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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 27 November 2011

Muhyiddin's uphill battle. the UMNO vice presidents say no.

 The other day, I watched the late night news on TV3. It ran an interview it had with DPM, Muhyidin Yassin. The DPM says it’s an uphill battle for UMNO and BN. I say man- UMNO leaders are contradicting each other. Two vice presidents say UMNO is ok. The deputy president says, not so ok.  One of them must be lying. Or- if they are saying something that’s opposite to what Muhyidin says, they mean UMNO is going downhill.

I have written an earlier article giving out what I thought some warnings to UMNO and BN.  This time I didn’t write on how I think UMNO and BN can lose- I wrote instead the other way round- how Pakatan can win.

As expected, it didn’t go down well with UMNO people. That’s of no importance to me. UMNO thinks it can corner the rural votes. Maybe they can and do, but every time Anwar Ibrahim who is bombarded with sexual allegations at every waking hour wants to hold a ceramah umum in rural areas, UMNO goes on super panic mode. It uses all the repressive instruments of the state- the police, army, Rela people to prevent Anwar speaking.

Apa pasal? I say, let the damaged good do his thing. People are intelligent enough- they read newspapers and other media instruments to be able to make proper judgment. And you have all the UMNO cybertroopers around to make sure Anwar is crucified with new information about his sexual trysts and China doll and what not. And you have Quiet Despair to anchor a more cerebral and spirited rendition of Anwar’s persecution. Don’t worry; we will give him as much space as possible here.

I think Muhyidin this time around speaks with a touch of realism. Maybe he refuses to be bamboozled with over optimistic JASA reports – I saw some of them especially on Pahang and I was laughing. Were they written while drinking kopi tiam or eating keropok lekor? Or were they written while sitting on the bed at home? Those suckers at HQ won’t be able to tell the difference.

Muhyidin must be thinking about his home state too. Ong Kah Ting is not going to contest. His seat may go. Hishamudin is retreating to Kota Tinggi. That means Syed hamid Albar isn’t contesting anymore as he is no longer winnable. Sembrong is gone. Bakri seat is another area that’s losable. Subramaniam can say bye bye to Segamat. Pasir Gudang is another parliamentary seat that looks shaky. Johore will remain a bastion for UMNO still, but a few more parliamentary seats are gone. The labis seat, Pulai seat, Gelang Patah seat, are all at risks. If Shahrir does not stand in JB, that seat will migrate too. These may not all go to PKR but DAP is set to take over some of these seats. The opposition may increase their parliamentary presence from the current 1 to 7 seats.

There’s one commentator (Quiet Despair) who thinks PKR cannot win any parliamentary sets in Sarawak. The SUPP seats will all go to DAP.  As to PKR, allow me to cite one observation passed to me by the Oracle of Syed Putera. He was commenting on the Sarawak state elections then. The victory of 100% by PBB candidates (its record is thus anytime better than UMNO’s) wasn’t unexpected. The Oracle wasn’t interested to speak on what the mainstream newspapers were screaming haughtily regarding the victory. He was more concerned about the victory by PKR in the Sarawak state elections. Anwar Ibrahim with all the assassinations carried out on a daily basis, managed to assist Baru Bian get 3 seats! What do the wins represent? Unless UMNO people are sleeping or are busy shashaying in the lobby of Concorde Hotel and cockily holding fort in the coffee house, the wins tell us, the opposition can win. PKR made inroads in Dayak grounds. And Oracle must be mimicking Daim Zainudin.

Then the news about the sacking of one ADUN from SPDP came. SPDP has 4 parliamentary seats. The sacking shows there are dissension with the SPDP and may result in election losses. With the SUPP gone, PBB is banking on SPDP and PRS which has 6 seats. The two have 10 seats between them; a number of these will fall to PKR. The oracle was even saying, at this moment, Daim thinks, the Opposition has 16 seats in the bag from Sarawak.

This thing about saying that someone is over the hill and past the time, is haunting the UMNO people. Yet they forget repeatedly to shut their mouth. Before 2008 Daim Zainudin was saying that BN will lose 5 states. Everyone was saying he’s past his prime and over the hill and other unmentionables. This time he’s more or less saying the same thing.

That’s why the Oracle says, the UMNO people are sleeping when they dismissed the few seats won by Baru Bian in the Sarawak state elections. That’s just a precursor of worse things to come.
That’s how I see the GE13.

