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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Pig in high Office?

Today, I am addressing a personal issue. I am responding to this chap who called me a pig. He blogs using the name Pasquale aka barking magpie. Possibly when he wants to denounce others he uses Pasquale. When he wants to write something resembling an intellectual discourse, he assumes the identity of the barking bird.

His real name as revealed by Malaysia Today is Rosdi Mustafa. He works in the PM's outfit and one of the media handlers. These were what he said in his comments at Rocky Bru.


I also know this Sakmongkol he is an ardent anti-Najib just because Najib does not entertained or approve his greedy, corrupt and self-centered attitude!
His life serve only himself, he wants project to enrich himnself but when Najib said no he went against him! Ini Melayu babi ni!

The above is, well, a barking loud lie. This bloke does not know me. I don't know him. We have never talked. I see him loitering around Dato Najib's office engaging in whispers with other officers prompting us to believe he is privy to some top state secret. These are all symptoms of juvenile childishness. It is just his way of urinating to mark territory. I am here, you are out there kind of thing.

What do you make of someone who works in the PM's office saying the above? I can only say, this is someone who shamelessly exploits his official status to excoriate others just for the fun of it. He mistakes vile and abusive remarks for forthrightness. I am afraid that reflects his deficiency in moral and intellectual fibre.

Accordingly, I need to ask YAB Prime Minister this question. Has he got a flying pig in his office? Or in Bahasa Melayu: Ada seekor babi yang berkepak kah di dalam pejabat YAB Dato Seri?

In my years with the PM as a Pekan politician, I have never heard Dato Najib encouraging or condoning his subordinates to debase others by calling them babi. Nor have I heard him encouraging his people to engage in vile name callings. When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was in Semangat 46 and came down to Pekan to campaign, DS Najib clearly instructed all UMNO office bearers not to disparage TRH.

We have a problem here. Dato Najib harbours one official who is incompatible to his personal philosophy. He has someone who is congenitally vile. This person has the habit of babi-ying everyone.

I hope when he wrote the above passages, he was sober. I can never claim to know him, have never talked to him and I am glad, do not need to know him. I have seen him loitering around Dato Najib's office possibly pretending the weight of the world is on him. Otherwise, he is like Siberia- we know where it is, but no one wants to go there. The truth is, people avoid him like the plague.

To Muslims, babi is an unclean animal. To be called a babi is to equate those being called as najis of the highest degree. It is haram. Parents do not teach their children to call other people babi.

Here, among the PM's band of media handlers is this loathsome individual whose reddened face is probably brought about by indiscriminate consumption of intoxicating liquids. His personal background is well known among media people. But perhaps his chief distinguishing feature which places him at the apex of infamy and disrepute is a loose and unschooled tongue.

He has a fondness for calling other people babi. Hence Anwar Ibrahim is termed as YB BABI. When he came over to Rocky Bru's blog to comment on the issue of anonymity in which I was involved- he mentioned me in very scornful terms. I was also called a Melayu babi.

Since he is an authority on 'memBABIkan' orang lain, he must be a flying pig himself- a special one but a pig nonetheless. Dato Najib has an unclean animal in his office.

I wanted to let this issue pass over. Thinking it does not serve any purpose. Close friends keep calling me. They asked why I choose to remain silent. A blogger, anonymous of course, has commented on Rocky Bru's article stating that I am anti Najib, greedy and became so when Dato Najib refused me projects.

The unknown commentator goes by the name Pasquale. When you click pasquale on Sopo Sentral, the blog Barking Magpie appears. You put two and two together, the owner of the blog Barking Magpie is also Pasquale. The actual identity of the blogger was made known when his article was reproduced in Malaysia Today. His name is Rosdi Mustafa.

Those accusations need not be dignified by answering them I thought. But the last parting short changes the whole tenor of the tirade. The blogger ended by saying, ini Melayu babi. Now that is the last straw.

