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Friday, 18 July 2008

Me aint scared- Dato Najib.

The warrior in Dato Najib.

I have written an article entitled Bala-Cleva And The Economists. The reason why I write it other than representing a natural break from my other writings was to bring me back to the current subject. Writing about Dato Najib. The man who would be prime minister. Scheduled in June 2010.

Dato Najib says he is not scared. Only that he is a stickler to tradition of being given things free. I have written about that too. About how the convergence of fortuitous events gave Dato Najib his understanding of tradition. In Pekan, his tradition is that the UMNO Ketua Bahagian must come from his family tree and leaders from those shadowy figures inhabiting one particular kampong in Pekan called Kampung Langgar. In fact, this self centred family tree even have their own persatuan with structured committee and the works. Dato Najib’s version of tradition is highly feudalistic- power is circulated among his ilk. That’s tradition for you.

His tradition is of course for the President to hand over to deputy president. Huh? I thought the tradition is whomsoever is the president hands over to the president elect. Which means whoever wants to become president must offer himself as a candidate trying to unseat the incumbent. As I said many times, this kind of warped version of tradition renders the institution of democratic practice worthless. You might as well create a dynastic power structure. The current king on the throne passes power to the crowned prince.

Dato Najib says look at his record to glean his commitment to the rakyat. Aha- he says look at the majority he obtained in Pekan during the 12th GE. I have been waiting for this. Want to know how he got this huge majority?

In 1999, he managed to secure a majority of 241 votes only. So by way of his reasoning which we now reverse, could this mean that it implied his commitment to help the people in Pekan was almost nil?

In other words, the majority he obtained is not indicative of his commitment to the welfare of Pekan people. But then its ok- using the Pareto rule of 20:80, 20% being the portion of educated people in Pekan, Dato Najib’s rendition of his track record is believable. The truth is, what he has accomplished in Pekan was only a collateral product of powers vested in him as a minister and now deputy prime minister.

When he won by a whisker of a majority in 1999, they had to find some ways to ensure he wins big every time. That is the reason why certain parts in the district of Kuantan were included in the Pekan parliament. These parts are physically in Kuantan, yet in terms of electoral district, are included in Pekan. The most strategic of these electoral areas is the military camp located in Kuantan. It has over 5000 registered voters. There’s no prize for guessing who our soldiers vote. That’s 5000 voters for you sufficient to win Dewan Undangan Negeri seat.

I shall not go into the details of how this huge majority was obtained. Bad sport.

Illius Me Paenitet,Dux.- Sorry About That , Chief.


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