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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Leadership issue: I trust you, NOT Give me your trust.

Today I am not writing about Dr Mahathir. For the time being that is. I will write some more because I can. I have a fertile field to write on. He has written 62 chapters about many things in his memoir. I have only begun.
I take nothing from him. He deserves all the accolades and tributes. That he does, does not require me or anyone individual saying it. The whole country pays homage to the man who has led this country for 22 years.
As I have said, there were many contentious politics in there. I seek to offer an alternative view. I am conscious that whatever I write will never diminish his esteem in the many millions. That is not my intention nor am I capable of doing such a thing.
My critics who have nothing to answer but have to resort to personal issues are of no consequence. The reality of my private life is very remote from what these people have described. But I chose not to answer. Many don't know me, what more with what actually transpired. So don't be pure evil, people. You take your gutter journalism elsewhere. Here we want to debate in a civilized manner. I now know many of these bloggers who write for what they think is about and for UMNO can be pure evil. These are the blatant liars and faceless cowards.
But at the moment, let's place what Dr Mahathir wrote in perspective. It's not difficult to accept that Dr Mahathir writes from the perspective of a politician and a statesman. What he wrote from the later perspective will be judged by posterity. We have not yet feel the full impact of his policies.
Writing from the perspective of a politician is a different matter. Dr Mahathir is a consummate politician. He writes the history from the perspective of a victor. The victor writes those things favorable to him. When he took over the PM's job in 1981, he said he will retire as soon as he gets the signals from the people.
He wasn't prepared to return Tengku Razaleigh's favor of giving way to an older brother by naming Razaleigh as deputy UMNO president. As I said, that would be a Malay thing to do. He didn't and I leave it to readers to deduce why he didn't. To me, what he did was an un-Malay thing.
He was never supportive of the idea of having Razaleigh as number two and a possible future PM then. Right from the beginning he was envious of Razaleigh's stature and capabilities. In 1981, Musa never had any chance of beating Razaleigh who was generally hailed as the economic czar then. Mahathir threw his lot behind Musa to prevent the elevation of Razaleigh.
We shall return to this story later.
Let's move on to another issue. I read somewhere that, kalu saya berani, criticize the number 1. That would be the PM. This stupid fellow has not read my blog in the past. I have not been shy to write on the number one where relevant. I suspect many run off the mill bloggers cannot write simply because they have not been reading or don't know the subject matter.
I have criticized his policies quite openly. And when I did and will do, it should not be read as endorsement for Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else. Personally I think Anwar is a damaged good. His priority isn't going to Putrajaya anymore but saving himself. His future may be that of a bridesmaid only helping out other people finish his dream. He is a crowd puller but not necessarily a vote puller any longer.
Since the issue of not brave enough to criticize the PM has arisen, we shall humor this li'l Abner son of Pansy and Lucifer Yokum.
The PM has just returned from Sarawak. While there he met with his cyberspace friends- those whom he engages through his tweeter and Facebook.
What did he ask from these people? Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak asked his Facebook friends, especially those who were young, to give him their full support and trust as the nation's prime minister to deliver a better future for Sarawak.
Saying he was delighted to meet 250 online friends from all over Sarawak for the first time, Najib added that young people should have idealism and expect fair and transparent governance.
Give me your trust and I will do the rest is what in essence Najib is saying. What is wrong with this statement?
I suspect Najib is aware of the trends of future leadership. The sources of change and the impetus calling for change are no longer monopolized by old school leadership. The main characteristic of that kind of leadership is that all changes and innovation comes from the top to bottom. Scholars termed this kind of leadership, the push-factor leadership.
In the future it's no longer that way. One draws parallel for example from the dilution of American influence in world geo politics. The center of influence no longer resides solely in Washington. It's now shared in places like Tokyo, Delhi and Beijing in addition to the old adversary in Moscow. It's a multipolar world.
Similarly, matters that affect the lives of citizens are no longer solely decided by the government of the day. It is now decided by the people acting in independent groupings or in affiliation with alternative political and social movements. It's also a multi-polar little world of decision making centers.
The leader now listens to what those governed articulate and talk about. And after listening to what they talk, Najib asks the people to trust him.
Now, clearly in a pull-factor setting- where the leader listens and in turn configures his actions and behavior according to what he hears, this is a wrong approach to take. The right question or rather statement the PM should be making is- PEOPLE I TRUST YOU AND YOUR JUDGMENT.
The way Najib goes about framing his statement reminds me of what Milton Friedman wrote on Kennedy's inaugural speech. In the 1962 book of Capitalism and Freedom, this was what Friedman wrote.
"In a much quoted passage in his inaugural address, President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." Neither half of the statement expresses a relation between the citizen and his government that is worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society. The paternalistic "what your country can do for you" implies that government is the patron, the citizen the ward, a view that is at odds with the free man's belief in his own responsibility for his own destiny. The organismic, "what you can do for your 'country" implies the government is the master or the deity, the citizen, the servant or the votary.
To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. He recognizes no national goal except as it is the consensus of the goals that the citizens severally serve. He recognizes no national purpose except as it is the consensus of the purposes for which the citizens severally strive.
The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country. He will ask rather "What can I and my compatriots do through government" to help us discharge our individual responsibilities, to achieve our several goals and purposes, and above all, to protect our freedom? And he will accompany this question with another: How can we keep the government we create from becoming a Frankenstein that will destroy the very freedom we establish it to protect?

