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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 4 June 2009

Short Questions, Long Answers needed (2)

The NEP in the present form is nothing more than an elaborate excuse to pilfer. Special rights of Malays in effect mean, rights for special Malays- the genetic elite, the aristocratic elite, the ruining elite.( yes- no mistake in spelling there, ruining elite).

This is not a matter of burning the mosquito net on account of a few mosquitoes. The problem is, we don't have the mosquito net in the first place- it has been stolen from us. It has been denied to us. What we have then, is an illusion that we can have that mosquito net. We, the majority have been sold to the IDEA of its good to have a mosquito net which they are keeping now. They, the minority are using the mosquito net on our behalf and that is already redeeming.

The opium for the masses is this nebulous concept of Ketuanan Melayu- which in effect is nothing more that the rule of the special Malays over the majority Malays. It is just another name for a stratified Malay society- the small elite lording over the masses. They do this by employing a range of repressive means and more importantly, by controlling the ideas.

The natural order of things means Malay society naturally segmented into the ruling elite and the rest. Such a scheme of things are not changeable and it's futile to even entertain the though of changing this natural order of things. Since time immemorial, Malay society has had rulers and the ruled, with an important intermediary faction serving to entrench the natural order of things. The intermediary faction operates to preserve he system, performing all the functions that keep the majority from even trying to unseat the natural order of things. Of course, the ruling class, through its monopoly control of the mass media, the press, school, university and pulpit, consciously justifies its system of exploitation as the most "natural form of society". The repressive state machine, with its "armed bodies of men", is not sufficient to maintain the economic system.

The dominant ideas and morality of bourgeois society serve as a vital defence of the material interests of the ruling class. Without this powerful ideology, the capitalist system could not last for any length of time. Enter then, this hallowed concept of Ketuanan Melayu. It is but a new form of feudal morality propped up as a vital defence of the material interests of the ruining class.

What's the more common expression of this bourgeois morality that is used to subdue the masses? We have pronouncements such as:-

If you have any good ideas, business proposals... Talk to the big bumi tycoons like Naza Group,Syed Mokhtar,Kencana Group;people with money that can invest with you. But you must be willing to have only a small share because they are taking the bigger risk.
Its not only money of course: their involvement will give access to their network, provide greater credibility and also impart their business wisdom. I think the Chinese have been practicing this type of "venture capital" for decades. If you look at IJM for instance you can see linkages to IGB,ICP,Mudajaya and many many more unlisted companies. I am sure our own successful Bumi businessman will look for expansion through similar networking.
Thats A WIN:WIN after all.

We need to challenge this kind of thinking which serves only to perpetuate 'the natural order of things. It is natural that we can only have a small share because; naturally they are taking the bigger risks. It is natural because the give us access to their network, provide greater credibility and listen, people, have business wisdom. Well, maybe for some people, most possibly those working as business consultancy such as that provided by some in the PKFZ mess, the much touted business wisdom is what they have in between their legs. Naturally, it's a win-win option. And here's the clincher- the Chinese have doing this for decades and therefore what the special Malays are doing is justifiable.

What kind of society do we have then if this kind of natural order of things is allowed to perpetuate? We have in effect a wage-slave society. The majority of us, like that said by a commentator just want to earn better salary. By saying that and the above, we have unconsciously used our thinking to defend the system.

Official bourgeois ideology conducts a relentless war against ideas that seek to dismantle this notion about the immutability of the natural order of things. Ideas that challenge the material interest of the ruling and governing elite are viewed as a mortal danger to capitalism. The bourgeois scribes and professors pour out a continual stream of propaganda in an attempt to discredit such ideas.

The apologists of our weird capitalism constantly assert that their system is a natural and permanent form of society. Some of us on the other hand, will assert that nothing is permanent and all things perish in time. Such revolutionary thoughts constitute a profound threat to the weird capitalist system and therefore must be discredited at all cost. This explains the daily churning out of propaganda designed to discredit ideas which they find unnerving such as the one we are taking to question the correctness of the NEP.

