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Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Politics of Medical Reports.

It does not matter whether Saiful the sodomised wants to swear on the Quran. Don’t insult the Muslims further. If he had wanted , he should have done it earlier.

Now it is already too late. No one will believe that you are speaking the truth. He has gone to do a medical check on his predicament at Pusrawi. A trained medical officer, a doctor nonetheless has certified that there were no evidences of sodomy. The sordid details shall not be repeated here.

What did the mainstream newspapers and the government do? They are trying to discredit the doctor. It does not matter whether the doctor is Malaysian or not Malaysian. What actually matters is that he is a trained GP and is more than capable of ascertaining the complaint proffered.

The general manager of Pusrawi was trying to cast aspersions on the credibility of the doctor. First by saying he is not Malaysian. A doctor is a doctor is a doctor. Suppose the doctor were a Chinese. What would he have done? Can he then say- OH he is not a Malay doctor? So one rules out this dirty attempt to cast doubts on the GP’s professionalism.

Secondly, the GM of Pusrawi appears to diminish the GP’s capabilities by saying he is not a specialist. Haha- so there is a specialist specialising in analysing anuses? What is the specialist called? A anustologist? A buttologist? Rectumologist?

So all the GP’s in Malaysia, and they are more numerous than specialists are not up to standard. An ailment such as this- complaint about pain when passing motion because a plastic has been inserted there-OUCH! Can only be examined by a specialist doctor?.

Clearly, the statement by the GM of Pusrawi(we are not told he is a doctor or a specialist in what) was meant to befuddle the public even more.

The deputy DIG must desist in giving out statements that smack of politics. He is after all a civil servant. Only the law courts can determine and decide whether the report from Pusrawi is admissible in the court of law. It is not up to the deputy DIG to decide on our behalf, the public, whether it is confusing or not.

The statement from the director general of health about the credibility of a second medical report from HUKL appears to subvert and meant to overwhelm the report from Pusrawi. According to the good doctor Ismail Marican, the HUKL report was done according to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Let the court decide whether which of the reports are more believable.

All the public wants to know, whether the sodomy charges were real. If they were, let us wait for the new opposition and deputy opposition leader in parliament.


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