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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Der Doktor: Mahathir’s memoir

Even in this blog we can see it. The blogger writes that the man is a political liar and advances arguments. Some of the responses beggars belief. One-liners trying to (a) label the blogger negatively, (b) torpedo the messenger, and (c) obscure the fact that no supporting facts are advanced to take the opposite position. Is this the best our mahathirites can do, one asks timidly? Is this what is meant by Malay culture? Is there any intellect worth defending out there or shall we have to call Mr Spock to beam us up because those who can't win an argument want to make sure the other party's reputation is sullied? As if calling them liberals carries the unacceptable implication they are less Muslims because Islam is conservative?'
I have written a part 1 of an article about Dr Mahathir's memoir. I find it hard to believe that we cannot agree to disagree. I do not contest the many achievements Dr Mahathir brought upon Malaysia. Read again- I dispute his rendition of UMNO politics.
This is not a cheap publicity stunt. It's because I think there are so many self-serving renditions. You can already find them in Dr Mahathir's chapter 1 of his memoir. Those are about UMNO politics and not about family values as in chapter 2. When it comes to UMNO politics, we can't all accept what Dr Mahathir says as gospel truth.
As to saying I have Indian blood but am Malay- you find that in chapter 2 of the memoir. If you distilled the material in chapter 2, Dr Mahathir acknowledges he has Indian blood but is a Malay and proud to be one. This is not a contentious issue. I am surprised its turned into a disputed point. Malays with their infinite capacity for accommodativeness can accept anyone who wants to be Malay subject to the qualifications of being Malay. I never once imagine the late actor M. Zain who starred in the labu labi series to be other than a Malay. He speaks Malay, practices Malay culture and professes Islam. That he had Indian blood, did not bother the pure Malay.
I thought I made it clear in the opening passages of my first article- this isn't an issue at finding fault with one's ethnicity or ethnic origins. Now I know, Penang Malay simply means mamak. Malays may joke about the term, but accept mamak as Malay. No problem there.
It's about, what I interpret to be the political permutations that can flow from such an admission. Hence I said the political chameleon-ness. One is free to speculate the political permutations that come from the admission. And when one has different opinions about the memoir, it's childish to dismiss how we view the memoir by asking us to write our own memoir. And I find it even more infantile at attempts to debunk my interpretation by mocking that I am UMNO from Pekan or that I served only one term as ADUN. How do these things augment or diminish how I view certain aspects of the memoir?
DR Mahathir speaks of a house divided in one of the chapters. He is opening up old wounds when the time now is of reconciliation. The memoir indirectly serves to elevate the status of Tengku Razaleigh since Mahathir acknowledges he is Prime Minister material. He could have been if he ( Razaleigh) were patient. How can we know when went on or what motivated people who were close comrades to go against one another? Certainly we have to listen to both sides. Mahathir tells his side in his memoir. Tengku Razaleigh may not be ready to write his memoir yet, but others who dispute what Mahathir says may have one thing or two to say about it.
If Mahathir continues to blame Tengku Razaleigh for all the ills that are setting upon UMNO now, Tengku Razaleigh may have justifiable reasons to abandon UMNO once more. if he does that, he is simply emulating Dr Mahathir- expelled from UMNO once, destroyed the UMNO he was expelled from, formed a new UMNO, resigned from the UMNO he formed, 2 or 3 years ago.
And if I interpret such actions as a person wanting the cake and eating it- I can't be faulted. Dr Mahathir shifts the goal posts as many times as he want. Some people may even say Dr Mahathir is a selfish person. He has done it according to his favorite song- I did it my way.
If more than 10,000 people bought the book in the first few days- I agree that Dr Mahathir is an immensely poplar person. I am also a fan of Mahathir. But that does not mean that everyone has to take what Dr Mahathir tells as absolute truths. I am not ashamed to say I bought the book so that I can criticize objectively. I am not going to dispute those topics that Dr Mahathir speaks about values, childhood, etc. it's the politics that Dr Mahathir speaks of that are open to debate. So let's confine our debate to Dr Mahathir's politics.
UMNO politics is not a story that ONLY Dr. Mahathir can tell. Since UMNO's story and history is shared by all, everyone else deserves space to tell their version and they may not conform to what Dr Mahathir say. This is to be expected.
It's a different case if Dr Mahathir speaks of family values as in chapter two. We can hardly find fault on the way Dr Mahathir was brought up and how he thinks he will apply them. We, or at least many of us can relate to the story of being brought up by a stern father or father figure or we have no problem relating to the story of sleeping on the mattress laid out on the floor. Many of us slept on 'lembek' as we call them in Pahang, or lecha or just laying out the tikar mengkuang.
The values, of which Mahathir spoke of in chapter 2, are essentially proprietary and probably unique. We can pass no judgment on that.
So those who find my article disagreeable, please reason out your disagreement rationally. One line diatribe can do you no good, other than exposing your own shortcomings. Don't be angry if people consider you mentally deficient. But if you insist people hear your xenophobic rants, I will pass your comments.
That is why I have included comments that do not agree with my opinion. I have already said, I will so long as they do not contain profanities or take personal issues into consideration. Such diatribes as "I am glad you are only a one term ADUN or no longer in UMNO" do not bother me anymore. Itu rezeki saya setakat ini.
As regards opinions on Mahathir's memoir, other bloggers wrote their reviews on the memoir according to their level of understanding and experience. I feel they are entitled to their opinions. I am asking for the same sense of fair play.
There are so many chapters written by Dr Mahathir which I find pleasant and agreeable. I don't accept his version on some of the politics that he raised. Therefore when I see some points which he raised raises in turn some doubts, we can debate about it.
This disagreement does not diminish our reverence to Dr Mahathir and to the many path breaking ideas that he introduced into Malaysia. Chief among these must be a sense of supreme confidence to chart the future based on our abilities. I have no trouble in acknowledging Dr. Mahathir's imprimatur and presence here. He did indeed make Malaysians proud to be Malaysian citizens.
But his rendition of UMNO politics is a different matter. We can't all share his take on what went on in UMNO politics. I am hoping to concentrate only on these debatable issues. Please have an open mind.
For example, when Dr Mahathir said his salvation came from Tun Razak who overlooked his behavior… we find this to be oversimplified version and self-serving. Yes, he became a minister because Tun Razak appointed him. But Dr Mahathir wasn't in Tun Razak's radar in the first place. The late Harun Idris played a pivotal role in exposing the good doctor to Tun Razak. And Dr Mahathir didn't say that his entry into Tun Razak's radar screen was also facilitated by Tengku Razaleigh. Mahathir would hang around in Tengku's Office at BBMB on most occasions when he traveled from Alor Star to KL. Tengku Razaleigh would bring Mahathir into Tun Razak's sight.
So, I would say that DR Mahathir's claim that Tun Razak was his mentor isn't quite whole- Tengku Razaleigh was Razak's protégé in more ways than Mahathir.
In his book Dato Harun's role was overshadowed by Dr Mahathir's eagerness to point out the fact that Harun Idris and his sons helped Tengku Razaleigh to contest against him. Surely, such defiance would jolt the minds of readers to question as to why friends like Harun Idris and Tengku Razaleigh who have been instrumental in rescuing Mahathir from political wilderness would then stand opposed to Mahathir? Dr Mahathir sees no wrong in describing himself as a rebel and a troublemaker but finds it almost blasphemous when people rebel against him and played troublemaker to him.
I am conscious that this is a memoir. Dr Mahathir has every right to state the facts and the stories as he sees fit. I have already stated that this memoir is a personalized and a much nuanced account. It therefore incorporates his own subjective views and his understanding and the version of a particular story he wants to put across.
When his version and his personalized account are at odds with what we, who deserve to enjoy the same rights and privileges as Dr Mahathir has, we have every right to offer a counter narration. Isn't this what democracy is all about? The presentation of choices to people?
I take it as a duty to read the book in preparing to disagree. His chapter 1 is also an uplifting narration. That a commoner can eventually become a prime minister in itself has symbolic significance. As pointed out by Dr. Mahathir himself, all previous PMs came from the elite of society- Tengku Abdul Rahman was a prince, Tun Razak was a chieftain from Pahang, Hussein Onn came from Johore's elite family with close links with Johore Royalty.
I can find no fault when Dr Mahathir says- "but I broke the mold and paved the way for them to head the government of Malaysia. An ordinary person can become a PM of Malaysia- but here is where I must add, that the ordinary person must distinguish himself in terms of being able to contribute something.
Dr Mahathir has indeed broken the mold to present us, what I have written in several articles before and on many occasions- that the selection of a person to high office is no longer because of inherited status, no longer as a result of ascriptive attributes. Anyone then can become a PM not because of who they are- son of a chieftain, son of a king, son of somebody highly ranked. Anyone can become a PM because of what he can do, he can become one no longer restricted by social stratification.
That is uplifting. But it tells nothing about how Dr Mahathir came to be where he was when he assumed the PMship or how he retains his position. In this area we differ.
So before you go paranoid and incoherent in your opposition to my own view of the memoir, you had better read the book first too and be aware that I disagree only on the politics.


Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 07:55  

Dato one for sure this pariah will be remembered for dividing this country on racial lines,may someone piss on his grave when he dies.

BaitiBadarudin 15 March 2011 at 08:27  

Salam dato',
Salute to your rational and magnanimous response to critics who are close-minded and who resorted to hitting-below-the-belt.
As citizens of a nation which aspires to be a developed one, we should learn to transcend personal grudges and personality clashes and focus on pertinent issues that have implications on the development of the nation and the welfare of its people.
As Muslims, we should accept the fate of the nation as God has willed it, for better or for worse, for benefits enjoyed as well as lessons learnt.
No one is infallible, particularly when he is in the seat of power to steer the course of the nation and its people.
And a leader's 'success' would not be possible without the pivotal roles played by certain significant actors and winning the people's consensus.
It is therefore crucial for the people not to relinquish their faculty to critically assess the leader's policies and programs (short and long term repercussions) and abdicate their role as active players in upholding the nation's polity as Rule of the People, in the interests of the People.

PAP voter,  15 March 2011 at 08:35  

Dear Dato'
- 'Itu rezeki saya setakat ini.'
Bravo. You still love Umno as my late father & many older generations x'cept that they're in self denial. The Umno now and then 'dah tak sama'.
People like u, Aspan to an extent Merah Tinta and I'm sure there's more like you, cared for Malaysians regardless of race.
Power to people like you, Dato'

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 08:50  


There is no need to be apologetic at not being able to accomodate the lesser intelligent comments put up by UMNO Cyberfools.

We may not agree with what UMNO is doing but it also does not mean that we support the opposition. The decision to choose is when we decide whether UMNO is "mendable". If not then in comes the opposition.

And don't blame us for it....

Joe Black

dahserikngankeris 15 March 2011 at 09:39  

Defining conservative and liberal.

What is 'rasuah'?

What is 'politk wang'?

What is 'collateral damage'?

its all semantics you know, conservative meaning islam malaysia is fairly conservative, where as the muslims on the opposition side is fairly liberal in the sense of the bible row that is making headlines again.

now the mooting point, dato' ur commentaries on mahathir just churn them out, some of us may agree and the rest may disagree. Its politics, mahathir chose to write his piece and its open to criticisms, just like what you're doing which is also open to critique.

Just write your piece dato' ill keep reading, dont mind the people with one liners and personal attacks. if you're insulliable then sully the heck out of the person you think is sulliable. Thats politics....peace.

p.s. but if you do have something to hide i suggest you stop..... :)

just like that paratrooper. lol. yahooooooo, hope this parachute works.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 09:44  

I find Mahathir's character an anathema. He was proud that as an ordinary person he could become PM and he added that the ordinary person must distinguish himself in terms of being able to contribute attain such postion.

What I find detestable in his attitude /character is this: when he was PM, he did not choose ordinary people who have distinguish themselves in terms of being able to contribute to the country to head most of the important civil and public institutions. Instead he chose idiots and half-past six malays with low IQ which he could manipulate and who could and were willing to pander to his whims and fancies to head those important public institutions. For eg he chose the not so intelligent Ghafar and Dollah Badawi to be his DPM.

You will find that all the heads of civil institutions during his time like KSN, AG, IGP, Chief Justice, ACA Head were less capable people but were those which Mahahir cld easily manipulate, use and abuse. Not to mention his ministers...most are dumb-bells.

That is why under Mahathir, all civil and government institutions collapsed.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 09:44  

you should have highlighted it in red..."i only hantam him on his political rendition, not on his mamak thing!".remember not everybody is as bright as you to read in between the liners can become two liners,three liners and pointers too!it's just that they don't bother to respond to some stupid anon(the peeing on the grave type).you should not have posted their comments in the first'll just distract the scrolling momentum.tq

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 10:31  

good riddance to hypocrite like you from UMNO. Best thing that happened to Najib is to have you not nominated as candidate during 2008 election. If not you could have become 'gunting dalam lipatan' for him. You are just as irrelevant as KJ now. ha ha ha!