You get the same impulses from the soon to be oft quoted passage- People, give me your trust....


Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 09:38  

Anwar is a damaged good? And has no political future?

This may be true from your perspective. But why is the BN in particular Umno so afraid of the man. They orchestrated the sodomy 2. where the victim said he didn't defecated for 2 days and there are no signs of sodomy being detected either by Pushrawi or the Gov't doctors from his arsehole.

Now another fabricated sex video is being bandied about. Hello..if the sex video is genuine and it shows Anwar as the sex culprit..just show it on prime TV and to the whole world. No need lah this dagger and cloak secrecy. This Dato T must have been paid millions by Taib since he released it on the day Taib announced the dissolution of the State Assy.

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 10:04  

Anwar is a damaged good? So is UMNO. It's putrid, smelly, inhuman and evil to the core.

Need UMNO resort to gutter politics, sex videos, lies and oppression to stay in power.
UMNO, if it is an honourable party should be win elections on its own merits.
If UMNO, which can claims to be defender of the Islamic faith resorts to sinful and unIslamic manner to destroy its opponents it loses its right to lead the nation.
Profusion suffocates. Continued demonization of Anwar prompts me to hate UMNO more and more.

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 10:47  


Is Anwar a damaged good? Maybe! I am afraid he may be damaged even more.
At the very least, he stood his ground. He never cowered, begged or pled for mercy, faced all his prosecutors or persecuters face to face according to our Malaysian laws, never ran away when he had so many chances. He stayed to fight to show his innocence.

For that, I believe in him and know that he is innocent, no matter how many mattresses are produced, no matter how many backsides are not cleaned, no matter how many videos are produced and no matter how many .........................

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 11:36  


Well written. The current PM is extremely fond and so full of rhetorics and acronyms. His latest "give me your trust" will soon fade into oblivion just like his "I'm a PM for all Malaysians", "gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua", etc etc.

There is enough of talk going round for him to understand the expectations and desires of malaysians which he has chosen to ignore. Instead he is hopping onto the trendy facebook and twitter to ask for the people's trust. What a load of bumkum!!!

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 11:47  


I'm agree with you, Anwar damage is good. Simply because, It's open our mind about good govenance, justic and PM power. Now, people talk about power abuse, corruption, and justic. This issue never come out before Anwar being accuse of power abuse. Thank to Mahathir who choose to overkill Anwar with Sodomite issue. He can use others way but I don't know why He choose it.....Hmmmmmm..

