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Saturday 20 December 2008

Is KJ, Shrek the Ogre?

My friends and friends who know me through my blogging, are puzzled. Why do I appear supportive of KJ? I have to make it clear, I do not know the man. have met him but the meeting was of no consequence- just passing each other by during official program and exchanged pleasantries as is customary.

I have explained my stand briefly previously. Basically it arises from my belief in fair play. When 10 people come to pulverize one fellow, fair play demands anyone to step in, to even things up. Whether that intercession helps the poor fellow, is not certain. In the case of KJ for example, the people queuing up to bash him are powerful bloggers. Therefore in terms of a numbers game, KJ seems a goner. Thus, no amount of stout defence or support from my part, are consequential.

Secondly, anyone is obliged to step in when ordinary objection towards another degenerate into vituperative and noxious loathing. When that happens, objectivity is thrown out of the window.

An example of objectivity being butchered is revealed just recently in the IJN issue. All sense of objectivity is thrown out whenever KJ is sighted. Wow- that’s deep I say. The poor fellow may have gone there for reasons of his own but his mere presence was enough to hatch a conspiracy theory. For the record, I myself have written against the sale of IJN to Sime Darby and was to have posted a second part of my article. But since the government has shelved the idea, the second part would be academic.

But to judge KJ guilty by association or in this case, by coincidental presence, that to my mind, is too much. Our loathing for him has reached probably a stage where everything he says and does, are automatically dismissed as untruth and sham. Nothing he does nowadays are seen to have merits. Whatever he does to defend himself and even attempts by him to recast his image, are seen as duplicitous trickery.

I think his most recent response on the IJN issue deserves our re-look at his persona. Says he:-

As a public figure, I always understand that such speculative reporting is unavoidable, but the nature and scale of the accusations thrown at me suggest that certain individuals have a personal vendetta against me, and no amount of explanation on my part can halt this absurdity. I am neither expecting sympathy nor suggesting that I am flawless, only exposing the hypocrisy of these individuals who, in attempting to destroy my integrity shred every inch of what's left of theirs.

Or maybe, perhaps, I am a sucker for believing the goodness in another human being. So I ask, is KJ, Shrek the ogre?


Anonymous,  20 December 2008 at 03:48  

Please don't insult ogres. Even ogres have limits to their greed.

satD 20 December 2008 at 03:50  

i guess he brings the worst out of people.....he should just go..people genuinely don't like him....i don't know him also i don't like him.....people can see dato' too obvious....

if he was smart...he should have stayed in the background making the money....and see how Badawi would have fared...and not get parachuted like that...UMNO is is not in its culture for something like that to have happened....its so not Malay i think......

Anonymous,  20 December 2008 at 09:29  

normal ler character assassination..
these days the more negative the rumour, the more i think the person is a good person...

Saya... 20 December 2008 at 09:38  

He just seems too "eager"? And I detect something sinister/fake beneath that smile? Maybe just me. (Like Husam, he just reeks of honesty even from where I am here, hundreds of miles away...hehe)

In Anwar's case, I don't believe a word of the gay stories, no matter that even my good friends believe in it... but I'm not too keen on his braggart style, even from his blog, all the name dropping, associations bla2...bukan buat kita impressed, tapi meluat.

Or maybe the concerted campaign against him worked too well? Could be the same for KJ too.

But I still feel KJ is too outta touch with the real issues affecting regular people, given his upbringing.

Saya... 20 December 2008 at 09:39  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Navi 20 December 2008 at 09:45  

Since the nominations for the UMNO youth leader's position closed, I am actually beginning to believe that KJ might be the best candidate of the three.
I am convinced that KT will be disqualified due to his heavy vote buying (or in other words money politics). He is the discredited UMNO chief for Selangor who promised 100% return for BN and lost the state. I don't see any quality in him except his wealth.
MM seems to be heavily dependent on the senior MM for his survival as he has not really made any positive statements of value.
That leaves KJ, a very articulate young man who planned his success through marrying the PM's only daughter.
Considering all three carefully, I still would like to see a fourth option. But unfortunately UMNO has run out of creditable leaders.

Anonymous,  20 December 2008 at 10:55  

A political career shall elicit comments, some damning. That is permissible. All too often, one hears that this particular MB or Minister is not popular, sombong, orang tak suka, etc. The judgment structure is outmoded, overly simplified, at times, conceited. Khairy Jamaluddin's biggest mistake was not to have addressed issues and allegations raised in Khairy Chronicles. Was he courting Nurul Izzah? How old was Nurrul Izzah then? I think the Chronicles allowed the gossip-style of discussing politics simply to morph into something of a national interest. I have heard people quoting their ageing moms having a go at Khairy. Did she read Chronicles? No, the son did and the content was dissected and distributed.