What we are saying is: we do not have to accept this version of how to change society. Asking us to accept growing pains (its all right to let them have the bigger share, we are benefiting from their business wisdom, we are seeking for just extra wages) - all these are actually saying, we can only change things gradually. But there is also such a thing as sudden transformation from quantity to quality. For example, water does not become gradually hard on cooling, becoming first pulpy and ultimately attaining a rigidity of ice, but turns hard at once. If temperature be lowered to a certain degree, the water is suddenly changed into ice, i.e., the quantity - the number of degrees of temperature - is transformed into quality - a change in the nature of the thing. We have already seen this transformation from quantity to quality in the 12th General elections. It took place in the profound change in Malay consciousness and if UMNO fails to understand this qualitative transformation, it is doomed.


Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 08:22  


we don't have free education, free healthcare, not enough doctors, mother nature stripped bare and raped for instant profit, traffic system chaotic, public transportation in shambles, crime escalating, moral values spiralling down, yet we can afford to give hundreds of millions that can be used to address these issues to 'syarikat atas angin tiada sumbangan tapi dapat untung besar sdn bhd'.

how long can this last? as long as we all allow it to.

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 09:28  


Lets by all means find ways to turn water into ice..but in reality someone needs to buy the fridge,pay for the electricity and get those little containers to keep the ice in.

A true story >> my friend is investing RM 300 k in a fish farming venture.The idea was brought to him by 3 UPM grads with a few years experience in the industry..
The business is risky and at best he expects to get his money back in 5 years.Thus,he holds 70 % while the three shares the balance 30 % shares.One of the three works full time and gets a competitive salary.
Anything wrong with that Dato?Isn't that a win:win solution?

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 09:41  

Theres nothing wrong with that.

i think the bigger picture he is asking is this :-

1) The giving out of free APs

2) The nonsense like PKFZ CONsultants, Perimekar, Lumut shipbuilding contracts etc etc etc all in the name of NEP

3) Collapsing stadiums -> thats your Mr 10% or is it Mr 90% for you!

4) the crazy contract terms with Puncak Niaga

5) The crazt contract terms that we signed with the toll operators

How much more slippage can this country afford !

Carry on lah !!!

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 09:58  

Its a numbers game.

RM 147 million can make 6 people filthy rich ; without the need to raise any sweat ever after except on golf courses or expensive gyms.Its instant water to ice transformation.

RM 147 million is also 100 high tech chicken farms providing life time opportunities for 3000 farmers to earn a decent wage and to kickstart their ambitions.Its not instant karma but the chance to create something productive on permanent long term basis.

Whats the choice?

kuldeep 4 June 2009 at 10:21  

Shaziman says its an embarrassment to the nation.DPM is disappointed and wants a review of procedures.
Are they talking about the projection for 2009 GDP growth?
Obviously ,someone somewhere within the government have done rigorous calculations,stress tested to the limits,consulted with all experts and came with a projection of -1 to +1 %.
But,unfortunately,just three months later the roof just went woossshhh and collapsed to the ground.The numbers needs reviewing downwards to -4 to -5 %.Its a major blow to the integrity of the nation.For the last three months we were sheltering in the shadow of an extremely shaky structure ;risking our future and staking our livelihoods based on an unreliable prognosis.
Ahmad Said said that there will be a full investigations and inferred that heads will roll if there is any neglect or non conformance.
Thanks Mr Government: we look forward to know the outcome and we want to know the culprits who misled us with the GDP prognosis.There must be accountability and Sukma is not an excuse.

Dato..seriously,do you expect the people who gets basic stuff way out of whack can walk on water?or get you your icecubes on time.Most probably they will outsource the icecubes to an IIP (independent ice producer)and set up a GLC to operate a national icecube corridor (ICG or ICCo).


Ree,  4 June 2009 at 10:25  

Hi Dato,

What you wrote reminded me of a recent dinner I had with a friend, a Bumi contractor. Of course, he is also an UMNO member.