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed 22 March 2011 at 11:48  

So, Anwar is an Israeli agent, a CIA agent, a sodomite, a bi-sexual, a sex maniac etc.

What else UMNO?
Do you take the citizens as idiots? Maybe your supporters and the rural Malays are but not we - people with a God given brain to think.

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 11:58  


Hard stuff!

‘To the free man, ……., neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served.’

In that light, is the Malay M’sians within the heartland, FREE?

R they still been blinded & bind by their feudalistic mentality to the ketuanan? Do they have sense of free-will & compassion vis-a-vis their religious teaching?

How to free them & let them know berdikari?

The umnoputras r not free. Their servitude come with a price – the paymaster, with the deepest pocket win, irrespective of where those moola comes from.

So how to distinguish a umnoputra (mamak inclusive) vis-à-vis a true-bloode Malay M’sian.

Or is there such entity as a true-blooded Malay M’sian?

Tough question, after yr last write-up about Malayness & un-Malayness.

dahseriknganpaku 22 March 2011 at 13:04  

finally dato, was getting tired of all the talk on the retired PM.

Maybe you need to shed some light the power that no.1 wields. And push a representative to table a motion in parliament to reduce the powers. Then maybe the rakyat can view giving our trust to a sincere leader. A leader not afraid of the truth and prosecution if he fails in the trust that the rakyat has bestowed on him.

As for Anwar, i dont see the point in sullying him anymore, any effort to put him in bad light will only backfire as the opposition can do no wrong, plus it would give the opposition ammo to link umno to all ill's that plauge soceity, its time to bury certain hatchets and get on to repairing whatever damage that favours the lobbying block. Reduce debt burden, increase home ownership and property caps.

Debt is spiralling out of control, and those who are participating in increasing inflation should be made to realize that its damaging the economy.

comparing najib and dato, jfk was the last true american president, the ones that came after him were puppets for the military industrial complex. Najib has a long way to go, but he is trying, if he try's harder and exploits his power as no.1 for the good of the people, then im sure indian chinese and malay will shout hidup NAJIB!

As for the multi polar geo politics, we can see what ever it is its always about oil. japan has been struggling because of credit expansion policies in the late eighties and early nineties, china is following suit, but china has a bigger economy then japan and they might succeed, America has always been at the forefront of geopolitics, whenever their soft propaganda doesnt work they will send in their army. So i have to disagree, America rules the world, and say what you will...if we dont shift certain exports to safer markets we might just end up being like any other sattelite states. Destroyed by infighting and civil war...

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 13:05  

IF yo were to look at the history of UMNO no. 2, it should always be one who is ready to take over as PM one day. If you look at TDM's history, he removes the no. 2 whenever they look like a threat to him. After that, the no. 2 is always a YES man who is not capable to taking over from him. Even after he left office, he still think that he can get Pak Lah to do his bidding and gets angry when no one listens to him.

Dato koo koo,  22 March 2011 at 13:28  

Is anwar a damaged good? Only an honest man would stand up to all the accusations, prisoned? Yes. Beaten?yes.
My question to u dato sak, can u name me 1 Umno leader who would go thru those challenges.

Red Alfa 22 March 2011 at 13:33  

Salam Dato'

"How can we keep the government we create from becoming a Frankenstein that will destroy the very freedom we establish it to protect?"

Principled Leadership, Independent Judiciary, Professional & Uncorrupt Police and Civil Service, Free Press, Free & Fair Elections .... and the WISH list for Malaysia goes on!

Many are saying the Government is becoming or is already a Frankenstein, and Mahathir had made it.

What leadership is Mahathir's?

Fat Zorro,  22 March 2011 at 13:43  

If I were Najib Tun Razak, I would not ask people to trust me. I shall gain their trust. To show I mean business and I do care for the people I have been entrusted to lead, the first thing I will do in Sarawak is to openly declare my disappointment with the leadership of Sarawak and aplologise for the years of neglect of the people of Sarawak by BN. I will tell them more can be done for the people of Sarawak under the right leadership and it is for the people to vote accordingly. But Najib can never ever do that, disassociate himself from the current Sarawak leader. I wonder why.If I am a Sarawakian I will admire and respect such a decisive leader and guess what.....? I will vote for BN, if only....

