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Thursday 12 November 2015

From Cabinet Commander-in-Chief to Embezzler-in-Chief?

Najib and Rosmah are the most powerful persons in Malaysia today, why would anyone risk their future, lives and wellbeing by putting themselves before harm’s way to oppose the couple? 
Unless they utterly and completely believe that the couple are endangering Malaysia by their misconduct.

Why do people like Khairudin Hassan after making police reports in this country took time and spent resources to travel to London, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries to lodge police reports? Because the 1MDB scandal is no longer a matter of Malaysia alone. The transactions also have to be cleared by the US banking system and so must also be reported in the US.

The first step in the thousand mile financial freak show was started by Najib when he authorised the fraudulent transfer of more than USD1 billion into Jho Low’s account and USD 800 million into Petrosaudi after knowing that Petrosaudi Ltd cheated 1MDB. Najib likes to deal with crooks.

Najib preaches to Felda settlers way back in 2012, they are to receive RM15, 000 each. As a token of windfall for agreeing to surrender 51% in Felda Holdings so that FGV can be listed. Those who opposed, he said in priestly intonation, are haramjadahs.

In 2015, as he was presenting his florid magniloquent speech for 2016 Budget, he said, we are lucky to have GST because we are going to collect RM39 billion in one year.

That’s Najib’s brutal and opportunistic public show. From windfall to us being damn lucky. Where do you think this opportunism comes from? It comes from internal and private vileness.

You know what else Najib does? Weak but narcissistic people do that. We already know he is surrounded by many sycophantic hangers on. The business mendicants, the ball lickers, the apple polishers. The habibullahs, the farid redhuans, the salleh said keruaks, the Rahman dahalans, female genitalia-teasing journalists who start a sentence expecting others to finish it and the paid frisky ustazs.

Worse, as we have seen, Najib insists that his associates and supporters march in lockstep with his diabolic ways. To slip-up is a sign of rank disloyalty. Muhyidin and Shafie discovered that. Ghani Patail underestimated Najib’s malevolence.  

His cabinet is full of chiefs. But he is commander-in-chief. 1MDB shows he is also Embezzler-in-Chief.

The 1MDB Financial Blackhole.

Najib cannot answer a simple question. He cannot answer the issues surrounding 1MDB. How did 1MDB gets into the present mess? Because Najib has been conveniently incompetent. Or he was in the loop right from the beginning.

Also because the dealings 1MDB made were serpentine suggesting that it was an elaborate scheme to fleece money from Malaysia. The man in Malaysia who allows this to happen is the Prime Minister himself.

The rule of Najib since 2009 when he took over the PMship, can only be characterised as reptilian. We had and are experiencing 6 years of Najib and Rosmah reptilian rule.

He made promises to the poor but actually delivers to the rich. This is called running with the hare and hunting with the dogs. In modern politicalspeake- it’s called triangulation.

The ancient Greek writer Homer described Odysseus as a polytropos- a figure with many heads. Najib is also a polytropos. He shows one head to the Malays and other head to non-Malays. When meeting up with Malay groups, Najib will rant and grunt about Malay right-wing politics. Warning the Chinese not to slap the Malay face one too many time; when meeting up the Chinese, he says they are not pendatangs. When meeting the pliable Indians- he will say vanakkam you are my brother.

To answer Saleh Said Keruak’s imagined wittiness in responding to Mahathir’s proposition, we ask Salleh If the Malay rulers dismiss the Najib government, will Najib accept the judgment? Its constitutional and its perfectly legal.

Consider his big talk about empowering Malay economics. Which Malay? So don’t get taken in by his statements about empowering Malay economic power. The money and wealth creating resources are placed in the hands of 3rd party institutions- Khazanah, PNB, GLCs. Have you heard any of these GLCs divesting business to ordinary Malay businessmen?  Once they know the businesses can make money, the executives keep them for themselves for future takedowns. That’s called regulatory capture or simply prospective corruption.

This 1MDB issue won’t go away because the entire country believes Najib has committed a wrongdoing while holding public office. We can accuse him of authorising the fraudulent transfer of USD 700 million from 1MB-JV into Jho Lows account. And a further transfer later of USD330million into the same account.  That’s a total of USD 1.03billion.

From the USD1 billion 1MDB invested, USD300 million was placed in JP Morgan Bank Suisse. Then 1MDB injected a further USD500m on September 14, 2010.