During dinner, he was grumbling how the big Bumi contractors are bidding even for smallish government infra projects. He said he can never compete in terms of capital and track record with these big Bumi firms. How can he expand his business then? Forever he will be doing class F jobs. He thinks that the big, already succesful Bumi contractors should compete on the mega projects and international market, not compete with small guys like him. They already had their breaks. "Ni semua nak sapu" he complained.

Dr Labu 4 June 2009 at 12:22  

Dear Dato',
I've been (silently) following your blog since sometime after the GE. I just felt that it's time to let you know (not that it makes any significance to you hehe).
I've seen monitoring Khairy's political moves since his early days and saw his potential until he did some controversial manoeuvres. There may still be some hope for him if most, if not all, of his supporters is of your calibre or wenger's (just to name a few).
This latest posting of yours reminds me of my younger days, until someone told me not to be a "hero". Alas, at least some people still have the guts.

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 17:38  


You hit the nail on the head on the problems with the NEP. Not that it is not working but it is being hijacked by those in the know and prefer to keep it for themselves and keep the majority occupied with tales of non-bumis wanting more than their share and other scare tactics. 50 years is a long time for a social program that keeps only a handful of people rich.

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 18:49  


In you previous article you said, “My question is this: if 20% of the Malay elite sapu 80% of the benefits and the rest of us have to compete by our wits, intelligence, hard work and what not- why are we lending our support to retain a system that forms nothing, but a crushing weight on our emancipation?”

Are you saying do away with the NEP? If so, does it mean that if your nose is bleeding, instead of medicating it, you cut your nose off? I’m very surprised at you for coming out with this.

We should continue to hit at the 20% who sapu the NEP benefits thru cronyism and corrupt practices, and at those who allowed such practices, but not talk about throwing away the NEP. Hit the irregularities, not the principle of special Malay rights and NEP.

The special Malay rights were in consideration of non-Malay citizenship. As the non-Malays can enjoy citizenship forever, the Malays can also enjoy the special Malay rights forever, too. If we can’t get the benefits, let other Malays (not the 20% you mentioned) taste them.

I don’t understand the kind of “crushing weight”, of emancipation and liberalism you intellectuals and highly educated people believe in. A few Melayu, including top UMNO people (I’m not a member of any political party), talked about feeling ashamed being protected like Red Indians and the PM at PRU12 laughed at NEP by referring to it as the “tongkat policy”. I think these are treacherous to Malay interest. What shame is there when the Malays are the disadvantaged group and even the Chinese in China had a policy of assistance to the disadvantaged – the less educated Southerners, for example. It may be a long time ago but the principle is universal and is relevant at all times.

Are you saying that we should give in to others who keep asking for more and more? What do we get for the 10% quota given away at MRSMs? What have the others given in return? What liberalism are people talking about when the US even practised detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay right to this day? Do we apologise for getting the special rights written in the Constitution and for having MRSMs, NEP etc?

I think it’s this kind of mentality that caused Malays to spoil or give their votes to others during PRU 12. With this kind of thinking, very sad for the Melayu and very happy for the others. I hope this mentality is limited to a small number.

kuldeep 4 June 2009 at 20:41  

Forget affirmative action..close shop now.Its no longer NEP thats an issue..
Our PM is inviting Chinese contractors to participate and hold majority in a few billion dollar construction contracts incl Southern Double Tracking,Dams and Bridges.
If our PM does not view our construction industry able enough to undertake the works...what more of the capacity of Bumi contractors?
If he wants to be transparent have open competitive international bidding...and open to all qualified contractors regardless from India,Pakistan,South America,China and our home grown contractors.
I have heard of the price gouging thats happening on the Penang Second Bridge.I thought DS Najib will take drastic action and do the right thing.
Our own Malaysian contractors have to tender/fight to get overseas jobs yet back home our PM is giving out work to overseas contractors on a plate.
INVITING overseas contractors for direct nego??I am not a contractor but I believe the country have just lost its direction.
Today marks that turning point.