A born Muslim can be a drunkard or womaniser, a drunkard + womaniser + gambler. He does not mind admitting doing these things. He will admit all those things but will strenuously and vociferously assert he NEVER eats babi. Its a religious thing you see, and any self respecting Muslim will fly off the handle if he is said to makan babi or be associated with babi or called a babi.

This pig-headed buffoon recently wrote an article imploring Dato Najib to appoint a prominent blogger to head the NST. From what we read, Johan Jaafar and Ahmad Talib are going to head the government's Media Machine. We have not heard definitive statements from the PM's office on this matter.

The talks however have caused some ripples of dissatisfaction among the media fraternity. The dissatisfaction must have moved this particular blogger who Babi-ed everyone, to write an article. He wrote an article beseeching the PM to not appoint those two people. Since he works in the PM's office in the media handlers outfit, his views can be portentous. If not checked, his protests can develop into tidal waves which could easily beach Johan Jaafar and A.Talib. If unanswered, it will become a festering boil waiting to burst.

So I am glad the PM stood his ground in picking people of his choice to head the mainstream media. By doing so he dismisses the croaking and snorting of one toady and swine respectively. One who has shamelessly implanted himself in the office of the PM. He schemes and plots desperately trying to stamp his relevance and usefulness. He does it the only way he knows- by being an unabashed sycophant and brainless myrmidon.

But are the rants of one blogger a cause for worry? Surely, our leaders are not that stupid to listen to the articles from bloggers? Accordingly, they say, I have overestimated the influence of bloggers and underestimated the intelligence of politicians.

Perhaps these people don't know politicians. So that you know, they are just like you and I, with limited intellectual horizons. More than anybody else, they are easily swayed by whispers here and there. Rustle in the grass can easily spook them. The operatives know this and they feed on the fears of politicians. The higher they are, the more fearful they are.

Who is this shadowy Najib whisperer who may be nothing more than just a low level apparatchik and a garden variety officer? He of course works in the media handlers department, perhaps in a subordinate capacity to the PM's PressSec.

Allow me to tell you a story which we, people in Pekan,hold to be evidently true. This particular fellow is regarded by us Pekan people as nothing than a mongrel waiting for scraps from Dato Najib's table. He is the most detached low level brainless myrmidon in Team Najib who can hardly count more than 5 people he knows in Pekan. But he acts big as though he is a big time intellectual whereas in fact, he is an intellectual dwarf. Plus he appears to be drunk most of the time and you know, when drunk people talk, they talk loud. Of course he thinks no one in Pekan knows how to speak English. He wants people to see him as a Najib whisperer. I feel sorry for many of the officers in Dato Najib's office to be associated with this unmentionable.

He is now ferociously rooting in for a friend (whom we shall not also mention names) for a very important post in the NST. Supporting a friend is commendable. This friend of his must be a really special friend or perhaps the only friend he has. I hope his admiration for this close friend is purely platonic and not motivated by salacious preferences imputed by many vicious commentators on him. Yes, the same ones who stated that Sakmongkol is gay. Repeating the end line usually used by the late Pak Sako and also adopted with much panache by the Utusan Malaysia journalist, Mama Juwie- I say WOW!

Accordingly he has taken a very combative stand for his friend. Beyond the bounds of decency, he was willing to call another fellow human being, a Muslim and a Malay, a Melayu babi. He described it that way because this friend was deemed to have been offended. He haughtily snorted- ini Melayu babi ni!

Rosdi Mustafa aka Pasquale aka Barking Magpie- YOU are the pig in PM's office.


non malay bangsa malaysia,  16 May 2009 at 21:01  

sometimes we need to open up a can of whoop ass to make a point. I'd be meaner, but Dato' is always a gentleman

Anonymous,  16 May 2009 at 21:09  

Dato Sak...sekarang swine flu dah masuk Malaysia...oopsss...Menteri Kesihatan cakap, it is politically incorrect to say "swine" flu...we must call it H1N1, not selsema babi...we do not want the babi to get a bad rap...we do not want babi to be ostracised and we be accused of discrimination/bigotry against the innocent babis, the babi industry and the filthy farming practices condoned by the authorities, he says (or implies?).

