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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 18 June 2021

Some Contrarian Views.

1. Are Malaysians resorting to reading tea leaves and chicken entrails? Or better still, looking at the pail of water with pieces of cut lime. If you can't see anything, that means you have a short life.

2. Then you involuntarily say I see it, I see it! That's what Malaysians appear to do when they slavishly subject themselves to some nincompoop ish journalistic trash.

3. The one that overeads Anwars audience with the Agong. As though he will be invited to form the next government on account of some worthless Sds. Anwar may have tried to push the Sds but the Agong may be suffering from Sd fatigue. He was once lied about sds. The audience was the same as meetings with other political heads.

4. Frisky Anwar had the same audience as did the other leaders. There's no need to overead the meeting. It's a waste of time to write felicitations and congratulatory messages. Its ink wasted on paper.

5. If Anwar were appointed PM, do you think he would keep quiet? The man's mouth is a 7-11. He suffers from verbal diarrhoea and given to convoluted monologues. He would be rattling off as soon as he was out of the Istana gates.

6. Wasn't it earlier reported that Anwar and his errand boy from Bagan Latoh ma, were pimping frantically to get sds from umno and pkr? To me, these are actions of drowning men clutching straws.

7. Why the underhand tactic? The person who claims to have the majority support of parliamentarians must have the claim validated by parliament, not a piece of sd. Dolts!

8. The Agong should not entertain this political sleight of hand. Prove it in parliament.

9. The bozos who have a fetish with sds are really undermining the supremacy of parliament. They are conspiring to subvert parliament. They don't understand the notion that whatever is passed by parliament is all supreme.

10. Despite their years of experience as MPs they don't understand the concept of parliamentary supremacy.

11. Sds, pale in comparison to the acid test in parliament. Go before parliament and see whether you have majority support. But then sds are the avenue of the perverted. The usage of sds is, but a variant of the rear entrance preferred by some. They are vvips avoiding the paparazzi by using the rear entrance.

12. Suddenly I read the PKR director of communications feigning ignorance and pompous shock about the proliferation of sds. How can he justify ignorance when the sd craze was started by Anwar and the penorogo Zahid?

13. I see the following written on the faces of these bloody politicians.
They are of course aided and abetted by paid and just reached puberty journalists. Every day, we are inundated by tahniah this tahniah that. I will wait for them to say tahniah for being well hung!

14. Written on the faces of these politicians is:-

15. People like Anwar won't agree to any arrangements unless he is made PM. As though some miracles will happen if he were made so.

16. I also heard about the idea of MAGERAN government being floated around. Somebody must be on a fishing expedition.

17. The main elements of a MAGERAN goverment are as follows. Its chief proponent is of course the 'old man by the sea' Dr Mahathir.

18. It's essentially a watered-down version of an Emergency Government with bright promise but dismal performance. Parliament would be reduced to a mere rubber stamp shop.

19. Perhaps, like Hemingway, Mahathir is on a fishing trip for marlins. But be careful, marlins have pointed and spearlike snouts. If he gets pierced, it may prove fatal to him.

20. Just take a careful look at the Mageran Plan. Its condescending and has a look down tone. People are just digits. It's as though only Mahathir has the solution to all our ills. Is he a bloody clairvoyant? Can you stomach Mahathir as PM for the third time?

21. Didn't we all clamor for an end to the ignominious Mahiadin emergency? Do we want to end it by another emergency? From a Wak emergency to a Mamoo emergency? It's like wanting to introduce democracy to Iraq by bombing it . Sheesh!

22. I find a good retort to Mahathir's proposal to become a 3rd time PM from DAP's Dr Boo Cheng Hau. I shall quote him verbatim.

Boo Cheng Hau of Johore DAP

Dr Mahathir a/l Kutty

You are not too old to do more damage to Malaysia - If you become the PM again ....

Yesterday, we saw in your press conference where you declared you can make Malaysia great again by becoming the PM - not only the tiger but the Lion of Asia...Hahaha...😅 So funny

I think in February it was an incompetent person, sitting in a valid PM post and allowed it to be stolen.. Hahaha.. 😅
And wanting to be PM again?
You obviously forgot how much damage you did to Malaysia from 1981 to 2003 when you were the PM.

So much damage that we lagged so so far behind Singapore, a nothing, tiny country who split from Malaysia with zero natural resources..

You have done so much damage and lose out to their PM, Lee K…

23. There's an ode to Mamu Mahathir as follows.

A “Tribute” to Dr M
By Andrew Cheng
A Doctor In The House wry and sly,
The Malay Dilemma you feign to cry,
Soon after the tragedy in May 69,
Rising from the ashes you became mighty and high,
A good 22 years you reign in style,
Shedding crocodile tears when the time to say goodbye.
A crooked man with a crooked mind,
Wanted a crooked bridge, the rational hard to find,
Billions vanished without any trace or sign,
Plundering the country is never a crime,
Corruption, cronyism and racialism, all are fine,
Leaving this beloved Bolehland way far behind.
Ketuanan Melayu, Hidup Melayu is your battle cry,
You scream all these to cover your deception and lie(s),
Many saw these but pretend to be blind,
Mercy upon those who do not toe your line,
Know not why you lose your memory when in a bind,
Another intelligent devil like you we hope not to find.

What a lovely poem befitting Mahathir. The last sentence says it all.

24. Thank you, Mr Andrew Cheng. The poem is so prescient.

25. I urge all Malaysians to put on their thinking caps. All these donkeys are talking about getting power. None talked about what the country needs. Anwar and Zahids route to power through their backdoor sd. Mahiadin clings to power through the creation of emergencies. Mahathir through his Mageran.

26. Thus far, only one person speaks about what the nation needs and appears to understand the situation. He is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Malaysians need this person to helm Malaysia.


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