Now, let’s get back to what Rahim Tamby Chik said in an UMNO forum. Rahim Tamby Chik( RTC) has now achieved political significance that he couldn’t achieved before- being mentioned in the same bandwidth as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Otherwise, as we know, hehe, Rahim is mentioned and associated more with less than regal extra-political pursuits. He is deep and down you know.

We now come to the most interesting bit about Rahim’s political imagination- Tengku Razaleigh being invited to become the PM.
In order for that to take place, TRH must have standing. He has standing by the following manner;
(1)        He heads a political party. That party then can become the negotiating entity sought after by the people who want to form a government. He has none at the moment. AMANAH is an NGO which he heads is not a political party and so, he has no standing to be called in should there be a hung parliament. 
(2)        He could have a standing on the other hand, if he heads a faction in UMNO with enough numbers to go along with him should he decide to part ways with mother ship UMNO. Right now, I don’t see any number of MPs being with Tengku Razaleigh. Some may agree with his stand and ideas but are always mindful to stay on the side on which the bread is buttered. None are brave enough to be with him while serving as UMNO MPs. Just look as some of the erstwhile comrades who were with Razaleigh before- Shabery Chik for example- who served as TRH’s personal assistant and speech writer sometimes is touching TRH with a 10 foot pole. The minister of Information who used to be the number 2 man in Semangat 46 and who burnt his bridges to cinders is working overtime to make sure everyone knows he has nothing to do with Tengku.

So we can rule out the formation of another political party by Tengku Razaleigh or Tengku having the standing by heading a faction within UMNO.

So why should Tengku Razaleigh be invited at all? In what capacity?
The answer is the hard realities of Malaysian politics.

Let us assume a hung parliament. It can take place when not one single party has the majority in parliament. Anyone party can have the largest number of seats which if it less than 112, can never go on to form the government. Let’s say UMNO comes out with the most seats- 70 from its current 79. It is the party with the largest number.

What happens when the results of the elections come out? The first person or persons to see the Agong will be the chief secretary and possibly the AG because of the constitutional implications. He will look around and inform the Agong, the party that has the largest number is UMNO. The Agong then summons UMNO to inquire whether it can form the government. UMNO looks around; it sees its traditional partners decimated.

It casts its eyes, and sees possibly PBB which probably retains 12 seats. But what if 16 seats are won by the opposition there? PBB has only 3 more seats friendly to offer. Taib Mahmud says, boss I can only offer 15 seats. The other 16 have gone to DAP and PKR and to those who don’t want BN anymore. I can’t gawai and ngajat anymore. It makes me dizzy.

UMNO plus the Sarawak party now has 85 seats. If we are kind enough, let’s say MCA managed to wriggle through with 3 seats- UMNO/BN has 88. MIC delivers 1 seat. Now it has 89.
Out of the 25 seats in Sabah, after excluding UMNO, BN takes another 8. In total now, UMNO and BN have 97 seats. Still not enough ma….

Mana mahu cari? The UMNO president goes on air and proclaims, we can’t form a federal government if we can’t show we are multiracial. Since my macai party MCA has not enough seats, in order to show we are inclusive, 1 Malaysia, multiracial and all that, I now call upon my old friend uncle Kit to join us.

DAP is invited to join the new coalition party. Uncle Kit says- mo-wa thank you. The story we wish we can expand is thus cut short. Uncle Kit and Uncle Karpal say- over my dead body.  Nahi!
So UMNO and BN have run out of options and so they say, we can’t form a government. We give up.

Meanwhile Anwar Ibrahim is jumping up and down at the palace gates screaming- I have the number. I have the number! Here- I have a signed declaration from the MPs they want us to form a government. But the paper with the signed names is worthless. You have to test it actually in parliament. Parliament hasn’t yet sat so there’s no way of testing. So Anwar Ibrahim couldn’t pass the palace gates.

He requests for an audience to meet the King along with all the signatories of his paper to show the King he has the number. They all come in Air Asia buses provided by Tony who’s eager to high five with the new rulers.