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  15 March 2011 at 10:46  

the one-liner comments were just response to the other "piss on his grave,mahafiraun" kind of one liner. Pro TDM readers might be over sensitive when you "allow" Anti TDM comments flourished not because of the memoirs but because of deep imbedded hatred toward TDM and umno (read Malays)as a whole. They are everywhere Dato, and the majority of them are non Malays. You are the gate keeper when you open the floodgate…hence ,you take the blame. There are readers and blogers that can give a well written argument such as JebatMustDie, but anti-TDM readers will still response with a piss on his grave one-liner. Your blog is just another battle ground.

You didn’t start the was always burning since blogospher’s been turning.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 10:51  

Dear Anon 7:55,

You are way out of line (to put nicely).
When someone dies, bow your head --to the will of God.
A dead man is harmless, feels nothing, even you pour acid on him.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 11:08  

Is this the best our mahathirites can do, one asks timidly? Is this what is meant by Malay culture? a blogger

Forgive me for asking this question.
Is there a Malay culture in existence today?
Is demonizing a man and his reputation by shamelessly parading him as a sodomite such that even a five- year old knows what it is today.
Is surat layang also a Malay culture?
Is challenging Hindus with a cow head Malay culture?
Is waving the keris Malay culture?
Is wanting to win the GE over crushed bodies Malay culture?
During by-elections they demonize their opponent as a 'kaki botol' when he has already repented and reformed?
Each time a non-Malay accuses the police or civil service or an institution of committing an injustice, it is said to be challenging the Malay race?
We ask for some religious rights and they say we are challenging Islam?
When will Malays engage intelligently and civilly with others?
The Malays whom I use to refer to as 'natures gentlemen' five decades ago is no more.
Mahathir destroyed Malay culture.

A5 15 March 2011 at 11:18  

i started reading your blog not too long ago and i must say you do articulate very well in all your articles, hence my continued patronage.
in your article part 1 on the Doc, i must add that you have given a very critical view in your opinion on what the books says with your justification on the various issues you have highlighted.
i was indeed looking forward to your part 2.
however in my opinion, your current article gave too much space towards your commenters and i suggest you restrict that to a quick reprimand of those concern if you wish and move on with your intent. According too much space to these one liners does not do you justice and on the contrary benefit them.
Dato, stay on course as its wasted energy to rehab those who chose to vent rotten ideas all over.
Keep going and move forward and i am with you as are so many others who cares.
take care

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 13:58  

Let me tell you a true story. There is a popular 24hr-mamak eatery in Subang Jaya. The owner is an indian-convert muslim, so he dont have some indian blood in him but all his blood is indian. haha. Anyways, imagine my surprise when I saw him live on tv, in full UMNO garb, jumping up and down deliriously celebrating Khairy's UMNO Youth win in PWTC. So, while the rest of his siblings remain indian, this guy has morphed into a Malay. Truly, a miracle. These days when he chats with us, he likes to use words like "orang melayu macam kita ni..". haha. Orang melayu macam dia ni tak ramai kot.


Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 14:51  

Who is really threatening the Malays?

Something for your readers to ponder :

If any Malay were to believe Mahathir, it will shows that he/she is mentally weak. Mahathir Mohamad claimed that the Malays are under threat. Under threat from whom?

Can the Malays be under threat: From a minority 35% of the population over the majority 65% which are made up of Malays?

From a less than 10% minority in the police, army, judiciary, attorney-general’s chambers and MACC which are predominantly filled by Malays? From a minority of the members of parliament where Malays make up more than 60% of the majority?

From a group who doesn’t control the air, sea and land? These are controlled by Umno and its cronies such as MAS, AirAsia, MISC, the toll concessionaires and Naza, Proton and Perodua.

From a group who doesn’t control the supply of basic necessities such as food, water and utilities?

These are monopolised by Umno cronies such as Bernas (rice and flour), the water concessionaires (Syabas, Splash, etc), Telekom (telephone, Internet), Tenaga Nasional (electricity) etc.

From a group who doesn’t control the mainstream media. The mass media are wholly controlled by Umno and its cronies such as Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun, Media Prima (TV1, TV2, TV3, TV7, TV8, TV9 and all the radio stations), Astro, etc?

From a group whose mother tongue and religion aren’t enshrined in the federal constitution where Malay is the official language and Islam is the official religion?

Other groups can’t even hold any interfaith dialogues and use of the word of ‘Allah’ without being severely intimidated by protests, storming of conferences and warnings from Umno.

From a group who can’t be appointed the prime minister, deputy prime minister and menteri besar and a host of high positions in the Malay states as enshrined in the state constitution or decree by the sultans where only Malays from Umno can be appointed?

From a group who are ever subjected to the intimidation of arrest under the flimsiest of excuses using the ISA, the police, MACC, etc. and a myriad of repressive laws such as the Sedition Act, the Multimedia Act and treason against the sultan etc?

Of course Umno are spared from such actions and from such laws. It is a blatant lie that the non- Malays can ever threaten the Malays. Who is actually threatening the Malays?

From the look of things, Umno’s finger prints are everywhere – Umno Malays are actually the ones threatening and stealing from the ordinary Malays and non-Malays.

Someone has to be the punching bag and scapegoat for Umno clinging on to power and their thievery – hence putting the blame on the non-Malays.

Umno is a racist party and it is very clear that they are separating the sultans from their subjects and the Malays from the non-Malays for their own selfish ends without a thought of the consequences and for our economy.

Can you see the real picture?

Red Alfa 15 March 2011 at 15:07  

Salam Dato'

Your first article is brilliant Sakmongkol.

It has provoked those I suspect are your regulars who read you for supporting UMNO but has become the many Anonymous viciously attacking you for your being overly too critical of their beloved Mahathir.

For so many years, loving Mahathir is loving UMNO and harsh criticsm of Mahathir like what you have done is that you have become a hypocrite!

