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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Herr Maslan- What went wrong?

Anggota Umno diminta tidak mendabik dada dengan kejayaan parti mendaftarkan 3.4 juta anggota setakat ini, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno Datuk Ahmad Maslan. Beliau berkata, jumlah sebesar itu belum menjamin kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya umum akan datang. “(Ini kerana) ahli Umno hanya satu per empat daripada 12 juta pengundi,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Seminar Agenda Melayu ke-7 anjuran Alumni Kelab-kelab Umno Luar Negara, di sini hari ini. Beliau berkata setakat ini kira-kira tiga juta anggota Umno adalah pengundi berdaftar. Justeru katanya, semua anggota Umno perlu berusaha keras meraih sokongan pemilih lain, terutama yang ‘di atas pagar’. “…..kita kena dekati dan tarik pengundi selebihnya untuk menyokong Umno dan BN,” katanya.

Before we go on. If I were KJ, Shahrizat, Rosmah and whoever was mentioned by Pak Din the DPM- not Pak Din the murtabak seller in Kg Mengkasar Pekan, I would be circumspect and careful. In another era, a previous DPM also from Johor, mentioned a number of people as warriors when UMNO went on the warpath with the Royal Houses. Note ya- not PAS or DAP which brayed for royal blood but UMNO. 

If memory doesn’t fail me, that speech was made in Mat Indera’s hometown Batu Pahat and a total of 7 people were singled out. The previous DPM and all those he mentioned in glowing terms not unlike what presently Pak Din does, vanished from the political scene. One of those mentioned then, is now facing legal upheavals- the outcome of the devious and sick minds of UMNO people. Another is of course the present PM. We can see the writings on the wall for Pak Din, KJ, Shahrizat and horrors of horrors- Rosmah Mansor.  But then the laws of karma have their own way to arrive at retribution.

Now for the task at hand- we will take on Ahmad Maslan on his two speeches. The first about nothing being done on addressing UMNO’s declining quality in its membership and more important, leadership. Second, about Malays losing everything if UMNO loses. I would salute Ahmad Maslan, if to the second speech, he owns up to the fact that it’s UMNO’s own duplicity and hypocrisy that has caused Malays losing everything! Who has been in power for the last 54 years? The responsibility rests with that in power and if Malay society hasn’t become better during its tenure, the responsibility and blame rests squarely on its shoulders.

Was it the Chinese or UMNO’s favorite whipping boy DAP, who went out to lynch the royalty and the royal institution? Wake up wak Maslan- the particular Chinese would want to fete the royalty because they know through the royalty; they can squeeze the balls out of the subservient and pliant Malays. Weren’t it UMNO members screaming for the blood of the royal houses a few years ago, in a frenzied orgy of political bloodletting, the initial incision of which was done skillfully I might add by the Doctor who can walk on water?  All UMNO leaders do business and have fun together with Chinese hongs.

It’s always like this. Bernard Lewis (What Went Wrong?) mentioned something like this. When something ails society, the first instinctive reaction is to apportion blame to someone else. He is speaking of course of the Arabs in general. But his observation seems to have a universal application. UMNO Malays suffer from the same affliction.

As we shall see later, the ills in UMNO and the Malays are attributed to other people. In Malaysia for example, blame is attached not to the Chinese in general (UMNO is careful here) but to the DAP and to a lesser extent to PAS for causing the split among Malays. What is the instinctive reaction to the initial instinctive stand? People are ignoring UMNO’s serious temporary insanity. UMNO gets a reprieve from a death sentence maybe, but gets convicted and sentenced to life sentence behind bars.

But let us deal with the moronic statement from UMNO’s Information Chief. This is the stupidest statement of the year. I thought Azmin’s break the prison walls speech in Johor was stupid, but I forget, that given the chance, UMNO people are always waiting to up the ante. It shows the Information Chief is lazy and is himself ill informed. The primary purpose of the Information Chief is to seek ways to bolster allegiance and loyalty of the people to the leader and the party. He hasn’t done these but merely diverting attention to facts that are already known. Worse, he is vilifying the unknown digits who are UMNO low rank members instead of acknowledging the shortcomings of UMNO leaders themselves.

We are caught out with our cowgate scandal; we screamed this is a conspiracy by opposition politicians! It’s never us- always others. And Shahrizat is described as a sri kandi- a Joan of arc of sorts. But didn’t she get burnt in the end?

His statement exposes the inherent weakness of UMNO- that its members are disloyal and untrustworthy. You have 3 million over members, but 1/3 of them will not vote or will reject UMNO candidates. The Information Chief hasn’t highlighted what UMNO members want to know- how to upgrade the quality of UMNO members and how to select quality candidates.

