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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 10 December 2008

KJ and Husam Musa

As an interlude to further economic essays that I may produce, I present here something which is more topical. I am talking about the coming clash of the young lions in the race for Ketua Pemuda UMNO. I hope all three can compete in the March UMNO elections. I pray no one is disqualified from competing. The pemuda delegates are offered a menu of choices if all three are able to compete. It is important to allow competition as that draws out the best from candidates.

The market is awash with rumours that Khir Toyo’s boys may be hauled by the UMNO disciplinary committee or even the BPR. Needless to say, KT’s boys are active all over the country. This shows that KT is an intense competitor and intense leadership may be what we actually want. Word has it that KT is backed by powerful corporate figures and among them a prominent businessman, Dato F with links with Sarawak big money. There were even talks of RM20m being bandied around as political money. I am certain, KT can manoeuvre his way out by playing around the definition of money politics. He is after all a creative fellow.

Maybe the National Fatwa Council should step in and declare that its haram for people to give and accept money. It would be interesting to see whether UMNO delegates will adhere to the fatwa.

The problem with the usage of money is that it prevents us from determining a truer leadership quality. Money is the great equalizer. It equals all competitors, plebeians and patricians, uncouth and genteel. The one time file searcher and peon with deep pockets is held in higher esteem than the doctoral student with empty pockets. Thus we are faced with a Hobson’s choice as who to evaluate the better leader.

So how do we make our choice? A visitor to my blog who goes by the name of Confuseus reproduced the following guidance from a famous Muslim ulamak (one of the four Imam Mahzab).

Ketika Imam Ahmad Ibnu Hanbal ditanya tentang 2 orang yang dicalonkan untuk memimpin satu pasukan, yang pertama kuat tapi bergelumang dalam dosa dan yang kedua, baik keberagamaannya namun lemah. Beliau menjawab “Orang pertama, dosanya dipikul sendiri sedangkan kekuatannya mendokong kepentingan umat manakala orang kedua, keberagamaannya untuk diri sendiri sedangkan kelemahannya menjadi petaka bagi yang dipimpin. Inilah pertimbangan dalam menetapkan pilihan. Sabda Nabi SAW “Sesiapa yang mengangkat seseorang untuk satu jabatan yang berkaitan dengan urusan masyarakat sedangkan dia mengetahui ada yang lebih tepat, maka sesungguhnya ia telah mengkhianati Allah, Rasul dan kaum Muslimin”

I translate as follows:- When Imam Ahmad ibnu Hanbal was asked regarding two candidates nominated to lead a team, he was asked to give his opinions on them. The first candidate is a strong leader but besmirched with sins. The second candidate is a very religious person but a weak leader. Which to choose?

The Imam answered: the first candidate answers for himself for his sins but his leadership strength supports the whole community. The second candidate’s religiosity benefits himself personally, but his weakness injures whole communities. These considerations should be the basis of choosing a leader.

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) said: whomsoever elects someone into office dealing with society knowing that there is a better candidate, verily he has betrayed Allah, the Prophet(PBUH) and the Muslim in general.

By a happy happenstance, KJ’s fortunes in the battle for Ketua Pemuda depends on a person outside UMNO. This 20th December, KJ will participate in a forum about the political future of this country with Husam Musa, the PAS EXCO from Kelantan. That will be a chance for UMNO supporters to judge KJ’s leadership qualities. He will be representing UMNO as a whole. Too bad, his readiness to engage in an open debate with his fellow contenders was not appreciated. With that, we have lost an opportunity to size up KJ. It could have been the opportunity for all of us to judge KJ in terms laid down by the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal.


mekyam 10 December 2008 at 04:25  

i join you in lamenting the debate between the 3 umno youth leader contenders that didn't happen, sak.

even though i don't think much for kj's aptness for leadership at the present time [i don't fault his ambition, mind you, that i laud], i agree that the proposed debate would have given all three men a chance to show some of their leadership mettle.

if the reservation of some people who were against it was due to the notion that kj would have the edge over the other two because he was more articulate [i personally doubt this even though i've never heard mm or kt], then i think those people placed more importance on the gift of the gab than sincerity and in-depth knowledge of issues.

that said, i don't disregard the notion that those with reservation about the debate perhaps know the shallowness or depth, as the case may be, of malaysian audience (in particular, of voting umno youth members) better...

but i'd like to think that most malaysians are sensitive enough to know when politicians are being glib and are just mouthing hot-air.

in the US, debates are seen as an important baptism for those who aspire to be leaders, whether in politics, business, or in other public positions.

mat yanks want to see candidates who are able to think on their feet. but more than that, they actually put a great deal of importance also on potential leaders who come across as prepared. to them this shows a seriousness and respect for issues and those are often seen as more important qualities of leadership.

a glib tongue can only bring a potential leader so far. after all, rhetorical skills can be learned and polished. many articulate people aren't naturally born with the prowess. it is also a known fact that when we speak from the heart of things that we know a great deal about and/or believe in, the words will be there. or they will come.