I was indisposed yesterday. This sporting accident allowed me more browsing time. I think there was this blogger who said Khairy appeared at a Press Conference called by Liow Tiong Lai, the Minister of Health. Is that a fact? I dont anybody would question, thinking that the bloggers like all newspapers will report truthfully. Trouble is the bloggers are not fact sheets. Are there? How many other Sakmongkols are out there, devoted to deep discourse? What are the convictions of particular bloggers? Newspapers are expected to be transparent about their goals, funding and objectives. The mainstream dailies were mostly started by political parties.

Yes, Sakmongkol, you are bucking the trend by offering space for calm analysis and I think people who post comment on your blogs are influenced by your desire to have a deep, even protracted discussion on issues.

Anonymous,  20 December 2008 at 11:40  

Whenever an 'underdog' entangles his/herself in an issue, this person is an open target. That's just the way of been an 'underdog'.

But that doesnt mean the underdog has nothing good to say. Do remember sometimes even a kampung ubi can put up a more logical/sensible argument than all the tech jargons that a PhD uses.

And KJ is not kampung ubi! He might have let his ego goes to his head & who wouldnt when one is up-&-coming + the nature of the umno politics? His non-Malay attackers is a given. BUT the Malays? Some more from the same party!

Maybe this is where the relevancy in Malay leadership comes about!

Perhaps lies deep in the Malay psychic mind is something that is ultimately perfect, invincible. Anything/anyone that has somehow 'offend' that 'concept' is an outcast, who should be condemned come what may.

Its feudalistic & ignore the fact that such concept of perfection is utopian.

Those from the PAS has the religion to look up to. But umno? The old umno is no more, so what's in it now. Money? TDM?

KJ has somehow stepped his toe into this proverbial thinggy. So now he is put to the field, irrespective of how good his opinions r. No help too, that there is a wide opinions about his FIL. Guilty by associations?

Indeed its a fairplay for "..anyone is obliged to step in when ordinary objection towards another degenerate into vituperative and noxious loathing."


Zabidi Hj Saidi - 20 December 2008 at 13:01  

Hopefully u can link my blog, with ur blog

Ariff Sabri 20 December 2008 at 17:34  

anon at 03.48: see? its an uphill battle for KJ. he's seen as greedy. then? expel all UMNO ministers.

satD- it's hate at first sight. nothing can be done there.

jed yoong- yes, maybe you are right. m'sians love KJ more than KT- haha

M'sian tigress- we cant censor people because they are over eager. all pemuda's are eager beavers and young studs.
navi- yes sir, we have to nake our judgement call based on calmer analysis.
dehra dun- we can wallop the fellow but it must done fairly.
gwlnet- yes kj is facing an uphill battle. maybe he brings out the worse in people, but adversity brings out the best in him, hopefully.
zabidi- i will put you on my bloglist.

Anonymous,  20 December 2008 at 18:44  

Let`s get back to the hospital privatisation issue. I was across the the street at PUSRAWI Hospital sighing relief to hear that IJN's fate is spared. However, PUSRAWI Hospital which has been established to what it is today, supported by the Baitulmal WP and indirectly zakat's contributions, is in the verge of being taken over by another GLC belonging to a state government.

Ir. Hanafi Ali 21 December 2008 at 11:04  


And KJ married for love.

Kuang kuang kuang.

That is the only logical path if one is to follow your line of logic and points.

Anyone who is cunning enough to use marriage as a tool of war (as was/were many arranged royalty marriages of the past), deserve all the distrusts in the world.

Chicken coming home to roost, bro.

Anonymous,  21 December 2008 at 15:33  

Because of what he did, nothing that he say, do or not do will be accepted. He may be the wisest man, be no one will listen. He is a wasted human talent.

Shame. He can achieve more for humanity. For the rest of his life, people will point fingers at him.

tshirt 21 December 2008 at 18:43  

Been paid? Huh..since when? He linked you at his web..I know its coming.

God bless

Ariff Sabri 22 December 2008 at 08:44  

that question/accusation directed at me? hmm. interesting. i will ask for payment when i see him. doesn't it occur to you that people put me up in their blogs because they want to debate on what i said?
yes i see it coming. blacks in America against mainstream white America- declared insane and sent to asylums.
writers against the flow- hired assassin. that's 5th form logic for you.

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