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 16:44  

Anwar is a damaged good? And has no political future?

Bravo sak you're now doing what nazri aziz does best...

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 17:08  

Notwithstandings what your critics says about you, I hope you will continue with your writtings and opinions.

At times I do feel as if you are playing devil advocates, and that might confuse the general people on which side of the fence you are.

God bless...

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 17:27  


As they say, Garbage in Garbage Out.

The Public are being continually served with Garbage daily. these are the Garbage being Regurgitated by the poor sods in response to your last posting.

We will be served with Greater volumes of garbage as the General Elections gets nearer!!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 18:13  

DNA- will someone make a police report to re open the Rahim Thambi Chik Case of sex with a minor and ask him to volunteer his DNA to proof his innocence,TDM helped to cover up this case.

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 18:33  

I am afraid your intellectual post got swamped by todays news headline on the sex videotape. I bet if the tajuk was on Datuk T instead of PM Najib this will be filled with comments.


Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 19:59  

"...I am conscious that whatever I write will never diminish his esteem in the many millions. That is not my intention nor am I capable of doing such a thing. ..."

No human is beyond reproach, Sdra Sak, not us nor anyone else still breathing. And all can get damaged. There's nothing we can do to a dead man. It's only our memory or our perception of a once living man. It's a living kicking man we can be sore at.

Sometimes we matter when we're gone. At others, we don't and not even when we're alive. But it must matter when we bear least misconceived malice as we consciously strive to achieve.

Anonymous,  22 March 2011 at 22:17  


Interesting. Anwar is South East Asia's Nelson Mandela in the making. Bapa Malaysia is the ONLY UMNO Leader best qualified and fit to lead and already led Malaysia successfully. The rest simply as good as Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, sadly.

Quiet Despair,  22 March 2011 at 22:38  

Anon 10.47

"I believe in him and know that he is innocent, no matter how..." blah, blah, blah.

Peewitt, I like this. LMAOF. If Saddle King were to bonk your wife, you will smile and say: "My pleasure. Thank you so much."

A classic example of double standard of forgiving when it's got to do with Anwar. When it is UMNO or Najib, you will be jumping for the jugular.

And you see inane remarks elsewhere like where is Najib's video with Ziana Zain.

When the story first emerged, there were silence from the pro-Pakatan bloggers. Satu Malaya dah tahu. But they buat dek aje. You know sins of ommission and commission.

Some were apologetic like we have to write about this because of e-mails from our fans.

And as antipated, today they go shooting the messenger like asking who is Datuk T. The singer not the song.

They avoid implicating Anwar but very interested in going for the man who had the video. Despite the press vouching that it was Anwar's face.

I watched Anwar's press conference. He was a bit startled when a pressman asked are you going to make a police report? Are you going to sue? He replied: "I have not seen the video." But his lawyer standing behind him said yes we will sue.

And I noticed there were no PAS reps. I pity his long-suffering wife having to endure another of his sexcapade. Lagi sekali makan hati berulam jantung.

She's some kind of wonderful. Ya Allah please give her deliverance. She could even be beatified like Mother Theresa!

Imagine having to put a brave front and rubbing hubby's tummy to prove it is flat and not boroi like the man in the video.

How much can this woman endure, always ready to make nice. Have to listen to the sodomy trial. And holding hands going in and out of the courts for photo ops. It's very unfunny.

Now Anwar said the Omega watch is with his wife for safe-keeping. But Datuk T said it's in his possession!

That will be a court exhibit, if there is a case.The IGP has promised a swift investigation and will charge the purveyor of the video.

But Datuk T wants it to be under the purview of a commission inquiry since he does not trust Anwar with the police investigation.