Anonymous,  10 December 2008 at 08:38  

I would interpret the sin committed by the choiced candidate in the hadith as 'acceptable sin'.

As per the hadith, the acceptable sin was described as sin that he deals directly with God.

That means it is sin of a personal nature that has no involvement and doesn't affect a third party.

Would corruption be acceptable sin?

I absolutely don't think so.

Corruption has not only far reaching effect on party, society, and his leadership.

Would KT be capable of maintaining his integrity and independence as leader of Pemuda UMNO?

Would he be able to brush off his financiers from seeking payback? If he does, would he be able to control him from getting even?

If money is not the motivation of his financier, what chances are that he not be imposing influences?

As a Malay expected to kenang budi, is KT strong enough to ignore other whisperings that may come at the detriment of alif, ba dan ta?


Dato Teong - owner Rimbunan Hijau, a non UMNO member, Chinese, Media owner, and politician - is the key determinant on who UMNO picks as its leaders.

Scary ...

Singh Is Kinng 10 December 2008 at 12:38  

Salam Dato' Sak,

No doubt that KJ will score a huge political mileage from this debate with Husam Musa since he's the type of person who loves public appearance. However, what is puzzling me is that he has ran away from debate twice, from his opponent in Rembau and from PAS leaders as well.

Saya... 10 December 2008 at 14:29  

Husam Musa???


When is the debate? Must tape and bring out popcorn!

Husam for PM 2012. And I am spearheading campaign. Ha ha ha... need to brainwash him though...long process...contaminated already by wrong association.

mamasita 10 December 2008 at 14:38  

MT? Lets make a pact!You ,Jed Yoong and I meet up in KB on the 19th of December! 20th is the debate already!Lets see who Husam likes most!(better go for my aerobics today!Sudah ponteng for weeks!)woohoooi!

Saya... 10 December 2008 at 14:59  

Aiyah..mamasita ni...kacau daun lah!

Mane leh pi tiga orang!

Anonymous,  10 December 2008 at 16:55  

Haha all the best to KJ. At least Husam Musa did not appear in pictures like this. Pejuang UMNO, Pejuang Islam! Pejuang yang ni lepak lepak minum "coke" jer ke?

Hahhahhaha. KJ boleh!

straycat's strut 10 December 2008 at 17:25  

Aiyoh Dato', can I beg to differ on your usage of the hadith to justify the sinner (which one ah?)

On the subject of the strong but full of sin vs Weak but religious, are you implying that one's ability to "tabur duit" as a sign of strength? Is that the kind of "strength" that we are looking for?

I am a bit confuse lah...

Anonymous,  10 December 2008 at 18:42  


i am afraid you are indeed confused. surely the writer of this blog's usage of khir toyo's antics as opening to his article is meant to amplify the other contender KJ. everyone cay use money to cover weaknesses. the qualities that differentiate quality are ones that benefit society as a whole and that comes with intelligence, courage, daringness, a little of bravado etc. money? the peon can do that as do others with deep pockets too. its KJ my dear.. his personal weaknesses are his own- his other qualities are beneficial to us.

Anonymous,  10 December 2008 at 18:44  

straycat..sorry, typing error..the qualities that differentiate leadership....

Anonymous,  10 December 2008 at 22:47  

Dear Sak,
I have more fear of a clever manipulator than a naive simpleton.
The latter can be voted out, the former will prevent me from doing so.
I will still go for the "Berupaya dan Beramanah" type of leader.
Better still if I can evaluate these qualities from his behaviour and achievements rather than his beautiful tongue.
If I do not hold this as my criteria, than I might as well vote for Anwar Ibrahim who speaks well and seem to have has tenacity to achieve his objective to be PM.
As for the hadith, I don't think it was referring to a Hobson's Choice scenario between and able sinner against a weak learned person but more a case of between and able but less learned person and a weak but learned person.
Something like a choice between Ultra Malay Mahathir vs Mr Clean ulama' parentage Badawi, wallahualam.
As for KJ's, supposed "other beneficial qualities", did't see much of it during Bersih, Hindraf, Down-With-Ketuanan Melayu or Dong's Mammoth March.
Maybe its more pronounce within UMNO's own events and issues.
Still, more like a big fish in a small pond.


Anonymous,  11 December 2008 at 01:02  

Menantu ulamak lawan anak Jawa,
Dicampur pula anak mamak,
Jangan disalah tafsir sebarang fatwa,
Alamat nanti menyembah kaki emak!