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 16:06  

You are one special Malay. Your mind is eon years ahead of the vast majority of the Malay intelligentsia - which includes Cabinet Ministers, UMNO MPs, top civil servants, Vice Chancellors, professors and some clowns like Ibrahim Ali.
Little wonder they have do not have the capacity to engage with your intelligently.
Among the Malays, yours and Din Merican's blogs are the most 'intellectual' ones.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 16:13  

Yes sireee, TDM broke the mold and became the 4th PM out of nowhere. He also BROKE UP this once harmonious country when he became the PM.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 16:46  

"...In his book Dato Harun's role was overshadowed by Dr Mahathir's eagerness to point out the fact that Harun Idris and his sons helped Tengku Razaleigh to contest against him. Surely, such defiance would jolt the minds of readers to question as to why friends like Harun Idris and Tengku Razaleigh who have been instrumental in rescuing Mahathir from political wilderness would then stand opposed to Mahathir?..."

Let me ask a stupid question ... so how did Mahathir become PM and why did Tun Razak choose him?

Wenger J Khairy,  15 March 2011 at 16:51  

Hi Dato' and fellow bloggers,

Would those who support Dr Mahathir be able to understand this basic angle? That now is the time to try and put a good spin, make up and not prolong enmity.

No, impossible. I think Art Harun explained the concept pretty well. This is a psychological drawback on behalf of Dr Mahathir. He can't understand that by reflecting on the good and the bad, he gives a chance for the Mahas to realize that there is a good and bad side to a decision.

Yes there are some commentators who are vulgar when insulting Dr Mahathir. It is wrong to blame Dato for that

You have to understand what it means to run a blog and try and comment on a controversial issue. Like you hope there is some intelligent discussion, but alas.

And that was what a lot of the intelligentsia in Malaysia expected. Dr Mahathir to honestly discuss his success and short comings, but alas instead he just blamed everybody else.

If saying that makes me sound as an Anwar Ibrahim cybertrooper, then thats because your incapability to reason. Blame Dr Mahathir for that?

No blame yourself

Quiet Despair,  15 March 2011 at 18:56  

We heard you, Sak. We understood you. Know where you are coming from.
But what boggles me is the floodgates of hatreds for Tun M among your commentators. Guess they are mostly nons.
And the Malays are those that worship their sodomy king.The one who are happy with him for not giving his DNA sample.
Suddenly you are their hero. I am sure you remember when you praised Tun M, they were rabid with accusations against you.
They are truly blessed that they have a listener in a liberal UMNO blogger.
With regard to Ku Li, he is now lauded as instant hero and saviour after Galas. Really funny when you think that he was being sidelined due to the culture of UMMNO's cantas-mencatas.
He is now to some a prince of good fellows.
How do you rebuilt a man who lost his youth and being ignored and by-passed for so long. Too late to be of significance to our country.
I do think Ku Li is much misunderstood and envied by Tun M. So much of his deeds in bringing Tun to prominence were forgotten.
The other person is Ghafar Baba whom he used as a buffer during the leadership crisis. That is why daughter Sally came charging to Mahathir about his mistreatment of her father.
And there's King Ghaz who was being brought into a bad light by his accusations that he was power-crazy. He died a poor man living in a small house as compared to other UMNO leaders.
But from what I know, they have mended fences when they were inside the Kaabah during the pilgrimage together in the '80s.
Same as Datuk Harun whose death was not given much play and not duly honored despite his services to the nation.
Then there's the Mat Setia, the late Mohamed Rahmat who was a loyal UMNO sect-gen at the beck-and call of Mahathir. But they parted company towards the end of Tok-Mat's life.
The two persons who really earned Mahathir's dislike are of course Musa and Anwar. They both played him out despite being annointed as his crown-princes.
And I pray Tun will find it in his heart to be friends with Abdullah.
Enough is enough. Please forgive and forget.
Why such animosity when Abdullah is the loser and the winner is always Mahathir.
Note that Abdullah will never attend any official functions when Mahathir is present. I think it's good of him because of the akwardness it will present to the host.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 19:35  


You articulate well in your articles. You understand what is wrong and right. This is very different from many UMNO die hard and goons! They just blindly support and worship Dr M.

Look at the rampant corruptions in this so called Islamic country. How does this reconcile with Islam? All this because of UMNO and cronies money politics.

Even though he is a compulsive liar he is still popular among UMNO goons and supporters. Even Tenku Razaleigh said he is a blantant liar!

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 20:29  

Madey pengkhianat,
Penting perut kerabat je. Kalau dia penting rakyat dia tak berhenti dari UMNO masa paklah.

Dia suka2 keluar-masuk. UMNO tu bapak dia punya ke???

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 20:47  

I don't understand how some of the malay thinking or are there thinking at all. Are they understand what is wrong or right? Some just blindly support a leader because he is from UMNO and he is supporting Malay agenda and interest.

I really don't understand how some malay think! Are they worshiping like a God? They will defend a blantant lies so long he is standing on malay side!

rance,  15 March 2011 at 21:18  

Dear Dato'Sak,
So now it is official - he does have indian blood but he still qualifies, saying he does not know which part his ancestors came from, hard to believe. Is that why
he did not bother to elevate the indians from their abject poverty. He was afraid ppl might link him to his roots.This man forgot he was the PM for all malaysians not malaysaja. He was successful in his social engineering, created a large pool of malay middle income ppl n professionals but failed in many others. No need to list.By the way Dato' dont bother about the morons who r paid to discredit u.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 21:18  

Anon 10:31 is piggy singh. Easy to read.

Wahai Piggy,
Dato was not selected as an ADUN in 2008 GE but he did not leave UMNO. Neither did he go and campaign against UMNO.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 22:26  

Salam Dato,
it is the education system, do you expect many of your readers able to response intelligently? Our education system the last 30years starting from Der Doktor's rule had degenerated and today we have many so call uni graduate who can't even string together a proper sentence to to describe himself or herself so their incapability is manifested in anger.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 22:44  

Anon 21:18,

Are you sakmongkol disguising yourself? Whether he leave UMNO, join PKR, PPP, DAP, PAS or party tupperware for that matter. It does not matter becuase he is irrelevant anyway. So, please la go fly a kite.

As for the rest you guys such as joe black, saktongkol, wenger khairy, quiet depsair, red alfa and whoever the f...out there that despise Mahathir, eat your eat out guys. No matter what you guys say or do, you guys are basically a bunch of losers and armchair critics who thinks you guys are god given gift to Malaysia. NO one can dispute the fact that Mahathir rules for 22 years his way. Whether you love or hate him, it does not matter because he has been at the helm for 22 years whereas Anwar has got NOTHING except being a loser an a sodomist!!

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 22:52  

tok sak, agree with anon 9:44, not everybody is as bright as you to read in between the lines.especially d likes idiot anon 10:31 who seems to know you well. the familiar language has been posted in your earlier part 1. you should not have allowed such comments in the first'll just distract the scrolling momentum.

