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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 6 August 2023

The elder statesman or elder anarchist. Part 1

1. Whether you like it or you don't like it learn to live with it. The doctrinaire, prejudiced and ultra rightist thinking of dr m, attracts the scruffy looking and cerebrally challenged tick-tokers and vlogers to it. Well, false patriotism and extremism is the refuge of scoundrels.

2. Dr M's ultra rightist thinking becomes a natural magnet attracting the riff Raff of society, the quarrel some, the combative and the naturally adverserial types

3. As a result, Dr M's scummy ideas find resonance among the scum of society. It's true when they say the cream rises to the top, but so does the scum. The ease by which our multimedia operates, allow all Tom dick and Harry to give their 2 cents worth of opinion.

4. There you have it. That's how I described the degenerates who are attracted to the zanny ideas of papa doc Mahathir. Scruffy looking tick tockers and quarrelsome Joe's. If you are not happy with the way I described them, you can shove your angst at the part of your anatomy where the sun does not shine.

5. I think it is futile and a waste of time to debunk Dr M's thinking with all the legal argle bargle or describing the old man's ideas as hate speech.

6. Such counter arguments are of no use as they will not move a man who can't be bothered if he's remembered or not or a man who doesn't expect to be 98 and who doest not expect to live beyond 75.

7. Dr m is an old man sitting on a rocking chair disturbing passing young girls. You can't fault him for that.

8. Dr M laments the the Malaysian economy is still in the doldrums. Economic recovery is not instantaneous and is a work in progress. It is unreasonable to say that pm Anwar Ibrahim wants to preside over a stagnant economy. To create a tiger economy is not a monopoly of dr m. Such an economy is doable by anyone else too .

9. Papa doc Duvalier M, says the government is a kleptocratic government. That's a dragnet statement scooping all life forms in the ocean. Yet the statement is unsubstantiated and not supported by proofs.

10. The statement, though unsubstantiated is seductive and persuasive precisely because it's difficult to disprove .

11. Corruption, small or big and it's rawrest form, kleptocracy started during M's time. The enabling structure was spawned by him. So ,by extension it's logical to assume the same cancerous things would also happen during Anwar's time.

12. But that could only happen if we were to assume that Anwar would create the same environment as Mahathir did. So far we have not have any proofs and can substantiate that kleptocracy is alive and well under Anwar's government.

13. Sure, we have heard of 1MDB, who Kapur the 42m who has 47 charges, the LCS scandal, the opv or the howitzer guns. All these were committed by UMNO people who were cultured by Mahathir. Anwar is not severally liable for these dastardly acts .

14. So for Mahathir to say that Anwar's government is corrupt or to use the exotic term kleptocratic, is both miscellaneous and irresponsible. The statement is rhetorical and will needlessly be repeated ad nauseam by misguided souls. Just because corruption is carried out by Mahathir's UMNO progenies, the same cannot be also said about Anwar's people. Not yet and not so fast .

15. Even though Mahathir said that this government is corrupt in his typical inscrutable manner and in a poker faced way in front of a group of rather intimidated and respectful journalists, characteristic of vintage Mahathir, consider this. Could that cavalier statement be Mahathir's preemptive strike to scare off Anwar from digging meticulously in corruption and illicit wealth of Mahathir's own cronies and groupies? Think about it .

16. It's a statement like a net casted wide and long scrapping all life forms. It's seductiveness lies in fact that it cannot be proven.

17. To that we can say, that which is asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence too. Why should we believe Mahathir?

18. The illicit wealth which Mahathir referred to, were committed by UMNO people and with them, possibly by MCA and MIC brethren,following the footsteps of their big Taiko UMNO .\

19. That committed by the BN degenerates, cannot also be imputed to be carried out by the PH people . We have to learn to apportion blame in this issue.

20. That aside, Mahathir's blankety statement can be dismissed in the same spirit as told by Christopher Hitchens, in his 'letter to a young contrarian' thus:-

21. ' beware of the unreasonable, though seductive. Mahathir's blanket statement implicating implicating everyone, is unreasonable. If you want to blame someone, blame the UMNO, MCA and the MIC joes. Not the PH people yet. The statement is seductive because people like to bitch about the illicit wealth of politicians.

22. Reject the seemingly transcendental statement even if uttered by an elderly statesman like Mahathir. He's fast becoming an elderly anarchist. It's not a statement etched in stone or having biblical truth .

23. What Mahathir is doing is to subtly destroy and annihilate your inquisitive selves. Have some dignity, continue to dispute and question what anyone say. Don't be afraid of being accused as being argumentative or selfish.


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