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Thursday 25 June 2015

The Arrest in Thailand does not exonerate 1MDB.

The 1MDB people and the mindless trolls and mental gnomes, who are perhaps on the payroll of Najib’s people, are celebrating.
The arrest of a Swiss citizen in Thailand, one Mr Justo is the source of the euphoric premature ejaculation of smirk and merrymaking.

See, they claimed- Sarawak Report, The Edge and those public spirited individuals have been feasting on tampered documents after all. They have been spinning untruths. Dr Mahathir lied. Remove his banner at PWTC. 
We must be careful here- what did Mr Justo blackmail PSI on?- one can only blackmail if the party affected has actually done something wrong. secondly, what is the nature of the tamperance? did the tamperance go to the root of the matter and therefore destroy the integrity of the information? and did Sarawak report base its investigation on adulterated material? 
The arrest of Mr Justo is irrelevant to the fact that 1MDB is a bloody scam to steal money from Malaysia. WE must not get sidetracked by this episode which may be sponsored by PSI anyway.
And Ahmad Maslan, Chief Propagandist of UMNO, was quick off the mark, exhorting UMNO members not to believe the social media- now that it is a known fact, that the social media has been publishing from adulterated sources.  But UMNO members Herr Maslan, read only Utusan Malaysia where spinning stories is their raison d'etre
As to his spirited suggestion  that the social media derives information from the now known fact- we must say, not so Herr Maslan- that has not been established. 
The social media didn't know of the existence of this individual until Petro Saudi International alerted the Thai Police to arrest him.  For all you know, PSI did a rat on this poor fellow asking him to RNR in Thailand and alerting the Police to arrest him.

That single clutch of straw was enough to send the Najib fan club into a frenzy. The PM we loved has been speaking the truth. Long live emperor Najib.

The problem is- the substance of the leaked documents were also accepted by and corroborated by the various accounting and auditing firms employed by 1MDB at one point or another. Many of them saw, got scared and left.The material from the audited reports gave life to the social media, not one Mr Justo.

So 1MDB and Petrosaudi can crow any how they want, the arrest of that individual, on whatever grounds yet to be established- does not destroy the heart of the matter. Which is, Petrosaudi defrauded Malaysians through 1MDB and plunged the nation into debt of RM46 billion or more.

It is pathetic to see the 1MDB people rushing to use the arrest of an individual to clear itself from the 1MDB scandal. Nothing is cleared yet. 
Najib has still got to answer about 1MDB. The arrest of an individual who is of Swiss national has done nothing to exonerate anyone.

The illegal things that he was alleged to have done were reported by a private investigation team. They will themselves be questioned in court to explain how they came to the conclusion that this individual has blackmailed and was discovered to have passed on tampered information to others regarding 1MDB.

This whole incident looked like a contrived effort to dig up some dirt, any dirt, on anybody, maybe even from a ‘plant’ just to discredit the revelation on 1MDB. The ‘plant’ then, when arrested will sing like a canary using scripted lines.

I hope we are not over excited about the arrest of an individual by the Thai authorities who is cited as the source who gave tampered but not incorrect information on 1MDB.

The thieving Arabs were quick to welcome the arrest of Justo and that it would fully co-operate with Thai authorities. “We are considering further legal action in other jurisdictions.

My answer and challenge is- Please don’t just consider, but do so through the courts so that much more will be revealed. Just don’t bring the legal action in Malaysian courts. The complexities of the fraud may be too overwhelming on our courts.

“We are relieved that Mr Justo will now face justice through the courts. To face justice for what? For blackmailing and tampering with documents?

“We have been the victims of a regrettable crime that has unfortunately been politicised in Malaysia,” a PetroSaudi spokesperson said.

Wrong the victims are us Malaysians- Petrosaudi has cheated Malaysians into getting itself sucked into a debt whirlpool of RM46 billion. And it was all started by PetroSaudi when it conspired to channel more than USD1 billion into an account of one of its conspirators.