And there goes another rigmarole of accusing the government of conspiracy to bring him down in
view of the Sarawak state elections.

I agree with Kulim Bandar Baru man who said itu resipi wajib. Kalau tak cukup garam, tak sedaplah makanan dia.

Dont flatter yourself, Uncle Nuar. BN is on a sound footing in Sarawak. Orang Sabah and Sarawak tak mainlah dengan PKR.

SNAP has issued an ultimatum that PKR can only contest in non-Dayak seats. A statement that you are not welcome there.

And PAS has said if the video tape is genuine, PAS will opt out of the coalition.

Good show PAS. No point sleeping with PKR. You cannot produce smart and beautiful babies. You can go it alone.

Anwar is a spent force. And I agree with you Sak, he will always be the bridesmaid, but never the bride oops bridegroom.

Anwar must step down to save PKR. To some of you, he is a fairy tale which you hope will be a happy ending. To me he is a tragic nightmare.

Quiet Despair,  22 March 2011 at 23:30  

Forgive me Sak. I know like other UMNO bloggers, you really don't like to talk about other parties but only your own.(Unlike pro-Pakatan bloggers who loves amplifying UMNO's so called misdeeds).

But I can't help myself since the commentators are bringing up the Anwar alleged sexual romp.

When it comes to all things Anwar, I always have my doubts and suspicions.

Could this be another ploy of Anwar to divert attention away from his sodomy trial? About his refusal to give his DNA sample?

Also the reality that his party will lose the coming Sarawak elections. And most of all losing badly in the 13th GE.

A tactic to make him always in the people's radar. Always in the hearts and minds of his idols.

He definitely does not want to fade away into oblivion. So the best bet is to thrive in whatever situations (more controversial the better) and made the BN his scape-goat!

I based my theory on the fact that Datuk T is his insider. It's solely between him and the man. He didn't even asked about Datuk T.

If it's really him, so what. Just do the right thing - admit I did it. Resign.

Yes morally and religiously it's wrong. But that's between him and Allah.

His so-called religious persona notwithstanding, it's merely a case of its my body and my pleasure. So why are you Malaysians so kaypoh?

If he does not want to resign, he can continue to be opposition leader since his lovers and the DAP are agreeable to this.

Last time people laugh at MCA having a porn star. But he is anointed as the boss. So why not we have another one in Anwar. A great equalizer, haha.

It's really a waste of the tax-payers money and also our poor not so well-paid men in blue. Let them concentrate on fighting crime which is more important than Anwar in flagrante delicto.

Knowing Anwar, he will give the police a tough time. To get evidence will be like squeezing water out of stone.

Then if it becomes a court-case, it will drag on for years and years like the sodomy case. You can never win with this fella. Ruse after ruse.

This sex-capade will be his political capital. And the innocent government will be his victim.

As it is, people here are hailing him as Nelson Mandela. What oppression has he been fighting for that he is likened to Mandela?

If I am not too lazy, I think I will apply to the Kennedy School of Government to get a PHD on the thesis of Mr Ibrahim.

The only thing worthy of admiration of Anwar Ibrahim is he's got a voracious appetite for both ladies and young sweet boys. Why didn't he meet me?

It's a good citation for a 64-year old with supposed back problem. I must say the German doctors must have fixed him real good.

Can you see Tun M smiling that the sexcapades at the Kenny Hill mansion were indeed true!

Anwar Ibrahim,  23 March 2011 at 02:49  

oi bodoh.. kau kata tak mau tulis pasal mahathir... kau ni blinded by cult of personality of Kuli.. aku yakin kau dapat banyak benda dari Kuli...

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 11:14  

Quiet Despair,

You are really are desperate person lah.

Whether the latest sex expose is real or not , let us see.

But one thing I know, Malaysian politics has gone beyond Anwar. In fact if he goes , it does not affect PR.

You say PAS will leave. Well let them and see how far they can go. They would be just in Kelantan and no where. But then I dont think they are that naive.

