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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Muhyi's Final Nail On The Coffin.

Heil! Mein Abah!

1. At the time of this writing the Agong has already issued a statement. The most important is, no Emergency is declared. All other advice are ignored.

2. Others have written on the unconstitutionality of such an Emergency. More eloquently I might add. GK Ganeson and former AG Tommy Thomas have done so. They are lawyers and worth listening to. I merely hitch a ride on their writings.

3. To behave responsibly can mean different things to politicians. To PN miscreants it means dissolving parliament.

4. To obstinate PN politicians they want to propose that Muhyi meet the Agong to dissolve parliament.

5. To me that's an exercise in futility. The Agong will consider public health and cost issues.

6. Legally it's settled. The Agong can refuse to listen to the PM's advice.

7. In handling COVID-19 a minister is the last person the Agong need listen to. He should listen to doctors and frontliners. The minister in charge cannot guarantee the safety of the people notwithstanding he has an SOP from the sky.

8. Ayah Pin once had a religion from the sky not just an SOP, yet he cannot escape death.

9. There are really 2 swords of Damocles hanging over Muhyi's head:- a vote of no confidence and a Budget defeat.

10. If the vote of no confidence is disallowed a budget defeat will have the same desired effect .

11. How can a government spends with money not legally approved? That would be illegal. Those who adamantly do so regardless, have committed an illegality. Arrest them and fine them. Those we do not want to see their faces in parliament any more, fine then more than RM2000. They have to be disqualified as MP!

12. You may have plans B and C and all the other plans, but they will involve some forms of chicanery, duplicity and unscrupulous methods. Please do all that because it will reveal your true devilish character.

13. That's behaving irresponsibly for you. Instead of standing down you plan all sorts of devious plans that put the people at risk. The UMNO leaders who countenanced such methods are complicit in putting the people in harm's way.

14. To more than 113 MPs, the whole drama directed by Muhyi, will strengthen their resolve to put into effect the democratic process-remove this PM through parliamentary means. Between that and a forced PRU which is both costlier and unsafe, which methods do you prefer?

15. For Muhyi its the final nail on his own coffin. He reaps what he has sown. The most honourable option he should do is RESIGN. He's delaying the inevitable.

16. What are the signs of a man:

He dies in the ring
He sleeps on the crest of the wave
He eats on the exposed shore
He does not know tears
Head unbowed.
Be a man.


Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Muhyi's toilet emergency: He has Diarrhea.

1. A constitutional coup de tat is happening before our eyes. The PM of the day wants the King to declare an Emergency. Or in his words a partial emergency, the real meaning only he knows. Maybe it's a Javanese term translated into English.

2. The unscrupulous way the PM uses to try to get it has attracted harsh opprobrium as it should. Lawyers are agitated.
The UMNO number 2 has said the Coronavirus pandemic must be handled with respect and deference to the Constitution and Democracy be allowed to function normally.

3. Nobody is going to be fooled into believing that the request for emergency is the COVID-19 pandemic. It's collateral. The real reason is an excuse to stay in power, avoid the motion of no confidence and prevent budget defeat.

4. It's a knee-jerk reaction of a closet dictator. Oh, what a beast that's unleashed from the Sheraton Move.

5. Can you imagine- he can spend as though it's his father's money without being accountable to anyone. Swollen face Muhyi suddenly experiences a bout of diarrhoea that he needs to declare his 'emergency'.

6. It's clear that COVID-19 is not the reason for the Emergency. It's the need to avoid the motion of no confidence.

7. It's imperative for Wak Muhyi to survive the motion. If he ceases to command majority support of MPs he and the entire cabinet must resign.

8. Obviously it also means he is not confident that the Agung will heed his advice to dissolve parliament. What a tangled web has he weaved.

9. Actually Muhyi has smeared charcoal on his Majesty's face. He assumes the king to be so gullible and dim to automatically accede to his request. The king can smell a rat. An elephant's carcass cannot be covered by a leaf

10. I used to think that Mahathir is the political chessboard player. Muhyiddin is really the enfant terrible. He's hitting below the belt. He's using the pandemic to hide the fact that he's losing the majority in parliament. He has only 113 seats.

11. An Emergency is needed to create political stability. That can be obtained if parliament were to be suspended and Muhyi be allowed to rule by fiat.

12. But the political instability is created by Muhyi in the first place because of his stubbornness in holding on to power by the thinnest of majority.

13. The boil should be removed surgically. Muhyi's government will not survive. It has run out of its usefulness.

14. Being told that such an important issue need to be referred first to the rulers' council is a clear indication that the request will likely be denied.

15. Oh, palliatives and face-saving statements will be issued- the rulers have the nominal confidence in Muhyi, the budget is important to fight the pandemic etc. But the most important thing is the request for Emergency will be refused.

16. MPs will be asked to behave responsibly and not to disturb the government of Dear Leader Abah. But that will not prevail. To more than 113 MPs to behave responsibly means to affirm democratic rule. Which is to give voice to the people.

17. You can be sure Muhyi is not going to be quiet too . Indeed, he's taking measures to circumvent the denial request.

18. He knows his days are numbered. If the no confidence motion is not allowed a Budget defeat wiil have the same result . He will have to tender in his resignation.

19. It's not as if the  measures taken by the current government with regards to COVID-19 cannot be done and be done better than an in-coming government.

20. If it comes to that, let Muhyi cries alone. Don't cry together. Think of the mess and political instability he created. It gives a poignant tone to the saying 'you reap what you sow'.

21. If he becomes PM through some duplicity, he will likewise exit through some chicanery. I say that as a mater of factly. Nothing personal, it's just business. That's Karma for you.

22. If you don't like the word 'Karma' how about if God has willed a particular outcome, no one can stop it. Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Allah Ya Rahim.

23. It is evident that only the King can declare an Emergency not the administration of Abah. That's why he made a beeline to Kuantan. He emerged sullen face. Cant get everything at once even if you are PM.

24. If I remember correctly, the Agong can only declare an Emergency under article 150 of the Constitution. But only if the Emergency is grave. Grave to me, means very serious. Very threatening. Very dangerous etc.

25. Grave to the nation ya, not to the PM personally. A vote of no confidence and a possible budget defeat are not grave dangers to the nation and hardly qualify for an Emergency. It means that only this particular budget is defeated but a new one can be created by an incoming government.

26. As I understand it, to qualify as an Emergency one of 3 things must happen as a result of an event. An event must-
(a) threaten public security
(b) must threaten public order
(c) threaten economic life

27. Do we see the Moro Liberation Front armies invading our shores? The Thai army, Singapore Arm forces or the Indonesian Army? No. So no grounds of public security.

28. Do we see widespread riots  in the steets? Do we have racial riots and reckless destruction of lives and property? No. Hence, strike 2

29. Do we see thousands of George Soroses and Mike Milkens descending upon Malaysia and sabotaging our economy? Do vindictive Indonesian and Bangladeshi labourers burning our oil palms? Do we see disgruntled persons destroying our oil fields? No! Strike 3 of 3.

30. There are therefore no justifiable reasons to declare an Emergency. Its just a smokescreen to hide the fact that Muhyi does not have a majority.

31. In another part, we shall examine the next steps to be taken by the actors in Muhyi's toilet emergency. At the time this article was written, the Agong has refused to declare an Emergency.


Monday, 26 October 2020

Vote of No confidence. Part 2/2.

1. Before we tear into what the speaker said about Government bills taking precedence, we shall discuss about some other issues.

2. An oft quoted fetter that is placed on the King's appointment to ask for the resignation of a current PM who ceases to command majority support, is that he can invite the king to dissolve parliament.

3. The King must listen to the PM. He's the PM. He who rules on life and death. Moreover, he's the patron of GOLF.

4. Many will die if Muhyi is not the patron of a many golf event. Many more will be walking the streets like zombies. The PM is omnipotent.

5. He can try and indeed he will. But the King is not obliged to follow. He is after all a King.

6. If the king can smell that's it's just a ploy to preserve the position of the PM then he can refuse the PM.

7. There is a provision in our Constitution that says the King shall first appoint as PM someone in his mind would likely command the support of the majority of MPs unless provided otherwise by parliament.

8. Where is it otherwise provided? In our Constitution is the answer. The king may exercise his discretion in the appointment of a PM and to accede to a proposal to dissolve Parliament. It is clear he can refuse the PM.

9. Next are the question of cost and public health not envisaged by the loyar buruks. Is holding a snap election not costly compared to the easier resignation of the PM? And is it wise to hold a country wide election amidst the pandemic COVID-19?

10. A parliament, speaker and mp subservient to a Minister of the Crown is a new law to me. But that is what the made for u tube speaker is talking about.

11. Asking the minister of law to move a motion of no confidence against the PM is like asking the minister to shoot himself in the foot. I don't think the minister has that kind of testicular fortitude in him.

12. Have we forgotten that it's the PM who appoints the law minister? How can we ask somebody to bite the hand that feeds him? Only Muhyi did that to Mahathir.

13. A motion of no confidence is usually moved by the leader of the opposition. If the minister won't do it, it's like asking the leader of the opposition asking permission from the minister.

14. That's making a mockery of parliament and its process. It's making the whole of parliament subservient to the crown minister.

15. When the 222 MPs were voted in, they swore to uphold the constitution, uphold the rule of law, served the people. The people want a PM serving them not golfing and goofing around. They want their voice heard. Their voice is heard loudest when the vote of no confidence is heard.

16. A parliament subservient to a minister in the discharge of their electoral duties is unheard of. Yet this is what the timid speaker wants parliament to be.

17. He wants a straight-jacketed and taped at the mouth parliament. So he strenuously cites the limp excuse that government businesses must take precedence.

18. What do parliamentary practices, say about this? For this we have to look at what Erskine May say about it. Thomas, Erskine May who was a clerk at the House of Commons wrote a book actually, entitled Parliamentary Practices. I have a copy bought online. I assumed the speaker who is a lawyer has one.

19. The speaker shames the office he is in. He is not subservient to a minister. He is the one who presides on the day business of parliament. He is higher ranked than anyone else in parliament. By saying that such a motion must be moved by the law minister or that the leader of the opposition must get his permission (the minister's) the speaker is just passing the buck.

20. He is a timid and timorous soul who runs away from making tough decisions. When he took office, he swore to defend the constitution and uphold the rule of law. Obviously he won't do these things.

