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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Baradan Kuppusamy- ISTO PENSITARIS? You get paid for this crap?


Baradan kuppusamy has compared Dato Seri Abdullah’s attempts to mould a new Malaysia with the efforts taken by former Russian president, Mikhail Gorbachev. That was an attempt to cast Pak Lah in favourable terms. We have no problems with that. Our leader must be made to look statesman-like.

Pak Lah has initiated Malaysia’s version of Perestroika and Glasnost. In that process he has forgotten the adage if it’s not broken don’t fix it. If the shoes don’t fit, acquit. His advisors told him, in order to achieve what previous Prime Ministers did not, he must re-invent the wheel. And so, we have been receiving disaster after disaster.

Mr B Kuppusammy suggests these are the small prices one pays to re structure the old society. We will leave it at that.

If the comparison made between Pak Lah and uncle Gorby serves an agenda to shore up Pak Lah’s image, nothing of that sort is evident in his treatment of P. Bala, the author of the SD which implicated Dato Seri Najiib.

P.Bala made an SD on the 1st of July implicating Dato Seri Najib with something in the Altantuya murder. 24 hours later he recanted his first SD and withdrew notably, those passages referring to Dato Seri Najib. What it really achieved was fortifying people’s belief of Dato Najib’s involvement. That is usually what people get by asserting the negative. It made people scrutinise the first SD even more.

P. Bala has disappeared for the moment. For a person supposedly to be in financial dire straits, he seemed to have found new sources of wealth to take refuge somewhere in a neighbouring country. At least he is safe.

What is the point of B. Kuppusamy’s piece of writing? It is a subtle destruction of P Bala’s credibility. For P. Bala has committed the cardinal sin of (1) associating himself with the de facto PKR leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and (2) being a supporter of the Hindraf cause.

B. Kuppusammy has judged and convicted Anwar Ibrahim. We are not going to argue with that judgement but justice rushed is equally bad as justice delayed. I am sure there must be a quote somewhere by lawyers on this.

Because P. Bala has associated himself with the bugger, therefore all his revelations must by association, stink. All those passages referring to Dato Seri Najib must somehow be creatively (Ezam’s term) engineered by Dato Seri Anwar. On that basis, P. Bala’s SD must not be believed.

Further, P. Bala’s SD is diminished because of his being a supporter of a perceived extremist group like Hindraf.

On the reverse side, to push Mr.B. Kuppusamy’s argument further, if only P. Bala has not associated with Dato Seri Anwar, or had no links with Hindraf, his SD may be believable.

Ah….its perilous to associate oneself with anyone these days.


Anonymous,  2 October 2008 at 02:33  

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