Don’t try to act saintly and innocent.

The chap may have done some illegal things which may have nothing to do with the expose on what Petrosaudi  did to 1MDB.

The material reported by the accounting firms was also the same. Which part was tampered? This tamperance is not yet verified and ascertained by an independent body. It’s just a suggestion given by a paid investigation team out to discredit the person but will not be able to disturb the substance of the scandal on 1MDB.

So why is the Home minister rushing ahead and warning the Edge against spinning tampered documents? How sure is he that the alleged tamperance has destroyed the credibility of the vile things done by 1MDB? Or is his outburst just a reflection of his wishful thinking that this nightmare called 1MDB will just go away.  

Does the Home Minister understand the complex issues of 1MDB or is he just flexing his home minister’s muscles?  Zahid may be the Home minister but all of us in parliament knows he has no substance and that deficiency is hidden by a show of macho-ness and bravado.

When he gets irritated and when he cannot answer, his body language is that of a delinquent asking you to fight. His eyes will be blinking uncontrollably when he is overcome by his emotions. He will shift from facing you frontally to position himself in a profile-like manner as though preparing to go airborne and do a Bruce Lee flying kick, but let’s not get over the top about Zahid Hamidi.

Please don’t intimidate The Edge or any public spirited individuals in Malaysia. The Edge and others have a duty to publish and make public whatever material they have and obtained in good faith and the matter regarding 1mdb is of public interest.

The 1mdb people appear to have anticipated the arrest and gave out exuberant statements alluding that all this while, this chap gave doctored documents only to discredit our beloved pirate-DNAed PM.

On that point, I hope those politicians harbouring the fanciful idea that lets allow Najib to lead BN at the next elections because he is so weak that he can easily be defeated will get real.

Well, this is an example of what he can do. He has control over the media complex, has huge war chest, has resources and can easily come out with a creative solution to throw a spanner in the works. Just this arrest, has caused confusion and doubts and encouraged the village idiots to come out and clean up Najib’s tarnished image.

Fortunately, the toilet cleaners can’t clean Najib anymore. He is too soiled.

Folks, 1MDB is still the agent that has caused us to incur a debt of RM46 billion or even more. We don’t know the integrity of this fellow arrested by the Thai authorities. The Thais have said nothing about 1MDB being asked to cooperate.

And I see the cyber trolls have congregated at some portals and gave mindless comments befitting the metal retards. Every one of them says now the people defending 1MDB were telling the truth. 

The response by the critics of 1mdb- when you stop telling lies, we will stop telling the truth.


Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 11:46  

Dato, they are desperate and are grasping at straws. As you mentioned, it's premature ejaculation on their part. I though it was stupid of them to brag about the arrest. The man was actually a former director of PetroSaudi, meaning that he has tons of information relation to 1MDB scam. In other words, he has information that can bring Najib and gang down. I wouldn't celebrate if I were them. And now that the Home Minister is threatening both Sarawak Report and The Edge, one can be assured that more disclosures will be coming out from them. So far, both of them had been known to be careful in doing their forensic investigations so most of us would not doubt their information. Whichever way we look at it, Najib goose is cooked.

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 13:32  

Dato, you got it right.
Why in the first place didn't 1MDB and PetroSaudi take legal action over the reporting of their misdeeds?
Apparently, they were so busy hunkering down in shelters and busy building blocks of lies, halftruths, fairy tales, denials, etc. and ran away from the nothingtohide forum, PAC interviews, etc. etc.
Just one arrest, and they start to come out from their holes?
Sad to inform them, 1MDB, PetroSaudi have not been cleared yet, still judged guilty on all counts. All those financial deals and statements did not come from that person, all the documents lodged with BSI Singapore bank did not come from that person.
So the Home Minister better hold his horses, don't go out on a limb, the branch is likely to break any moment.

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 15:34  

Now the following is a measured response by Sarawak Report to the New Straits Times article. What a world of difference between the two medias.