As about Sarawak, for you info, BN had made their own polls in all their constituencies, it is indicating massive losses by BN. Well I am not privvy to the true report , let us just see.

You obviously condone a CM who had accummulated massive wealth right? Of course your kind are just abang and adik. Your kind will be history or Malaysia will be during Marcos' times.

....and by the way. Anwar is credited for the man that brings about a two party system. A system guys like you so feared so much to want to destroy it by destroying him.

Btw, you sure your friends do not go bonkering around? Do you dare to say that in public?

Well , let us see.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 11:15  

Ok Bro forget about this fragile senile old man and lets talk about Anwar Ibrahim Sex Tape that sells like hot cake!!

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 11:39  

He was never supportive of the idea of having Razaleigh as number two and a possible future PM then. Right from the beginning he was envious of Razaleigh's stature and capabilities


V,  23 March 2011 at 12:20  

Dato Sak,

Damaged good or not, Anwar is being persecuted endlessly. I am no fan of his, but looking at the things being thrown his way, I feel sorry for him.

Then I look at the rosy cheeked PM and his red lips, and I know what I have to do in the next GE.

rance,  23 March 2011 at 14:10  

Dear Dato'Sak,
I would like to quote Quiet Despair, who admitted that DSAI .. "To me he is a tragic nightmare" Yes nightmare not only to u but to most UMNO top. The nightmare, most probably seeing DSAI in Putrajaya. Exact location Seri Perdana after the next GE.

abdullahhir,  23 March 2011 at 14:32  

I was never a fan of Anwar but now I AM. I am really disgusted the way he is being persecuted by the UMNO leadership through their govt posts. The way these political leaders of UMNO/BN, especially UMNO are misusing their ministries,to bring this poor man down, I have no respect for them anymore. I have lost all respect for all top govt officials beggining from KSU to the lowest ranking staff who carry the govt ministers ball's.
Sorry Dato Sak, I disagree with you that Anwar is damaged goods. Anwar has guts. He is a real MAN. Name me one MAN from your UMNO lineup including you. Personally if you ask me, you have a little bit more credibility then many of your UMNO members.
As to your comments about, What one can do for his country, I disagree with your findings. It's the country not the govt we should as ourselves what we can do. If you ask me what I can do for my country today. I say, I would give my life for it. But, If for the government of the day, I would do everything to make sure they get out of PUTRAJAYA, iNFACT CHASE THEM OUT OF pUTRAJAYA WITH A BROOM.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 15:01  

Quiet Despair,

You have again exposed yourself to be a good for nothing and lazy person. If you are not too lazy, you should get yourself a useful job like sweeping the streets or cutting the grass instead of snooping round bookshops and supermarkets counting how many TDM books have been sold. Oops, I think you are too lazy to even count.

OneMalaysian,  23 March 2011 at 15:05  

Dear Sakmongkol

It is a good time to talk a bit about the people trusting their rulers. In all the following countries or states, the “rulers” or governments were elected (whether freely or otherwise). Look at the length of their stay and the consequences – economic, political, and social – on the respective populations: Gaddafi of Libya (42 years), Ali Saleh of Yemen (32 years), Mubarak of Egypt (30 years), Ben Ali of Tunisia (23 years), Assad and Bashar of Syria (42 years), Suharto of Indonesia (32 years), Burmese Junta (50 years), Kim Family of North Korea (66 years) and Taib Mahmud of Sarawak (30 years).

Notice something common in all cases? The people have all become poorer in an absolute or relative sense. But in all cases, the rulers and their friends and cronies have all become rich beyond measure. The people “trusted” them. Did they have a choice? The events in recent weeks in the Middle East and North Africa offer a salutary lesson to people who overstay.