I say, a babi by any other name is just the same.

No offense to the babi...snort, snort...I mean...Aaaah Chooooo!

BTW, The CDC Atlanta says that swine to human transmission of flu occurs from close proximity/contact with pigs...uh oh...Najib be careful...we don't want PM to get quarantined in Sungai Buluh. Also don't buat any courtesy calls to any pig farms anytime soon, Mr PM (in order to ambik hati voters lah, maksud saya...)

Mamasita, keep Lady Yoda safe, k? don't want it to mutate into feline flu pulak ;)


matt,  16 May 2009 at 21:15  

Sometimes it is good to expose these ball carriers as we know they are the scum of the earth.Good one dato.

disillusioned,  16 May 2009 at 21:28  

Incidently I know this guy Rosdi for quite a while. He is actually a pest and he can only speak well after mugs of beer.
He is a dark spot in PM's office.
Sak, just ignore him bro. Don't insult your own dignity by responding to person who actually doesnt have any consequence.

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher,  16 May 2009 at 21:53  

Excellent one Dato' and keep on exposing this sons of bitches who assumes they know everything.

This is just one of the parasites that will just bury UMNO for good.


Fi-sha 16 May 2009 at 22:32  

Dear Datuk Sak,

I regret that we, too often, tried to equate intelligent pigs to some morons like whatever his name is. Movies like "Babe" and "Charlotte's Web" show how these so called dirty, filthy animals by us humans, are full of wits and humane.

Do you know Datuk Sak - always take comfort that when someone says bad thing to you, rest assured he is the one doing it.

Anonymous,  16 May 2009 at 22:48  


The pig is not in high office. He is in the office of some one in very high position - the top one.

The pig cannot be holding a high position with that kind of mentality. At most, he is a functionary, his duties may include seating arrangements, passing messages and the like.

This kind of fellows need to be exposed from time to time. They are a poor specimen of Government Officers in the country. He does not sound sufficiently qualified for a Division One post. He probably is holding a Division Two post, of the level of Executive Officers, taking orders from the Division One Officers. Hardly exposed to the higher rung of society, he does not even know and may not, by his position, be bound by the etiquette of senior Government Officers, which is non-involvement or participation in public forums, including blogging. Any Government information that is required to be put out to the public domain would certainly not be in the form he did.

Because he has gone beyond the rule of decency, if his identity and work place are correct, he should be pulled up and disciplined in no uncertain terms.

Anonymous,  16 May 2009 at 23:13  

Bro, if u rss feed BarkingMagpie
Today, May 16, 2009, 2 hours ago

Should have not been released in the first place!
Today, May 16, 2009, 15 hours ago | (Pasquale)

this is what u get...Barking Magpie is Pasquale!

Leo,  16 May 2009 at 23:22  

Dato Sak,
I am glad you decided to write this piece and in doing so, tell off that barking pig that is pasquale.
I believe in you Dato.

Suci Dalam Debu 16 May 2009 at 23:24  


I don't know that guy but if what is written is true, then I would rather be a pig because pigs got more honor than that him.

Muslims don't like pigs but non-muslims do.

That guy, maybe muslims and non-muslims detest him.

I'll vote for a pig anytime over him.

teohjitkhiam 16 May 2009 at 23:37  

Hello, Datuk Sakmongkol! I think I got a pix of ya boy there and if ya want it for posterity or uhm, any other purpose ya deem fit, drop me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to oblige!

Anonymous,  16 May 2009 at 23:42  


save your energy. he never understand that we all can agree to disagree but yet in our disagreement there is still decency.

that bird has been maligning anybody that disagrees with him. i dont even bother to take a peek at his blog which is filled with vulgarity and hatred.

for all the pro-umno blogs, i find yours dato and wenger thats worth reading.

Keep it up. There's still good people in UMNO though the numbers are dwindling real fast and equally replcaed by uncouths who called a fellow Muslim -Pigs. Thats unforgivable.

