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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 18 March 2023

Political prosecution, persecution and other fairy tales from grand wizard Din.

1. Like many others, I also know of mahiadin's arrest by sprm. He is out on bail. Therefore we are in no doubt, he was arrested .

2. 6 charges are proffered to him. 4 for abusing position inducing corruption. Or influence peddling. 2 for money laundering.

3. The amount involved is rm427.5 million. He is out on bail for rm 2million.

4. When he was arrested, we heard of the ubiquitous, moronic and thoughtless claim that this selective and a political prosecution. Pendakwaan.

5. The moron and the imbecile claimed, this prosecution does not diminish mahiadin's esteem as it did in the sodomy case. Obviously alluding to Anwar s former case .

6. Now I know, BUMIPUTRA rights entitle one to steal and that stealing does not result in injuring self worth and dignity. One who does that must have a Teflon skin

7. So stealing, pilfering, corruption and so on are emblems of respectability and self worth. It's the malay amour propre . Only sodomy is not .

8. What we are hearing now is political defense. Really,Mahiadin must offer legal or technical defense.

9. Political defense actually is an admission that the subject matter of the charges did take place. You try to cover them up by shouting political defense. It's a ploy and a ruse.

10. Because they are just political dust stirrings, you can say anything under the sun. They are diverse as much as they are ridiculous .

11. You can shout fight against tyranny, long live abah, down with Anwar, Anwar is vindictive, justice for tsmy, tsmy is innocent, rise o malays and Islam and so on you can shout all these until you are blue in the face. They won't change the outcome. If abah moo is guilty, he will be convicted and spend sabbatical leave in Kajang Hilton.

12. Ahh, the malays and Islam rise with corruption, do they? The malays must have gone mad!

13. Mahiadin, in particular may ventilate ceaselessly that his prosecution is politically motivated. He may accused all he wants about agencies being used by the government to embark on a McCarthy like corruption blitz. This run counter to the statements he made in the past.

14. Or to save his own neck, he may blame other equally tainted lackeys.

15. He may say that throughout his 75 years, he has never been charged. Well, that's because all previous governments, umno, his own and Ismail sabris were not serious about corruption by the big fishes. It's a case of crooks looking after their kind .

16. Mahiadin says he will have his day in court. So why does he rant about political motives, schemes and intrigues?

17. The truth is, the more he stirs up political dust, the truer are the dastardly acts he committed .

18. Now he's slapped with another charge of receiving a bribe of rm5million. The man on the Clapham omnibus or on the Malaysian commuter bus , would rush in to say ,this is polical vendetta. You may say so because you have imperfect knowledge.

19. Sprm or the procedural team may have access to a more complete information to press such a charge .

20. The looking stupid peja said the charges against mahiadin did not make sense. A thief would have hidden the monies stolen.

21. Mahiadin is a clever thief. He may have hid the monies with friends or because he think he is untouchable, in banks he thought couldn't be investigated. Only peja is a stupid thief .

22. An interesting thing that emerged from the mahiadin's case, is the careless revelation from the moss/lumut man .

23. He said he had possibly incriminating files on certain individuals but to be used when needed. At that material time, he was the home minister.

24. That would open him to 2 possible misdemeanors. One, the concealment of possible judicial material . Two, possible blackmailing . That's why I say, he is a careless idiot.

25. Mahiadin should stop taking refuge behind the political prosecution and persecution allegations. Of course he will stubbornly persist, but to his own peril.

26. The more political shit stirring he does, the more he is admitting that the allegations of abuse of power and corruption did take place .

27. This political persecution issue or political persecution thing is tiresome as it is a rancid outpouring. We all have heard that the ag and sprm boss were appointed by. Mahiadin. Suggesting that they wouldn't sabotage mahiadin. That didn't stop them doing the right thing

28. Are we asked to believe that just because some jokers label an action as being political, then we should stop legal actions? That would be ridiculous wouldn't it?
Then all crooks can see refuge behind political prosecution.

29. Political persecution is the last refuge of bloody crooks just as patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

30. Is mahiadin prosecuted because he leads a civil disobedience movement? Certainly he is no martin Luther king or the fakir Gandhi. A faker perhaps.

31. Is he like the Christians being fed to the lions by the Romans? Is he prosecuted because he leads bersatu or on?
If the answers to all these are no, then he can't claim political prosecution and political persecution .

32. Are the charges against mahiadin too loose and open ended able to be lumped under political prosecution? Thus far the charges against him are very specific.

33. Is he denied the minimum legal safeguards?
He can have his day in court
He can have lawyers of his choosing
He can speak about anything under the sun
He can move freely domestically
He is not robbed of habeas corpus.

34. So mahiadin's claim, the the charges against him are politically motivated, is just a load of cow dung.
Before the legal and technical defense, he spins all sorts of nenek kebayan stories. The unthinking Malaysians will listen with jaws dropping.


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