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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 April 2024

Boycott UMNO. The Malaysian Response.

1. We must rid our world of men with emperor like mentality, IE of men who dictate their fellowmen like beasts of burden.

2. The business of emperor minded people is to rule over, conquer, enslaved, subjugate, hold in bondage their fellow humans. They rule over the misery and suffering of others .

3. When people suffer or caused to be in misery, the emperor minded, the feudal lord hold control over the people . The essence of the emperor minded is the creation of an Orwellian society. A society which is controlled in every aspect.

4. This is what people like Akmal are striving for, to exert absolute control over others on account of them being different . Injury to religious sensitivity is just an excuse to exert supremacy. In this case, racial supremacy.

5. As Muslims, we are angry when our religion is made fun of, ridiculed, treated lightly, opened to contempt etc .

6. As angry as we are, feeling hurt, we don't react unhinged and go on with an orgy of destruction . We agree at being aggrieved but we cannot condone Akmal's mindless violence.

7. It's just using the socks issue to regain UMNOs relevancy and validity.

8. Because as decent human beings we ought to be able to help our fellow human beings. That's the way human beings are. We don't validate our existence by coercing others.

9. We want to live with other's happiness not misery. We don't go on hating and despising others because a small reason provides us an excuse to do so.

10. That's what the socks issue provided Akmal and UMNO. To unleash unbridled hate and violence.

11. Thus far from asserting UMNOs relevancy and validity, it gives 1001 reasons to boycott UMNO.

12. Yes, come one and all, let us boycott UMNO.

13. It seems that cleverness and intelligence has made us unnecessarily cynical and overly suspicious. More than intelligence, we need kindness and gentleness.

14. Behind that baby faced appearance (of Akmal) is an unloved person . Malays are made of better stuff .

15. Perhaps Akmal is suffering from an acute bout of paerodolia. Where people see common inkblots, he sees the figure of a Chinaman brandishing a sword .


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