Comment (by Sarawak Report):

What a shameful effort from New Strats Times! They have printed reams of orchestrated material over this arrest, provided by none other than PetroSaudi International (PSI), which is the interested party behind the original charges.

PSI is itself under official investigation for its role in the alleged theft of some two billion US dollars from Malaysian public funds and yet NST has accepted their information unquestioningly.

As part of this clearly pre-planned defamation stunt, a so-called ‘cyber intelligence’ company, hired by PSI themselves has been relentlessly quoted by NST as having “confirmed” that documents used by Sarawak Report were “creatively altered”.

Come on then. Let’s see some basic journalism skills put into practice by NST. Because, surely you can’t expect to make such allegations without providing a shred of evidence like this? Have some professional pride!

Sarawak Report has shown you the way, so back up your claims with some facts and details please.

Show us which are these tampered documents and how exactly were they tampered? In what way were meanings distorted by Sarawak Report?

What truths have been perverted into what lies?

And where is your balance and objectivity as you lay into the character of a former Director of PetroSaudi, based solely on the say-so of his former colleagues, who are themselves implicated in serious criminal allegations?

Indeed, what measures have you taken to avoid the obvious conclusion that you have embarked on a tactic of deliberate defamation, on behalf of a potentially criminal entity and in collaboration with UMNO politicians, who are seeking to deflect embarrassing revelations of corruption?

Tut tut. We offer you zero marks for journalism. Hang your heads in shame over this dross and live in hope that no one comes after you for libel, over this textbook example of crass defamation!

walla 25 June 2015 at 17:37  

The two allegations of blackmail and falsification mutually cancel out.

How can blackmail be done using falsified documents?

If A blackmails B not to reveal some documents, then the documents must be true so how can they be falsified?

And if they were falsified, why did B not come up much earlier with the real documents if any to contest them since it is plain the finger-pointing documents were already all over the web?

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 18:30  

The guilty ones seem to have forgotten too that 1MDB is not the only cancer that plagues Malaysia, for we all can see the same cancer taking down one government entity after another for some time now. At the end of the day,in one entity after another, with debts piled sky high the rakyat is expected to pay the price. Hence, how on earth for any party associated with the 1MDB to say that theirs is a special case of being the victim of the horrible actions of others? Believe you me: the day will come when the evil shall be hunted down - and there shall be no escape... After all, aren't many of us - perpetrators, victims, whatnot - are moslems who believe in Allah swt and the Day of Judgement?

Donplaypuks® 25 June 2015 at 19:21  

Simple question - who would pay a blackmailer $10 million, and then leave themselves exposed to a further $5 million blackmail? Camels with sand in their head?

The arab story stinks to high heaven.

Sarawak Report has now exposed that the UK IT company which claimed the 1MDB reports were dcotored is actually owned through off-shore nominees, by Arab parties. So, where is the credibility for falsified reports? Also, note that camel country reps have not told anyone what exactly they claim was falsified. That's a sure sign of the arabs, PM Grossmajib and CEO Kaunda Kundi's attempting to spindoctor their way out of %46 billion fraud, CBT, looting and economic plundering.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 19:21  

PSI paid Xavier RM15M to shut up from telling the the truth about PSI.. Shut up from what? Must be all the dirty wheeling and dealing to sucker up 1MDB!!!

Firestone 25 June 2015 at 19:37  

Errrr.... Dato please do not distract my attention lah....

All I want to know is:

* we borrowed RM42 billion
* we bought assets worth RM14 billion
* there should be RM28 billion in the bank
* where's the money, show me the money....

These are the additional info I also want to know:

* where are the desalination plants overseas i.e. where are they located?
* where are the oil & gas concessions in Argentina and Turkemistan?

