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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Bad Government is the handiwork of Bad People.

Everywhere we go in this country, the 2 most important issues remain the same. One, is corruption. At very monumental levels. It is practised at every level of society. Two, it is bad leadership. Bad leadership is partner to corruption.
The two overriding issues are corruption and bad leadership. Bad leadership is simply the product and handiwork of bad people. The UMNO government is full of bad people. The PM is accused of so many financial wrongdoings. More people believed he is guilty of these accusations. 
Civil servants steal money from the public. People in the Government Linked Companies ( GLCs) steal money. The whole country is known as Darul Curi or Darul Rompak. The Robber country.
Bad people created the 1MDB. Public money is stolen from there. But no action is brought against them.  They stole more than USD3.5 billion. Malaysians are left to pick up their shit. Like Haji Hadi says, we know who these people are.
Bad people stole money from the KWAP. That is the institution keeping pensioners money on trust and investing the money. RM4 billion was lent to SRC- a subsidiary of 1MDB. No one can account for the money. The entire government is keeping silent on this. If we asked too many question, the police and others will come after us. The government has even placed reports on these shady institutions on Official Secrets Act list. 
But the Police did not go after the two fellows who caused the money to be stolen. Until today, no actions are taken against one Nik Arif Kamil and Dato Suboh. 
But what can we do?  We can promise ourselves, to kick these people out from power. We are not bringing down a government, we are building a new one. Promise ourselves that.As the poet Shelly wrote in his Masque of Anarchy- 
rise like lions after slumber
in unvanquishable number,
shake your chains to earth, like dew
which in sleep have fallen on you:
 ye are many, they are few.
We have done it in 2013. At the 2013 General Elections, BN obtained only 47% of the popular votes. We gave Pakatan 52% of the popular votes. This time around, we only need another 5%. 
Let us define corruption in a practical manner. It is simply using one’s position and office to steal public money. In the private sector, corruption is also stealing money from the company and from people who do business with the company.
Theft is a crime. It reflects moral depravity too. Those who steal money are criminals and morally depraved people.
When I was at a gathering organised by the good people of Kampung Esso in Teluk Intan/Teluk anson, I was asked this question. Why should we people bother if the top people steal money, our lives remain the same as it is now. Why should we be angry about at it all?
The simplest answer I could think of, is corruption kills. Let us say, a budget of RM20 million has been allocated to construct a building. Because of stealing and pilferage, embezzlement, under counter, over counter payments- only RM10 million of the approved budget is spent on the building. The contractors used inferior material and the powers that be, approved it. In 2 years time, your parents, brothers and friends may be working in that building. The building collapsed killing some people. Among the dead, are your parents, brothers and friends.
So corruption, if not stopped results in deaths of our dear ones. We the ordinary people must stop it before it kills our loved ones.
Near Kampung Esso, a budget of RM15, 000 was given to build a simple jetty to moor the boats. It was given by the government. But only RM7500 was spent. The jetty is now in a dilapidated state.  What if the jetty was used, it collapsed and injured and even killed some people?
Once again, corruption kills. The corrupt ones are just like murderers then. That is why we must be sensitive to corruption because it affects our lives.
So, the DAP raised RM12,000 for the good people to build another jetty. Every single sen was used to build the jetty. This time around, everyone worked together to build a sturdier and stronger jetty. It is happily used by the good people of kampong Esso. A better jetty can be build with honesty. It saves lives.
Corruption has reached epidemic levels in our country and it is caused by bad leadership from top to bottom.  It starts with Najib Tun Razak. Once the number 1 has taken money, corruption is unstoppable.
So we come back to the 2 most important issues. Bad leadership and stealing public money. That’s our money. Those who condone the stealing can only be part of the gang that is stealing money. It does not matter if the robbers and thieves share the same ethnicity and religion as us.
The Chinese must be practical minded. If this government can persecute Lim Guan Eng over his decision to buy a bungalow, the Chinese can never expect justice from the Najib government. Whether you are a tycoon or a coolie, big time farmer or just a small time grower, you cannot expect justice and hope for one.
The Indians must realised that their lot has not improved much. Go around the country- in places like behind the Toong Fatt market in raub and similar places around the country, Malaysian Indians are probably the most left stranded. Almost like the poor ordinary Malays- hapless people waiting for handouts from the government. The majority of Indians however can get over their problems by depending on their own industry and wits and intelligence. They have too because they can cannot expect providence from the UMNO led government.
The Malays will take a longer time. They are accustomed of being helped from cradle to grave. As a result they have not developed fully the wherewithal to strike on their own.
I hope the Malays ate not gullible to believe all the lies told by UMNO. That their position as the privileged group is endangered by the actions of the Chinese. That they are left behind economically because the Chinese are stealing the business opportunities. They are less educated because the places at public universities and colleges are taken up by the Chinese. The Chinese are evil, rapacious, and greedy and will eat up Malay children, turn Malay girls into sex slaves and so on.
UMNO is also lying telling Malays that their religion is endangered and under threat by the Chinese. Ordinary Malays, who do read in between the lines, who travel on the commuter trains and on buses, have only got to answer these questions.
Is anyone preventing the muezzin from calling out prayers? Is anyone preventing us from praying is mosques ad suraus? Is anyone stopping us from celebrating Islamic festivals?
Maybe we cannot hold festivals as frequently as we want to because the money to do it has been stolen by corrupt people. Mind you, the people of the book are not beneath stealing money. According to the 2017 Report by Transparency International Malaysia, 31% of the people working in religious institutions were found stealing money.
Stealing money is permitted and left to spread because of bad leadership by equally bad people.
Bad leadership comes from bad people. Remove them and bad leadership is removed. Just as the secret to a good government is good people, the not too secret to bad government is bad people.


Anonymous,  4 April 2017 at 06:54  

Why is corruption so rampant under Umno/BN ruled Malaysia?

Well,take a look around.Look at the Umno small fries.Look at their mansions.Expensive cars,expensive this and that,including pussies.If these small minions can live the lives of luxuries,so can the people in civil service who are in a position to makan suap.

And if these minions can accumulate tens and hundreds of millions,one need not be a rocket scientist or genius to figure it out that the really powerful ministers are worth billions.

Nowadays,there is no need to hide dirty money,because every corrupted politicians and civil servants are showing off their ill gotten wealth.They are not ashamed anymore of stealing public money.

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