Anonymous,  4 June 2009 at 22:30  

Its a bad week to talk about visions for the future.
First,we have the PKFZ not so secret secret revealed through the PWC audit report.Although the fees paid to PWC is a mystery and the adequacy of the report is questioned,nevertheless at the very least we have some clarifications (that we can read but not think about as demanded by PWC.)
Then a stadium roof collapsed.Thats bad but the ensuing discourse by our esteemed leaders including Shaziman,Ahmad Said,DPM gives us little hope on the quality of our leadership.Classic quotes includes (the meaning not verbatim)..I know its defective even before Sukma,its an embarrassment to us,we need better systems on appointment of contractors.Isn't there a Minister who can give us the Rakyat a rational clarification?
The bad news continues with the RM 147 million suit for services rendered...the facts are not clear but its about consultancy and advisory work.For simple folks like most of us..thats seems to be very expensive advise for an already limping project with a very shaky future.But issue is WHO can authorise RM 147 m obligation?Isn't the Board,MOF approval needed?
Then today our PM announced that a China contractor will be majority partner for a railway doubletracking project.Thats more money out of the country soon.

We still have 3 days before the week ends..lets pray that we won't have more losses. more time for visionary thinking when the boat is sinking.
Help us please

flyer168 5 June 2009 at 09:50  

Dato' Sak,

Malaysia has been embroiled in racial politics and due to the fear of losing political power, all actions taken by the main party in power was never targeted towards bringing wealth to all.

Wealth was distributed to the chosen few only. They were the cronies and the backers of the party leadership to perpetuate their own selfish ends.

Seeing the efficiency and the progress achieved by Singapore caused the Malaysian leadership to suffer from an inferiority complex.

That Malaysia should suffer from this complex was of its own making.

In a recent interview, Kuan Yew said that Malaysia could have done better if only it treated its minority Chinese and Indian population fairly.

Instead they were completely marginalised and many of the best brains left the country in drove.

He added that Singapore was a standing indictment....

To what Malaysia could have done differently.

He just hit the nail right there on the head.

In Malaysia , a development that was deceptive was proclaimed as having achieved development status.

It was trumpeted as an achievement that befits first world status. This was self delusion.

The leaders themselves tend to believe in their own fabricated world.

Expecting Malaysians to believe in that dream world.

Malaysia recently celebrated its 50th year of independence with a bagful of uncertainties. The racial divide has become more acute.

The number of Malay graduates unemployed is on the increase and this aspect can be very explosive.

But sad to see that no positive actions have been taken to address these social ills.

Since 1969, the last 40 years have been wasted on "Languishing the vote for UMNO & we will give you FISH everyday"....

When they could have "TAUGHT & TRAINED" their own kind to "make their own Fishing Rod to catch their own FISH"....

To be the COMPETENT TRUE TUANS instead of being the present UMNO Ketuanan BEGGARS.

Party promotions based on “patronisation, money politics, etc” without “Meritocracy and Proven Track Records” leads to “Leaders” that UMNO is inheriting...

“Elite, UMNO Ketuanan BEGGARS” ....

This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been abused for the last 40 years by these "Moronic Idiots & their Goons" to perpetuate their own selfish ends....

UMNO/BN, its Leaders & their Mecenary Warlords are “Bankrupt” of any “Intelligent Constitutional, Political, Financial & Economic Solutions” for this great nation Malaysia.

Through “Divine” intervention, UMNO/BN, its Ketuanan Leaders & their their Mecenary Warlords are now “Outdoing & Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes” to accelerate their “Self Destruct Implosion.”

This may happen sooner rather than later....

UMNO Baru is too deep in its 4th stage “Terminal Cancer” NOW, to be CURED”....Period!

Btw, did our Leader go to China to squash the Chin Peng Paranoia, invite their Big boys to buy up our assets or to borrow cheap $$$$?

Every day will be another new “Divine Revelation”....

Let us all sit back & watch the fun “Fireworks & Implosion”....

Anonymous,  5 June 2009 at 11:04  


Yr continuing efforts in revitalizing umno & Malay M’sians, is more like a 1000m obstacle race - along the run, repeated courses of hindrances r set to provide the challenges!