Ariff Sabri 15 March 2011 at 23:10  

anon 22:52
i have allowed comments from such persons so that everybody can see the stupidity of these lard laden brains.
its ok they say things like these- they can hold a candle to our reasoning.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 23:40  

Anon 16.46

'Let me ask a stupid question ... so how did Mahathir become PM and why did Tun Razak choose him?'

Sounds stupid because Tun Razak did not choose him. It was Tun Hussein who chose him even though he was the 3rd VP.

Quiet Despair,  15 March 2011 at 23:48  

Anon 22.24

Hey man. As far as I know I am a Mahathir lover. Always has been and always will be.
In the last posting someone called me taksub for being a Mahathir worshipper.
And my use of worship for Mahathir angers him. I used it in in the context of you worshipping Anwar, Sak, the Beatles etc.
Don't be so stupid as to think that i worship him as Allah SWT.

Anonymous,  15 March 2011 at 23:48  

Anon 22.44

What are you talking about? All you said was Dr M rules for 22 years. You did not mention 22 years the country become so rampant with corruptions, all institutions collapsed, billions were siphoned off, talented people move overseas etc.

Singpore left Malaysia 45 years ago with nothing not even drinking water. Malaysia with Oil, Rubber, Iron, Palm Oil, Cocoa, Vast land etc. Now 45 years later, Malaysia loses out to Singapore in term of economy, FDI, education, health care, Competition, zero corruption,etc. Malaysia now only good at comparing with Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines.

Yes he has done something for Malaysia but at the same time done more damaged to Malaysia.

Now many malay like you cannot think! UMNO has successfully control malay mind! You just blindly support UMNO leaders. You just have the cattle mentality!

You don't even know how to differentiate between right or wrong. You don't even know how to differentiate between lies or truth.

Joe,  16 March 2011 at 01:04  

Love your posting. Truth usually hurts. Here's to making the 15th Most Riches man in Malaysia, Mokhzani Tun Mahathir!

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 02:31  


I am Indian Muslim and I loathe Mahathir, not because he is Indian or Malay but because of his Machievalian politics. So to all of you Melayu's out there who are bashing Tun M on count of his being Indian , you are so damn racist! If you think Mahathir has made fools out of the Melayus, you think he has done favors to the Indians? Ask Samy Velu. We Indian Muslims never benefited from Mahathir. Those who benefitted from Mahathir are UMNOPUTRAs; you ordinary UMNO worshippers probably did not benefit either ; shame on you for worshipping him.The PUTRAs and their MCA lackeys are enjoying their wealth and laughing at you!

Finally, I am convinced that Mahathir has a dual personality; on a personal level he is nice, decent; politically he is ugly. I once met him in his house in the Mines in a private function. Me and my wife came back wondering whether we had met Mahathir, as we were no fan of him. We had to attend the function as not attending would have been impolite.

And by the way, I will not bother spending RM 100 to buy his book and spending the time to read his 800 page book. Better things to do with RM 100 and the time! When it comes to Mahathir, what's new anyway? EGO, HATRED, VENOM; Need to spend RM 100 to get more of these? Get real you people. He is history. Think about the future of our children and what we need to do to save Malaysia.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 09:23  

Sad to say there are stupid worshippers of Mahakutty who will lick his droplets of shit . Dont they know what is right or wrong!
He was no better than Marcos or Suharto and he was lucky he was not hung up and suffered the fate of those two dictators.It was a weak bodoh ex-PM WHO SUCCUMBED TO HIM !OR ELSE WE FACE A DIFFERENT HISTORY!

balut,  16 March 2011 at 10:11  

oii bangsat..berapa banyak khairy jamaludin bayar engkau ni ??

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 10:26  


To our Indian Muslim friend who is no fan of Mahathir...I don't think it is a case of Indian Bashing, its just the Old Man Playing with Malay Sentiments that Irks us. Our sympathies to you for his lack of respect of his own indian forefathers....His own name Mahathir is of Indian origin and appropriate to his nature.

Gotama Buddha preaches the removal of GREED, HATE and DELUSION in humans so they may die a peaceful death.

Mahathir, should take heed of this teaching as he is full of HATE and DELUSION for he is due to face the inevitable (such as he may not realise it). His wife and family and friends should try their best to remind him of this......

Joe Black

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 10:40  

Quite Despair,

You must also be paranoid like Mahahtir. To you, Mahthir haters and loathers must be Anwar's worshippers. This is puerile and infantile mentality.

Mahahtir like you is stupid. Anwar's sins or misdemeanors are being overshadowed by Mahathir's stupidity in his relentless persecution and demonisation of the man by using public institutions.

Not many people like Anwar. Those who supports Anwar are infact Umno members who had benefited when he was DPM/Finance minister. But Mahathir was stupid and paranoid. He should just kill off Anwar politically instead of misusing the police, AG Chambers and the courts to do the job for him by showcasing to the world those stupid sodomy cases. It shows the evil mind and attitude of Mahathir.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 10:50  

Pls understand that to criticize Mahathir does not mean that we love or sayang or worship Sak, Anwar, Nik Aziz or Beatles. Boleh faham?

Anon 23.48 - well said! Anyone care to refute it? Pls don't say Anwar also the same for the simple reason mentioned above. He is also 2x5 when he was in UMNO. It is the UMNO culture, beginning from Mahathir, that is corrupting its members and all the govt institutions of this country. UMNO with the current leaders will not be able to change.

Joe Black -you are right! Would anyone in all honesty agree that Mohhzani became the 15th richest man without and iota of help or influence from Mahathir? Or would not Mirzan already became a bankrupt without Mahathir bailing out his Konsortium Perkapalan using people's money? Yes all his children pandai berniaga...ha...ha. Macam ni saya pun boleh berniaga....privatized all the profits but got bailed out should you fail. No risk at all for the children and cronies of those in power.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 10:51  

asalam. you know that i have read many disclaimer on cereal breakfast boxes, on many soap wrappings and many parking entrance stub too. But this latest tun m autobiography takes the cake. it is by far the thickest "disclaimer" i have ever come across. law schools should look into this for course material. makes me wonder too, who was pm from 1981 to 2003? a saint or just human?

WJK,  16 March 2011 at 11:38  

My intelligence has revaled that the Mahas really got whacked by your last 2 posting. The usual ra-ra boys have been asked to whack you. Usual low balling.

My conclusion is simple:
Tun got the message. He can no longer simply whack people without getting whacked himself


Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 11:45  

My conclusion is that Mahathir supporters cannot accept criticism.