If he has really thought hard about these, he would not have allowed his mouth to go on higher gear while the brain is still engaged in low. 

But let us be merry and refresh people’s memory. Consider the GE of 2008. The total number of Malay voters was 5.7 million. UMNO candidates got 2.38 million votes. Deduct 380 thousand from that, you have roughly about 2 million votes that actually went to UMNO candidates. What does that tell you?  Many things which I now dont want to repeat. 

Now UMNO membership alone is bigger than Singapore’s population- but can UMNO produce class leadership?  You have riff raffs who you think can seriously contemplate on the qualities of leadership and the kind of leaders you need? You have Ahmad Maslan who some people are saying is now a genius. Mercy me!

Ahmad Maslan doesn’t have to reprise old wounds. He has the bigger responsibility to inquire and answer why UMNO has now become a despised brand name. The simple answer is UMNO is now associated with the negligence over Malays, UMNO stands for arrogance and UMNO stands for the mother of corruption. Its rotten to the core says Dr Mahathir and in one of the meetings with ex ministers, Dr Mahathir, the political sifu stated- UMNO is corrupt from the top the bottom. It’s not I who are saying these ok- its Dr Mahathir. and Mahathir , the Malaysia Caesar is an honorable man.

The UMNO president in the pre-assembly briefing says it succinctly. You can now spot the UMNO type a mile away- linen shirts, dark sunglasses preferably Ray Ban, tinted cars, sashaying into coffee houses eyes glancing around affixing on no particular person, but asking for attention. My favorite reaction is to put up my middle finger- in salute of 1 Malaysia of course. Because people know, the UMNO type, like Ahmad Maslan is an empty can.

Look at Ahmad Maslan himself? This  person is a braggart. In the early days when he became the information chief he would begin his speeches telling about himself. About how he, a nobody, was suddenly fingered out by DS Najib to be a special officer in charge of Felda and in the 2008 elections chosen as candidate and going on to become a deputy minister. Well, my answer is maybe you have sputtered some magical incantations extracted from the seven layers of the heavens and seven layers of the earth- to persuade Herr Najib to select you. And everyone who were listening to you, would each time be cursing what has your good fortunes got to do with the tasks in hand? Are you praying that everyone in the hall be as lucky as you are?

I haven’t had the time to fully absorb the inanity of Maslan’s speech, I am presented with his double whammy- a speech about Malays losing everything ( economics, politics, religion and everything- wives, children and all) if there is a hung parliament and if DAP comes to power. That was a speech given at a form discussing the Malay Agenda after the 13th GE.

In case Maslan forgets, Malay loses everything if he hasn’t got education, if he cannot compete, if he is not equipped to compete and most damaging of all, if Malays are cocooned paternalistically. Malays don’t lose if they cut the umbilical cords with UMNO. Do we see Muslims decimated when the Holy Prophet died? The hard and bitter truths for Ahmad Maslan and other UMNO leaders need to realize, that Malay interests can be articulated and fought on any political platform. The Malays in PAS can do it. Those in PKR can do it. I suspect the Malays in DAP can even do it better since Chinese interests are fiercely articulated there such that, if a Malay were in DAP, he will not be restrained if he were to champion real Malay interests and fears.

We would like to ask Ahmad Maslan- when Shahrizat facilitated the giving of the government grant of only RM 250 million to Dr Salleh, did she and her husband think of all those downtrodden Malays? They didn’t right? Even after that they didn’t think it was necessary to create other cattle breeders. After almost a month the issue blows up in her face, she has suddenly recovered from the mad cow disease to disavow any connections to the NFC scandal. Similarly when we paid an excess of RM 6 billion for the purchase of the APCs, was the RM 6 billion meant for the ordinary Malays? Where are the UMNO screamers and banshees when MAS was slowly dismembered to enrich a few people? 

Ahmad Maslan is grossly and perilously misreading the ground swell. Today, Malays attach blame to UMNO for allowing the pillage and plunder of the country. Malays attach blame to UMNO for the lot the Malays are now in. and if Maslan listens closer, he will hear people saying- Ahmad Maslan can shove his remarks up that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine!.


Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 10:45  

dato', tabik!

saji 30 November 2011 at 10:49  


Yang tak boleh besaing dalam perniagaan ialah kroni2 UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO sendiri- dapat kontrak dan projek jual/alibakan, dapat lesen, konsesi dan permit pajakkan dan dapat saham terbitan pegang sekejap lepas tu jual. Terbaru dapat loan NFC beli kondo dan pakat melancung.