Anwar can only succeed if he gets an audience. This way has precedence. Zamry Kadir brings all the ADUNs who supported him before Raja Azlan and submitted- Sire, here is the proof that I have more support than Nizar. Until today, we are still debating, whether the meeting with Raja Azlan in his istana, constitutes a dewan siting. But now, BN people cannot say, it doesn’t because that’s how Zambry got to become MB. Anwar is just doing a Zambry when he asks to meet up the Agong.

Anwar Ibrahim who over the years has created animosity with the AG, the Police, and the Chief Secretary is still not given permission to pass the gates to the new Palace. He camps outside the gates- eating his marukku, idlee or apom or whatever he fancies. Maybe he sings a few Hindi songs and does a passable impression of Sivaji the Boss, hurling a knife slicing a speeding bullet in two.

That’s when Tengku Razaleigh comes into the picture. But that my friends will be in another installment.


Unknown 27 November 2011 at 14:35  

Muhyiddin is not my favorite, sorry to say that. And I dont think he will replace Najib after this.

Anonymous,  27 November 2011 at 15:10  

1. I do agree with Muhyiddin that it is an uphill battle for UMNO/BN to win even with a simple majority in the next 13th GE. Typical of UMNO, they need this kind of electrical shock into their system. If they take the words of the vice presidents as the truth , you can see them rushing back to all the joints to smoke Cuban cigars and the posh clubs like Sime Darby-owned Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club playing golf. They will suddenly become oblivious to all the preparations that need to be done.

2.The aftermath of the GE could be worse than what you have described. Do not rule out a state of emergency could be declared and care taker government or a body akin to MAGERAN could be formed headed by someone from UMNO. PR can kiss good bye to Putrajaya.


Anonymous,  27 November 2011 at 16:04  

I like it when you keep referring Anwar as a damaged good. That motivates the opposition supporters to continue to support him as the opposition leader, as he is being perceived to have been damaged by UMNO/BN.

Pok Li

flyonthewall,  27 November 2011 at 16:05  

An elucidative analysis and a rather interesting prelude to your next article.
Are you suggesting that TRH would be more viable in the PKR camp right now?

Anonymous,  27 November 2011 at 16:32  

When Kuli comes into the picture Rais Yatim will come to kiss his feet.
Maybe even lick them.

Anonymous,  27 November 2011 at 19:48  


Your story is incomplete ... if Razaleigh comes into the scene ... you can be sure Mahathir will do the same ... if not earlier.

Maybe we should invite Obama or even George W Bush to be the PM.

selva,  27 November 2011 at 19:57  

It is a open secret that the 13th GE is going to produce a HUNG parliment in Malaysia,to me the next PM should not come from any political party he should be a person who is well known religious person with no political connection he can have academic qualification.

George Choo 27 November 2011 at 19:57  

Dear Sak, I think you are too optimistic about an opposition win.
A Party THAT IS IN POWER WILL NOT GIVE IT UP EASILY especially a party like Umno who have CURI nad ROMPAK the RAKYAT money for so many years.
We accept your story that BN will lose the election but will you think that UMNO will let Pakatan Rakyat take over Putrajaya.
As I have mentioned in your blog sometimes back, IF BN LOSE THE NEXT ELECTION, UMNO WILL CREATE RIOT IN MALAYSIA in order to stay in power under the Emergency Act.

stk,  27 November 2011 at 20:29  

Muhyiddin is more like a uneducated bum and jaguh kampung.No charisma,face like a stupid cow and talk like orang kampung.

CYC,  27 November 2011 at 20:49  

Rais will kiss anyone's ass as long he remains being a minister. He is most unprincipled politicians with a wife who wish to be in the limelight.

Wok Leh Budu,  27 November 2011 at 20:53  

I think Haji Hadi of PAS will make a very moral Prime minister. And I think he is astutue enough to pick good advisers. So no worries, come GE13 we'll have a good and moral PM I pray.

I've just about enough with rosmah -er Najib (or anyone else from umno) as PM of malaysia.

We need to move on and bury the cancer of UMNO/BN rule.

Melayu Baru,  27 November 2011 at 21:13  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

I beg to differ on both of your analysis of the outcome of the election (and TSMY interview). I wish they are that rosy, but being somewhat close to the ground make me realize that your extrapolation is hugely optimistic, and if I may add - devoid of grounded reality.

The truth is, for the majority of the voting public, their day to day issues outweigh the somewhat idealistic - but still scattered minority idealism.