Milton Friedman’s idea of a free society is very far beyond our grasp. The politicians who beg for our votes, once ensconced in high office, forget that they came from the people. The government that they form seems remote – it appears to have a life of its own, frequently unresponsive to our needs. I remember Dr M saying years ago to the Malays: be grateful to the government for what it has done for you. This is surely not what Friedman had in mind about the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

What do we take from all this? Don’t be too trusting of the government or your leader. The longer they stay in office, the worse seems to be our future. At least that is what we see when we study those countries mentioned above. But then, we could be the exception – the lucky country where bad things don’t happen to good people.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 15:12  


Talking about Garbage in Garbage Out...

Based on his Ramblings, Quiet Despair obviously fits the Role of the Typical Garbage Consuming Zombie.

Garbage regurgitating from all his sense doors are unstoppable.

This poor guy needs help...

Joe Black

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 15:34  

To those who dislike Anwar and therefore believe that Anwar is the guy in the sex video - think again. Don't be too sure. It may be true. It maybe not. Let us wait when the truth comes out.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 15:54  

Now the plot has been exposed do you still want to remain in this evil party called UMNO?
Yes, the sex video expose'

Unknown 23 March 2011 at 16:02  

You speak as though anwar is guilty. Come on datuk, it is really frustrating to, on the one hand see you as a beacon of hope and get really mad at the umno cybertroopers for their cheap shots at you and then see you doing gh e same to dsai. My money is with the likes of you any day but with dsai it is a foregone conclusion- he will save malaysia if he is in power.

Unknown 23 March 2011 at 17:44  

well, well..... datuk T is 3 fellas consist of one famous Perogol Kanak-kanak bernama Rahim Thambhi Kechik.... no surprise, but they choose an asshole to say that anwar is a scumbag and sex maniac....

Rahim Thambhi Kechik is a bigger bastard in UMNO which is full of Bastards and Beggars who dono to do any job in the real world except cheating the Public and live life as ALIBABA and the rest of 4000 thieves

UMNO is a bastard English name Party indeed....

Despair Not,  23 March 2011 at 19:19  

Joe Black
You sure got a black heart. I have been seeing your comments.
You don't have anything much to say.
So you choose to condemn Quiet Despair.
What are you compared to him. I like his style of writing. I must say he's well informed and so articulate.
And he is truthful in what he has to say. Unlike you pro-Anwar who knows only to offend just like your leader.
You are among those who are dropping garbage in all the pro-Pakatan blogs.
Luckily all UMNO bloggers are very tolerant of you. Pakatan bloggers won't print opposing views.
So you are very happy here.
Run now to mummy, blacky.

Red Alfa 23 March 2011 at 20:07  

Salam Dato'

Most common folks might have wholeheartedly believed and agreed with Datuk T declaring Anwar should never be a leader of any sort or for whatever!

Will they start wondering otherwise now that Datuk T is none other but Rahim Thamby Chik?

Unknown 23 March 2011 at 20:08  

Trust is earned no? But Najib has made so many blunders like this in the past like "I help you, you help me". In most countries, that will land him in the hot soup but since we only aspire to become like a developed country but heading the Zimbabwe path, I guess he can continue making those kind of idiotic statements.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 20:18  

Beside Der Chedet, Jibby grave will be a favorite spot for peeing.
And in Sarawak the choice will be Taib Mahmud's grave.

Unknown 23 March 2011 at 20:19  

"I was no chief and never had been, but because I had been more deeply wronged than others, this honor was conferred upon me, and I resolved to prove worthy of the trust." - Geronimo

PM can't ask people to trust him just like that. He has to prove first that he deserves the people's trust. I guess growing up as the a PM's child he feels that he is perhaps entitled to everything?

Unknown 23 March 2011 at 20:56  


For more than decade now, our politicians in power banyak memberi tumpuan dan menghabiskan masa sibuk nak tahu apa DSAI buat di belakang tabir.

Orang lain dah jauh melangkah ke hadapan dan kita sibuk terbelenggu dalam acara-acara yang tak berfaedah hanya untuk meraih modal politik. Ini memang kerja tak berfaedah.

Pergi jahanamlah UMNO! Lagi cepat lagi bagus. Jikalau tidak, negara ini akan engkau bawa masuk tenggelam ke dalam laut, tak perlu tunggu tsunami datang melanda.