Non-racist,  30 November 2011 at 10:58  

" I suspect the Malays in DAP can even do it better since Chinese interests are fiercely articulated there such that, if a Malay were in DAP, he will not be restrained if he were to champion real Malay interests and fears."

Datuk Sak, why don't you continue your fight for Malays within DAP?

Ted,  30 November 2011 at 11:12  

Anyone watching the UMNO Wanita, Youth and Puteri General Assembly broadcast on TV last evening can immediately get an idea what's wrong with UMNO. So many delegates are obese, very obese! The legacy of a very obese UMNO from many years of laze and munching away the country's riches and worries away. But in typical denial, they will say "UMNO kini lagi bulat dan makin sihat!"

AripSon 30 November 2011 at 11:19  


"...and if Maslan listens closer, he will hear people saying - Ahmad Maslan can shove his remarks up that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine!"

And he shit it out every morning... kah kah kah!

SBA 30 November 2011 at 11:24  

I agree with Non-rascist. They will not be restrained, they will just be cursed, in Chinese off course. DAP has to eat their own words at the moment. But as long as they are the majority in DAP, who cares about what being said for the betterment of the Malays. Are we Expecting it from the DAP, the Affirmative Actions for the Bumiputeras? Very ironic.

OneMalaysian,  30 November 2011 at 11:53  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Today, Malays attach blame to UMNO for allowing the pillage and plunder of the country. Malays attach blame to UMNO for the lot the Malays are now in.”

I just hope that this is true, and enough Malays see it that way to want a change. After 54 years of neglect, UMNO can’t shift blame to anyone, certainly not the DAP, when they have been in power without interruption.

But let’s be fair here. Some Chinese are also to blame. These are mainly MCA supporters or cronies who connive with UMNO leaders to steal through dubious privatization deals, through “fixed” contracts and so on. But Shahrizat showed us that some UMNO people could now do it without the greedy and morally corrupt Chinese. She only needed her husband and children.

The DAP are sometimes seen as chauvinistic or racist because they seem to constantly champion “Chinese interests”, mainly a meritocracy (seen to only benefit the Chinese, when the most developed nations progressed because they are meritocratic), and a Malaysian Malaysia that is a Malaysia where all citizens are equal – no Ketuanan stuff. If we believe that Malaysia can become a developed nation by 2020 without having meritocracy, we must be living in some Alice in Wonderland place. And if we believe that we can be a united nation if our national ideology is based on race superiority and subservience, we must get our heads examined.

Meritocracy and unity are indeed vital economic and social building blocks of any country, not ideas unique or anathema to us. Just because they are promoted by the DAP do not make them bad per se. These are not concepts that are designed to promote Chinese interests over Malay interests. The DAP cannot rule alone. It cannot even dominate a ruling coalition because they will never have enough seats. They can only work with a Malay majority government, and such a government will surely not harm the very Malays that send them into office. But an enlightened alternative government can judiciously introduce elements of meritocracy and dismantle the ideology of Ketuanan Melayu so that all Malaysians become better off. Under such a government, I am confident that the Malays will see a stop to the plunders and pillages, wealth stolen by a few in the name of many. For the record, I am NOT a member of the DAP.

bruno,  30 November 2011 at 12:00  

Dato,first of all the reasons for the declining quality of Umno membership and leadership are because right thinking Malays are deserting Umno in droves everyday.Ahmad Maslan can ask himself the question,why?

Well,first of all rampant mass corruption by Umnoputras and their cronies.Malaysians,whether Malays,Chinese,Indians,Seranis and others can tell them that all the nation's wealth stolen by Umno/BN politicians are shared by a priviledged minority.And the Malays know that they have been deprived of even having a taste of the economic pie,as the greedy Umnoputras have gobbled up every single ringgit in sight.

The Malays know that if they keep sticking around Umno,soon they and their families will be back living on treetops.Umnoputras should know that even the kampong Malays are internet savvy nowadays.By now they should have awaken and not take the Malay votes for granted.Umno needs the Malays and Malaysians to survive.Malays and Malaysians do not need a good for nothing corrupted like hell Umno to survive.

Malays do not play and accept Umno's blamed game anymore.Not any particular race or people can be that stupid to be fooled and used all the time.The stupid fools are the Umnoputras themselves.They still believed that the present day Malays can be led by their noses.