Abu Luqman,  16 March 2011 at 12:23  

Salam Dato'

Sanusi Junid has given his rendition on Mahathir here:

Of particular interest are his narration of events of 1987. I'm sure you and others like Wenger Khairy have some things to say about TS Sanusi's version of how events occurred just before and after solat Jumaat of that particular fateful day. The blackout that conveniently occurred inside PWTC for example has been cited by many people.

Some may say that all these are things of the past... forget about it and move on. But all of us deserve to know the truth. Tun is a great man, no doubt, but an honest and fair one he is not. That much I am absolutely certain.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 12:25  

Dato, how come that Jala made the announcement on the release of the bible? Should it not be PM or at least Hishamuddin? Sampai skrg pemimpin2 UMNO tak hendak 'do the right'. There are a lot of fear in them. Fear of losing votes, position and wealth rather than doing the right thing. And releasing the bible is the right thing to do (not because of votes) but pemimpin UMNO tak berani announce. Jahanam negara dibuatnya.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 13:23  


Please be rational either in defending TM or criticising him.

To those who said that you don't mind waiting in long line so that you could pee on his grave and the long wait would be worth it should not have stooped so low.

It indirectly shows your real personality (or the lack of it) and the level that you would go to at least verbally to drive home and prove your points.

You don't like him or rather really hate him for what he had done, fine but don't be too personal calling him mamikutty etc, and please, don't make sweeping statements like ... "all institutions collapsed ... talented people move overseas etc".

Come on..... that's too cliche especially on the latter.

Thousands of talented people also come and migrate to M'sia at the same time as this is a globalised world and even thousands of S'poreans leave S'pore for US, UK and Europe.

Dato' Sak, you should also say something about those who attack TDM personally with name calling and the not-so-nice adjectives and not just single out those who comment on favour of TDM.

That I didn't see you do.

Thank you.

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 13:28  

Some people misunderstood Mahathir.Some just refused to understand.Some really confused cause they cannot keep up with him.Some take advantage of him.Some really bangang and bengap.One glaring example of misunderstanding him was the penerapan nilai nilai Islam in public service.People think its about the tudung and the jubah the ketayap and the janggut and the ceramah perempuan tak boleh pakai baju jarang!

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 15:10  

As much as I love to participate in the debate, I felt that you should write the danger of having a nuclear plant in Malaysia. In the wake of catasprophe happening in Japan as well as our idiot Mooh Mooh comment, it's time

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 15:44  

Anon 15 March 2011 23:40,

'Let me ask a stupid question ... so how did Mahathir become PM and why did Tun Razak choose him?'

Sounds stupid because Tun Razak did not choose him. It was Tun Hussein who chose him even though he was the 3rd VP. ..."

Let's repeat the stupid question:

" did Mahathir become PM and why did "Tun Hussein" choose him?' ..."

Naren 16 March 2011 at 15:48  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 15:56  

Anon 22:44 not piggy singh. piggy singh grammar is very bad. must be somebody upper kelas and a lady. how? because repeat the same point 3-4 times so that means its a lady.

sptay,  16 March 2011 at 20:20  

Whether TDM has Indian blood or pure Malay blood will never be the criteria to measure his contribution to Malaysia.

What is important is this , "After 22 years of his leadership, is Malaysia a better place to live in, a better place to bring up your children, a more secure place, is Malaysia in a better position to face the future."

Answers to the questions will determine his real contribution... and it may take years before we will trully know...

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 20:47  

Madey love stupid malay

Anonymous,  16 March 2011 at 23:26  

Relax le Sak.Punching bag you are. They know your well intentioned piece but knowing the Umno guys and you too being one.....must be rest assured that those are bad breath coming from them..

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 00:09  

But at least he took charge which is required of a no 1 rather than no backbone.

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 01:14  

Dear Sak,
Be steadfast and write your opinions as this is your right. Don't be cowed by the Maha-niks. They are narrow minded and wants everyone to see their views only because they practice siege mentality to mow down people who disagree with their thoughts.
God bless.

DSAI,  17 March 2011 at 05:36  

A lot of pro Dr M supporters go overboard in their obsession of whacking DSAI.

AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut 17 March 2011 at 08:42  

They lived in the poorer quarters of Seberang Perak, and his father, wherever he came from originally in India, could not speak even a word of his original language (page 13). His siblings slept on floors under the kelambu. The whole family sat bersila while eating and he did not know how to eat with forks and spoons until his father taught him much later (page 17).

As a boy he had to chop kayu bakau for firewoods (page 16) and fished ikan temekong (page 13) and helped his mother feed the chickens and the ducks. She taught him mengaji after school (page 15). This woman who was very well-versant in adat-istiadat melayu also planted jasmine flowers and menerong plants, made her own celak, bedak sejuk and minyak angin all by herself page (16). She also upah him one sen to carry the buckets of water to water her plants (page 15).

He had to resort to sell balloons to gain extra money when his allowance was cut from 4 sen to 2 sen as soon as his father retired, which he mostly lost to the local bully who forced him to spend on him (page 16). During the Japanese occupation he had to earn a living by selling rice and curry in the government canteen, and then moved on to selling air halia and bananas and kuih melayu including pisang goreng elsewhere when the Japanese demolished their stall (page 76). He also sold firewood, bakul rotan and even cycled to Gurun 33km away to buy bamboo products from a Chinese man to be re-sold. He even learnt how the Indian trader cheated with their yard stick and the Chinese with their kati-weight, something which became ingrained in him and influenced him to do something of an affirmative-action policy much later (page 77).

Which part of the above is it that Dr Mahathir is very much less a malay than, say, yourself, Mr. Sakmongkol? And if the epitomization of cultural minutia does not convince you of his malayness, perhaps the following will? :-

“... My father was one of the very few people who knew what we were doing, but he did not try to stop me. My mother was not involved --- if she did know anything, she did not show it. When I asked her how to make glue for our posters, she showed me how to create a homemade version using tapioca flour and hot water. No questions were asked....” (page 93)

He was, of course, talking about his subversive activities of putting up Anti-Malayan Union posters everywhere during British Rule,something which had not really gelled yet into a concerted movement at that time.

Where were YOU or YOUR FATHER, who are both I assume to be 100% malay, during the era of Malayan Union Mr Sakmongkol?

Are you not ashamed by the fact that you have to resort to this cheap self-hates to earn an applaud or two from your mostly-DAP-backed cheer crowds, albeit laced in vocabs but cloaked in anonimity, nonetheless?