If Najib Razak or his minions cannot answer these questions to us simple-minded Malaysians, why confuse us with smoke bombs and fireworks with this Justo arrest etc? Perhaps Zahid Hamidi might believe you, Najib, but we simple-minded Malaysians will not so easily understand the furore...

bruno 25 June 2015 at 20:01  

Let us take a look at Singapore,that tiny irritating red spot on the map.In Singapore,the Malays and Indians are considered the minorities.But the minorities in Singapore are treated fairly.They are given good education and allowed to compete freely among any Singaporeans on a level playing field.There is no such laws or policies in Singapore favoring the majority,that is the Chinese.It is either that one has to stand the heat in the kitchen or get the f*ck out.

The majority of Malaysian Malays are being spoon fed by the Umno,that they think it is their birthright to accept bread crumbs from their political masters.In return all they have to do every four to five years is to vote the dacing.It is because of the mentality of their birthright to accept crumbs,they are not being pushed to compete with the others.Therefore they became dependent on the Umno.

Now,it is said that 19% of the country's wealth belongs to the Malays.If I am not mistaken the Malays make up 65% of the country's population,give or take a few % of 30 million.But of the 19% of the Malays total wealth,have the ordinary Malays asked,"how come 18%" of the Malays total wealth belongs to a group of elites constituting only about half a percent of the Malaysian Malays.Is it right to say that 99.5% of Malays owned 1% of the country's wealth?Go figure.

bruno 25 June 2015 at 20:59  

It is a trend.And trends do last for years,sometimes even decades.Like corruption,a runaway train in Malaysia.

All it needs is one silly stupid guard,who considers himself a little Napolean among the peons and janitors to set the ball rolling.A guard at the RTD asked a lady to wear a sarong to cover her knees,then another guard at the secretariat,then another guard at the Sungei Buloh hospital and then another guard at the Bayan Lepas courthouse,then another guard at the ....?Sick,very very sick.

bruno 25 June 2015 at 22:18  

At present,Mic has one president and one acting president,both screaming that they are legitimate.And both functioning in their official duties at the same time.Are these two loggerheads going bonkers or what?We have politicians from both sides of the divide acting like political clowns.So we cannot laugh at them and they cannot laugh at us.Right?

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 22:35  

If Justo did blackmailed PetroSaudi, this means that the accusations against 1MDB are true 100%. It is totally illogical to blackmail someone when there is nothing to blackmail in the first place. This tampered info spin is utter nonsense.

Anonymous,  25 June 2015 at 23:30  

Yes Walla, your reasoning and rationale is 100% spot on. B will definitely not allow itself to be blackmailed by "falsified" documents, ergo, the documents are genuine.
A's arrest seemed to have been pre-planned, why would Thailand bother with arresting someone who has been paid USD15 million to leave PetroSaudi, when they have got terrorists to worry about?

The arrest of former PetroSaudi International director Xavier Andre Justo is suspicious and appears planned, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today. Justo allegedly commited the crime in Saudi Arabia, he didn't commit a crime in Thailand.
"Usually, other countries don't care unless he is a terrorist," Dr Mahathir told a press conference after a buka puasa event with Perkasa in Kampung Baru.

"I guess he must be a terrorist, that's why Thailand arrested him. If it was just a matter of defrauding a company, that should be Saudi Arabia's problem."

bruno 26 June 2015 at 00:20  

One just has to take a walk along the main towns and cities of our wonderful country.You will first hear the roars and then the sights of the expensive play toys of the off springs of the rich,powerful and very corrupted.Those driving these expensive 1 million ringgit play toys are those twenty or thirty somethings children of the rich,powerful and corrupted.These are people who have never lifted a sweat or finger to earn a hard day's work pay.When even those pakchiks who work,toiled the fields so hard in the rural areas cannot afford a few thousand ringgit old broken down jalopies.Only in the land of the bolehs.

Anonymous,  26 June 2015 at 00:36  

Kalau lah Justo tak buat kerja keji dia tu, pasti 1MDB tak perlukan standy by credit RM950 juta. AK pun tak perlu bagi hutang RM2 billion.

bruno 26 June 2015 at 11:19  

Malaysia is really getting to be world famous for all the wrong things.