Umnoputras should just look at the NFC scandal.They have a lady minister's family members all caught red handed mishandling government funds.And instead of doing damage control,and cutting short their losses,they have leaders like Muhyiddin,Khairy and even Badawi coming out to defend her.How can money meant for cows be used to buy multi million ringgit condos,and opened upscale restaurants in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

And there are still top Umno leaders who are willing to come out and defend the 'guilty till proven innocent culprits'.If this caught in the act fiasco were to happen under the watch of master of all corruptions Dr Mahathir,he would have no qualms to sent Shahrizat packing.Dr Mahathir will not lose a second's sleep over firing her.He would say serves her right for having got caught with her panties off.

Umno lacks a good leader of Dr Mahathir's calibre.If Dr Mahathir was not that greedy he would have been a good PM.

seng aun,  30 November 2011 at 12:02  

stalemate or checkmate for umno?

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 12:07  

Yes Dato,

today the Malays attach the blame on UMNO for all the wrongs that has happened like you mentioned in your last paragraph. But the majority of the Malays are very forgiving, and they have forgiven UMNO for the all their wrong doing, and UMNO will continue with doing all the wrong things, and the Malays will continue forgiving UMNO. Its a vicious cycle that dont seems to end. Just wonder when are the Malays going to wise up ? because the Malays have a lot to lose.

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 12:30  

Dato', you really got balls to say all that to his face. Respect!

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 12:32  


Biarkan Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya. I know deep inside you you feel sad but I have no more good feelings towards this lost organization.

And you know what? I am one of those members that are still in their books but will never support them again. And they are still wondering what ever happened to people like me. Well, they can keep my name there if it makes them feel good thinking that they have all these members.

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 12:59  

If only, right from the beginning , Malaysia followed the Singapore model for governing a country, Malaysia would be much better off today, no one dares to admit that the UMNO system is a big failure, everyone is burying their heads in the sand like ostriches, when people see outright corruption, they keep silent.
But morality police in Malysia are trying to control personal behviour that harms no one, but yet people in political office are doing daylight robbery and no one points the out

Telekonned,  30 November 2011 at 14:02  

We need more Sakmongkols to wake the Malays up. The question is, will they wake up?

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 14:07  

"If he has really thought hard about these, he would not have allowed his mouth to go on higher gear while the brain is still engaged in low"
Well said !

azmie 30 November 2011 at 15:26  

dato', nobody's listening. just burn down everything and start from scratch. that's the only way to rebuild umno

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 15:40  

No mention of MAHB stupid move to overbuilt and overprice KLIA2? Tony is going to blame MAHB and raise prices - just you watch..

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 15:45  

Datok, spot on!

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 16:03  

Well written piece. Ahmad Maslan wanted to be the malay hero, but was shown to be swallow minded. Malays are no longer fooled by his kind of talks. They know that if the malay work hard, they can achieved much better even without handouts from the govt. Has UMNO made the ordinary Malays rich. None at all unless you are their cronies.

Jong 30 November 2011 at 16:05  

Ted, you are spot on! Yes overfed morons, and Sharizat's NFC is only tip of the iceberg. I thought I was the only one that notices the 'bulat phenomenon' all bursting at the seams!

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 16:27  


With an information chief like ahmad mazlan, no wonder UMNO is in its final death throes. The stupidity and ignorance of ahmad mazlan as the information chief only means that UMNO members are fed with the same staple of filth and swill that floats inside the head of this retard. But we all already know that UMNO members are also of the same breed as ahmad mazlan so there are no surprises here. What surprises me is that you are still in UMNO.

Jong 30 November 2011 at 16:39  

Wahhh that cow-woman fierce-O, like jalang quarreling in the kampong redlight district that morally she had done no wrong?

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 17:10  

Well said Dato. Calling a spade a spade. The problem is that no one in Umno would listen to you and they all think they are invincible and yet, blame everyone but themselves for being weak.

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 17:23  

Tabik Dato',

Cucu tumpang lalu,

My comment to these umno people who do not want to transformasi,

Summum bukmun unyun fahum la yar jiun.

Deaf, dumb ass and blind, they shall not return.

Rap the Cow,  30 November 2011 at 17:34  

Datuk Sak,

Sure he can read those signs.

Unlike the scant few in UMNO, he has to carry on in deceit. The cowherd mentality.

Like Rais Yatim lah. Rule BY instead OF law!

The countdown has started ...when will it blow?

Frank,  30 November 2011 at 20:57  

Dato Sak

Well said. Cannot agree with you more.

Wan Shamsudin 30 November 2011 at 21:01  


Salute to you......Maslan, seekor lembu yg bolih di tarik ekornya olih Boss2 UMNO and the GENG....Mereka semua adalah orang2 yang terlibat dengan rasuah.....

el especial,  30 November 2011 at 21:42  

Appreciate your initial rumination on the prior observation sent.