Or was it really the second and third paragraph of page 19 of the book that made you so riled up and formed part of your unreasonable hatred to this most dignified statesman?


Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 08:56  

Ha ha ha..

Balut...How Stupid you are..If Sak is KJ golden can his name drop from Pekan Adun..ha ha ha Funni

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 12:27  

this guy was and still is the look alike of mugabe, saddam, mubarak and so on.

master corrupter, liar and chameleon. the one and only who made the malay suffer.

he is just a piece of crap.

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 12:27  

To all the 'Pee In The Grave(PITG)'Fan Club(dan yg sewaktu dgn nya)
I can understand you anger and deep hatred towards him.I say WHY WAIT!
You have the power to do it right now!Here's how:
1.Buy one of his VCD's and play it on your big plasma tonight.The moment you see his image,unzip and start peeing on it(HIM is the image..IT is the plasma)while shouting profanities!You can do it all night by pressing the replay button.
2.Download it in your laptop. Come lunchtime and together with a few other FC members head for the toilet.Hurdle together in the cubicle,place the laptop on the toilet seat,press the play button and at the count of three,start pissing on it!
3.Try this today and I can guarantee you'll feel on top of the world.
4.Make this a secret ritual among members because IF he finds out about this then he'll be jumping up and down fuming mad!

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 13:28  

Its either he lied or Melayu mudah lupa!


The Singapore daily said readers had taken issue with Dr Mahathir’s description of his first visit to the republic as prime minister in 1981, which he said in his book had left him feeling “sorely used”.

Dr Mahathir wrote that he was not properly greeted at the Singaporean Prime Minister’s Office during his trip and was not given a state dinner.

The trained doctor also said he met with then-president Dr Benjamin Sheares — his professor in medical college — and spoke for 20 minutes before an aide said Dr Sheares had another appointment.

Readers, however, pointed out that Dr Sheares had died in May 1981, seven months before Dr Mahathir’s visit in December.

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 14:29  

a small observation Dato.....

the mamaks cultural heritage makes them more calculating as well as callous than the traditional malay whose origins maybe java or the middle east.

they tend to trust each other first hence nmy and ali abul hassan to control finances of the counrty when dr m was in control.

soon they will dominate key positions in all aspects of government and the malay will be a second class citizen in his pwn country.

this is what the loose definition of a malay will do to the malays themselves.

if i were a malay i will move a motion to change the constitution to exclude all these malay wannabes

how about you?


Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 15:20  


We do not have far to look for high net worth individuals. Besides the people that appear on Forbes list of richest Malaysians who can account for their wealth, there are many names that have not found their way into the list of extremely wealthy Malaysians for various reasons, including lack of proper accounting or disclosure.

These names are slowly but surely beginning to be exposed in this new era of transparency and Wikileaks.

The latest name to be in the limelight is the son of the Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. According to his estranged wife who has filed a RM400 million divorce claim against him, Mahmud Abu Bekir Abdul Taib has income and properties running in the billions of ringgit. She has asked the court to declare Mahmud Abu Bekir’s other assets including seven luxury cars, thousands of hectares of land in Sarawak and shares in 15 companies as jointly-acquired property.

This court listing of merely one of the Taib family members’ wealth is only the tip of the fabulous wealth accumulated by the Sarawak Chief Minister and his family members (four children, brothers and sister and numerous other kin). An important question would be whether this wealth estimated at many billions of American dollars has remained within the country or been transferred out.

The greater possibility is that much of the Taib family wealth – as well as that of other members of our political elite – is parked outside the country. This is clear from the behaviour of similar elites in the countries of the Middle East whose populations are presently rising up in anger at the way in which their country’s economies have been pillaged and ruined by their political elites.

What next?

So is Mukhriz’s response the end of the Barisan Nasional government’s concern on this matter? If it is, I predict that it will become the final nail in the coffin for their rule over the country which may eventually go the way of Tunisia and Egypt.

Suci Dalam Debu 17 March 2011 at 17:17  


This old fox knows NOT to play-play with Singapore. When Singapore buka mulut, old fox mengaku ada kesilapan.

If Malaysians buat komen, dia langsung tak hirau. Samanlah. In Malaysia, old man tak makan saman. So dia cakap besarlah.

In Singapore, jangan main-main.

Mahathir memang kuat temberang but he can always fallback on "Melayu mudah lupa".

umar,  17 March 2011 at 18:06  

When Hussein Onn appointed Mahathir as his deputy, The Home Minister King Ghaz arrested his secretary Sidiq Ghaouse as being a KGB agent.
Whatever happened thereafter is nowhere in Malaysian memory!
Mahathir bulldozed everything in his pursuit of power.
Indeed, he was the epitome of two extremes in one personality.
In one hand his penchant for everything East and buy British last,on the other he embraced the west on education, privatization and defence contracts.
there is too much contradiction in him....

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 19:15  


There is always two sides to the Coin.

I suggest your readers pick up and Read Tunku Abdul Rahman's Memoir.

The memoir tells of Mahathir's Hate Campaign against the Tunku subsequent to the May 13th Incident.

The Memoir tells of how Mahathir's preoccupation with making money (including converting and selling Malay Reserve Land in Kedah to Chinese Developers)as one of the causes of them losing the elections prior to the May 13th Incident.

As they say....There's always two sides to a story.

Joe Black

mpn kadaram 17 March 2011 at 19:24  

Greetings Dato,To be biological or constitutional Malay or anything else is immaterial,to quote one of our regular commenter,the 'one race human race'.Let history be the judge to judge him.

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 20:22  

Quiet Despair,

"But what boggles me is the floodgates of hatreds for Tun M among your commentators. Guess they are mostly nons.
And the Malays are those that worship their sodomy king"

Do you know what you have just posted? You are insulting the Malays lah .. if you are matured enough to know. I dont have to explain for it is a waste of time on you.

Of course, the likes of you, worshipped him for the simple reason that he is hitting the nons. Any against nons you okay. .. and also he was very active in racial politics to the detrement of the country - YOUR COUNTRY which means against people like you too.

Btw, there are more interesting things to discuss and talk about than this senile old guy.

What has he contributed that ANY OTHER GUY cannot be if that guy become PM. What has he done to make Malays self sufficient capable to competitive after soo much benefits at the expense of another?

What he did was just spend and distribute moneys meant for growth. That is the main reason your salary is around RM 3,000 when you should be getting US10,000 .... see how you have lost?


Unknown 17 March 2011 at 21:30  

i just make it short....Mahathir is an Asshole....

