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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 8 May 2022

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah- The Single Spark That Lights The Prairie Fire.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, trh hosted a breaking of fast event in kota bharu. It was attended by amanah leaders and several ngos.

2. It was held , I believed in the stately Palm Manor in kb. There trh discussed with the attendees plans to capture Kelantan from the ecclesiastical dictators, pas.

3. The pas government has held the kelantanese people at spiritual ransom and bondage. With their unachievable and utopian ideals.

4. By continuosly and incessantly proselytising about these pie in the sky issues, pas makes itself relevant and it's presence felt.

5. The pas engineered issues and narratives really become an opium to the masses. Keeping them in deep slumber, forgetting they need an orderly and focused government.

6. A government that produces sound policies and provide for temporal enrichments. The.people need development, social and public amenities, eradication of halal corruption upliftment from poverty etc.

7. The people need the supply of clean water, ample electricity and not having to put up with the following nonsense.

8. The minds of the mad mullahs are perpetually congested as the streets of kb during festive seasons.

9. Admittedly i am not a kelantanese. I wasnt born in any parts of kelantan. I was born in pekan, pahang.

10. But i have roots in kelantan. Both my geat grandfather and great great grandfather and countless other relatives are kelantanese.

11. My great grandfather,hj abdullah serban hijau and my great great gandfather,hj abdul latif serban hijau are buried in bunut payung. As are countless ralatives all over kelantan. My own maternal great great granfather,khatib amin bin tok shahrum is burried in lebir,i believe in gua musang.

12. I have living relatives all over kelantan. In a way,i am as kelantanese as the next 'oghe make ike keli bakar denge budu neh...'

13. So when ku li,out of a sense of noblesse oblige decided to meet with kelantan amanah and other ngo leaders,that move ought to be supported.

14. Isnt it a coming of minds,to free kelantan from the vice grip of the ecclesiastical dictators?

15. A sense of noblesse oblige is something the ever envious and plebian ketereh Neanderthal, wont be able to understand. He suffers from' its not thought here' syndrome.

16. It does not occur to the ketereh feller that his overriding objective as an umno man, is to seek ways to unseat the pas government. So is the task of other umno wooden pegs.

17. Instead of supporting and extolling the ku li move, he belittles and downplays it,saying its an individual decision.

18. That betrays his perennial saturnine disposition and envy. Thats They reason behind the fall of the Malays. They are always envious,greedy and voraciously corrupt. Anuar musa has all these 'finer'points.

19. Saying its just an individual move has several implications.
A. Its an admission that he himself is not capable of accomplishing what ku li did.
B. He is deficient.
C.he appoints himself as spokesman for umno
D. It recognises that only ku li has the stature to make a diferrence.

20. Anuar Musa realises right from the beginning,he has not got the stature nor the ability to galvanise the opposition to pas rule in kelantan.

21. So what does he do? He patronises the whole situation by talking it down. Its a personal initiative not endorsed by him nor umno kelantan or umno hq.

22. He is too full of himself and cocksure. He himself does not represent umno. He is from the clique within umno that is pro bersatu.

23. By downplaying what ku li did, he indicates that umno Kelantan is never united. There are too many chiefs and too little indians. Everybody wants to be the village champion.

24. They win at shouting themselves silly,but lose the state. Anuar musa and kelantan umno are never interested in recapturing kelantan. Perhaps it is true they prefer to remain as divisional heads so that monetary allocations go through them.

25. Anuar musa and kelantan umno prefer kelantan to remain in relative backwadness. So that it can validate the success of returned kelantaneses. And they can choked the life out of kb streets with their grand cars. Ku li please put a stop to all this nonsense.

26. The ketereh idiot has misread umno. Umno is a party without principles and scruples. It may not endorse ku li now,but will not be ashamed to embrace the prince should he succeed. Umno has no qualms becoming the chisel even if the house is completed. Umno mana ada malu!

