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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Why I believe it does not matter what we believe of Anwar


1. Whether Anwar is gay or not is not the issue. He is being accused not of being gay but having intercourse against the order of nature( what the hell is this) which is punishable—blah blah. A person with a proven record of straight sex life( fathering 6 children) only goes to show that he is sexually active. It does not prove that he does not engage in intercourse against the order of nature.
2. No one else came out from the woodwork because of the terrible shame and stigma that came along with it. A person cruises on only on those he is familiar with or who are submissive to him such as between master and slave, employer and employee.
3. Maybe there are other partners who were consensual. But they chose not to come out from their cupboards. Or perhaps they are on the same wavelength with gay habits themselves. Perhaps they are gays themselves.
4. A person’s body language may be simulated to reflect and show what he wants the public to believe.
5. The fact that Anwar went to the Turkish embassy caught everyone by surprise. We must accept the reason being Anwar feared for his life and feared being black-eyed as before. Suggesting that a conspiracy exists is an afterthought trying to create a smokescreen
6. The e-mail Saiful sent to his employer was sent to inform the employer he has resigned. Period. It was not sent to tell the employer that I am resigning because you sodomised me. When I left my employer, I left. I didn’t leave giving reasons why I left.
7. I asked this question before. Can a 61 year old force himself onto a 23 year old? The answer is why not. Saiful may be submissive by nature. A little bit of foreplay and other inducements may encourage Saiful to be susceptible to anal intercourse( just like the other case).


1. This is the classic guilty-by association argument. I have written on this in my reductio ad hitlerum. It is very tenuous to infer guilt by adducing as a balance of probabilities, photographs taken showing Saiful with political luminaries to support our inference. I suggest Saiful or his fiancée show photographs of Saiful and PKR luminaries so that we can spin ‘alternative’ stories.
2. Hello- you can’t tell the truth because you are pro-UMNO?
3. Saiful went to the DPM’s office to ask for help in securing his scholarship. He is a dropout yes. We can only conclude that he is a stupid person and the fact that he had gone to the wrong place( who are we to say that it was wrong for him) serves to prove that he is indeed stupid but does not disqualify him from telling a truth.
4. Saiful may be a megalomaniac who likes his photos taken with people who represents power. Perhaps he likes this to impress his fiancée or his girlfriends or boyfriends.
5. The denial by Dato Najib about seeing Saiful is another issue altogether. We must nail Najib for this. Perhaps Najib also has a kinky habit wanting to know the gory details( gory to us) or maybe Najib also has the same or about to develop the same out of the order of nature sexual inclinations. Abdul Razak told Bala that Dato Najib told him that Altantuya was susceptible to anal intercourse. Only one who did it on Altantuya would know right?
6. Why should Najib jump on the opportunity? It was Saiful who said he was banged from behind. Najib may have been collecting material on another Dalil 2.
7. It does not matter whether Najib saw Saiful a day or a few days before Saiful the delectable rat made the police report. Bring Najib to court to establish the exact time when they met each other. The issue is not how many days Najib saw Saiful before the police report. The issue is Saiful’s allegation of being sodomised by Anwar. Why create a plot within a plot, story within a story that wastes taxpayers money, time and represent an reprehensible assault on our minds?
8. Why do we judge Saiful’s action of daring Anwar to swear or conduct malediction as unbecoming? This was merely a continuation of the many calls asking Anwar to conduct mubahalah. Whether the act of doing the mubahalah by both can establish the truth, is another matter. Liars don’t care where they swear.
9. Why would the government conspire to do Anwar in on an allegation that it knows the public will immediately disbelieve? Why should the government chose an issue that is extremely difficult to prove?. The answer, unless it does this believing there is substance in that allegation.
10. Whether the script is 10 or 20 years old, does not matter, if its true, it will remain so just as the DNA is imperishable.

Just as K Bing believes that Anwar is innocent, others believe he is not innocent of the allegation. Even if this allegation can be disproved in court will not clean Anwar of a tainted record. Sorry K Bing.


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