Godspeed. Dato.

ngtiewley,  17 May 2009 at 00:23  

Dato Sak....this pariah fellow whom you mentioned does NOT deserve any human respect EXCEPT Babi Respect!! What do you expect fellows coming from Najib's office. The janitor must be have a hard time cleaning up this babi's shit all over the office in Putrajaya.When dealing with such scum-bags, Dato, there is no need to hold back your 'punches'. I may not know this moron but when such people call another brother muslim a 'babi', I think this chap deserve to be call 'anak haram' of the Ist degree. I think he must have caught the 'swine flu' and needs to be quarantine BUT in Tanjong Rambutan Hospital Bahagia.

SamYap,  17 May 2009 at 00:58  

I have been reading your blog fro some time but this is one time you are REALLY MAD!

I have been called a pig too, the most insulting incident was when I knocked into an UMNO Youth member who was carrying a file with loose papers in it. I was late for a meeting and in my haste I banged right into this smartly dressed chap when rounding the corner of Pan Pacific Hotel. This was in 2002. I apologised and helped to pick up the papers from the floor. He vented his anger by shouting at me: "Pukima Cina babi! Bau mulut babi!"

I kept quiet as there was no point in reasoning with a person like him. He was wearing one of those little badges which identified him as either a member or a supporter of the UMNO youth movement. There were a few other Malay gentlemen just at the front of the lobby but they sheepishly turned away when I looked at them.

But, no problem lah! After all, this is Semua Ok land!
Yes/No Datuk?

nightcaller 17 May 2009 at 01:13  

Just ignore him. He sounds line a certified failed attention seeker who uses all those unsavoury words just to get some recognition and notoriety.

Put it this way, he's barking the wrong tree, wasting energy and soon will be losing his voice. Then, he'll be known as the mute bird...who lost his dual identity.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 01:26  

Syabas Dato! Rusdi Mustapha kalau maki hamun orang dia guna nama samaran Pasquale dalam blog Barking magpie dan bila bodek Najib dia guna blog Seri Menanti.
Sila jengok blog Seri Menanti sekarang dan tengok sendiri gambar mata juling Rusdi Mustapha pakai Baju Melayu.
Kawan2 bagitau Rusdi tak tau pun dia sedang berpakaian Baju Melayu sebab dia Mabuk Selsema Babi!


Rashid,  17 May 2009 at 01:42  


There is an African proverb that says "You call others of what actually you are."

Here you have an immoral creature, unlettered and an unclean element calling everyone big. In other words, he is the very pig he talks about. When you have such moribund characters in your midst, you don't need an enemy. He is the epitome of human disgrace. A loathsome creature and an immoral one indeed. The fact that he works for Najib is a testimony of Najib's character, after all, a man is his friends and family. No?

Pandiani,  17 May 2009 at 02:04  


Thank you for the info on this barking magpie. I do notice that some pro-umno bloggers tend to stoop to name calling etc. I read all pro- govt and anti-govt blogs and I must say, the anti-govt blogs make more intellectual sense than those umno fellas.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 02:43  

Wow, yes this Pasquale has been giving UMNO blogs a bad name. That was in very poor taste what he said, and I disagree with those who said that Dato should not have responded. Dato has the right to respond and to shoot.

The whole thing about accusing Dato of wanting money is a big lie that impinges on his good name, and the further references to that animal was an insult that requires a severe retribution.

Unfortunately whilst others only shoot peas, Dato can unload automatic fire, and this guys career just went up in smoke.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 04:05  

Anyway to the ex-nimr, swine flu has nothing to do with pigs. Its a variant of a 1960s strain that was originally called 'swine flu' so thats how the name stuck. I don't know whether Mentehri Kesihatan bothered to tell the people this.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 04:29  


I do not know you personally neither tha Pestquale.But we as readers able to judge who has manners or not.

