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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Practical Guide to Muslim Politicians.

MPs like Tony Pua and others such as Rafizi Ramli have talked extensively about corruption, the state of thievery eating and gnawing into every GLC in Malaysia, yet the people remain unmoved. I hope this is only a wrong personal perception. I hope , they only appear unmoved.

Tony Pua has been an indomitable crusader exposing the robbery that took place with 1MDB. Rafizi has exposed the corruption in NFC, Tabung Haji, Felda- almost everything under the Malaysian sun.

I hope, the issues they raised do not just become a conversation topic among the Hollywood Left, the latte liberals, the smoked salmon socialists or members of the chattering class. They can continue with their lifestyle, but I hope they are also angered by the state of thievery perpetrated by Najib, Rosmah and their gang. They must share the Malaysian zeitgeist. The general feeling of the Malaysian public, in town and kampongs, is revulsion of Najib and his government of thieves. I hope they will vote the Najib government out.They can continue with their bourgeois lifestyle- we don't have a quarrel with that.

What about members of the righteous class? The Muslim – Islam is the answer to everything crowd and its champions? I am not talking about the confused bunch of PAS leaders. The ordinary Muslim politician who feels everything is wrong in our society because the shariah courts don’t have enough power and not enough brutality is enforced on deviants unbelievers, skeptics and cynics.

The problem is, they have been living a life of self denial. Putting the blame on others is the easier way out. Brutalising others is a clear sign, you don’t have a logical and coherent answer to your critics. Overreaching and over-killing the concept of empowering the shariah courts and meting out more punitive measures is a political ploy to hide your own under-accomplishments and failures. Let me be brutally frank further- the majority of underachievers and the lazy people often use religion to hide their own shortcomings.
The fault lies, alas within us. As Shakespeare said "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

We have abandoned many of the precepts in our religion.

The Muslim politician is an unyielding and principled crusader of truth. He does not back out and he upholds principles over convenience. If you abandon this command then you are a Muslim in name only. The Muslim is duty bound to reveal the truth because he proclaims that the baptism of Allah is best for him and he worships Him for that.

Yet, each day, we go on sloganeering and deceiving ourselves and the Malay people.

Our people, I am talking about the Malay people, have dirtied themselves with hypocrisy when as a Malay and a Muslim, they have accepted what Najib did with 1MDB, the Scorpene Scandal, and the missing billions of Ringgit through the listing of FGV, as something normal.  It’s not legally wrong and not even morally wrong. Theft in the way which Najib did, is now accepted as honourable and ethnically correct. The Malay it seems has the right to do anything he pleases because it comes with the territory. Ownership of Malay ethnicity confers on the Malay, the freedom to do as he pleases.

This means they have psyched themselves into accepting thievery, embezzlement, breach of trust, serial lying as components of Malay and, sadly Islamic culture. I hope I am wrong here. 

This behaviour and conduct go against the Islamic precepts. He is commanded to tell the truth. He shall not cover truths with falsehoods. He must represent good against evil.

If he knows that Najib has committed a range of crimes with 1MDB he must tell them. He must inform people that Najib is the architect of 1MDB, the huge scam to steal money from the government. That is the UMNO way of stealing money from the people. Najib has perfected a way to steal while hiding behind good intentions.

The good Muslim takes Najib to task for being a hypocrite. Najib calls for people to do good deeds but he forgets to counsel himself and his family members to do good likewise.

He tells people to be prudent but he and his wife spends like there is no tomorrow Rosmah’s spending habits are scandalous. People must never place their trust on leaders who says one thing but does exactly the opposite.

The Muslim must be cautious of the thought control process carried out by men of God in the name of religion. We are currently seeing the rise of religious chauvinism and Islamic fascism. We are constantly bombarded by the indoctrination that only one version of Islam is correct. UMNO sees the rise in Islamic chauvinism and fascism as a new weapon to help out its own sagging racial chauvinism.

UMNO has tried to place the Malays under a regime of siege mentality. The Malay race and all things dear to them is threatened by the rise of Chinese triumphalism led by the DAP. The Chinese are a danger to the special position of the Malays, their kings, their religion. Irresponsible UMNO leaders are telling Malays that if the Chinese through DAP dominates Malaysian politics, everything dear to the Malays will be abolished.

But people are not as stupid as UMNO thinks they are; they do not accept the stereotyped description of non Malays. UMNO’s version of Malay chauvinism and Malay fascism failed to deceive the people. Hence UMNO has happily embraced the timely emergence of Islamic chauvinism.

It is more difficult for others to expose the fallacy of Islamic fascism, because they can be accused of being anti Islam, less religious, un-Islamic and even apostate. We must continue with efforts to debunk Islamic and religious chauvinism and fascism.

The people of religion may not be what the represent themselves to be- agents for the religion of peace. They may be purveyors of religious arrogance, rejecting and ostracising those with legitimate different views. They often label these people as infidels, deviants and unbelievers. They will claim that their own knowledge about what God has revealed is already complete and owned by them. Some people think they have a monopoly over religious correctness.


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