From the Allah,Bibles,Sodomy,Hudud,Sarongs,Crosses,Police Reports,Cronyism and off course runaway corruption.

The latest scandal,MARAgate is really an international embarassment,with the ANP doing the investigation.Malaysian officials going international,exporting and practicing corruption to and in other countries.

Our gomen is weak,very very weak.Very very weak,because the temptation of money,power and of course that piece of kueh (p*ssy) is so great.They have sold their souls to the devil.And because of this,the Napoleans,big and small can follow their bosses in raiding the cookie jars.Since every Tom,Jane and their Dickies can raid the cookie jars,today in Malaysia,corruption is considered the birthright of the ruling elites and their cronies.And therefore,corruption has become a runaway train.Sooner or later,foreign investors will shun and flee the country.And the Malaysian Ringgit will become like the Rupiah.

king 26 June 2015 at 12:49  

Ringgit (RM) Malaysia ......serkarang jadi Units >>>>> pandai lah.

Anonymous,  26 June 2015 at 13:46  

Pls go into the latest report in Sarawak Report in which the editor has provided very clear, detailed graphics and texts as evidence and to prove that the 1MDB expose published is 100% intact, correct, accurate and factual. No doctoring of the data. What about The New Straits Times, pls provide your proof, evidence to substantiate your allegations?

Would recommend our Home Minister better take note because the more he says, he leaves himself open to legal suits against him for slander and libel. In fact basing on what he has said and reported so far, action may be taken against him. The New Straits Times has also been taken for a ride, and in turn NST wants to take us for a ride.
The Malaysian public has grown up, so don't take us for fools.

Anonymous,  26 June 2015 at 23:53  

Thank you for continuing to put the spotlight on this 1mdb issue.
With respect, sir, the word "temperance" - I don't think it means what you think it means.

bruno 27 June 2015 at 00:25  

Three years to the next GE is a very short time.I wonder what the opposition leadership minus Pas is planning to do? DAP has lots of smart new talents.The problem is now with Pkr.It has a leadership and talent vacuum.Nurul has been so quiet for a very long time.She is not jockeying for the top posts.Maybe she is seriously pondering what to do next.It is time for the opposition to put out two names to see if they appeal to the rakyat.Who knows,a kadang kabut UMNOgate might tumble like a house of cards.So it is better to be well prepared,in case the opposition managed to sneak into Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  27 June 2015 at 01:11  

anon 23:53
i think the author meant tamperance- from the word tamper, to meddle.

bruno 27 June 2015 at 03:19  


The first day when news of MARAgate broke out shell shocked Mara chairman Annuar said this.The next day,he said Najib said that.Now he is saying that Dudley House was valued at $A26 million and Mara bought it at a bargain price of $A22 million.

For damage control use your pea brains,plan and think first of what to say.Not to shoot off your ass and retract statements after statements.This dude must be a bigger dunggu,letting his underlings pocket over $A4.5 million without getting his cut.Is this dude really that stupid?

bruno 27 June 2015 at 08:00  

Lim Kit Siang asked why Annuar makes U-Turns after only 48 hrs.

Well,my answer is "He keeps making U-Turns until he finally finds the Right-Turns".

Anonymous,  27 June 2015 at 09:11  

anon 23:53 is right, and I am of the view that the use of "tamperance" here is an uncharacteristic error on the part of Dato'. In the heat and fury of a humongous loss, as perceived by all and sundry - while the jury is out - it is so easy to slip and make a small intemperate error.

Carry on the discourse so that we can get to the root of it all.

Unknown 27 June 2015 at 22:10  

Of he is not. Same like other BN leaders but the hv no choise in order to toe the line or to show who among them is the best bodek they are willing to stoop so low even they will be seen so stupid by public for the sake of defending their boss.

bruno 27 June 2015 at 22:36  

For the last three decades,scandals involving hundreds of millions to billions a pop is not uncommon in Malaysia.