1.I am an UMNO member,on the grassroot,third generation and will always be one as I am born and breed in Johor,UMNO birthplace.My beloved party are facing troubled time now due to external lies and I do admit too , due to a few yet powerful corrupted
person but we are working hard to reclaim the dignity and glory , Berjasa pada Bangsa , Agama dan Negara without disrespecting others.Maybe thats why you hardly hear racial tension talk etc in Johor.(except that riot romours in Pasir Gudang,which turn out not to be true). Here openly I want to ask our inclination or your heart to the party ? Still strong Dato ?

2.Let me be open here.I never trust Anwar,goes all the back to 1998.When most Malays are so pumped up with the reformasi , I was cursing Anwar for the interest rates that nearly killed me operating my just launched business.Luckily Mahathir turn around the senario.From there on I never believe in Anwars senses , worse economic senses. BUT no matter how I hate him , as a Muslim I agree with you not to call another MUSLIM BABI.Non Muslim , if ou do not understand , I wont waste my time to explain.This Pasquale giving me hard time to lure new youth to join the true UMNO with his cakap lepas.He is old you see , maybe dying soon but UMNO has to be carried by the youth and his doing dont make it easier for us.

3.I have told him off in is website under the NST issue to tell him to tone down and if you can see , he is so proud to claim he drinks. Sak , I do not know you but in our generation Islam is penetrated deeper into us , beside babi , we really avoid drinking , gambling etc. Why so you think more turning to PAS now ?

4.Dato , we also did not want to hear 'as long we do our job as leaders its ok , our past time is ours ' . Akhlak mesti dijaga.Semua berlaku ada hikmah Dato.Hope you received this with open heart. Jgn macam si Pestq , org mengingat dia tuduh kita orang Singapura.Siap suruh kita mabuk sekali.Susah kalau tak kenal haram halal.

Saya sgt setuju kalau org begini dihalau terus dari pejabat Dato Najib,

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 05:29  

Dear Dato,

With all due respect to you and my muslim comrades, pass this unprincipled and uncivilised "pig" to us for our bak-kut-teh.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 07:09  

Dear Sir

I am an avid reader of MT, Haris Ibrahim, Dr. Farish Noor and Zorro Unmasked. Therefore I have on occasions been redirected to your blog. I don't know you and I am currently living overseas but from the little that I have read of your writings, you come across as someone of principle and reason, indeed a rare virtue for UMNO people (only other person of prominence is Tengku Razaleigh and Zaid Ibrahim; the latter being no longer an UMNO person).

I felt that there is still hope for Malaysia as thereis a growing number of moderate Malays that reject the NEP because it is a slur on the ability of these decent Malays. Unfortunately (and you have to admit this), it is very much in the nature of Malays to accept the easy path and the handouts creating generations of cripples who think nothing of balls carrying as part of their tools of trade in "cari makan".

There is an old saying "The empty vessel makes the most noise". This Pasquale seems like one of the worst example of these cripples.

I was brought with lots of Malay friends during my youth and I would never think of calling a fellow Malay Malaysian a babi, knowing how sensitive this is to them and their religion. For a brother Malay to call another Malay is the height of indecency and is thoroughly despicable. He can't be a muslim and RPK has a name for such people - Munafik.

I do not know if it helps, but most readers of blogs are pretty intelliegent (I like to think I am) and we can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

Please accept my well wishes for you are indeed a Malay with spine and gumptions.

John Khoo

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 07:37  

The strength of a chain is as strong as it's weakest link. Barking Magpie is the weakest link in The PM's chain.
Pak Zed

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 08:11  

Nowadays pundits act like children... I think it is better to throw away Malaysia education. I always thought education will make something out of man but sad to say it is a failure!!!!!!

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 09:42  


Could you be barking up the wrong tree?

Pasquale said...
John...... am not Rusdi, why are you so obsessed with this Rusdi!

May 17, 2009 4:33 AM
Pasquale said...
John, I did read his posting, and obviously it must have struck a nerve with his such lenghty much ado about nothing convoluted English!? Cheers!I am not bothered though!

May 17, 2009 5:17 AM

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 09:49  

Is he the same Rusdi that was in the Sunday Mail many years ago? If he is, then I'm not surprised.