21. Erskine May says a confidence vote must be acceded to and a day allocated to it. That is to test whether the sitting PM has majority support or not. It's so important that a day must be allotted it. It is in recognition of the fact that the opposition is a government in potential. Therefore, it justifies an intrusion in the hearing of government bills only.

22. I would also argue for the motion of confidence on account of natural justice. To act without bias and the general duty to act fairly. The motion is so important that to deny it goes against a sense of natural justice.

23. We take note of the following. There are legal reasons that allow the King to not necessarily heed the advice of the PM. There are conventional reasons for the speaker to allow the motion. Finally, there is the reason of natural justice. We shall wait what the speaker does.

24. The king can also summon Parliament within 6 months of the last sitting. In that session he can prorogue or dissolve parliament. Only in this case he can summon parliament to discuss the issue of confidence. On which side will the King stand?


Sunday, 25 October 2020

Vote of No confidence. Part 1

1. I listened to the arguments of the Speaker of the Malaysian parliament. That is the kind of argument which retains the tyranny of the status quo.

2. If that is the way he argues the reason for disallowing a vote of no confidence I am afraid his tenure as speaker will be a short one.

3. His reasons for saying the vote of no confidence will not be possible are
(a) government bills must take precedence and
(b) it must be promoted by a minister.

4. I shall not argue the urgency of such bills purely from a legal outlook per se. The more we get into legal quicksand arguments the farther we get to solve the problem. Legal sophistry only clouds the issue.

5. Because if you were to ask lawyers they will come out with all sorts of answers none of which are right. The speaker is one and his answer is not right. It can always be debated and a bill follows it later.

6. A doctor, an engineer and a lawyer rode a train to Scotland. The doctor looks out the window and saw a black sheep on the hills.

7. The doctor says hey the sheep in Scotland are black. The engineer says you can't say that about sheep in Scotland. You can only say ONE of the sheeps are black. Then the lawyer says. You can't even say that. You can only say one SIDE of the sheep is black!

8. Back to the issue. It's really up to the discretion of the speaker. The Standing Orders and the Constitution are just guidelines. MPs used them to provide locus standi for their protestations.

9. A motion of no confidence is a game changer. The RUU is just a game add-on. The former must be accorded priority.

10. The application of common sense is in order here not a recourse to some archaic legal mumbo jumbo.

11. This is no ordinary motion. It is a litmus test. It's to test whether the PM enjoys support from the majority of MPs. If he does not then he and the entire cabinet must resign.

12. Then the refusal of the speaker to accede to the motion is easily understood. It's an attempt to perpetuate the tyranny of the backdoor government, the demise of the cabinet and to save his own position.

13. These are the logical conclusions otherwise there is no need to bunker up under the nebulous Standing Orders and the Constitution. He's saving the government and his position.

14. So don't take his explanation as a given. As the Malay saying says he's just trying to straighten a wet thread. Or while the index finger is straight, his pinky is hooked.

15. It's illogical to expect a Minister of the Crown to move a motion of no confidence. It won't happen in a million years. We might as well wait until the cat grows horns.

16. It's also ridiculous to think the originator of the motion must first seek permission from the Minister of Law. This is not a judicial review. Did the mover of the RUU motion ask permission from the law minister? No he did not and there was no need to. That would be a blockage on his role as MP. An MP owes a duty to the electorate not to the law minister or even the PM.

17. So if the PM ceases to command support from the majority of MPs, he and the entire cabinet must resign. I have no doubt the current speaker will also lose his job(as speaker)

18. The whole of his arguments were meant to preserve the PMs and his interests which are against the interest of the people.

19. That to me is more cogent than to say it's against the rule of law, Convention, Standing Orders or even the Constitution. The Speaker and Parliament must give voice to the people.

20. An interesting fact is the provision in the constitution that says the King must first appoint someone whom he thinks is LIKELY to command the majority support of the majority of the MPs.

21. To me this is interesting. It means the King may not select the person who claims he has the majority. Secondly the claim is verifiable. It ought to be tested in the dewan rakyat.

22. "Is likely" seems to me is an after the fact thing. Choose first and see whether he has majority support. Muhyiddin has majority support because of the office. Because he was chosen support comes into line.

23. The more preferable choice is to test the claim in the dewan rakyat. This wasn't done in Muhyiddin's case.


Thursday, 22 October 2020

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Beyond the Myths.

1. The house at Bukit Chekati must have been greatly ravaged by the floods some time ago. It is by the river. Needless to say Ku Li must have put it right.

2. The country is now ravaged by political upheavals. TRH maybe the right person to put things right. He's got the right credentials.

3. Some people will say a nation is not like a house. But I know of many MPs who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Why can't I compare a house and the nation then?

4. Every Friday some close friends would congregate at his house for Friday prayers. Prayers are usually at a mosque in kampung Pandan. He would be driven in an old BMW 2002. He still keeps a black bulletproof Mercedes-Benz given him by the government amidst rumours that the CIA were out to assassinate him for having introduced the PDA.

5. He values the past and is well grounded to the contemporary and is tuned to the spiritual. A person who doesn't forget the past is likely not to repeat the mistakes therein.

6. That means he keeps tradition as long as it is functional. But he also submits to the inevitable, the spiritual omnipotence. If something has outlived its usefulness it is abandoned.

7. Perhaps we need that kind of person who keeps a balance, as PM. We have no need of a person likely to put us on a road of mindless revolution and reformasi. That balance is forged by useful experience and right temperament.

8. Every year during fasting month, without fail invited guests mostly friends, are invited for breaking fast and prayer sessions. Local imams or invited Arab imams lead the prayers. The congregation prays for Ku Li's continued success and health.

9. The presence of these people indirectly accorded Ku Li important lessons in life. Most notably trust because he has been betrayed and played out so many times. Never trust a person who has played you out more than 2 times. The first is a warning, the second is a bitter lesson and the third is just taking advantage. I am sure these observations do not escape the perceptive Ku Li. He has wizened up. He is 83 years old for God's sake.

10. It has taught him to be circumspect of the fickle minded person. This type of people are likely to give in to different opinions. These people are undependable. They have a see-saw character-more specifically the person on the opposite side who will dismount when you are on the way up and let you fall. Didn't Najib dismount when TRH was up and let him fall?

11. Yet in all my meetings with Ku Li, he has not spoken ill of the blasted Najib. Not even once. Or of anyone else for that matter.
Even during the heated issue of 1MDB. It made me wonder whether he has a soft spot on the son of Tun Razak.

12. I am limited in that respect. I will blast Najib or whoever I think deserves it in my blog. But I know to clam up in front of someone else.

13. Because TRH cannot trust someone who speaks ill of someone else in front of him because that fellow is likely to blabber about TRH infront of others.

14. An important lesson one learns from a study of people, is that you can't trust people with competitive streaks. They will seize the first oppurtunity to topple you.

15. TRH cannot trust people like Mustapa Mohamed who thinks he is PM material. He definitely can't trust Anuar Musa who is a legend in his own mind. And Sabery Chik? The nut who forgets its skin.

16. I can write on BMF, decoupling of the Malaysian Ringgit from the Singapore Dollar, his move to the Trade Ministry etc. But that would involve hurting the feelings of someone I respect and that of a close friend. So let others better than I do it.

17. Suffice to say at that time BBMB was under the purview of the then PM. The decoupling needed to be done to avoid spending huge amounts of money to remain on par with the Singapore Dollar. His move to the Trade Ministry was the prerogative of the PM. Furthermore, the then PM wanted to place a more palatable friend at the Finance Ministry. Anyway anything written by the CIA must be taken with a little pinch of salt.

18. The achievements of Ku Li are undisputed. How many know that he is the only Malaysian and Malay to be the chairman of the World Bank and IMF?


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Common Thief and the Political Thief

This is an article I received from my brother. Its not written by me but the subject matter is a bitter truth worth sharing.

What is the difference between an Ordinary Thief (OT) and a Political Thief (PT)?* ..v

1.The Ordinary Thief steals your money,
gold chain etc.
The Political Thief steals your future,
health and business!

2. The hilarious part is: ..
The Ordinary Thief will choose whom to rob.
But, you yourself choose the Political Thief to rob you.

3. The most ironic one: ..
Police will chase and nab the Ordinary Thief.
Police will look after and protect the Political Thief!
That’s the travesty and irony of our current society!
we blindly say we are not blind!
4. The stupid part of the whole issue is that we insult and fight the Ordinary Thief but we Fight each other for the Political Thief.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Masaalah Ekonomi Malaysia.

1. Penggunaan pendapatan negara kasar(kdnk) untuk menilai ekonomi kita menyampaikan kita pada konklusi-konklusi yang tidak betul. Dalam bahasa Inggeris dipanggil GDP.

2. Penggunaan GDP menyembunyikan konsentrasi kekayaan negara dalam tangan 20% teratas. 20% teratas mengusai 64% kekayaan negara. Golongan tengah menguasai mungkin 30% kekayaan. Manakala golongan terbawah 20% menguasai 5.% kekayaan.

3. Di kalangan 20% teratas kita tidak nampak penguasaan olih keluarga-keluarga. Goh Tong, Kwek, Arumugam Syed Mokhtar, Liew Kee Sin dll.

4. Kita tidaklah menyarankan perampasan kekayaan mereka tapi kita bolih mempengaruhi dimana mereka berbelanja dan melabur.

5. Ertinya sebagai dasar yang sengaja, kita mesti mengadakan premis-premis perbelanjaan dan pusat-pusat pelaburan di pedesaan.

6. Kita tidak iri hati mereka kaya dari kita tapi kita marah jika kekayaan tersebut diperolehi melalui penindasan dan pemusnahan alam.

7. Kerana konsentrasi kekayaan semestinya dicapai melalui penindasan dalam pelbagai bentuk. Perbedaan pendapan, pembungunan antara desa dan bandar, perniagaan dan pertanian dll.

8. Sebab itu kita mesti mengenyahkan segala bentuk penindasan. Ini untuk mengurangkan konsentrasi kekeyaan.

9. Perniagaan milik keluarga juga tidak diurus secara profesyional. Kesan nya ialah ekonomi kita tidak mencapai potensi yang lebih tinggi. Ia memberi kesan pula pada pengagihan kekayaan.

10. Keterbelakangan kemajuan luar bandar yang mengakibatkan perbedaan kekayaan, menghakis kemajuan Malaysia. Pemimpin kita bercakap mengenai kelembapan kemajuan luar bandar tapi kurang melakukan sesuatu.