For the majority of the voting citizens are feeling the inflationary pressure - that their small pay doesnt go as far as it used to. RM 50 now doesnt buy a lot. For middle class family, that maybe chicken, cooking oil and a bag of rice.

Now, it is the end of the year. On many of these income groups' mind is the start of the school year. Every little help will count.

Then, there are dark reality that will dawn on there people - situation will not get any better.

So, whoever that can address this issue will win. KR1M, RM 100, RM 500 for those earning RM 3,000 or less, half month government bonus and other short term tender loving care actions by the ruling government will touch maybe 70% of the voting public. As the election near, the spell that these fake actions will still be felt for them to tick the right box.

Oh yes - lets not forget the daily bombardment of propaganda, deception and lies by the mass media.

So, every available machinery will work overtime to ensure that the objective will be met. Failing which, there will be hordes of instant voters being lined up to mark the right box.

The palace situation? Too far fetched. Let's treat it like a dream - one day - but not in GE13.

If you have access to the demography of your readers, they would be invariably be from the middle class, urban dwellers, with access to alternative information. How many % of voters do they constitute? Even if they are large, they are all huddled around unrealistically huge enclave of like minded voters. They are outnumbered in terms of parliamentary representation. Also, add the fact that their current representative is likely from the opposition anyway.

SO what if your readers' have the foresight to understand that the TLC is temporary just to get the votes. The conclusion is foregone - after the election, the same government will be voted into power, and the thieving will continue. To those who think otherwise, you must be living in alternate universe. Or - like most readers in your blog do - please give evidence to the contrary.

The fat cats I know in UMNO is grinning. Beauty parade has begin. The towkays are lining up to start their investment. They seldom lose their bets.

As I said - only, and only when the masses realized that they got the short end of the stick each and every time - and it becomes an actionable anger translated in the ballot box, there will be change. Or, when the global economy blew spectacularly that we become bankrupt - there will be change. The first one will take few more GE, the second one less pleasant.

So, folks, regardless of your awareness of what is going on - Bend Over, Grease Up. You know you are about to be screwed.

Melayu Baru.

Anonymous,  27 November 2011 at 21:59  

You really have ax to grind with anwar. You can see t he faults in the present govt but you won't give credit to him for creating a strong opposition, if nothing else. It's a real pity

bruno,  27 November 2011 at 22:51  

Dato,that Muhyiddin is expressing concern about Umno and BN's chances in this coming GE is because he knows,and have accepted the fact that only over excessive cheating and vote buying can save Umno.Or else it is a goner.That is why Umno has tens of billions stashed away for this coming GE.And they have the RELA goons and the mat rempits ready to go on the warpath,intimidating the voters.

Umno and BN should know by that the voters couldn't care less about Anwar's sex life as they are in kicking BN into the history books.Umno people should know that in the Alliance days,their cabinet Ministers and MP's were the sugar daddies of the drivers of the HC and TC whenever they were in London.London then was their playground.Now under BN,it is even Australia,Canada,US and even China too.But not in Iran where that thing might be chopped off.

As for our buddy Quiet Despair is among the few remaining Umno diehards.QD will never accept the fact that after years of boiling,the bottom of the kettle is black.If given a choice QD will pick Thambi Chik over Anwar.

Johore for the first time will lose more parliamentary seats in this coming elections.CSL junior's seat is one of them.Muhyiddin might even be sent to look after the NFC's cows too.Johoreans cannot forget that reason Moo was promoted to federal minister because Umno Johore was about to chased him out.Or else today Johore might be a bankrupt state or worse sold to Singapore.

Most probably MAS will be doing brisk business on election night if it still has the flight route to Zimbabwe.Then for the first time in a long time,MAS might be profitable,at least for a day.