Ariff Sabri 17 May 2009 at 09:55  

anon at 5:17am.

then it shouldn't be any issue right. he is not bothered. yeah...others have convoluted english..just like he said of Ahmad Talib's.
how is the English in his comments?

Unknown 17 May 2009 at 10:03  

Dato Sak,
Your article is refreshing even though it is a bit late in coming. I had on one occasion (by accident)entered Barking Magpie's blog and immediately came to the decision that such a blog is not worth revisiting. It is just vile, uncouth, gutter mentality, and downright insulting to human dignity. I am glad you cleared the air for me. Now that Pasquale is actually Barking Magpie, things got even clearer for me.
Many thanks again, and I hope Dato will continue to expose all these nefarious dirts in the blogoshere who are giving blogs a bad name.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 10:27  

Dato you are so right this guy's around DSN must be vetted as i just viewed this moron's comment on rocky's blog where he say's he is going with DSN TO SEE OBAMA.


Oneofthesedays 17 May 2009 at 11:39  


This Passkuali [sic] guy is a big joke and as it is the wont of suck ups - a big hypocrite to boot. He secretly wishes he was WHITE!!

Zero credibility so he has to shout and rant louder.

I find his style of calling his fellow Malays babi shows exactly the class of his parents and his upbringing.

How embarrassing.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 11:41  


DS Najib membuat kesilapan besar menyimpan Anak Haram (pinjam kata Ngtiewley) spt Rusdi Mustapha @ Pestquale/Barkingmagpie.
Siapa tidak kenal Binatang macam Pasquale, ahli & pemimpin Umno, wartawan Star & NST kenal masak perangai Balau ni yang hidup dia melaga-lagakan orang.
Umno tidak perlu kepada Pencacai spt ini yang hanya akan menjatuhkan maruah DS Najib & DS Rosmah.
Saya masuk blog Seri Menanti dan tengok gambar Rusdi & rakan beliau di sana. Wahai Dato Tg Sarifuddin, nak ke Dato berkawan dengan Binatang ni...takut nanti terpalit bau busuk Babi Berkepak ni pulak!
Saya terharu & sedih dengan komen Samyap yang dimaki hamun org Umno.
Kalau benar perkara ini, saya mohon maaf kepada Samyap kerana dato nenek saya tak pernah suruh kami perlaku bukan Melayu sebegitu sekali kecualilah orang macam Pestquale.
Kami adik beradik kena marah kalau cakap spt itu dengan jiran atau orang bukan Melayu. Jadi kami telah dilatih dan saya percaya org Melayu dan Umno juga ditelah ajar menghormati semua kaum.
Rusdi Mustapha! Cerminlah diri kamu sebelum mengherdik orang kerana perbuatan kamu tempelak DS Najib dan Umno.
Kamu tidak suka Dato Ahmad A Talib masuk NSTP kerana dia tidak mabuk air Setan yang kamu suka tu ke...
Ahmad Talib adalah wartawan ulung dan pejuang Umno yang tidak punya masalah dengan semua lapisan masyarakat.
DS Najib adalah pemimpin yang bijak dan tahu menilai dan tidak akan terpengaruh dengan manusia jahil bernama Rusdi Mustapha dalam melantik Ahmad Talib ke NSTP.
Terima Kasih Dato Sak


Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 11:48  

Had a look at this rosdi's "sri menanti" website...he looks a very elegant,sophiscated gentleman with a nice lifestyle revolving around the extended family.He got a nice city getaway too..I certainly do not see him as the vicious,crude,namecalling blogger pasquale.

Btw,he describe his job as Coroprate Liasion..thus unless he is working for a certain meat product company,I doubt if he will be muttering BABI too often in his life.

Dato..I am only a bystander but curious indeed >> is rosdi,sri menanti and pasquale the same person?

Unknown 17 May 2009 at 12:02  

Dato Sak,

We hope you will continue to expose the identity of those freeloaders hanging around the PM.....
Often they are more than free loaders as they DAMAGE other people's REPUTATION and FUTURE. Somehow this negative characteristics is a common trait amongst Malays. And that is the reason why Valuable Capable Malays ends up on the wayside eventually becoming some of the most ardent opponents of the government...