Khabar konon duit bawa dalam guni,
Ada kata dosa besar ada kata dosa sunnat,
Jangan kita tuduh sana sini,
Nanti Nabi tak mengaku umat!

Orang dulu pakai ilmu kebal,
Orang kini pakai baju kalis,
Pelik sungguh malah rasa janggal,
Bila nak halalkan sesuatu guna hadis?

Budak baling batu sampai melantun,
Kena kereta terus bercalar bergaris,
Apa kata sekali-sekala kita berpantun,
Dalam blog berbahasa Inggeris?

Ariff Sabri 11 December 2008 at 01:49  

to everyone:-
my understanding is the hadith implores us to carry out an exhaustive evaluation as possible when choosing a leader.

as to the dictum by imam hanbal, i don't think its between a learned and less learned person- the commonality there is strength of leadership, except the two/more candidates are differentiated as to their levels of sin.

Anonymous,  11 December 2008 at 04:32  

Inikah pemimpin melayu ISLAM yang kita nak? Inikah pelapis pemimpin masa depan? Inikah maksud Islam Hadhari Pak Lah? Sila tengok gambar di link di bawah.

KJ Boleh! Umno BOLEH! Jack Daniels pun boleh! Kasi campur dengan COKE!

Anonymous,  11 December 2008 at 17:43  

buka mata,

kalau lah dato najib kena bertanding hari tu. tentulah semua sejarah lampau nya akan di muntahkan..betul tak?
tapi mungkin kerana encik buka mata suka akan dato najib, semua sejarah lampau nya akan di tutup mata sebelahkan. betul?
rumusan nya- encik buka mata tidak suka kan KJ, jadi apa pun dia buat, encik tidak akan suka. jangan cakap besar lah mengenai nilai islam awak. negara Islam semua mundur, miskin danmelarat. yang pakai serban danmengaku ustaz lagi buat buat dosa. yang kena tangkap khalwat dan buat maksiat ramai yang pakai kopiah dan pakai tudung.
jangan ek lah nak berkhutbah tentang moral.

Anonymous,  11 December 2008 at 18:09  

Haha Mr Anonymous yang reply pada komen aku,pada kau masalah mabuk liquor Jack Daniels ni bukan masalah besar bagi kau? Haha i totally love UMNO now. Pejuang pejuang boleh MABUK rupanya. Untuk makluman saudara, ini bukan sejarah lampau KJ. Ini berlaku tahun ini juga. Lepas pilihanraya umum. Ini bukan fitnah,tohmahan atau macam macam. KJ didapati tengah mabuk dengan perempuan perempuan seksi di satu CLUB di Pavillion, KL.

Kenapa nak cakap pasal dosa orang lain? Ni dosa pemimpin depan mata kau, kau tak nak mengata? Macam ni ke orang yang bakal bertanding Ketua Pemuda? Habis semua Pemuda Umno diajar cara cara meneguk liquor! POWER! Macam tu aku pun nak aktif Pemuda UMNO!

Doc 11 December 2008 at 21:34  

Hahaha!,Anak Pahang Jati, good one. Sekurang-kurangnya dapat gelak sambil tension memikirkan KJ vs KT.

In my point of view, Khir Toyo already has a proven track record of corrupt leadership during his reign of Selangor. History would remind me to stay away from him.

KJ on the other hand, well, initially when FIL was newly crowned PM, he exhibited an arrogant attitude of a taiko. Then when lots of hot air started blowing against FIL from within and without UMNO, he started puting on the ultra Malay mask to garner some elite grass roots support. Now that FIL has kicked out and after seeing how the nomination went, he is well aware that he's chances to one of the most sort after positions in UMNO is not as fantastic as he initially thought it would be. So, now he's got to keep his options open to be able to jump ship in case he doesn't make it or in case of a PR take over. Thus, the adorning of the moderate image to convince the non-Malays that he's still is a good candidate.
So, is KJ a new hire who is still trying to sort out his political identity and image? or is he a chameleon trying to blend in with his contemporaries?

To that end, KJ would be a cahnce i'm willing to take.
Just my two cents


Anonymous,  14 December 2008 at 08:29  

Dear Sakmongkol,

I in the opinion you have interpreted the saying of the Imam wrongly. And that you have 'massaged' the ever pure and true Islamic teaching into validifying a herrendous creature like KJ.

None of the three KP candidates are 'alim'. And if you ask me, nothing points to the fact that KJ is a better 'leader'. Not even his ability to debate. As I see it, he cant even speak up against Kit Siang in the Parliament. Pity. He was even at many times trashed by Kit Siang.

So judge a leader not on how much they can spew words. But judge on how much they have done.

Anonymous,  15 December 2008 at 02:31  

ooooo no photo of husam?

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