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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 6 January 2023

Zahidism and umno's love fest with DAP.

1. The news above made me laughed out loud and rolling on the floor. My reactions are reflected as follows.

2. What umno is about to do reminded me of a Lat cartoon. A son was showing off, to his father, his reading skills. The father sat nonchalantly on his chair and continued reading his newspaper.

3. Seeing this, the son suddenly said, Lim Kit Siang joins the MCA. The shocked father put down his newspaper and exclaimed what!

4. The umno plan is ridiculous as saying lim Kim Siang joining MCA. The truth value of the plan is on the same level as umno inviting superman hew speaking at the umno general assembly. Which is zero!

5. The umno plan has zero value. Nevertheless, let us analyse its absurdity and it's ramifications. This plan, confirms my belief that umno is led by dullard and idiotic leaders.

6. But first, let me congratulate PM Anwar. Congratulations! I must start calling him Dr Anwar Ibrahim. Dr mengele Anwar Ibrahim.

7. Under the roof of his big camp, he has managed to coral in all the mental retards at a party called umno.

8. All the czars of kleptocracy, suffering from all forms of mental disorders, schizophrenic individuals, sufferers of bipolar personality disorders, dissociative personality disorders are now under his big camp.

9. Ignore that the leader of the kleptocrats conceitedly claiming they obtained 6 ministerial posts despite winning only 30 seats and condescendingly mocking Dap for getting only 4 ministerial posts despite winning 40 seats, they are the real suckers, actually.

10. They are, because they are not aware they are being treated as enemies kept closer as compared to Amanah and dap who are friends, requiring to be kept close only. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

11. Before umno knows what hit it, it would already self-destruct. And the man expediting its inglorious demise is Dr Anwar mengele Ibrahim.

12. So let stupid Zaid gloat about having 6 ministerial posts, but like the frog, doesn't know it's being boiled alive.

13. DAP doesn't have to do anything but give Herr Zaid long enough rope to hang himself and open the trapdoor of the gallows.

14. The penchant of assigning blame to others is evidently clear. The current flavour is to blame Dr Mahathir for indoctrinating the umno and Malay masses. The usual habit of blaming the Chinese and in particular the DAP is temporarily shelved, to rear its ugly head later

15. Dr Mahathir may have been the grand vizard of Malaysian KKK, but was succeeded by grand vizards Ali babavum Najib and wak ponorogol himself. They didn't correct the derisory racial narrative, so they are severally liable for the villainy.

16. If the umno and Malay masses were gullible enough to accept the indoctrination which was continued under Najib and zahid, how else can we describe the 2 masses, other than as being dullards and racially receptive?

17. All of these people and similar thinking malays outside there are waiting for a miracle answer to explain away the causes of all their social ills. And the miracle answer as the main cause of their social ills, is demonic DAP

18. From demonic to angelic-that is a tough brief for umno. It would be interesting to hear bigots and umno rednecks such as Lokman Noor Adam, Herr zahid, the pontian gnome and fuad zarkashi spin fairy tales about DAPs transformation.

19. The umno mensheviks are using industrial detergents and chlorox to sanitize DAP, that really it's not the evil apparition that suddenly materializes in Malaysian politics.

20. The DAP is a legitimately a validly constituted political party, able to take part in Malaysian politics. It's articulating legitimate Chinese interests and speaking out against all social injustices. The malays shouldn't be fearful of the Chinese and DAP as a yellow horde going to overwhelm and infringe upon Malay precious rights

21. Umno will claim that it understands fighting for legitimate interests and is also against all social injustices. So really, there is no conflict between DAP and umno.

22. Unfortunately, things are as easy as that. Is that umno talking or Zahid's particular way of interpreting the current and contextual umno thinking?

23. Unrelenting and unreformable, umno is not going to abandon its tradition of demonising DAP. Hence, Zahid's newfound fetish with DAP, makes him a revisionist.

24. That makes Zahid's reinterpretation of umno history, is ephemeral and transient only. His interpretation gains currency because of the fact he is umno president for the time being and the fact his efforts are not going to be restricted by PH.

25. My advice to PH and in particular DAP, not to do anything. Just give Zahid enough rope and open the trapdoor of the gallows. Let Zahid play with himself.

26. It's going to be a sea change, retelling the traditional bedtime story that the DAP is not the fiendish tasmanian devil but a huggable cat.

27. The lie about Dap was started during tun Razaks time, continued by Hussein onn, accentuated by Mahathir. It's easy and convenient to blame Mahathir, as he was umno president for 22 years. He was, as Zahid says, largely responsible for indoctrinating the umno mind.

28. We must remember, though, that Dr Mahathir was succeeded by Abdullah badawi, Najib and Zahid. They did not do anything to correct the misrepresentation of DAP.which makes them guilty too.

29. Even mahiadin and Ismail sabri did not correct the lie about the grotesque description of DAP. They are guilty too. These people including zahid are guilty of perpetuating the lie. Zahid comes to the fore, with sullied hands.

30. Therefore, I am not sure zahid is the right person to revise the tradition. Like the Americans say, if you want to drain the swamp, you don't put the biggest alligator in charge.

31. Nevertheless, let us support Zahid for our own selfish strategic reasons. It's the method that gives us the best advantage. Let's kill umno with a borrowed knife.

32. Let's support Zahid and his revisionist ideas. We would be precipitating the disintegration of umno and the eventual demise of umno.

33. Let's allow him to blame Dr Mahathir or say this person did this or that person did that. Let's countenance his efforts and clap our hands for him.

34. He can't promote the idea that dap is not as evil as it looks, without also sniping at himself. We will find that he is a useful idiot after all.

35. But promoting the idea that DAP is not as evil as it looks, is not as damaging as destroying umnos axis of evil, which is the perception that DAP is anti-Malay, anti Islam and anti monarchy.

36. That's like snuffing the oxygen with which umno breaths. Zahid is ensuring that umno is surviving on an artificial breathing apparatus.

37. At every turn of an opportunity, at every PAU, that DAP represents the tripartite of evils, is the mantra that umno members must regurgitate.

38. Debunking these, zahid is destroying umnos Sina qua non, the essential lifeblood of its existence, it's raison detre, the reason for its existence, and it's weltanshaung, how it looks at the world.

39. The umno purists can only bray at the sidelines, they can't do anything, they are not the president. Venceremos! El presidente!

40.umno has reached its tipping point where it will not survive as Malaysia's KKK. It must adapt to political realities. Adapt or perish.

41.its love fest with DAP, must be supported. It marks the end of the old umno, and the birth of a new and tolerant umno.


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