After so many scandalous gates,the latest being MARAgate.This types of corruption,called kickbacks is common knowledge among insiders and even the common folks.The culprits are seldom caught as they involved powerful politicians or have powerful political backers.They are only made sacrificial lambs when they are caught or are outed by the media or public.Over confident of the "cannot be caught syndrome" caused carelessness and sloppiness,leading to the main players catching the eyes of the public.

The latest MARAgate will not be the last floodgates to open.There will be more "gates" coming.You just have to catch them or they have to be caught.That's all.

Anonymous,  27 June 2015 at 23:44  

Some stupid statements coming out from Putrajaya that Justo allegedly tampered with 1MDB emails. Just look at the picture of Justo on the New Straits Times page. Looks like the NST has edited and tampered with his family photo. Justo's wife and baby were taken out from the photo. So who' tampering what? Shame on you NST!

Anonymous,  28 June 2015 at 00:43  

Anon 9.11,

I see what you did there ... :)
And walla, you're really spot on!

1mdb is a hell of thing to explain to people who don't know the background and context. I tell my foreign friends that it started out as a sovereign wealth fund (or was intended to be one, at least) but now it is saddled with billions in debt. They go, "Wait, what? How does a sovereign fund end up with debts?!"
By definition a sovereign fund starts out cash rich, and would convert this to assets as time goes on. 1mdb only has liabilities to show for. That, and oh, the ever mythical UNITS. Units of what, I wonder? Chapatis? Sawdust? Magic beans?

bruno 28 June 2015 at 11:50  

Shafie Apdal said that there are no discrepancies in the agreement between Mara and the sellers of Dudley House.He said there was only one agreement and Mara paid at that price.

Now what do this dude of a minister expect.The crooks/cronies to specify on the contract that the original price of 17.8 million was inflated to 22.5 million?And that 4.7 million is for kickbacks.No wonder this moron's mistress's driver said that he paid the mistress RM 200k a pop.And on a minister's salary?

Anonymous,  28 June 2015 at 16:53  

1.o This is wahat this Bugis has been scheming in his frequent visit to the Sauds( The bomber of Yameni Muslims to cling to the throne)
2.0 "The steep decline in our currency and stock market has occurred DESPITE annual growth of over 5%. This is because foreign government and 1st world nation leaders see a thief, crook, looter and economic plunderer (and possibly, murderer) heading the nation. This situation cannot last for long. The market will soon bring PM Grossmajib to his knees, if nothing else does." This what Donplypuk said of the Bugis Lanun.
3.0 That HMinister was so broke in the 1980s. He said he could not even buy milk for his babies. By 1992 he was loaded with loots from Pemuda UMNO.A bagful of cash was snatched by a Chikano at a Hotel counter in Orlando.

We need the Mujahids to settle to save the country.

Anonymous,  29 June 2015 at 10:58  

Check out the perfect timing of Shafee Abdullah's first salvo on the 1MDB case with Xavier's Thai arrest, Stoddard's blitz to exonerate Najib completely off 1MDB as ran by NST, TV3 and all UMNO bloggers and Zahid's blatant statements to Sarawak Report and the Edge.

Tony Pua has subsequently KOed the Umno lawyer flat out that Najib as the final authority in 1MDB is a prime suspect and with conflict of interest over AG and PAC may interfere and miscarriage these agencies.. so in the name of true justice Najib should quit all post to allow neutral investigation. TDM has also weighed in to butt off that PAC is dominated and biased by BN-friendly members.

But talk about smoking gun and red-herring that is so desperately wanting by the Bugis warrior and 1MDB just like Bush needed a WMD to justify attacking Iraq and got rid of Saddam. as also was alluded by TDM that it smacks conspiracy at the highest level. Even Sarawak Report and the Edge has challenge NST.

When Najib's favorite goto man appear in the equation one cannot help to speculate a black ops was playing at the back.

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