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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 8 January 2021

The little dictator.

1. I was listening to the interview with Ahmad Maslan. I am convinced that the UMNO world is full of dullards whose existence is only liked by like- minded people.

2. He was puzzled why atrocious cases against UMNO leaders are continued. These cases were started by Dr Mahathir and took place during the time of Tommy Thomas and Lateefa Koya.

3. Is this sec gen material? Has he heard of in personam and in rem?

4. I am sure many lawyers are LOLRF at his imbecility. The law is not extinguishable just because the tenure of the government for the time being has expired.

5. In rem means against the whole world, anywhere and anytime. The exit of Mahathir Tommy Thomas or Lateefa Koya does not mean the end of the cases against UMNO leaders if they are deserving so.

6. The truth of a line of thinking does not depend on it being said in a baritone voice or said as a matter-of-factly. As Ahmad Maslan did.

7. Legal cases are never extinguished just because of a change in government. More so by fiat. That could only happen in a totalitarian state. Anyone who subscribe to Ahmad Maslan's line of thinking must also have totalitarian inclinations.

8. Stripped of all histrionics what we have is just a closet totalitarian. This person will extinguish cases if he thinks they are cruel. He is better off being a monk.

9. The things he mentioned were disturbing. It suggests the executive can interfere in court cases. If that is so the independence of the judiciary is farcical.

10. It also suggests that we are a nation ruled by man not by law.
That's highly anarchic. Stealing and abuse of power in elected office are not dismissible just because people like Ahmad Maslan doesn't like it!

11. We must not trivialise matters like kleptocratic stealing of money and abuse of public office. These can't be brushed aside whimsically just because we don't like it.

12. Coming from a learned Malay like Ahmad Maslan reveals many things about the Malay race.

13. The most damaging thing is the Malays seemed to be generally dismissive of law and order. They seemed to enjoy living under a regime of beraja dimata bersultan dihati. Are they sexually perverted?


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