Anon04 June 2009 18:49 is & not the only one. There r going to be more along the way.

The fraud of their arguments lies with understanding the principle of causality – nothing comes form nothing. To totally eliminate the ills one must goes back to the source, ie the very origin of the problem.

Same thing likes burning the mosquito net because of the mosquitoes. Cutting off the nose to cure nose bleeding! Why not check the source of mosquitoes? Why not find out the cause of the bleeding nose in the first place?

The saddest part about this type of reasoning is not only it’s very short-sighted BUT it’s constantly propagandized by ‘highly’ educated Malay M’sians, the like of Anon04 June 2009 18:49.

Now, the chronic argument about ‘The special Malay rights were in consideration of non-Malay citizenship’ is pathetic at best.

Where in our Federal Constitution does it mention about special Malay rights? Or could it be special positions of the Malay?

And anywhere in our august Constitution, even though been through hundreds of BN adulterations, does it mention about ‘The special Malay rights were in consideration of non-Malay citizenship’?

‘What do we get for the 10% quota given away at MRSMs? What have the others given in return?’

A stupid answer for this stupid question – the others pay for the MRSMs through their taxes! Satisfy? Pariah argument!

‘Do we apologise for getting the special rights written in the Constitution and for having MRSMs, NEP etc?’

U should! As the special positions of the Malay M’sian is worded in the Constitution purely due to the Malay M’sians' backwardness THEN. R u still saying that after 52yrs of independence the Malay M’sians r still locked in their own backwardness?

What happens to 52yrs positive discriminations’ efforts, or should I say ‘ upliftings’? Money/efforts down the drain or some ‘elites’, as mentioned by Sak, have siphoned off these millions (billions?) & stacked this ill-gotten fortune overseas?

This last phrase is truly prophetic - I think it’s this kind of mentality that caused Malays to spoil or give their votes to others during PRU 12. With this kind of thinking, very sad for the Melayu and very happy for the others. I hope this mentality is limited to a small number.”

Now who is keeped asking for more and more?


Minah Cun,  5 June 2009 at 11:56  

Good post.
It's to tell the non-malays who think we Malays have special treatment under the NEP.
Most Malays are worse off than the non-Malays.
Who are the top 5 milti-millionaires???

Anonymous,  5 June 2009 at 13:08  

Anon04 June 2009 18:49

Nothing is forever. There is a Chinese proverb " Even a mountain of gold will disappear if you keep taking from it."

There is a cost to privileges. Someone else have to pay for it. The end result is that the most able will look for greener pastures. Some will say let them go if they are so ungrateful. The question is, whose loss will it be ?

maxthecat 5 June 2009 at 13:14  

I have been following your blog for awhile. Its good to know that there are still good men in UMNO.

Many good men, but they never get very far in the party. Sad isnt it?

walla 5 June 2009 at 14:07  

Just thinking about anon 22.30.

Maybe the govt can quickly do a calculation on what's the cost of financing by the Chinese side versus the probably higher cost of financing by other Japan, India and so on for the double-tracked project (credit's tight these days except for countries with big reserves).

The savings in funding should be shot into the second stimulus package and parceled out to help the smaller bumi contractors, first for what they can do in the project, failing which for what they can do, combined, in any other project, first on export basis (get them exposed to the global market), failing which domestic projects not covered by the second stimulus package..but still in need.

msleepyhead,  5 June 2009 at 14:13  


The soalan cepu emas may be:

What does the non-Malays need to do, so that they can be treated fairly and justly, to enjoy the same rights as everyone else, Orang Asals included, in Malaysia?

The answer may be: No matter what you do you will never be treated as equals. If everyone is equal, then who gets to be special?

So bogeymens are needed, or else how could you differentiate and apply different rules to. How do you know who's who?

