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Monday, 28 July 2008

A Thug and his ways


There you are. You employ a thug as UMNO secgen, he works the only way he knows. Employ thuggish methods. Running down the grassroots. Didn’t I tell you, these bloody goons think our duty, the unsung and unknown UMNO members is to vote for them? We the faceless ones who served our masters and who are then discarded? After voting them in, we are asked to shut the fornication up?

What does this thug do? He whose royal bloodline is yet to be established. During my younger days, he was known as Teuku. Eventually it metamorphosed into Tengku. From which royal house? Anyway, we don’t care two hoots what he wants to self title himself. After all titles are as good as the person who carries it. You may be a Dato, but you are still a country bumpkin. (genuine Datos , please don’t get upset ok?)

What vexes us UMNO members, is when the UMNO secgen, asked the branches not to waste time nominating people for the top posts in UMNO. He says there is no provision in the UMNO constitution. That confirms my suspicions. In my earlier blog, I said I myself hadn’t read the UMNO constitution. The UMNO division secretary in my bahagian had not read it either. Not in a million years. But the UMNO secgen?

If he doesn’t read it himself, then he does not deserve the job of UMNO secgen. Dato Seri Abdullah should terminate his services. Discharged dishonourably. He has exposed his biggest faux pas- being the secgen, he does not have a firm grasp of UMNO fundamentals.

The blogger Dato Ron pointed out the enabling clauses. My blogger friend from Pahang, Smalltalk( had to re affirm the existence of the clauses. That particular clause, 17.5.1 actually gives anyone at the branch level to discuss any of UMNO’s policies under the sky.

Hell, they can even discuss, vehemently if they so chose to talk about the undemocratic planned transfer of power. They can even question the legitimacy of such an arrangement.

In any case, with or without knowledge of the existence of such provisions, during the tabling of emergency resolutions or un-debated resolutions, each branch can say whatever they want. I have heard one branch even denounced the duplicitous way Dato Najib once upon a time claimed his first wife was mad so that he can marry the present wife. Who’s to say this particular bloke speaking, as provided for by the usul tergempar is being pedestrian? Many ketua cawangans especially in towns are highly educated and far more qualified than the UMNO secgen. The ketua cawangan or the speaker assigned to speak, is entitled to do so.

It is the insidious message given by the UMNO secgen that I find disturbing. He has now confirmed that whatever resolutions passed( nominations for top posts at branch levels are given in the form of emergency or un-debated resolutions) , end up in the wastepaper basket. The UMNO secgen’s that is.


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