Ada baiknya jikalau Dato meninggalkan kapal busuk UMNO. And if only 50% of the UMNO leaders are doing what you are doing, this country would be a far better place than at present. Little red dot would not look down upon us.

And you still want to give him your trust? No way on my part.

Anonymous,  23 March 2011 at 23:53  


Stop posturing yourself as if you are a god given political commentator. You are nothing but an old fool who thinks too much of himself.

Quiet Despair,  24 March 2011 at 00:18  

It's early days yet. You all will not like it when the police completes the probe.
Now you are euphoric because Datuk T is known.
It's not about Datuk T. It's about whether that guy is ........
Once again our man in blue will be the subject of vilification.
And do you all know who really is Shazril Eskay?
Don't simply vent your anger on UMNO and Najib like in the many pro-Pakatan blogs.
Wah you can see the glee there saying it's the end of UMNO.
NOT YET. But game over for Anwar.

Mesti adil,  24 March 2011 at 00:30  


Please see Anon 23.53. See that kind of rude remarks to Sak.
You won't see such thing in your favorite Uncle Din's blog.
I see many people like Pak Abu, Ilham, Sayang Bangsa etc are made fun of. They were not rude at all.
They just love UNNO but regarded as a pariah there.
My friends have tried posting there. They praised UMNO and ticking off Anwar, it was immediately deleted.
If you dont believe, try posting good things about Najib and critize Anwar.
There is one woman Kathy there who posts nonsense. Knows nothing but given space because she's constantly bodek-ing Din.
And do you see people of opposing views being ridiculed here?
Din is trying very hard to be nice to the government after getting a Datukship and a place in MIER.
Tell him that.

Anonymous,  24 March 2011 at 02:14  

Just wondering if SAK had a premonition of the Carcosa event prompting the "damaged goods" comment. Maybe not, maybe.

Anonymous,  24 March 2011 at 05:32  

Banyak orang tak tahu perjalanan atau masalah negara ini ada kaitan dengan samada anda setuju atau tidak tidak bersetuju dengan Mahathir.

Bukan orang lain, tapi Mahathir adalah kata kuncinya.

meorUSA,  24 March 2011 at 11:26  

Are you in sync with Ku Li?.Your posting here is in tandem with Ku Li speech takes on the "push and the pull" choices delivered during Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia dinner talk.
I meet a few of you guys gomen bosses that passed by connecticut to attend Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia over the last 18 Yrs.
Just to add to the "in or out" style of asking permission from the masses , Najib on his speech in NYC hotel after his first meeting to sell Imalaysia begs the trust of students and malaysian abroad.He is consistence in methodology.
I went home disappointed ... hoping to beg something from him.....but he outdo me.!!!!!
Nice to be needed.
I will give my trust ....i want results.

Anonymous,  24 March 2011 at 13:16  

"How can you describe Eskay? In fact, how can Anwar describe and regard Eskay- his onetime procurer of sorts and arranger for peculiar services? He must now regard Eskay as a friend with whom he parties together, bring into his home but ends up in bed with Azizah. ( I could have chosen cruder description here. )"

What more crude description can you put in? My! my!. Dato', this is terrible to say of Azizah. (By the way, which Azizah are you talking about?)

Dato' there is a limit to the things we want to say.

Aku Peduli Apa @ APA 25 March 2011 at 12:56  

Salam Dato.
Dari semasa kesemasa artikel Dato saya cut & Paste diblog saya.Selalu juga saya kena hentam kerana artikel Dato yang saya paparkan di blog saya.

Teruskan menulis cara Dato.Walaupun saya sayangkan Tun M tapi saya tetap paparkan artikel Dato tentang memoir beliau di blog saya.

Pada saya tak salah untuk kita berlainan pandangan tentang sesuatu.


Aku Peduli Apa @ APA 25 March 2011 at 13:00  
This comment has been removed by the author.

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