27. Now,lets turn to the man at the centre of the issue-tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He invited amanah and ngo leaders. None from umno were invited. He did not invite these people to play marbles or fly the wau.

28. Apart from the breaking of fast,it was a meeting to organise the forces opposed to the ecclesiastical dictators. The fact that it did not involve umno is signicant.

29. Umno needs pas actually. It needs pas to provide a religious and divine rationale for its fascism, corruption and all its depravities. You know the pas motto-wa haramun kalau makan sorang,wa halalun kalau kongsi dua.

30. Umno is just the other side of the same coin. As the kelantanese say,duo kali limo. Bo ambo! Including umno in the meeting is therefore risky.

31. This means, ku li read the political situation well. My sources say there is a groundswell rejecting the rancid politics of pas and the avariciousness of umno.

32. To have included umno leaders at the meeting, is like hauling a live monitor lizard. As it is,ku li is spared the agony of dealing with possible 5th columnists and also spared the agony of saying et tu brute.?

33. Umno should not be upset with how it was sidelined and will be sidelined in all future dealings of trh. In a way it is umnos comeuppance. Umno has treated ku li like dirt. His appointment as chairman of umnos advisory board is just a window dressing ruse.

34. In reality,ku li is treated like a turning bad Quran. You cannot read it nor can you throw it away. So you wrap it properly with cloth and place it high on a shelve. In traditional malay houses, you placed it on a 'para'.

35. The point is, that ku li marches to the beat of his own drum. He refuses to be shackled by the sullied hands of the 'stay out jail' umno leaders and other corrupt umno minions not caught yet.

36. He has shown his independant streak,which is appreciated by learned heads, on two occasions. The first when he was called by the palace to counsel the rulers on what is to be done in the event mahiadin is ousted. The second ,when he wrote to the speaker, to move a no- confidence vote againts mahiadin 'puffy' Yassin.

37. Ku li must have told the agung to appoint a person chosen by umno. Wasnt he promised the post of pm by the leaders of the kleptocrats, zahid and najib? When the umno mkt met ku li's name was not even mentioned.

38. For the particular purpose of arm twisting mahiadin to abrogate the throne of the premiership, ku li played the role of,i must say this candidly and with sincerity, a useful idiot.

39. In my opinion,trh is a hopeless romantic for believing that values like independence of the mind, trustworthiness, my word is my bond priciple and other time honored values are celebrated in umno. Sadly they are not.

40. What umno celebrate are machinations,intrigues, plots, schemations and winning by any Machiavellian means necessary.

41. So,if umno now finds itself excluded from negotiations on the 'kelantan project' initiated by ku li, it ought to know that the exclusion is a fitting and deserved retaliation. Thanks to all the ill-treatment to trh and other contrarians.

42. Umno should look itself up in the mirror and sees its true Dorian Gray image. Having done that,acknowledge that ku li was right to exclude the biblical beast.

43. What materialises before you is the apparition of a develish beast hot branded with the mark of the beast 666, emblazoned across its forehead.

44. Exorcise it from Kelantan politics and kick out also Count Iblis, representing parti ajaran sesat.

45. Whether you like it or you dont like it,learn to love this. Trh has the stature and appeal to make a difference in Kelantan politics.

46. Of course ku li's action will invite the usual naysayings from umno degenerates and pooh poohs from pas. Ignore these incomprehensible noises and brayings.

47. Indeed one pas official said his party is not worried. In the past, the people has chosen pas. Well,this pas apparatchik ought to know, that past successes do not assure present relevance.

48. Given the hostile and inconducive environment, the logical step is for ku li to form a new political party. Whether its parti amanah rakyat Malaysia or some other call signs,deliver us fom the clutches of the evil ecclesiastical dictators and rapacious and avaricious umno. For too long we have been living under the yoke of stylised Islam of pas. We certainly do not need pas to validate our Islamicness.

49. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the person who can ignite the spark with which to light the prairie fire!


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