11. Kegiatan mencari sewa atau rent seeking menghakis kemajuan kita. Kegiatan ini tidak mencipta kekayaan baru. Ia berlaku terutama dalam hartanah dan lesen-lesen yang diberi kerajaan.

12. Berkait rapat dengan kegiatan rent seeking ialah kegiatan mendapat monopoli. Yakni seorang penjual saja. Ramai peniaga menjadi kaya raya sebab mendapat lesen atau monopoli dari kerajaan.

13. Leraikan segala pemonopolian. Petronas, LLN Astro LPN dll. Nama boleh kekal tapi entiti nya mesti dipecah pecahkan. Setiap merekw mesti berfungsi sebagai profit centre yang berbeda.

14. Rasuah atau korapsi adalah masaalah besar dalam negara kita. Kita tahu apa itu korapsi. Yakni suatu bentuk jinayah kriminal oleh mereka yang berkuasa atau pertubuhan atau mencabul kuasa untuk mendapat imbuhan atau faedah peribadi.

15. Rasuah menyebabkan orang-orang yang tidak berbakat jadi pemimpin. Rasuah menyekat sumber-sumber disalurkan pada tempatnya.

16. Terlalu bergantung kepada pemberian kerajaan. Ini menghalang kemunculan peniaga tahan lasak.

17. Terlalu bergantung kepada sumber ekonomi yang boleh berkurangan - logam-logam dan minyak serta pertanian yang tertaklok kepada manipulasi pasaran.

18. Prodakviti pertanian yang rendah, kurang kepelbagaian pertanian dan kurang perhatian pada sekuriti pemakanan.

19. Pelaburan yang terlalu cost conscious. Ini menghalang pelaburan yang berani.

20. Kurang R&D dalam negara. Ini menyekat perjumpaan produk dan kaedah-kaedah baru.

21. Pemusatan kuasa yang mencengkam dalam tangan PM dan terlalu banyak pemerintahan melalui dikri.

22. Perdangan yang terlalu caucasian centric. Kurang perdagangan dengan negara Islam, Indonesia dan China.

23. Demikian kita melihat beberapa masaalan terencatnya ekonomi Malaysia. Kita tidak menghuraikan masaalah-masaalah tersebut.


Monday, 19 October 2020

Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar dan Iman. Sedikit Pandangan.

1. Secara umumnya orang Melayu cakap saja banyak. Jati diri Melayu sebetulnya tiada. Jati diri Melayu itu mestilah diwarnai oleh agama Islam. Dalam banyak segi perbuatan mereka berasaskan nilai2 bukan Islam.

2. Saya melihat perwatakan Melayu yang sebenarnya menjelma apabila Najib didapati bersalah keatas semua 7 pertuduhan menyonglap duit SRC.

3. Ternyata sebagian orang Melayu mendukung kemungkaran. Ini bukan nilai orang Melayu yang beriman tebal. Ini tanda orang Melayu yang longkah iman mereka.

4. Apakah kemungkaran yang dilakukan oleh Najib didukung oleh orang Melayu? Kalau ya mereka mendukung, mereka berfikiran kacau.

5. Bukankan dalam al quran dinyatkan bahawa kita adalah bangsa yang terbaik bila kita menyeru kepada kebaikan dan melawan kemungkaran?

6. Ayat 143 al Baqarah mengatakan bahawa umat Islam itu umat wasathan. Yakni yang tenang dan examplary.

7. Berdemo mendukung kemungkaran bukanlah tingkah laku yang exemplary. Bahkan kita patut mendukung pengutukan kemungkaran. Kemungkaran yang dilakukan Najib aka al munafik patut di hibahkan dan dikutuk.

8. Ia patut menerima universal condemnation. Bagaimana umat Islam bolih menjadi contoh teladan jika kita umat yang mendukung perompakan?

9. Orang akan membenci kita kerana kita umat yang bersekongkol dengan kejahatan. Kita menjuarai kejahatan.

10. Ambil contoh berjimat dan belanja berhemah. Najib dan isteri selalu bercakap hal ini. Bolihkan mereka menjadi teladan belanja berhemah dan berijimat bila Najib beli jam berjuta dan isteri beli cincin jutaan ringgit. Orang Melayu berpendapatan 200-300 Ringgit sebulan.

11. Ternyata bila kita mengistiharkan bahawa sibghah Allah menwarnai kehidupan kita, ia hanya omongan kosong.

12. Sebaliknya kita melakukan perkara2 yang bertentangan dengan wasatha. Kita simpati dengan Rosie yang muka bengkak dan meratapi mengapa amirulmunafik kena 12 tahun.

13. Sepatutnya menteri penerangan komisyen dokumentari mengenai SRC dan 1MDB.

14. Kita tahu Quran mengatakan aib orang jangan diketengahkan tapi kalau kemungkaran tersebut menyebabkan penderitaan dan kezaliman awam maka ia patut dihebahkan. Apa yang dilakukan olih pasangan Bonie dan Clyde ini bukan aib peribadi lagi.

15. Nabi Mohammad bersabda kita melawan kemungkaran melalui 3 fasa. Pertama, dengan tangan atau perlakuan. Kedua, dengan lisan. Ketiga, penentangan dalam hati. Dan yang akhir adalah serendah rendah iman.

16. Apa itu memberitahu kita mengenai keimanan orang Melayu? Kemungkaran yang dilakukan olih Najib tak ada penentagan dalam hati pun. Malahan sebagian orang Melayu bertindak secara fisikal menyokong kemungkaran. Ya ampuun!


Sunday, 18 October 2020

The PM we should have.


1. I have described Ku Li as the PM we never had. People forget that he has waited longer than Anwar Ibrahim to be the PM. He has been betrayed by many people and played out so many times. Many people were literally living off him. But he is too principled and forgiving to retaliate.

2. He is not regal because he is born into an aristocratic family. He is one because he behaves with propriety. He is defined by his conduct.

3. Has anyone seen how he treats his elder sisters and brothers? His nephews and nieces? They reciprocate by their genuine affection towards him. He treats them with filial piety.

4. He is MP of provincial Gua Musang in Kelantan. A few R&R, hotels and Kesedar. I am amazed Gua Musang has traffic lights. It has a large Police Camp. But how many know the idea of a Putrajaya originates from Gua Musang?

5. The idea of a Petronas, PDA, BBMB Bank Islam came from him. But no many know that he permitted the creation of bonded area for Malay car dealers. So that these bozos do not have to pay taxes until the cars are sold.

6. Do you know the land on which the UMNO HQ building sits was given by him?

7. Undoubtedly he has got Malay interests at heart. But he is no bigoted racist. He has many non-Malay friends. His idea of governing Malaysia is therefore eclectic.

8. When Wak Jahid says he didn't know of Ku Li's audience with the Agung, that tells me a few things. Chief, being that TRH tells UMNO on the need to know basis. He marches to the beat of his own drum. On the same reasoning it's not correct to say that he is Mahathir's proxy. To say so means you don't know TRH.

9. When Ku Li says that it's better for UMNO people to resign from PN it's a matter of principle. When you don't agree with the government its right that you resigned. Even he did not accept it when he was offered the post of advisor of Petronas. He resigned when he did not agree with Mahathir last time. It's a matter of honour.

10. Now he agrees with Mahathir on one thing. That Anwar Ibrahim should not be PM. That's not a crime. You can't force all people to agree with Anwar.

11. He doesn't have to explain himself to anybody. Those who agree with him do not need any, those who do not agree with him won't believe it. It's a catch 22 thing. So like the Italians say, forget about it!

12. When he met the Agong he is asking for the removal of any hurdles to a vote of no confidence. It's clear that Muhyi doesn't have the support of the majority of MPs. He's asking for the claims of anybody to be verified by Parliament.

13. Obviously he does not support Anwar. Anwar is not the solution to Malaysia's political impasse.

14. He may have been asked to give advice, and he has given so. It's befitting to ask of him as he is the longest serving MP. He has vast experience.

15. He may be or may not be the right person to helm the nation but the Agong can arrive at a judicious decision.

16. So for the prince who's trained as an economist in Belfast and who would have become a lawyer if not for his father's passing his time maybe now.

17. He's got the right temperament, his heart is in the right place, he's got Malay interests at heart, he's not a bigot, and he is not corrupt. He is PM material.


Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Malay Interest, Public interest and Private Interest.

1. Once when White America wanted to decimate the blacks, they declared him mad and commits him to a sanitorium.

2. Khazanah when it wants to silence critics to its stupid idea raises the bogey of Malay rights.

3. You have described it as a brilliant idea, the best in class and all that shit. We just beg to differ and just because you cannot accept the imbecility of your idea, brushed aside criticisms as Malay rights argument. What banality!

4. But that is the TRUTH! And you have no defense against it. Khazanah has pompously ignored Malay interests. That's why you were there in the first place. Guardians of Malay interests.

5. Just because our arguments are branded as articulation of Malay rights we must therefore keep silent from levelling valid criticisms against the ECW deal?

6. Why do I for instance, need to be apologetic to talk about Malay interests, while its alright and refine to champion the private rights of Liew Kee Sin?

7. If talking about Malay rights is taboo, then the deal is caught in the wider net of public rights. Why should public money be used to bail out a private company?

8. When ECW built houses how many were built for Malays? When Sunrise built condos how many were sold to Malays? Similarly, when SP Setia built homes how many Malays took them up? So I can't talk about Malay interest? Khazanah is full of shit if I can't.

9. Let's take land bank issue first. ECW has about 4000 acres compared to UEMs 12000. UEM Sunrise has 5000 acres of land in Iskandar Malaysia Johore.
With the land now at RM60 per square feet why should UEM value it at RM1.8 billion when it should be RM13 billion? Was it valued by a half past six valuation company?

10. Then there's the fabled Employee's Stock Option Scheme(ESOS). I say fabled because we dont know the share price of the enlarged company yet. Who will take up the scheme? Will they be employees of UEM or ECW? Will people from Khazanah be entitled? Will politicians get the pink forms? Huh!the bourgeoisie look out for themselves after all.

11. In an earlier article, I said the enlarged company can suffer a downgrading by international credit agencies. Now our own credit rating agency Malaysian Rating Corporation(MARC) has downgraded its rating profile. Let's not bother about the details, what it means is the enlarged company is a credit risk. Lenders must be more careful before lending money to it.

12. The timing of the deal is immaterial. COVID-19 or no COVID-19. If the company is good you still go ahead. But the fact is, ECW is a leper. Khazanah must be one too.

