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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 9 January 2023

The speech from the house of God. Part 1.

1. I listened to the PM's new year Eve speech a few times. I don't want to steal his thunder, but don't you think his speech was unfocused?

2. It sounded more like a speech suited for an election campaign. Long in form, but exasperatingly short in substance.

3. It's verbose, circuitous, circumlocutory without actually delivering the sting and thrust of his message. Just a little and peripheral of it.

4. The listener can be overwhelmed by the rhetoric, use of exotic linguistic terms, name-dropping (mohd natsir) and irrelevant Quranic verses (just as long they are Quranic)-that will do.

5. These will be enough for a crowd who believes you can be intelligent overnight by eating raisins and defeat a business rival by sprinkling soil from the cemetery at the business premises of the rival.

6. The heil mein f├╝hrer crowd will of course lap up each dollop of his speech and pronounce it as revolutionary, earth-shattering and so on. Yahoo and hooray!

7. Like all his publicity stunts like publicised prayers at mosques or eating biriyani or eating at warungs, the speech at the Putrajaya mosque was well stage-managed and choreographed.

8. It may well project Anwar as a man of God, a holy man or a religious person. And what he said, in such a holy environment, is therefore sacrosanct.

9. But the transgressors, the corrupt, the abusers of power and the commission takers, know that Anwar is talking half-heartedly despite his orotund warnings.

10. If caught and convicted, they only have to return a portion of their ill-gotten gains. What about properties bought with the stolen money? Why only a portion? Why not all?

11. Like Thomas Hobbes who wrote leviathan said, what is the use of the law, if there is no one strong enough to enforce it?

12. Without someone or a body of persons powerful and strong enough to inflict severe punishment, the law is an ass.

13. In the absence of the capacity to inflict severe punishment, Pak sheikh, we would be better off eating pasembok or Mee sotong at Deen maju in Pulau Pening, sir

14. While I believed that humans are by nature good, emphatic, conscientious and humble, the same cannot be said about the ketua pengarahs, those helming the glcs and the little Napoleons in Putrajaya and elsewhere.

15. They are selfish and hope for personal gain. They are like Hobbes said, solitary, poor, nasty, short and brutish. They are full of hubris and self conceitedness.

16. They are solitary in the sense that only their opinions and judgments that matter. They have poor compassionate values. They are nasty because they want to always prevail over their fellow human beings. They have short memories. Probably what Anwar said went into the right ears and out the left. They are nasty, because they can't wait to find excuses to earn commissions.

17. Only the fear of severe punishment and fear of God will keep them in line. Anwar must be strict in punishment and not offer wishy-washy statement regarding this.

18. So why return only a portion of what have been stolen? They must be sent to jail, return everything and properties and assets bought with the stolen monies be confiscated. If they are politicians, ban them forever from politics. If they are government servants, no more employment for them. Make them march through the streets with placards admitting guilt

19. What's the use of all the corruption laws, if there is no one to impose the most severe of punishments? Despite the headmasterly warnings that there will be zero tolerance against corruption and so on, will the PM have the political will and resolve to stem corruption?

20. Will we see another round of just empty talk? During the 22 months when PH was solely in power, we didn't see any arrests nor convictions of the corrupt.

21. My own thinking is, if when it had absolute powers, PH didn't do anything, now in a coalition government which includes also the kleptocratic clique, it will likely not do anything.

22. As it is, issues about corruption seems to quieten down. Nobody appears to be talking about it. DAP, PKR, Amanah are surprisingly quiet about it

23. We don't hear anything about the LCS scandal, the howitzer canons, opvs, immigration scandals and so on. Yilek!

24. Publicised the name of the individuals involved in corruption. Make them wear dunce caps and placards saying I stole 600 m, 1b, 2b or 4b. Make them parade on a designated street of shame. There must be public shaming, just as there were public canings when we were at school.

25. I am glad, the PM spoke about giving the law and justice enforcing institutions absolute and full discretionary power to do their business. Why not for a start revamp sprm and make it answerable to parliament?

26. Barely a week into his speech, there were developments that trivialized and mocked the role of these institutions.

27. First, was the acquittal of shahrir samad for receiving 1 m of presumably 1MDB money. I am not capable of going into the legal arguments therewith, or the rules regarding proof and evidence and so on. My principal question is this. Did he receive tainted money or not? If yes, the prosecutorial team ought to direct their minds to this

28. The 2nd development was convict Najib sending a petition to the UN. To review his src conviction. In other words, to pull a fast one on the UN people who don't even know where Malaysia is.

29. We don't even know whether the UN has even received the petition, deliberated and decided on it, already some stupid website has proclaimed it's syukur, that at last with the intervention of the UN, bossku is free at once.

30. So intervention and interference by the busy body of the world, is the new normal for us? What are we? Half naked natives with our women jumping bare breasted? We think the UN will bring their brand of legal values and impose them on us?

31. The premature ejaculatory behavior of the Najib sponsored websites is like pouring the water from the tempayan upon hearing the ruffle of the thunder.

32. On the contrary, I think the thunderous and seemingly triumphant legal novelty, has only brought untold shame upon Malaysia.

To be continued in part 2.


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