Unknown 27 November 2011 at 23:19  

Salam to all,
Actually I dont want to continue giving comment but when I read George Choo's comment, I really want to ask a simple question here. Umno is not a really good enough party, thats the fact that I accept. But what George Choo has said about the ROMPAK and CURI for more than 50 years Umno and BN has run this country, how many they have ROMPAK and CURI?? Look what PKR has did to Selangor for this only 4 years, Selangor GDP's has become deficit and they start to sell Selangor's aset. So whats the different here?

dahserikngankeris 28 November 2011 at 00:06  

positive spinning online, and negative spinning in the MSM.

i have to second melayu baru, give or take a few seats, i also see selangor opposition winning some seats back.

still think that tsunami was deliberate. oh well.

bruno,  28 November 2011 at 00:58  

Dato,first Najib came out and announced that he was doing away with one unpopular bill only to come back a few weeks later and replaced it with another more unpopular bill.Then they have to made other amendments to this very unpopular bill.Why can't Najib and his NFC lembus decide once and for all which lubang they had actually wanted in the first place.Maybe they have decided to settled for the one belonging to Saiful.

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 03:02  

Malaysian politic is waayyy better than bollywood or kollywood. This 13th GE will be like the best movie with suspense, backstabbing, romance, cheat, bribery and everything 1 could imagine. cant wait for the premier....

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 03:16  


Ketika dan masa keputusan penuh PRU ke-13 diumum, Anwar sedang berehat di Sungai Buluh,macam mana dia nak berdiri dan meloncat2 di hadapan pintu masuk istana sambil makan murukku dan tosai?

Pada tika itu,aku rasa UMNO akan tawarkan setiap wakil rakyat PR yang dipilih itu antara 10 hingga 20 juta seorang untuk mereka lompat dan juga dijanjikan jawatan2 Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri kepada katak2 baru tersebut.

Bila hasrat itu tercapai,nah! UMNO/BN akan berkuasa semula,PR terbeliak biji mata!!!

Proses samun menyamun harta rakyat akan bermula semula.Itulah kitaran politik Malaysia!!

'bekas ahli parti pok amai-amai'

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 07:16  

But the real issue still remains: the lack of credible and capable leaders. The long line of looters who misuse law, race, religion,language and patronage will continue making this a failed nation. Even the intelligensia like you, do not prevail in such discussions.

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 09:31  

I believe a lot of voters vote the opposition not because they like the opposition more but because they hate UMNO more than anything else. They do not want UMNO anymore because of their arrogance and corrupt ways. They want to see change. They do not want to see the same party ruling Malaysia forever. They do not like their freedom of Assembly curtailed.

OneMalaysian,  28 November 2011 at 10:40  

Dear Sakmongkol

“He camps outside the gates- eating his marukku, idlee or apom or whatever he fancies.”

I doubt very much that it would come to that. I think the gates would open. His Majesty would invite Anwar to form the next government, as Najib exits the back door having earlier failed to convince the Agong that he commands the majority in Parliament.

I am of course assuming the election results pans out as you have predicted. But I have my doubts, though, that PR can win outright. This pessimism partly stems from the massive cheating and vote buying that will take place. And I also think that Sabah and Sarawak are quite tough to turn around because of the widespread and open use of money to buy votes. This had happened since the time of Tun Mustapha, but it was merely RM50 then.

But we assume that any transfer of power from BN to PR, assuming an unlikely PR win, will be peaceful and event-free (not counting the possibility of Anwar having to camp a short while outside the new Istana gates), but I think there might well be some initial violence by UMNO thugs out to create a trouble to get Parliament suspended. And while this goes on, UMNO will try to buy enough PR MPs to jump ship ala Perak. I won’t bet against this happening.

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 11:58  

If you vote for najib you are actually voting for rosmah. Shes the real power - behind, infront, beside the throne. And that I cannot tolerate

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 12:51  

Didi Malika, you said Selangor govt. under Pakatan is running a deficit GDP !!! Where are you reading your dongeng nenek moyang news from, UTUSAN, NST, STAR etc. Hello have you read the Auditor General's report and what did he say about Penang and Selangor? Well if you want to bury your head in the sand or believe everything your masters from Umno say to you than it's up to youlah, probably vested interests I assume. How do you explain Zakaria's Mansion, Khir Toyol's Palace or Famillia Sharizat's condom Condo's for cows at 1Terung. Either grow a brain or just prepare the noose for the election Results> do a Zakaria Kelang who suddenly died from the shock of it all. The last elections it was his fault but this elections will see the cows coming back to roost with Sharizat's cows and the Felda swindle. Be prepared to pack your bags and run cos we are sick and tired of this crap from BN. Btw I am a card holding member of a B.n. component party but come this election I am abandoning ship.

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 15:10  

Datuk, you awe us when you let your imagination run loose! Bravo and syabas!