13. So its not just Malay interests which is at stake here. The fundamentals are not good as I argued in an earlier article. Let's not get diverted by a will o the Wisp argument

14. Integration is the greatest con job hoisted on unsuspecting Malaysians. It is a plot by Khazanah to keep its privileges and for a few Trojan horses paid to act as spokesmen for the rakyat.


Sunday, 11 October 2020

The EcoWorld Con Job

1. Don't ever think that you can do a deal with public money and get away with it. Members of the public are disturbed by the sweetheart deal for ECW.

2. Why should public money be used to bail out a private company? The Malays may not realise it. It leads to the diminution of Malay interests. What's more worrying it's done without being challenged. The Malays can be trampled easily. It's done though the agency of Malay leaders.

3. What is so incense inducing is that it's done while trivialising Malay interests. It's being done with the complicity of Malay leaders. The government loses control of their company. The Malays appear to think the Chinese are intrinsically good at business. How clever can they f***g be?

4. Pardon me, but chinamen led by the sinner Liew Kee Sin ran the company to the ground. Some stupid Malays are giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I hope they ate stink beans/petai before that.

5. Where are the champions of Malay rights? In particular why is UMNO quiet about this? Too difficult for UMNO stupidos to understand eh? Hmm, I tell you they may not drink or eat pork, but they salivate at the prospects of bedding an Ah Moy.

6. So the people at Khazanah, PNB UEM, the bean counter at MOF and Azmin Ali have commited a treasonous and treacherous pact. In the olden days these people were hanged and in China they were shot before a firing squad. The Chinese aimed to please. Heh heh.

7. George Santayana in 1905 said' those who cannot remember the past, are doomed to repeat it'. Those who cannot remember mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

8. The people at Khazanah and PNB chose to not remember what happened to SP Setia and UEM to Sunrise. The same thing could happen to Eco World.

9. ECW is doing badly now. It has a RM3 billion debt but cash of RM350 million only. That's disastrous for a property company.

10. The same Taiko KS Liew, sold SP Setia to PNB. The idiot PNB bought Setia's share at RM3.90 a unit and its current share price is 76 sen! PNB will need to spend almost RM4 billion to put the company back in the black. The money could have gone as dividends to Malay shareholders.

11. What did the charlatan Liew do? He set up rival Eco World that did not complement SP Setia but competed against it. That's synergy for you?

12. UEM should remember it burnt its hands when it merged with KO Tong' s Sunrise. From a promised market capitalisation of RM10 billion it is now only RM1.7 billion! It got KOed.

13. The Malays should see this ECW deal as robbing their rights and the Non Malays should see it as theft of public money. It should be condemned by all.

14. Now let's see the meat on the bones. The immediate effect is, the people will lose control of the new entity. It will be run by ECW. It's based on the faulty assumption that Liew and his band of nitwits are inherently better managers.

15. UEM before this had 66 percent share, Tabung Haji had 7 percent and EPF had 4 percent. So total 77 percent.

16. After absorbing ECW, the total share is around 43 percent. It entails a lot of public money being paid. Does ECW give up any money? Nein!

17. Tabung Haji's share will be about 4 percent. The pilgrims should be asking what are they getting for the reduced share? The pork eating hands of Liew Kee Sin on their money?

18. Why would the suckers at Khazanah, PNB, EPF and Tabung Haji settle for a lesser shareholding? That's strange giving up control in a property company? Betraying the trust of the Malays?

19. And ceding management control to failed managers of ECW. The deal does not add value to the government.

20. What it gets is RM3.9 billion debt from ECW. And worse, Eco World has a land bank of about 4000 acres compared to UEM's 12000 acres. So where's the value?

21. The deal stinks to high heavens. No majority control, no management control and a smaller land bank to what UEM currently has. Plus management by bogus managers.

22. The suckers at Khazanah and UEM will soon realise that the biggest winners in the deal is ECW. From zero shareholding they end up having around 24percent share. Nice ya!

23. The breakdown is as follows: 12.6 percent is owned by Sinar Mas Harta SB which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Syabas Tropikal SB owned by Tan Sri Leong Kok Wah. Remember, a second class citizen enriched by stupid Malays.

24. Liew kee sin owns 3.6 percent. Eco World Development SB owns 3.4 percent. Liew Tan Xiong Liew Kee Sin's son owns 2.8 percent and Jernih Padu SB 1.9 percent. All non-Malay interests.

25. So the Singkehs as a group owns almost 24 percent. After Khazanah at around 43 percent it is the 2nd largest shareholder.

26. Hey this is my blog. I call them however i want. I have described Malay leaders and Malays in desperaging terms, and I am not making exceptions. Crooks are described as they are.

27. Despite the presence of these stellar personalities, ECW bombed. It has a debt of RM3 billion but cash of RM350 million. It's also a highly geared company of 70 percent. That means for every RM100, RM70 will be used to pay lenders.

28. So the hype that Chinese are inherently good at managing business is a load of bs. The crow that stands on a load of bullshit eventually sinks on the frozen pond.

29. UEM and Khazanah must have paid pliant journalists to hail this deal as brilliant. They are describing it so strenuously.

30. Brilliant my foot! You are losing control of a large property company. You end up owning 43 percent of the enlarged company. Ecoworld has a huge debt and a high gearing ratio. You are ceding management control to charlatans. Ecoworld has a lower land bank.
Put all these things together and you have a good deal?. You journalists must be suffering from Dementia!

31. The deal carries with it risks to our banking system as a whole. Don't our banks have limits to lending to a single client? The 2 largest banks owned by Khazanah, CIMB and PNB's Maybank are lending to a heavily indebted client, ECW. That is risky and lead to pumping in a lot of cash later on.

32. In any effort to spread the risks, other institutional investors like EPF, PNB and ASN may be forced to shoulder loans to ECW. These are where the moms and pops put in their money. Your money is used to give a lease of life to Ecoworld.

33. Liew will be sitting on hit fat ass and will play with the abacus or suanpan counting the cash coming in, lent by stupid Malays.

34. What is highly disturbing is the thinking among Malay officers and political leaders that they can do as they please without being accountable.

35. They are. They have adopted the bourgeois attitude of thinking the peple are mindless idiots.

36. They are good for the following.


Thursday, 8 October 2020

The bailout of ECW. Liew Kee Sin Sins Again. Part 2/2

1. This is just a corporate game too difficult for mentally challenged people to understand. ECW was looking for immunity.

2. ECW was looking for any GLiC for a sucker to be its partner and protect it from insolvency.

3. If one must know this deal was pushed by Shahril Ridza who has been underwriting ECW since his EPF days. One wonders what KS Liew has got on him.

4. Now he is giving another lease of life to that fellow. For ignoring monies that could have gone to poor Malays, he should be hung by the balls.

5. The Malay lumpen proletariat should be jealous of the preferential treatment given by the Malay leadership to Liew. They are eking out a living earning RM400 to 600 a month and here comes Liew crutched by Shahril, being bailed out with monies that could have gone to them.

6. That's how the bailout is inimical to the Malay society as a whole. More than that it portrays the betrayal to Malay interests by the Malay leaders vested with trust.

7. Hence, the real test of a leader is when power is given to them. That reminds me of a story told to Lee Kuan Yew that you will never know the real character of a person unless when under pressure. In this case our leaders are not even under pressure, but under positions of power. They buckle up.

8. It is generally true then that the people responsible for the disintegration of the Malays in all sense, are the Malay leaders themselves.

9. ECW was shopping for a GLIC to partner it. It only wants the GLiC to guarantee the loans it wants to take. And being also a bank as the preferred partner, it will not allow ECW to fold. But ECW is like a leper. Nobody wants to touch it until idiot Khazanah entered the fray.

10. It's almost impossible for ECW to get loans unless it has a useful idiot to partner it. Enter Khazanah. The idea was pushed by Shahril Ridza. So much for having a Cambridge educated Malay at a position of responsibility. It helps for the debilitating idea to be supported by second rate economists like Azmin and the bean counter at MOF.

11. UEM should learn from the loss making experience of PNB buying SP Setia. PNB which is Malay money bought Setia at RM3.90 per share. The share is now 76sen. The latter accumulated huge debts and PNB is estimated to have to spend around RM3.9 billion to put Setia back into the black.

12. Even worse we took out Malay money to help Setia's Liew. What did the crook do? He set up rival ECW.

13. Now we are helping the very company that stabbed PNB's SP Setia in the first place. The Malays are real masochists. They enjoy self-inflicted pain! No wonder Apek Cina said that the Malay people are the most non-racist people in the world.

14. So PNB's investment in SP Setia bombed. It became that way because Liew was partly responsible for it. He comes to Khazanah with dirty hands. I hope helping him is not like helping a dog that's clamped.

15. The useful idiot UEM-Sunrise should learn from its own grave mistake. It merged with Sunrise and it turned into a mistake.

16. It just provided a reprieve and relief to Tong Kong Oii's Sunrise. It was just a hoodwink of Malay money. And a damn good one.

17. This was a man overhyped as the man with the Midas touch. As the narration goes, what he touches turns into gold. He touched and Sunrise turned into shit.

18. At the time of the merger, Tong bragadaciously said it would result in a market capitalisation of RM10 billion. Its only RM1.7 billion now. Guess who gets bamboozled?

19. UEM is bringing in 2 losers under its wings. When the 2 combined we can only expect dismal performance given the depressed property and hospitality markets. As Cao Cao said when 2 losers combined what can they achieve?

20. We object to this deal on 2 grounds.
(a). The deal is inimical to Malay interests.
(b). The deal doesn't make economic sense.

21. Obviously the resources spent on ECW could have been spent for the benefit of poor people especially the Malays. They could have been applied to alleviation of poverty, health, schools and social amenities.

22. But more damagingly the deal reflects the betrayal of the trust given by the Malays by people of position.

23. Francis Fukuyama has written extensively on TRUST. The reciprocity of instantaneous voluntary befeting action by the opposite party is the basis of an interactive society. Once that is destroyed society self implodes.

24. The reciprocal action we want from our leaders is that they managed our money which we gave upon trust, prudently and wisely.

25. The invesments made in SP Setia, Sunrise and now ECW were not. The myopic investments were a dereliction of their(the leaders) duty.

26. The destruction of societal TRUST makes the rejection of these leaders therefore, justifiable.

27. The investments in these companies don't make economic sense. The depressed property and hospitality markets, the misleading market capitalisation, the drop in share prices, the meagre shareholders return etc make those investments nonsensical.