There you have it- by May 2011, USD1.030 billion went into Jho Low’s Goodstar Ltd account. USD0.8 billion went into JV account at JP Morgan Bank.

By May 2011, a total of USD1.83 billion went out from 1MDB. Over USD1 billion went into Jho Low’s account and USD 800 million when into the JV account.

That’s only the first level.

He shows he is incompetent by allowing or be persuaded to invest in a dummy company which had no assets. The JV partner did not put up any cash. By 2011, 1MDB had loaned Petrosaudi USD1.83 billion. After 1MDB knew that petrosaudi was a dummy company, no track record, no assets, they agreed to continue doing business with the crooked company.

They allowed themselves to be persuaded that instead of taking cash USD1.83 billion, they were better off investing into a company called Petro Saudi Oil Services Ltd (PSOSL). As an inducement, the 1.83 billion became USD2.2 billion.

Instead of getting the USD1.83 billion, the sum was converted into shares in another company called Petrosaudi Oil Services (PSOS). The shares were valued at USD2.2 billion. Later 1MDB decided to cash out at USD2.312billion. Instead of cash, they were in units. We don’t know what happened to these units. 

Najib must answer his removal of inconvenient critics both politicians and non-carer politicians. He has removed leaders from his own party. Shafie Apdal has told friends that he will never return to UMNO as long as Najib, Rosmah and Zahid Hamidi are around. The inclusion of Zahid Hamidi, the bullying Home Minister confirms the loathing towards him harboured by many other umno leaders.

Najib must explain the continued detention of Khairudin Abu Hassan and Mathias Chang. Which of their actions constitute a threat to our country’s financial system?

Najib must answer his willingness and perhaps his complicity in dealing with dummy company PSI to suck money from 1MDB.

Najib must explain the transfer of money into segregated portfolio accounts in the Cayman Island and allowing the so called money to be managed by a dubious investment company. Who fixed the deal with the management company?

Najib must explain the so called return of first cash and later admitted to be units in an account of Singapore based Bank.

Najib must explain the nature of the RM2.6 billion and made to account on the usage of the amount and where is the money now.

How does najib and his Goebbelisque propagadists tackle his critics? They do two things; retrospective and prospective blackmails.

Retrospective blackmail is simply telling that in the past Mahathir has been guilty of the same thing. So they unearthed everything about mahathir’s business dealings and what he has done.

UMNO internet portals are busy demonising Mahathir for his past deeds during his 22 years tenure as pm of this country. They conveniently forget that Najib was part and parcel of the Mahathir regime. Indeed he was given preferential treatment since Mahathir has openly said that he is indebted to Tun Razak and wanted to repay gratitude by looking out for Najib.

But can Najib answer the rapacious greed which occurred within just 5 years compared to what Mahathir did in 22 years? That will make whatever Mahathir did, pale in comparison with what Najib achieved in just 5years. And Najib also made hay while the Mahathir sun shone.

Prospective blackmail next.


Anonymous,  12 November 2015 at 22:35  

This is a case of power and money being able to attract eager asshole lickers to do your dirty job. Seeing them in action certainly can make a person's hair stand up but these guys just continue chomping away. Yucks!

Anonymous,  12 November 2015 at 22:57  

We need louder voice.
Najib n cohorts must go down
He is bleeding us Malays n Malaysians internally bad
No Nixon please, I m not a crook
Tuan, tolong tolis dlm Melayu n sebarkan di kg2

Anonymous,  12 November 2015 at 22:59  

The Chinese voice is pretty much eerily silent
Even The Star the moderate paper no komen

Anonymous,  12 November 2015 at 23:02  

With Mahathir they were so many things that we r very proud of
With Najib, apa dia?
Shame on the pro najib bloggers or buttholes.

The 15 November 2015 at 16:52  

/// His cabinet is full of chiefs. But he is commander-in-chief. 1MDB shows he is also Embezzler-in-Chief. ///

1MDB = 1 Mandi Duit Berhad

Unknown 15 November 2015 at 17:42  

Dear Dato, most of us knew what he(Najib and gang) did, but we are still powerless to remove and throw him and his entire corrupted gang into the cell. As a Malaysian, our country is going down very fast....too fast. The people are suffering.....everyone are except Najib and his corrupted gang. When will justice prevail??

Anonymous,  15 November 2015 at 19:44  

The chinese stand is as clear as it can be.
The star newspaper is garbage that no one should bother to take note.
However,the people that most mattered is still sleeping not realising being taken for fools by their political leaders.

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