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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 6 April 2024

Religion as a sword to kill.

1. In case readers are wondering who the hell Adenoid Hynkel is, let me tell you. He is the character played by Charlie Chaplin in the film 'The Great Dictator '.

2. In Malaysia there's room for everyone.malays, Chinese, Indians and people in East malaysia.we want to live harmoniously with one another. We want to help one another. We don't want to hate and despise another because he is different. Our name is Ahmad, the other is ah chai or bala.

3. Hate and despise is what emperor Akmal has done. This fellow has launched hate politics and with it, hate crimes.

4. You think you can undo what your bloody mouth has said. Up to date there were 2 incident of fire bomb at KK mart premises. You can't say there's no link between what you said and what has happened. The Malay says, terlajak perahu boleh di undur, terlajak kata buruk padah nya.

5. Now you say you want the government take stern actions. When you opened your bloody mouth you want the government to support you. You can't have the cake and eat it, bro.

6. Akmal, the fascist dictator is responsible for the hate politics and the hate crimes that follow his immature outbursts. Immature leader begets immature followers .

7. What is puzzling to us is that throughout the whole anarchic episode, the government has been quiet.

8. The government has not been nimble enough to stop the maniacal politics and has been slow to recognise the bad consequences.

9. There is a joke going around that no interference means doesn't know what to do.

10. Notice or not, what was started by Akmal and his garbage underbosses has not attracted universal condemnations from PAS. Could it be that pas people are more mature than the UMNO youths?

11. Islamic politics to UMNO is that different from the Islamic politics of PAS in this issue. Clearly the Allah socks issue has been leveraged by UMNO for its hate politics.

12. At the root of the flare up of the issue is simply a desire to restore UMNOs sagging relevancy in Malay politics.

13. The hard truth is, the brand of politics surveyed by UMNO is no longer relevant among the Malays. Its hate politics, chauvinism, xenophobia, paranoia and its Don Quixote syndrome are no longer unquestionably accepted by the Malays. The emergence of a sociopath like Akmal worsens UMNOs irrelevancy.

14. UMNO under the full leadership of Zahid fails to see this . So it shoots itself in the foot.

15. This is the area in which Anwar should not interfere. When the enemy is making mistakes, don't gatal2 to correct them. But where actions threaten the social harmony of the nation you must interfere.

16. Didn't UMNO lose badly in the last GE? That is an indication that'd its brand of politics is no longer relevant.

17. Perhaps, it's dying clutch to grab any semblance of relevancy, is to be part of the unity government.

18. Where it hopes to influence the policy of the government. It seems the actions of a sociopath like Akmal brings disrepute to the government's Madani policies .

19. The fatal mistake that Anwar has made is to invite an implacable and incorrigible enemy like UMNO to share power .

20. Is this the UMNO ,PH is considering to work with in the next GE? I say let it die alone .

21. UMNO may have not realised it, that Akmal's conduct has created irreparable and untold damages to UMNO.

22. The immediate effect is Malaysians in general, law abiding and peace loving will reject UMNO. The non Malays except one Chinaman professor will avoid UMNO because of its inherent hate politics.

23. Mad cow Akmal is really head of the militant arm of UMNO. It's purpose is to intimidate, bully and coerce others into accepting what UMNO defines. If UMNO says black is white, all others must also say it's white. No independent thought is allowed.

24. I now want to introduce the concepts of economic predation and economic terrorism. Predation as is normally understood refers to a situation whereby one organism (predator)hunts and kills of another(prey)

25. The predator kills the prey to eat it or for the need to eliminate competition. The lion kills the gazelle to eat it but kills hyenas to eliminate competition.

26. The predator animal in Akmal kiills the prey KK mart to eliminate competition. So that the vacuum could perhaps be filled by others. Therefore we cannot discount the possibility that Akmal is induced by other Mart's or even be on their payroll. Think about that possibility.

27. Economic predation leads to economic terrorism. This is the willful instigation, calls and incitement to destroy the business infrastructure of the prey , in this case KK mart .

28. While the call to boycott purchase of KK mart products is economic predation, the call to close KK mart branches, IE the destruction of business infrastructure, is economic terrorism.

29. Terrorism in any forms, must be met with the full force of the law. Why should Akmal be exempted from being a ' special guest ' of the government? For those of you who have forgotten or don't know ' special guest ' is the title of a book written by former minister, Aziz Ishak

30. What motivates the sociopath in Akmal? The picture of him brandishing a samurai sword only shows his defiance and recalcitrance. What happens if a picture shows a Chinaman holding a Chinese Dao sword?

To be continued. ....


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