28. The chinamen are laughing to the banks while the Malays grimaced.

29. If Shahril and the people at Khazanah, PNB and UEM find themselves out of job, may I recommend the following vacancies.

wanted...part time kerja...beri buaya makan πŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏ...gaji boleh negotiate!



Tuesday, 6 October 2020

The Economic Crime of 2020. The Bailout of ECW. Part 1.

1. Is bailing out ECW a bantuan prihatin nasional? ECW should be allowed to bomb out rather than using up our scarce resources. It once made huge profits. Did it care for the welfare of the people?

2. If it's going under it is the result of gross mismanagement. That cannot be corrected by the government bailing it out. It should be allowed to die a natural death. That's the essence of laissez-faire economics.

3. When Muhyidin said he is Malay first, a Malaysian second that was all bs. It was meant as public consumption only especially for the naive Malays.

4. In reality like other boastful Malays, he may not eat pork or drink but certainly he's not averse to having a Chinese girlfriend.(I could another salacious word)

5. Of course, he can always hide behind the bald pandering of the khazanah CEO. That's a typical behaviour of 'high achieving Malay'.

6. When I was with Shell, I remember the marketing manager then, Tengku Mahaleel would show he's vicious against the Malays but will bend over to accomodate the Chinese. The Chinese don't give a damn how they treat their fellow Malays. Muhyidin and other ball lickers of ECW are no different.

7. ECW will be bailed out by UEM. The deal was approved by Khazanah board chaired by Wak Muhyi. The Malay first Malaysian second man. ECW is of course a chinaman company owned by Liew Kee Sin.

8. The Khazanah boys are committing an economic crime and should be hung. Some say their action is treasonous.

9. Pardon my ignorance, but pray tell why would Liew Kee Sin be allowed to run the bailed out company? Wasn't he the one who mismanaged ECW in the first place? Liew and his band of thieves be allowed to run ECW 2? The Khazanah boys must be mental retards.

10. Perhaps as a sign of things to come foreign fund managers as taking their money out in a jiffy. The bean counter at MOF is playing dumbo.

11. Of course, he will make don't know because his ex bank CIMB is making the deal.

12. And Azmin Ali who was against the idea of bailing out ECW, this time did a volte-face and supported the bailout. Needless to say he knows who can comfort his backside.

13. The deal was supported by Wak Muhyi who's giving out essentially Malay money to a Chinaman company while giving out a mere RM50 to our fisherman. And he has sold the land in Bandar Malaysia owned by the government, to a chinaman Tan Sri and his Chinese partner. The land has a GDV of RM140 billion. That's your Malay first, Malaysian second, man. Yay!

14. Why is public money used to bail out a private company? ECW has a debt of around RM3bn and cash of only RM350 million. For the last 5 years it has performed badly.

15. Its share is trading at only 41 sen. If public money is used its good money chasing after bad.

16. The state of affairs could only come about because ECW was badly managed. Why is the same band of bad managers be allowed to run ECW2?


Sunday, 4 October 2020

Najib al Munafiqun. Bahagian 1


1. Setelah mencuri berbiliun dia masih berseronok manakala rakyat biasa sengsara. Alangkah sedih hidup ini.

2. Kalau rakyat tidak mahu rompakan dan samun berulang nyahkan UMNO.

3. Mari kita hantar kaki busuk dalam UMNO ke penjara.

4. Seorang bahlul telah menggelar Najib sebagai amirulmukminin . Saya akan berhujjah dia lebih sesuai digelar amirulmunafik atau amirulmusyrik.

5. Tidak syak lagi Najib memperlihatkan ciri2 orang munafik. Tentulah ini mengejukan ustaz2 tv yang suka ditontoni. Yang pandai berceloteh tapi sendiri tidak mengamalkan apa yang dimimbarkan. Yang juga tidak sabar menjilat bontot sigendut bukit tunku tu.

6. Dalam Islam orang munafik bila berbicara dia dusta, bila berjanji dia ingkar dan bila diberi amanat dia khianat. Ke3 tiga ada pada Najib dan banyak lagi.

7. Masih kah kita ingat Najib mengatakan dia tidaklah bodoh hendak memasukkan wang kedalam akaun nya . Bahkan ahli parlimen Pontian mengatakan mustahil Najib begitu bodoh. Kemudian sah wang 1MDB ada dalam akaun sibedebah itu.

8. Apabila bersemuka dan ditanya Najib berkata wang tersebut untuk membiayai ISIS. Sedangkan ketika itu ISIS belum lagi ujud.

9. Kemudian dia kata wang itu derma dari putera Arab sedangkan pak Arab itu tidak pun ujud.

10. Dengan kerangka-minda penipu Najib berdepan dengan kes SRC. Tidak ada hadiah untuk meneka apa Najib akan lakukan.

11. Sebaik saja loceng berbunyi kerja Najib ialah berdusta. Yang pertama dia kata tidak tahu menahu perihal wang SRC masuk ke akaun nya melalui Gandingan Mentari dan Ihsan Perdana.

12. Dia tidak melaporkan pada polis atau SPRM atau mana2 pihak.sedangkan wanita di Penang yang tidak melapurkan kena denda dan dijel. Najib bukan saja tidak lapur tapi juga belanja sakan di Hawaii dan Italy.

13. Najib ni mengingatkan saya pada satu perpatah Turki. Hutan pokok makin mengecil. Tapi pokok2 terus mengundi dan menyokong kapak. Si kapak lihai. Dia terus meyakinkan pokok2 semua. Oleh kerana hulu kapak dari kayu si kapak meyakinkan dia sebahagian dari pohon2. Dia sebagian dari rakyat.

14. Najib kapak yang membinasakan pokok. (rakyat). Sekarang dia pura2 merakyat. Dia Nero yang terus bermain biola sementara kota kita terbakar.

15. Bukan saja dia tahu pasal akaun2 peribadi nya dia lantik dirinya sebagai penasihat emeritus. Makna nya dia tahu asal usul duit yang masuk kedalam akaun nya.

16. Dia melantik Nik Faisal sebagai algojo/executioner akaun peribadi nya tapi dengan arahan nya. Makna nya akaun tersebut tidak diperlakukan sesuka hati kecuali atas arahan si gendut tu.

17. Najib khianat pada SRC. SRC bukan yayasan ya. Bukan pertubuhan anak yatim atau pertubuhan ibu tunggal atau kebajikan UMNO. SRC ialah anak syarikat 1MDB yang diperbadankan dibawah Akta Syarikat 1965.

18. SRC pinjam RM4 biliun dari wang pencen KWAP, untuk melabur dalam industri2 sumber alam lombong,alumina dsb nya.

19. Tujuan2 ini dinyatakan dengan jelas dalam MOA SRC bukan dibelanjakan untuk ibu tunggal, anak yatim atau umno. Bukan untuk belanja beli baju atau jam atau tas tangan.

20. Bila diberitahu duit RM42 juta itu dari SRC, Najib berpura pura tak tahu tapi belanja joli katak dia tahu.

21. Tak ada siapa nak jadi saksi untuk mengiakan kata2 Najib. Semua lari, mati atau tak nak sokong. Itu balasan orang munafik dan musyrik.

22. Jadi mengatakan sebagian kecil wang digunakan untuk anak yatim dan ibu tunggal tidak mensucikan perbelanjaan. Ia tetap pecah amanah dan tidak selari dengan MOA.

23. Jangan kata sebab bukan curi duit kita, tak apa. Kita tidak sengsara. Fikir baik2. SRC pinjam RM4 biliun dari KWAP. Tak mampu bayar balik sebab pelaburan satu pun takde. Hutang tu diletak dibawah kerajaan. Jadi tanggungan atau beban hutang menjadi tanggungan kerajaan. Kerajaan tu kita jadi kita yang bayar. Kita sengsara.

24. Orang munafik suka bersumpah. Sumpah untuk menutupi kesalahan yang dilakukan. Berapa kali kita lihat Najib munafik ni bersumpah?


Friday, 2 October 2020

UMNO keluar PN. Rumah Kata Pergi, Kubur Kata Mari.

1 . Zahid mesti sedia membawa UMNO keluar dari PN,atau berdepan dengan pemberontakan terbuka. Ini bermakna UMNO mesti bersedia untuk keluar dari kerajaan.

2 . UMNO akan rasa akibat tunduk kepada tekanan dari orang yang tidak ada pengalaman menang.

3. Ia juga bererti golongan yang menyokong Anwar tidak akan berbuat demikian. Golongan itu overestimate kekuatan mereka. Satu atau 2 orang mungkin akan membelot janji mereka tapi sebagian besar akan meneruskan sokongan.

4. Reichsfurer UMNO, Lokman Himmler Adam bukan bolih buka tutup sokongan individu2 yang menyokong Anwar.

5. UMNO lah yang bodoh kerana by default, melantik Lokman sebagai reichsfuhrer. Pemimpin2 nya ramai ada masaalah perundangan . Ini memberi peluang hampas2 seperti Lokman timbul.

6. Disebalik drama yang dimainkan oleh Lokman, ianya mencerminkan perpecahan yang teruk berlaku dalam UMNO.

7. Ianya antara kumpulan yang melihat amirulmunafik sebagai punca malapetaka UMNO dan golongan yang mengidola Najib.

8. Adalah perkara yang baik UMNO tunduk kepada golongan pro keluar PN kerana itu menandakan keruntuhan parti itu. Hooray!

9. Golongan ini overestimate penerimaan rakyat terhadap UMNO. Sebetulnya rakyat diam2 meluat kepada UMNO. Salah pembacaan tersebut akan membawa padah pada UMNO. Bukankah di sabah mereka hanya menang 14 kerusi dan kalah 15 kerusi?

10. Jadi biarlah UMNO menyendiri supaya tahu langit tinggi rendah. Ianya retak menanti belah.

11. Ini peluang Wak Muhyi mengenyahkan semua menteri2 dan penjawat2 GLC dari elemen2 UMNO. Dan ambil tindakan2 undang2 yang keras keatas penjenayah UMNO.

12. Jika Anwar yang berkuasa jangan beri talian hayat kedua untuk UMNO. Biar ia mati dari luka2 dan pendarahan dalaman.

13. Apa yang wak jahid cakap? Di PRU yang akan datang MCA dan MIC sudah pupus. Dan dia tidak bolih gerenti PAS terus bersubahat dengan parti munafik.