Some of them after having such experiences vowed not to let their children continued living in Malaysia leading to further Malay Brain Drain....

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 12:09  


Pasquale? I read his blog twice and stopped. That was one year ago.

He could not have come from NS (Seri
Menanti). We rakyat NS do not curse and use crude words even to people we dont like. Obviously, he know nothing about Malay adat.


Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 13:11  

Dato' Sak,
Rusdi is indeed is what he prefers to call others. Unfortunate that he is using his friend's name Pasquale to throw off people from his scent.

BrightEyes 17 May 2009 at 14:13  

That magpie & his band of bloggers have been going around trying assassinate media figures & journos that aren't with the Mahajib faction.

Other people in his band includes two guys of large size (one of them sells camels part-time), a long-haired one who apparently wants a better job offer, and a woman journo.

The latest victim was Rashid Yusof. Now they're trying to assault Malaysian Insider and its personnel, and depose A.Talib so... apparently... the long-haired one can take his place.

Also, I've heard one (or some) of them exposed the identity of 'that guy' who was involved in the Eli Wong pics.

Dhahran Sea,  17 May 2009 at 16:32  

Salam Tok,
Fully agree with your comment... when we have Malays who claim to be Muslims start "babi-ying" other Muslims, you know lah the sort of quality of his/her gray matter... biarkan lah these people Tok, dia jawab dengan Tuhan nanti ler...

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 20:21  

Your illustration above looks exactly like Rusdi Mustapha of NST.

lebai 17 May 2009 at 20:45  

I am thinking Pasquale living in the West who originally came from a taboo culture and are still considered part of it or connected with it, even though he's now exiles or `apostates' from that culture.
Meminum arak adalah salah satu dosa yang besar dan tercela di sisi Allah. Kita sudah mengetahui bahawa bahaya arak dan judi boleh mendatangkan lebih banyak mudarat dari manfaatnya. Tidak ada manusia yang waras akal fikirannya akan melakukan sesuatu yang akan mendatangkan kemudaratan pada dirinya.
Abdulah bin Umar r.a. berkata bahawa Rasulullah bersabda;
"Jangan duduk bersama orang yang minum arak atau menziarahi mereka
ketika mereka sakit, jangan hadiri pengkebumian mereka. Di akhirat mereka yang meminum arak akan kembali dengan wajah yang hitam dengan lidah yang terjelir dan air liur mengalir dari mulut mereka. Sesiapa yang melihat keadaan mereka yang kotor itu akan mengetahui yang mereka adalah peminum arak."
Jadi janganlah kita percaya kepada kata-kata mereka yang meminum arak.

Anonymous,  17 May 2009 at 22:07  

DS Najib membuat kesilapan besar menyimpan Anak Haram (pinjam kata Ngtiewley) spt Rusdi Mustapha @ Pestquale/Barkingmagpie.

Saya rasa jika anda gunakan kata kesat ke atas Si Pest , anda juga akan menurunkan status anda ke taraf dia. Anak Haram adalah panggilan yg keji juga dlm adat Melayu.nDia yg salah bukan ibu bapa dia.

Dear SamYap , I do not think generally Malays in or out of learned UMNO member spews such vile and hurtful remarks to non Muslim as it is a sin.I remembered shoved chillies in my mouth just by saying bodoh to a person who pushed me at the playground when I was only 9.Cursing is something I do not practice until now.

Praise to Allah that we have a non sober all the time person from Negeri Sembilan ,Avalion that came out detesting such immoral act.

Saya seperti SPY UMNO juga sayangkan parti dan mahukan parti dihormati kerana adab dan usaha yang ikhlas.Saya juga menyokong segala usaha memebersihkan parti dari org jijik moral seperti Pestq.Cukuplah kita bergaduh sesama kita.Yang boleh menumbangkan UMNO adalah org UMNO sendiri.
Mungkin juga Si Pestq ni upah sebagai insider oleh Anwar sebagai reverse mind game atau juga dia agent Singapura sendiri? Orang tua kalau ada otak tau apa yang dicakapkan lebih menjahanamkan UMNO atau menyelamatkan.
Kalau usaha menjahanamkan,bukankah org begini di panggil musuh dalam selimut?