Always the excellent raconteur, Dato'.

Anonymous,  30 November 2011 at 22:50  

Dato, I like Maslan. Now that you write bad things about Maslan, I don't like you anymore.

Anonymous,  1 December 2011 at 07:38  

It is a fact that UMNO fights for the Malays in name only, just like what they are saying about protecting the Royalty. The TRUTH is they are all fighting to enrich themselves. Their energies are channeled on scheming to make money. The losers are the Malays, fooled by UMNO's rhetoric and propaganda in the media. The list of scandals involving public money will attest to this. In my eyes, the powers in UMNO are just a bunch of thieves, robbing the Malays of their future. It is time the Malays know who are the real devils in their midst.

Jong 1 December 2011 at 11:04  

Anon 1 December 2011 07:38,
That was excellent observation, agree 100%.

Listening to Umno President making his opening speech now. Hahaha!! And I notice, he had to pause for claps that were slow to response and even then they came faintly considering the thousands in the hall! That's how desperate Najib is today.

So now this tale spinner who talks one thing and do another must get on to macam-macam for support, that Melayu-UMNO and institution of Raja-Raja being "hina'd"! Wait, he won't leave Anwar Ibrahim alone for sure!

Same same, meluat lah!

Anonymous,  1 December 2011 at 11:26  

Your writing is sheer entertainment - with wit, wisdom with fair of a seasoned writer who can hold his readers till they finish the last line.
Every word here is indisputable - except perhaps that UMNO is going through temporary insanity.
I thought its permanent.

Anonymous,  1 December 2011 at 12:17  

The future of Malaysia, whether we continue to sink slowly or not is ultimately determined by the mindset of the Malays. The population of Malaysian Chinese and Indians will continue to decline relatively. If the majority of Malays do not think like you and continue to be influenced by Umno's perverted propoganda ,logic and influence, I am afraid there is not much hope for our nation. A spot of time in the wilderness for UMNO maybe be good to rejunavate and cleansed it of all the parasites who will presumably hop to the party in power. That is if UMNO does not implode because as the good doctor says, its rotten to the core. That will be a pity because more then ever , this nation needs a vibrant democracy with a strong two party system in place.

stk,  1 December 2011 at 21:23  

I was wondering how malaysia can progress with leaders from UMNO mentality of kampung folks.I really hope our Malay brothers wake up and with eyes wide open what has UMNO done to them,treating them like a fool.Sure,malays can be very forgiving but at what price?

Anonymous,  2 December 2011 at 00:24  

Buncit perut sebab makan banyak rasuah

Anonymous,  2 December 2011 at 00:26  

The Malays will forever disappear from the face of this earth!

If UMNO continues to RUIN this country!

The other RACES will and shall continue to survive!

Anonymous,  2 December 2011 at 09:10  

Once again Dr M takes no responsibility for the sorry state of UMNO (Baru) and its very mediocre leaders today.

Phua Kai Lit

Miriam,  2 December 2011 at 13:03  

Dato' respect to you sir. You are scholar & a gentleman for the truth you tell with such clarity of the malaise with UMNO.

Anonymous,  2 December 2011 at 21:45  

The Mother of all recession is about to set in very soon now that Europe is in deep trouble. USA already in trouble only to get reprieve because of outflow from EU countries.

when the reality of the US economy sets in .... and with EU all down, who is going to buy China's products and who is Malaysia going to export to?

The Malays many still depending on government for orders or contracts without their own line of established customers will suffer the most. It happened during TDM's time, and it seems nothing has changed. These UMNO cronies still depend 100% on Government which is going to collect much much less taxes as recession sets in.

When guys like Ibrahim Alis want to have 67% of everything without telling us how he is going to get it or able to get it .. it really sickens the rest as though the rest is responsible for him.

Good riddance. Just do not know how to govern the country.

Get a "Lim Guan Eng" lah...

Anonymous,  3 December 2011 at 02:02  

I am afraid most of the dUMNOputeras are just a bunch of lying thieving scumbags and they are not giving up without a fight to the death. How long will they carry on is up to the rakyat in the GE13. The malays are deluded if they still think they are god's gift to mankind. They deluded and are slowly being suckered to their death throes by the conniving Tamil muslims in the guise of the malays. Well, time will tell .......

Anonymous,  2 January 2012 at 16:00  

But yet the Malays in DAP, the non-Anuar-fixated Malays in PKR are very small.

Does that imply that most Malays are too stupid to see the damage that UMNO is doing to their well being. Or do these Malays realise that they will lose out if UMNO is not in power. How stupid can these Malays be?

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