14. Fasa pertama keruntuhan UMNO ialah kalah dalam PRU 2018. Fasa kedua terjadi bila ia keluar dari PN. Biar kita ucapkan adieu!


Thursday, 1 October 2020

Anwar, the next PM.

1. So what if Anwar is a bisexual or heterosexual. That's no reflection on his ability to govern. It's not up to anybody to judge him. Let us not make a particular dislike make us wholly dislike a person.

2. I have said it before. As long as it is not my backside. And we should be grateful we dont have that affliction.

3. And he has said he didnt do it. We have to accept that admission. It doesn't matter if we disbelief it. Who the hell are we?

4. And how do we stack up Anwar against tbe depraved UMNO leaders?They are known fornicators too. Baby Face Najib for intance is not averse to anal sex too. Only the dead Altantuya can answer that. We all have our own fetishes.

5. So Anwar has a burning ambition to become PM. Its no crime. Why it is alright for somebody like Azmin to have an ambition to become PM but not Anwar?

6. A politician does not have to have a good qualification. So theres no need for people to lie about it. If you dont have one be honest about it. To lie having one is atrocious.

7. So we dont place cumbersome requirements on Anwar. Its not for a western journalist to say whether he is a Mr. yesterday or not.

8. Then might as well say the entire cabinet is yesterday's men or recycled rubbish.

9. So its not for a Western journalist to classify our leaders. We have this tendency to put on a high pedestal rubbish written by western journalist. Hes better off writing about the buffoon Trump or dishevelled Boris Johnson.

10. I remember in the film 'A Passage to India, the white lawyer says 'it is a universal truth that the dark skin people are always besotted with the people of fairer skin'. To which the Indian lawyer remarked 'even when the opposite sex is ugly?

11. So let us stop accepting what are written by western journalists as a ,universal truth. Especially when they are rubbish .

12. Age is not just defined by numbers but by the ability to think and the things you think of. I remember the late Ghazali Shafie who asked a young man to nominate him as UMNO youth chief. The young man retorted, how can, you are confined to a wheel chair. King Ghaz answered, young man I think with my head not with my legs.

13. Yesterday's people want to bring the old tyrany back as a way to rule. Repression, anti democracy, corruption, king in the heart enthroned in the eyes etc.

14. That's the way preffered by the UMNO warlords. Najib likes it that way. He stole billions while the Malay lumpenproletariat suffer under collective masochism. They derived pleasure from self inflicted suffering while people like Najib enjoy. Thats the price of yesterday's dumbing down.

15. Yesterday's people employ yesterday's tool to govern and rule. Thats more practised in Western nations. Trump for example forces his stupidity and buffoonery onto the American people. He governs by tweets, too lazy to think.

16. So dont be a quick draw McGraw to pigeonhole our leaders as yesterday's or today's leaders. The limitations of a single person can be overcome by the strength of others. The secret is to pick the right team.

17. Anwar with all the warts has his heart in the right place. He is against Xenopobic patriotism and religious bigotry, crusader against corruption, abhors mediocrity, against dehumasing and supports democratic choice making.

18. I think he will become a better PM. Whats worse than the UMNO crooks? What can be worse than Morarji Mahathir? Mahathir will soon drink his own urine.

19. I dont think he will let Zahid and Najib and other UMNO crooks off the hook. That is only gutter journalism and the said journalist's orgasmic fantasy


Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Mengapa kita menolak UMNO - Bahagian Kedua

48. Kemudian lagi yang menjijikkan ialah budaya rasuah yang diterapkan olih Pemimpin2 umno.

49. Korapsi makna nya umno boleh membeli amarah orang, penentangan rakyat, rasa tak puas hati dll dengan memberi sedikit kerak2 nasi. Maka api kemarahan rakyat pun hilang.

50. Ianya idea membeli amarah rakyat yang membuat kita menentang umno.

51. Ia adalah sebagian daripada rencana dumbing down of the rakyat, membolehkan umno meneruskan membelengui minda rakyat.

52. Ini mengingatkan saya kepada cerita Stalin. Satu hari Stalin melawat satu tempat. Ditangkap nya seekor ayam. Stalin terus mencabut bulu2 ayam tersebut hidup2 sebelum melepaskan ayam tersebut.

53. Ayam tersebut, berlemuran darah dan kesakitan melarikan diri. Tapi sebaik saja Stalin memberi sedikit dedak, ayam tersebut kembali dan mengikut Stalin.

54. Lihat, kata Stalin. Betapa senangnya memerintah rakyat bodoh macam kamu.

55. Dengan sedikit dedak saja, orang bolih melupakan penderitaan dan kesengsaraan mereka.

56. Dengan BRIM, wang ehsan, dan pemberian2 lain rakyat membisu tanpa menyedari UMNO menggunakan metode Stalin.

57. Budaya rasuah yang serupa menarik masuk sosok2 yang malas, tidak berbakat dan elitist kedalam umno dimana mereka membayar jalan mereka menjadi pemimpin UMNO.

58. Rasuah telah membuat rakyat menyangka kaca itu permata.

59. Rasuah menyebabkan rakyat lupa mereka mempunyai kebebasan memilih,lupa akan penderitaan mereka dan menyangka kaca itu permata.

60. Bahkan budaya rasuah membuat orang Melayu lupa beberapa prinsip2 penting agama seperti jangan berdiam diri melihat kemungkaran dilakukan.

61. Itu menerangkan mengapa ramai orang Melayu terus mengagungkan sosok seperti amirulmusyrik yang didapati bersalah mencuri wang SRC.

62. UMNOlah yang menerapkan budaya yang membinasakan ini. Sebab itu orang Melayu kena tolak UMNO jika mahu bebas dari belengu parti tersebut.

63. Kita menentang umno kerana amalan dehumanising nya. Kepada UMNO rakyat hanya angka2 yang diperkuda sejadi jadi nya. Bila perlu digembelingkan untuk kepentingan para pemimpin. Rakyat tidak sadar mereka hanya digunakan.

64. Proses dehumanising berlaku bila yang berkuasa melihat manusia tidak mempunyai kapasiti mental untuk berfikir, tidak beradab,kasar dalan perilaku.

65. Oleh yang demikian rakyat diperlakukan sesuka hati. Qualiti utama sifat dehumanising ialah rakyat tidak mampu berfikir. Andaian rakyat semua bodoh lah menyebabkan mereka bertindak seperti diarahkan.

66. Jadi apabila amirulmusyrik mengajak rakyat berbuat sesuatu kalau bersimpati dengan dia, Najib menganggap rakyat tidak boleh berfikir. Mahkamah dah mendapati awak bersalah.

67. Rakyat dikira tidak faham bahawa mencuri, melakukan rasuah, mencabul kuasa adalah kemungkaran. Bukan boleh berfikir mereka ini. Bodoh semua.

68. Rakyat dikerah untuk berdemo depan mahkamah kerana mereka dianggap lembu. Lembu tak boleh jadi manusia tapi manusia boleh dilembukan.

69. Satu lagi sebab kita menentang umno ialah ketergantungan rakyat kepada golongan neo fiudalis yang reaksioner.

70. Perhatikan pimpinan umno. Siapa mereka?
Mereka terdiri dari golongan terpilih yang beroperasi mengekalkan kuasa dalam tangan golongan seperti mereka. Golongan elit yang merendahkan martabat rakyat.


Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Anwar the Great Reformist or...

1. What is the great reformist going to do to UMNOs gripling nationalism which has shaped Malay mindset to a hate ideology?

2. The greatest disservice UMNO has done to the Malays is to channel the creative energies of the Malay race to unproductive pursuit. Chiefly to be indiscriminately hostile to other races.

3. Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der welt has its Malay equivalent. Created by UMNO.

4. Its Melayu land, Melayu land, Melayu land above all, above all in the world. Its just Malay triumphalism.

5. The most important question we need to ask is what does it lead to?

6. The answer is, it leads to xenophobia and paranoia-irrational and natural hostility towards other races.

7. It leads to a collective Don Quixote complex where the Malays imagined an enemy that doesn't exist. A windmill is imagined a dragon.

8. None of the UMNO leaders corrected this anomaly, not even Mahathir. In fact, they capitalised on the racism all around exploiting them for their advantage.

9. So will the great reformist Anwar correct this problem or will he perpetuate this potential conflict and exploit it when it's convenient to do so?

10. Will he be the first Malay leader to untie this straight jacket? I say lets give him the chance to break out from the same old mould continued by the same old faces. All the UMNO leaders had no gumption.

11. If the discrepit Malay leaders do not use xenophobic nationalism to constrict the Malays, they will use religious bigotry to do the dirty job.

12. Hence, they are not shy for instance to use Islam as a divisive tool and not use the same to emphasise the non-discriminatory aspects of Islam.

13. Didn't God say that he created men and women, people of different races so that we can know and befriend them and not create hostilities?

14. Will Anwar be courageous enough to break up this religious bigotry?

15. The sad truth is that the Malays are oppressed by their own leaders. This has prompted a thinker by the name of Zaaba to state as early as 1927 thus. The real reason why the Malays remain backwards in all sense, is chiefly because for ages they have been oppressed and suppressed by their own leaders, especially their feudal leaders.

16. Will Anwar break up this big brother-ism once and for all? The vestiges of feudalism should be thrown into the dustbin of history.

17. Anwar must destroy the archaic and myopic thinking of some Malays. I am appalled for instance to hear of a leader from Bersatu asking the steriotyped question of who in UMNO wants to see the DAP come back to power? Such reactionary leaders must be purged.

18. What kind of dinosorous thinking is that? Its peddling UMNO's brand of xenophobic nationalism and patriotism. It is essentially Malay triumphalism.

19. That's the kind of thinking that's holding back the Malays in the first place. Its part of the dumbing down process of the Malays, especially the Malay lumpenproletariat.

20. Brother Anwar must now breakup the stranglehold of feudal leadership on the Malays. Otherwise, the enslaved mentality will persist.

21. There is no place for feudal minded or coopted neo feudalistic leaders in Anwar's camp. This is the age of Marhaenism.

22. I saw an unverified list of Anwar's cabinet and thought it must be the product of some journalist's wet dream or just reached puberty journalism.

23. Because it included the discredited Wak Jahid's name and the name of Baby Face Najib. The continued adulation of these crooks is beyond a mortal's comprehension.

24. The journalist must be a Klingon. It's not like as if the sky will fall down if the names of these felons are not included.