Anonymous,  17 March 2011 at 21:38  

Whatever is said by the author in this book titled "Doctor In House" just reflects the true colour of that person. Since certain parts of the stories written is not based on facts but just "hear-say",so I would say that the writer should have named the book, "Con Doctor In House". A person who twists facts to suit his own agenda certainly doesn't deserve any credit.
With due respects to you Dato, I do not see any good done by Dr.Mahathir in his entire 22 years rule over Malaysia. He has destroyed the democracy that was installed by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, the man who till today gets recognition from the various communities except maybe from people like Dr.Mahathir who were to eager to become prime ministers. Dr. Mahathir himself has attacked the late Tunku while he was in power and even during his reign as prime minister did not give respects to the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. I can still recall Mahathir belittle the late Tunku especially when Tunku made comments against him in the star's, "As I see It" coloumn.I have great respects for the late Tunku but not the prime minister who ruled Malaysia with 'iron hand' for 22 years.
I respect your opinion on this man but mine is different from yours. I am still waiting for this man to bring or "heret" Barry Wain to court over all the things that were said by him against Mahathir. Anyway, why is he not bringing this writer to court and why there is nothing about this book in his 'memoirs'. So, I would go along with Tengku Razaleigh who calls him a 'political liar' and DSAI who calls him a 'blatant liar'. RM100 would be better used by NGO's that run child care,or any welfare institution if given as a donation. Please donate RM100.00 to welfare organizations.

Quiet Despair,  17 March 2011 at 23:49  

Viva Mahathir.
The story is over but the crows still haven't reached their nests.
Your haters simply love to hate the book. Or else they will not become so rabid. Some pretend not to have read the book or not interested to buy it.
How come the books are flying off the shelves?
Please come out with another sequel memoir.
You have put Barry Wain to pasture.

Anonymous,  18 March 2011 at 00:35  


Which of Dr Mahathir's peers still support him? u like to accuse Dato' bef. that how much $$$ did you get from the old man? yelah tu..

mahas have no brains. thats a fact that has been established.

Anonymous,  18 March 2011 at 00:38  

Mahathir is the statesman for Zimbabwe.

haidarshah,  18 March 2011 at 07:11  

Dato. I think if this old man, Mahathir had told the actual truth, nothing but the truth, more people would buy his book including me. He should have kept to the truth and titled the book..something like "Dr Spin's Memoirs', or 'Spin Dr On Call'.
Truth here means the real how he chased off three frustrated Deputy Presidents from reaching the post of UMNO Presidents and PM. Sorry, chased off two and jailed one..oops! sorry, cheated one contender sure to be president.
How he jailed his political opponents using ISA. How he destroyed the credibility of the Judiciary just to maintain power. Today, he conveniently forgets all the bad and the ugly and try to portray the good as though the millions of people in and outside the country have forgotten everything he has done. Good examples are his 'choice' of selected amnesia or memory lapses. Now the best thing that can happen to this country is that this old man packs and leaves for good, either the country or the political scene. He has deprived himself golden opportunity of becoming a statesman. The only politician that has and still hold the statesmanship is the late Tunku. The rest of the prime ministers are zero.

Anonymous,  18 March 2011 at 08:56  

Quiet Despair,

Only Umno fools worshipped Mahathir. And as you al claimed, there are nearly 2 million Umno members. 50% of them are poor malays and won't bother to buy the book. That leaves another 1 million Umno members who worshipped Mahathir and who can afford to buy them.

10-20 thousand copies out of 1 million Mahathir worshippers. That ain't good lah.

Anonymous,  18 March 2011 at 14:49  

Quiet Despair @23.49pm,

Are you despairing now that it is reported Mahathir admitted to inaccuracies (aka "made up stories") in his memoirs aka fiction comedy book? Of course not considering the RM100 you "paid" for the fiction comedy book was not actually your money but some pro Mahathirist sycophants gave you the book for free in exchange for your glowing praise of Mahathir and his imaginary memoirs. Aiyoyo, how low can you go just to get a free RM100 book stuffed with inaccuracies and lies. Perhaps you are also suffering from the same selective amnesia disease Mahathir has been afflicted with which further explains why you are despairing in silence, LOL.

Anonymous,  18 March 2011 at 17:03  

Quiet Despair.... YOu posted..
Viva Mahathir.
The story is over but the crows still haven't reached their nests.
Your haters simply love to hate the book. Or else they will not become so rabid. Some pretend not to have read the book or not interested to buy it.
How come the books are flying off the shelves?
Please come out with another sequel memoir.
You have put Barry Wain to pasture.

Why are you soooo naive. Now if Hitler (supposed only) had written a book about himself , what do you think will be the sales like? It may put Harry Potter to shame ! Why? There are many many really love to read what kind of rubbish he is try to say and how he tries to change history.

Curiosity you know, after all he was/is one of the most controversial figure in Malaysian History not forgetting the many jews around the world would like to know...too .

10,000 is paltry lah.

Just like Sak even explained why he himself bought it.. not because he likes him but rather to know what he is writing about whether fiction or fact. A person like Dato Sak and many others would not mind buying one.

As for me, I would use my legs to open the book and then one kick i dont care where it lands.

Well there are also fans like you who buy them too... after all UMNO has 3 million members. 10,000 is paltry. Even Perkasa has more members than that number.

Understand now?

Anonymous,  19 March 2011 at 00:44  


Just finished reading Jebat's rebuttal to your article. He called you sour grape and essentially described you as a low life. So what say you?


Ayurvedic Liver Treatment 19 March 2011 at 08:22  

Especially if the cake is too good to be discarded. In fact given a choice I would do the same. Have the cake and eat it too.

Anonymous,  19 March 2011 at 13:21  

[ umar, 17 March 2011 18:06

In one hand his penchant for everything East and buy British last ]

Nothing to do with East or West. The Japanese Babi Rich is a babi and that applies to all Babi Rich. They gave him more that's all.

But why did they arrest this Siddiq??? Don't know that part!

Right now, look at how the Babi Rich Japs mess up with nuclear reactors. They made so much money over the years. Why weren't the clever Babi Rich Jepang put up a security services outfit, fund it, and manage it, sell the services elsewhere, make money from it, instead of relying on Police Choppers to hose down the panas reactors?

Why? Because lives of not babi rich Jepang dont mean nothing to them!

You think Matir care two hoots about anyone not a Babi Rich?

Look at Mukhriz foto and his blinking forehead ... makes you puke you want him nuked!

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