Dhahran Sea,  5 June 2009 at 14:22  

Salam Dato',
Another DARING & BRILLIANT piece of analysis! You've exposed the "taboo" in simple words & terms that every one can understand... wish my friend, Dato' Ibrahim Nor who runs Malay Mail has the courage to publish your thinking... or would such article "rock the boat" too much? Keep on sharing your brilliant and timely thoughts with us Tok & may Allah give you the strength to do so, amin! Lets hope our younger generation get to see the "reality" and affect change down the road.

Anonymous,  5 June 2009 at 15:16  

The soalan cepu emas MUST be:

Why anyone want to be special – a who’s who?

The answer SHOULD be: Who cares, as long as there is NO any form of discrimination, legalized or otherwise!

So no single bogeyman is needed, period.

Just the other day, the queen of Spain was reported to took a £13 Ryanair flight to London, just to visit her recuperating brother, who underwent an operation in a London hospital.

See the lesson in austerity from a QUEEN? In fact, in most of the Scandinavia countries, even the prime ministers took MRT to works! Imagine that happen in M’sia?

So, why so importance & special about insisting the status for who’s who in M’sia?

Perhaps, the answer is in here - else how could you differentiate and apply different rules to.

Such mentality! What a pity…..


bangiman 5 June 2009 at 16:39  

In the long run, having one race indefinitely enjoy special privileges at the expense of others is unsustainable. It is antithetical to the ideal of justice & equality, and was never the intention of the framers of our constitution. Any right thinking person will see this is true.

However, NEP & special privileges are an important part of ensuring social justice in Malaysia. It is undeniable that the bulk of the hardcore poor in Malaysia are the rural Malays. This is not to say that all non-Malays are rolling in Ringgit. There are hardcore poor amongst them too, although much lesser in number. So let's not burn the NEP "kelambu" just yet. While in its present form it has deviated far from its objectives, it can still be saved.

To do this, we must ensure that NEP's benefits & opportunities go to those who really deserve & need them. This will mean changing NEP's eligibility criteria from race-based to means-based. This will have 2 consequences-

1) poor Malays will not have to compete with cronies for opportunities
2) poor non-Malays will also get NEP opportunities & benefits if they really deserve them

This will help achieve NEP's dual objectives of eradicating poverty & identification of economic activity with race. Once the playing field has been levelled, both from a race & class perspective, perhaps we can then do away with NEP & special privileges & have a united Malaysia as the "founding fathers" truly intended.

Before anyone accuses me of being "treacherous to Malay interest", please consider the debilitating, deleterious effects of unearned privilege on the psyche of our young people, and on the competitiveness of our nation.

Anonymous,  5 June 2009 at 18:54  

Answer to your short Questions>>

SHAH ALAM, June 5 — The Selangor government has blacklisted the owner of Jaya Supermarket and five companies involved in the botched-up demolition that claimed seven lives last week.
The companies, which include contractors, architects, consultants and engineers, are barred from carrying out future projects with immediate effect.
Their existing projects, however, will be scrutinised by local authorities.
The companies include Jaya Section Fourteen Sdn Bhd which owns the building, DP Architects Sdn Bhd, Meinhardht (M) Sdn Bhd, Pembinaan CW Yap Sdn Bhd, Jurutera Peruding Sdn Bhd and DLS Management.

Its not NEP thats slowing us down >>its weak leadership.We need leaders who have the passion and the intelligence to go to the core issues.

>The consultants responsible for MRR2 fiasco is still getting lots of government jobs...
>The new management of Penang Second Bridge does not have the moral fibre to be transparent and tell us whether the bridge is overpriced or is fairly priced.Its the right of the rakyat to be told the truth>>and publish it on the websites with comparatives etc..
>Those mentioned in PKFZ reports (with potential conflicts) are still in govt post..some resignations will be appreciated.Its not admission of guilt but to ensure that the wheels of justice will not be compromised or SEEN to be.

Dato...NEP if properly regulated,with emphasis on self help,kickstart,renewal and catalyst programmes will not be seen to non-equitable.
What irks most people is the free ride to riches syndrome..

Burn the mosquito net by all means but have that new fangled electronic no smoke mosquito repellant in standby mode first...

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