25. It's legally true that the King appoints the PM. But it's also true that he doesn't appoint any Tom, Dick and Harry. Among his chief considerations is that he must appoint the person who commands the majority support of parliament. Therefore, to unreasonably deny Anwar an audience is not constitutional.

26. Despite the political brouhaha Anwar is under no obligation to tell the public who supports him. That for the king's eyes only. He doesn't need to explain anything to anybody.

27. To do that will only cause panic, denials, bunkering up and some fierce horse-trading.

28. What's surprising is DAP's willingness to work with some UMNO personages whom they have bitterly opposed and condemed.

29. They may have their own reasons. They are beyond my comprehension. I think it better to lend support to Anwar but stay out of the government. Unless Anwar is willing to allow the law takes its course.

30. It's a sacrillege if Anwar were to renounce democracy in favour of UMNO's xenophobic patriotism, sense of fairplay in favour of corruption, excellence in favour of mediocrity and continued reliance of feudal leadership.

31. In this analysis we put our personal feelings aside. If Anwar proves to be an indomitable foe to UMNO's negative vibes, we support him.


Monday, 28 September 2020

Mengapa kita menolak UMNO dan segala Najib-Najib - Bahagian pertama.

1. Satu soalan yang selalu ditanyakan kepada saya ialah mengapa kamu tak jemu-jemu mengkrik Najib dan UMNO?

2. Adakah ianya kerana Najib tidak memilih kamu menyambung khidmat sebagai adun?

3. Selepas tidak menjadi adun saya menjadi penulis blog yang sedikit sebanyak membentuk pendapat dan berniaga. Pada tahun 2013 saya menjadi ahli Parlimen Raub. Tanpa Najib dan tanpa umno.

4. Bukan nak besar diri, tapi saya telah buktikan beberapa perkara: (a) keputusan najib bukanlah pengakhiran segalanya dan (b) ada kehidupan selepas umno.

5. Secara umum ia bererti bahawa nasib kita tidak ditentukan oleh mana2 orang dan mana2 parti politik. Itu patut menjadi pelajaran untuk kita semua.

6. Makanya tidak benar pandangan yang mengatakan saya bertubi tubi kritik kerana menyimpan rasa dendam dan tak puas hati. Ia adalah pandangan yang picisan lagi tongong.

7. Itu, tuan2 boleh percaya. Kalau tidak percaya, ia tidak menjadi kudis kepada saya. Tak ada dendam mendendam nya.

8. Alhasil, saya menentang umno secara jujur dan telus. Saya ada sebab2 yang saya akan hujjahkan nanti.

9. Saya menentang umno kerana nasionalime dan patriotisme nya yang perkauman, kerana budaya rasuah merasuahnya, kerana meraikan kekoro-an diatas keterbaikan, kerana anti humanisnya dan ketergantungan keatas kepemimpinan/leadership neo fiudalisnya.

10. Saya menentang Najib2 didunia ini kerana ascribed statusnya, kepada politik yang saya anggap reaksioner dan pandangan atau outlook yang bourgeois.

11. Sudah tentu dalam umno ada orang yang baik2. Mereka secara jujur percaya kepada perjuangan umno sebagaimana saya jujur kepada pemikiran saya. Dan mereka menjadi rakan baik saya.
Hanya kita bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju secara beradab. Tidak ada yang bersifat peribadi, ia hanya bisnes

12. Tapi kalau tuan memilih untuk berbeda pendapat melalui cara bersengketa memanjang, kasar seperti ahli Parlimen Pasir Salak, silakan. Ia tidak mengubah pendirian saya bahawa umno itu tidak baik untuk kita.

13. Apa nak buat, setengah orang percaya bahawa kekuatan itu benar. Kepada, saya yang benar itu adalah penghujjahan yang mantap.

13. Bagimu amalanmu dan bagiku amalanku. Ayat 6 al Kafirun, ayat 41 surah Yunus dan ayat 55 surah al Qasas. Savvy?

14. Saya akan terus percaya bahawa pemilihan kamu akan membawa kepada kemusnahan dan kerosakan serta penyiksaan oleh rakyat. Demikian adanya.

15. Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der welt. Pada umno ia diterjemahkan kepada Melayu, Melayu diatas semuanya, diatas semuanya dalam dunia.

16. Halatuju motto inilah yang menakutkan dan membuat saya rasa jelek kepada umno. Di Germany ia membawa kepada racial superiority, pembunuhan dan solusi akhir. Di Malaysia ia akan menuju kesitu kalau tidak disekat.

17. Melawan dan menyekat golongan musyrik adalah tanggung jawab kita. Sebab itu Allah berfirman, dan ini kalaulah kami tidak mengadkan satu golongan(dengan kebaikan dan ketauhidan mereka) menyekat satu golongan yang lain(dengan kemusyrikan mereka) nescaya hancur muka bumi ini.

18. Tapi Allah itu adil, kalau golongan musyrik mempunyai perancangan yang lebih rapi, mereka akan menang.

19. Maka terserah pada kita untuk mencipta satu perangkap tikus yang lebih baik.

20. Allah juga berfirman bertanya kita:mengapa kamu tidak mahu berjuang pada jalan allah..

21. Yakni membela golongan mustadafin- lelaki dan perempuan, tua dan muda, anak2 dan dewasa yang saban siang dan malam berdoa kepada Tuhan, supaya membebaskan mereka daripada kepemimpinan dan pemerintahan yang zalim.

22. Dua prinsip ini sudah cukup menjadikan kita musuh yang tak mungkin ditundukkan kepada umno.

23. Jadi kalau kita menjadi penentang umno secara berterusan, ianya bukanlah misteri.

24. Jenis patriotisme dan nationalisme yang dipromosi olih umno, menghalakan tenaga kreatif orang Melayu kearah pengejaran2 yang tidak prodaktif. Itu kepada saya, adalah jenayah sosial yang paling besar kepada bangsa Melayu. Ia tidak bolih dimaafkan.

25. Ianya mengekalkan orang Melayu secara keseluruhan nya dalam kemunduran, kemiskinan, keterbelakangaan dan perasaan rendah diri. Terutama pada golongan proletar diluar bandar.

26. Nationalisme yang diterapkan olih umno menjadikan orang Melayu kelompok yang xenophobic dan paronoid yang membenci bangsa lain terutama cina, sebai penyebab utama kesusahan mereka.

27. Ini tidaklah bermaksud bahawa kaum Melayu mundar mandir seharian dengan perasaan membenci bangsa lain setiap masa. Mereka beropersi sharian sebagai kaum yang normal, bertolak ansur segala.

28. Tapi ia sesungguhnya bermaksud bahawa perasaan yang tidak rasional itu ujud in potentia, boleh digembelingkan oleh umno pada bila2 masa ia suka.

29. Bolih dugunakan pada bila2 masa inilah yang kita benci, kerana ia bermaksud kaum Melayu boleh diperkudakan olih umno, mencapai tujuan2 politiknya dan sekali gus menyembunyikan kegagalan2 nya.

30. Walaupun perasaan membenci sembrono ini tidak dimanifestasikan dalam kehidupan Harian, perasaan buruk sangka tidak rasional sentiasa ujud dibawah permukaan.

31. Hal tersebut menerangkan betapa mudahnya orang Melayu membenci tanpa sebab, parti seperti DAP. Memang benar parti tersebut didominasi olih orang Cina. Tapi begitu juga mca. Malah dalam mca tak ada orang India dan Melayu.

32. Siapa sebenarnya yang menyekat bangsa Melayu daripada mencapai potensi mereka yang penuh? Bangsa lain atau umno?

33. Ini membolihkan intelektual Melayu seperti Zaaba menulis pada, tahun 1927-adapun sebab utama dan pertama menyebabkan bangsa Melayu itu mundur dari segala segi ialah mereka itu kena tindas, picit dan perah oleh pemimpin2 terdiri dari bangsa mereka sendiri. Perhatikan-dari bangsa mereka sendiri. Tidak syak lagi umno memenuhi deskripsi tersebut.

34. Menyalah bangsa lain merupakan masabodoh orang Melayu melibatkan diri dalam omongan kosong mencari punca mengapa mereka mundur. Sedangkan punca sebenar ada depan mata mereka iaitu umno.

35. Dalam tahun 1843 Karl Marx menulis die religion ist das opium das volkes. Yang diterjemahkan secara longgar sebagai agama ialah candu kepada massa.

36. Itu Marx dengan pendapat dia. Bukan hal kita dan saya tidak mahu menghujjah perkara tersebut. Hanya, nasionalisme ala umno ialah candu kepada rakyat jelata.

37. Sebagai candu, ia berguna pada orang sakit yakni memberi mereka ilusi yang menyeronokkan. Dan memberi mereka kekuatan untuk terus hidup.

38. Tapi ia juga bahaya pada perjuangan rakyat kerana ia menyembunyikan penindasan yang dilakukan puak penindas.

39. Racism umno, yang diperagakan sebagai nasionalisme dan patriotisme oleh umno, ialah sedahsyat candu kepada rakyat Melayu. Ini juga jenayah terbesar kepada bangsa Melayu.

40. Sebagai candu ia memberi jawapan segera dan mudah, menerangkan kesengsaraan bangsa Melayu.

41. Apa yang lebih mententeramkan orang Melayu daripada menyalahkan bangsa Cina sebagai penyebab kesengsaraan mereka?

42. Ia menyatukan mereka dan mengembelingkan perasaan amarah yang terpendam dikalbu. Sentimen perkauman yang diterapkan umno umpama orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal.

43. Umno menjadi magnet menarik mereka yang menjadikan musuh daripada mereka yang bukan musuh(enemies from without). Jadilah orang Melayu macam Don Quixote yang menyangka kincir angin itu seekor naga. Musuh yang sebenarnya ialah umno.

44. Setiap kali umno menang orang Melayu kekal begitu juga. Adakah pemikiran mereka berubah? Mereka tetap berjiwa hamba.

45. Memang benar sedikit sebanyak ada kemajuan fisikal -ada pembangunan. Tapi itu semua tugas semua kerajaan. Dalam negara2 yang tiada umno pun, pembangunan berlaku. Maknanya pembangunan bukan sesuatu yang unik dengan umno.

46. Bilakah kita sadar bahawa kita semua terdiri daripada satu bangsa iaitu bangsa Malaysia. Kalau orang tanya di Malaysia ada berapa bangsa maka jawablah ada satu bangsa. Bangsa Malaysia.

47. Kita semua lahir dari rahim yang sama-iaitu rahim ibu pertiwi. Bersatu itu mengatasi segala nya.

Bersambung dibahagian kedua...


Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Pseudo Reformist. Part 1 of 2.

1. Is Anwar a pseudo reformist?if its true he's willing to drop charges against Zahid and Najib and maybe others then he is.

2. The rest of the PKR bozos are a bunch of political yahoos.

3. And the DAP who's willing to compromise with corruption and is willing to work with UMNO crooks is full of shit too. They should stop being sanctimonious bastards.

4. I think DAP was and is willing to work with Anwar because it feels it can manipulate Anwar. DAP knows of Anwar's sexual deviations.

5 . Can Anwar work with UMNO's xenophobic nationalism?

6. Everyone knows UMNO is a racist party. It has an inbuilt hatred for other races and is not averse to pursuing discriminatory policies. The only Chinese it likes is a dead Chinese.

7. So Anwar is really a closet racist. The Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan is my son is for show only. Its putting sugar on the lips.

8. Anwar has never got the mindset of being able to work with non Malays. His childhood, schooling and all the societies he formed and helped formed were Malay centric.

9. So if he cannot hate in the name of Malay Nationalism, Islamism will provide him the justification.

10. Only an acquiescent mind like Anwar's can accommodate UMNO's morbid nationalism.

11. So all the while Anwar is running with the hare while hunting with the dogs. And DAP swallowed it hook, line and sinker. It's willing to bend over and allow Anwar to whack it.

12. Its incomprehensible that Anwar can tolerate corruption. In his lust to become PM he's willing to drop charges against the bloody crooks in UMNO.

13. Only a person predisposed to corruption does that. Maybe the rumours saying that Anwar (when he was in UMNO) carrying bagfuls of cash to bribe Sabah delegates were true.

14. It will be interesting to see how Anwar deals with UMNOs culture of corruption and stems the rise of the mediocre through corruption.

15. UMNO is a party that celebrates mediocrity and its unthinkable to imagine that Anwar will tolerate that in his quest to become PM.

16. Anwar will be abusing his position if he drops the charges against Najib and Zahid. It is the state vs the 2 goons. It's valid against the world. It's not up to Anwar to drop these.

17. If the 2 crooks are appointed ministers, Anwar shows he does not respect the people.

18. That's what UMNO does-dehumanise people. Hence, people are seen as mere digits to be manipulated. That would indicate that Anwar has a totalitarian streak in him.

19. Will Anwar perpetuate that kind of constricting culture?

20. How can now, PKR people talk against xenopobic natonalism, Malay triumpalism, corruption, numbing dehumanism etc without also attacking their turncoat chaiman? They are a farce.

21. Then there is the general talk down and dumbing down of the people that is the prevailing culture of UMNO. People are regarded as stupid. Liberation of the captive minds will no longer be regarded as an objective by PKR. Justice is no longer their namesake.

22. This analysis may not be true if all the news written about Anwar is not true at all but the product of reporters imagination. They are the useful idiots of the establishment.

23. In the end we may never know what's in the develish mind of Pak Sheikh. A pact with the UMNO retards is not eternal.

24. Its inconceivable to believe that a man who spends years in the reformasi movement can throw out his principles because of some convenience.


Friday, 25 September 2020

Anwar's Le Meridien Move. Some Early Thoughts.


"Siapa dah jadi PM angkat tangan"

1. Jiang Qing the wife of Mao, once said that power is better than sex, it's enduring. Brother Anwar must have realised this. Only with him he can have more sex of various kinds with power.

2. Kakue Tanaka once said the more mistresses you have the better leader you are. Perhaps copulation will take your mind off weighty state matters. Anwar may choose that option.

3. I am not excited when Anwar says he has enough numbers to form a new government. He has cried wolf so many times.

4. One day Anwar is at a furniture store. As usual, he is accompanied by his minders and of course good-looking young boys.

5. Wanting to find out what the fuss is all about many customers congregate there. But no one asked anything. Eventually one customer plucked up his courage and asked.

6. "What are you doing here sir. You could have asked your minders to pick up whatever you want". You don't have to waste time. " I am here looking for a cabinet. Have to fill it up."

7. How many times have we heard Anwar saying he has the numbers? Each time there will be developments foiling it.

8. Like the last time he said that, UMNO sent whom they regard as potential hoppers to Taiwan on a study trip. I.E. how to Char Quat properly.

September 2008: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2020: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2032: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2044: “I Have The Numbers”

September 2056: “I Have The Numbers”



9. It would be better for Anwar to shut the f**k up and just do it. when it's done, can celebrate

10. Now that he has beaten the bush to scare the snake out, there will be tremendous horse-trading.

11. This time if its true we can expect the opposing forces to galvanise themselves. Reactionary forces would try to bunker up.

12. Anwar must get the names of MPs and their rationale for supporting him. If possible signed notaries.

13. If what Anwar says is true then it paves the way for the formation of a stable government. That's more preferable than a messy snap election. Snap elections give orgasmic satisfaction to MPs like the person from Pasir Salak only.

14. People are just tired of never ending political chess manoeuvres. If people ask me who is responsible for the political mess I will say unhesitatingly-its Mahathir. Why was he so itchified to resign in the first place? Its a political chess move gone awry.

15. Its true the King is not under an obligation to heed the advice of a would be PM, but it can also mean he cannot ignore it either. Moreover, to stand in the way of a person who commands majority support of parliament is unconstitutional.

16. Hey! I am no fan of brother Anwar but if what he is doing is for the greater good of Malaysia then I support him. Just don't compromise on corruption.


Thursday, 24 September 2020

A Thief Is A Thief Whether He Steals A Cucumber Or A Diamond.

"Let monkeys rule the country. At least they steal only bananas."

1. Najib has got a death wish. He goes around the country not on a remorse trip or apology trip but on a defiant and nose thumbing trip.


2. He continues to discredit the court's findings that he's guilty of all the 7 charges.

3. A small portion of the stolen money from SRC given to the orphanage does not make the whole of the stolen money holy.

4. Democracy doesn't become better for Iraq just because the Americans bombed the country.

5. Baby face Najib got the receipts of the monies given to orphanages?

6. Thieves and liars like to talk about Godliness for contentment. They do that as a talking point but never as a way of life. Najib does the same.

7. Najib should heed this advice : the bigger the hole he digs the farther he's got to hoist his ass away from it.

8. Najib was charged with 7 charges. Let's review them. 3 for cbt, 1 for abuse of position and 3 for anti money laundering.

9. In order to see how Najib committed CBT we need to know the purpose for which SRC was formed.

10. If Najib does something with SRC money other than that mandated by the charter of SRC, such as spending on his private fetishes, or spending on orphanages that is CBT already.

11. How noble are the spendings is irrelevant. If they are other than that mandated by the charter of SRC, the law says it is a crime. Of course Najib didn't mention anything about his pleasure spendings in Hawaii etc.

12. So don't be mesmerised by what Najib says.

One two three four
Satu dua tiga empat
Rosmah mansur cincin besar
Rakyat apa dapat.

13. When SRC was incorporated in 2011, its main business was to exploit, refine and process minerals and natural resources. No mention of spending on charities and the like.

14. It first asked for a grant of RM3 billion from EPU. The sum was not given. instead, it got a RM20 million launching grant.

15. After getting RM20 million Najib commenced action to get RM3.95 billion from KWAP. There were documentation problems but the people at KWAP managed to overcome these. In 2011, they approved RM2billion to SRC and in 2012 another RM2 billion.

16. Now SRC is flushed with money. Here is where the interesting things begin. Najib began to steal.

17. The loans from KWAP were made on the strength of 2 government guarantees. Najib attended both meetings guaranteeing the loans. He's there to make sure the loans go through.

18. Obviously he's there using his position as PM and FM for a purpose. The purpose of which is to receive financial gratification.

19. Otherwise, why was he there? Oh, because rather than playing with his balls(golf ie)he'd rather attend the meetings.

20. A certain specific amount of money first went to Gandingan Mentari SB and then went to Ihsan Perdana SB. From there into his private accounts. Smart eh?

21. A deliberate trail of obfuscation and ruse? How clever the squirrel is at jumping it will eventually fall to the ground.

22. But we can also stomp the grass to scare the snake and toss a brick to get a jade gem.

23. The creation of the relieve valve companies was just a diversionary tactic to mask his real intentions-to skim off some.

24. These are hardly the actions of a stupid man and a person who doesn't have control over his personal accounts.

25. Najib repeatedly lied in and outside court. Each time he has to tell a bigger lie to cover his earlier lie. Lying is second nature to him. That would shame the lumpenproletariat Malays. Yet because of years of indoctrination they mistakenly adore him.

26. The Devil always disguises himself as Angelic. The way Najib orchestrated his way to get the RM42million,is devilish.

27. The devil has his legions consisting of the unquestioning and ill educated Malay proletariat who would grovel at his feet. And the 2 main legions were Nik Faisal and Dato Subuh.

28. These two dumb- asses were the ones who effected the transfer of the RM42million through a myriad of companies most notably Gandingan Mentari and Ihsan Perdana, into Najib's personal accounts.

29. It is incredulous to think these 2 dumb asses did what they did out of their own volition unless instructed by a superior. And the superior was the emeritus Advisor of SRC, baby face Najib.

30. I saw a caricature of Najib in which his lawyer says Najib is an honest man but who makes honest mistake. Let us remain calm and not be susceptible.

31. Of course his lawyer will say that. Whether a man is honest or a thief depends on whose brief we read. We haven't heard what the prosecution says.

31. Nowadays, we hear of Najib going around the country saying he gave money to orphans, deriding the judge and prosecution and the meek press gleefully reporting on Najib. We don't hear of the punishment, but we sure give him publicity. Why?

32. Let's be clear about this. Najib was not tried for giving money to orphans or UMNO. He was tried for CBT abuse of power, and money laundering. So where he applied the money is irrelevant. A good deed doesn't erase the bad.

33. A man gets money upon trust and uses it for his own purpose and against the mandate of the company, commits a breach of trust.

34. A man who uses his position which he owes the people for his private pursuits, abuses his power.

35. Did Najib do all these? The judge applied his mind to these questions and to these questions only, and he answered them in the affirmative.

35. Money from SRC went through a myriad of companies hoping that by doing such, the money is clean. Just like in accident cases, the liability follows the vehicle.

37. What Najib is doing now reminds me about the story of the man who murdered both his parents. When the sentence is passed, he pleaded mitigation and leniency claiming he is an orphan.


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