Jamal JB

TheCorruptlyObnoxiousSumanSumbing,  17 May 2009 at 23:33  


Here's a personal experience. I once was with a group of friends whom I do not have to tell you laaa.... and I was discussing with this one brader. As we were doing so, a semi-elderly gentleman with almost white hair all over came to our bench and started to "pinch" the attention of this brader, without of course getting permission to do so from the rest of the group. I do not remember what he was talking about, but the only thing that struck my mind was that his first words were "PANT*T !!", and he was saying THAT loudly. The rest of our group just laughed, so I gathered that that vileness in language was meant for humor.

Anyway, when he went away and I inquired who was that elderly man who was a bit challenged in dignity and culturedness, I was told, "he's Barking Magpie, the blogger".

I never thought much about it before until you brought this point up here.

Khun Pana aka johanssm 18 May 2009 at 05:37  

AK47 , please do not pollutes your good blog by retaliating to a swine.
Your blog is among the "readable" type from an umno person with good judgment and weighted thinking.
Most of us reads a lot from site to site and from blog to blog.
We do know what is good and who is bad.
As mentioned by fellow commenter John Khoo who quoted Raja Petra.
They are really munafik.

Anonymous,  18 May 2009 at 07:39  

Kalau ada masa boleh Datuk baca artikel ni kat blog
atau dan


Anonymous,  18 May 2009 at 09:34  

Dato Sak,
It's rather sad when we see a fellow muslim of low breeding excelling in name calling!How could such people be working in the PM's office unless it's for an agenda?
What has really happen to the mild natured malays we had before?Anyway you did no wrong but God has a mysterious way of doing his justice to such low down skunks!

mangchikla 18 May 2009 at 12:20  

is this the dude in quetion ka, threesome in black and he' in the middle? Alamak tuannnn, looks like the "Ancient" and one still spewing profanities? akakakaak Dato Najib SUWE a gold mine in he's team...

mangchikla 18 May 2009 at 12:43  

All these talk about swine remind me of the Animal Farm ..."ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL

Ariff Sabri 18 May 2009 at 16:25  


yes- that's the chap in the middle. on the left is dato tengku sharifudin. he uses his friend's name pasquale to blog profanities. he is also known as baking magpie. his real name is rusdi mustafa

Anonymous,  18 May 2009 at 23:51  

Ah Lebai . Thanks you for explaining what long I want to said about alcholism in Islam to those so called liberal.

Please , No means No in Islam.We do not compromise the ruling for the sake of packaged modernization,urbanization,21st century etc.
For non muslim here, we respect your choice,truly.Even tough I lost my Melanau friend to a palm tree and 2 chinese friends one to traffic light and into someone's porch at 3am in the morning , all due to drinking.
I had enough of self claimed Malay (which subjected them to be Muslim )who proudly and openly tell others what drink he does enjoys. Do not tell me I am showing piousness etc.It is a duty for a Muslim to remind their brehten.Wajib.
We have numbers of people now going around to the places you Muslim drinkers are patronizing will expose you all in the web with drinks in your hand.
Watch out.

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  24 November 2009 at 13:21

this is rusdi mustapha's other blog. look at his toilets! i think through the series of his blogging, i guess that he has made good money to blog. hahahahah

such a dickhead! dont you think so datuk sak?


Anonymous,  24 November 2009 at 13:23  

i see that man around in chawan many times with kadir jasin, rocky and several goons. oh, big sized as well. i find it really amusing. you know why? people with huge body entering into chawan with a little identity behind them and of course, their little pea brain just bouncing in their skull, not to forget the holes around it. hahahah

Anonymous,  18 December 2011 at 12:28  

Dato', just keep doing what you do after all your standard is way way beyond those KHINZIRs ..

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