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 15:29  

Ridiculous but didn't the Agong get frostbite in Icyland?

Anonymous,  28 November 2011 at 17:58  

Anwar is damaged good. We agree. But most Umno ministers like Najib, Muhyideen and the rest are corrupt goods. As muslims we should not be touching corrupt goods. But alas..malays are not so true muslims. They keep associating themselves with corrupt goods and worst allow these corrupt goods to dictate their daily and national life.

Umno should get rid itself off these corrupt goods for it to become relevant. Then it will make them an attractive good for malays to support them again. As it is, it is sinful to associate ourselves with corrupt goods let alone support them.

Raison D'etre 29 November 2011 at 12:35  


In the meantime, I've lost all interest in following the UMNO shebang this year.

They can say whatever they want.

Won't change a bit on the ABU segment of the populace. Wondering how big is this, really...

Red Alfa 29 November 2011 at 16:40  

Salam Dato' and Anon @ 17:28

Let us please not go overboard in repeating Anwar is damaged goods on account of the damaging fitnah being spread by the indulgently and debasingly corrupt and their cohorts of cyber and MSM jahiliyahs.

It's one thing we go public with they are liars, thieves and robbers (as the facts are open and unchallenged knowledge) but it's another should we be demonizing him as a sodomist and a sex fiend.

Also, the more we backbite and fitnah him we would also be losing and giving him our hard earned brownie points to him.

Moreso should he be innocent, Anwar will be twiced blessed. The karma (as in Islamic sense and by grace of Allah SWT) is he will become the PM, especially and notwithstanding the actions of Mahathir and UMNO!

Malaysian,  29 November 2011 at 20:17  

Dato, sorry for screaming out loud in despair, but ARE THERE NOT ANY MORE GOOD PEOPLE LEFT IN UMNO?
How can UMNO members turn blind and deaf to the blatant abuses of their leaders?
How can they turn the other cheek when their leaders are plundering our national coffers?
Can’t they see that their leaders will drive our country to ruins if continue left unchecked?
When it happens, nobody will be spared of the hardship,
We are in, ALL together, no matter what ethnic we belong to.
It’s sickening to hear UMNO leaders playing the race and religion card again and again
My heart bleeds to see the sorry state of our country and how divided our people has become!
Dato, I IMPLORE you, TRH and whatever good people left in UMNO
to bring back the old spirit of UMNO in order to save Malaysia!!!

Some observation for Dato' to ruminate,  30 November 2011 at 00:16  

As it is still fresh, lets take a dig.

The speech delivered by Muhyiddin just now seemed to have earned rapt attention from the floor. Many issues were touched and rambled upon.

Yet, I am attracted to a single remark made at the opening of his speech. He mentioned Rosmah above all else. Maybe out of respect or was there a concealed scorn.

Was it a signal? Out of the whole speech delivered, this initial remark could have meant more. Or not. I see two signals. First the remark. Second the whole speech. both aimed at different or discerning level of perception.

If you have watched the telecast or been there, then you should know. Now, go to big dog’s site and go through the published speech. Not a mention of this salutation (see if he's gonna alter it later).

Interesting indeed.

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 09:46  

Some observation for Dato' to ruminate,

Very interesting observation!

But then those in the know & within the closed umno cartel will tell u that this flom(???) is the commander-in-chief of the coming GE13 umno campaign.

There was a less known but poignant remark by flom about the coming GE13 – ‘now is the time for attack’

This is something telling, iff one read together with all the early warnings about the rhetoric ketuanan speeches that r going to inundated the umno assembly.

nono,  3 December 2011 at 06:37  

Humorous but true. This is the reality of Malaysian politic. " Semua boleh jadi."

Anonymous,  2 January 2012 at 15:09  

i'm probably as blur as didi malika ha ha ha but really kah? Zambry herded his people to the istana for the historic takeover of Perak? ini macam pun boleh?

Unknown 2 January 2012 at 17:46  

Maybe i am a blur person, but I am not so stupid like what Pakatan Rakyat's supporters here that didnt admit that Pakatan holding a big problem, they didnt manage to get Putrajaya easily. Pakatan will fail to get Selangor for next PRU, so please say goodbye to all the project in Selangor that still didnt make payment. Hanya pandai curi pasir .. HI HI HI ...

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