the mark.

12. These people ignore the reality of demography of a particular place. Demographics is indeed destiny.

13. As a rule of thumb, evinced from my own personal experience and observation of empirical evidence, is that whenever there is at least 30% of the population of a place is composed of non Malays, where DAP contests, IT will win .

14. Let's look at KKB. It's composed of around 47% Malays which means there is 53% non Malays. Ada faham Lor?

15. If DAP were to contest, it is the incumbent anyway, it only needs 80% of the non malay votes and only 20% of the Malay votes to win

16. So despite the boastful talks of the pas leutenante, the Malay supremacists infected with DAPphylis and those suffering from divorce from UMNO disease, my bet is, DAP will retain KKB.


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