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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 5 June 2020

Historical Amnesia

Some people dispute the SD of Azilah.  They say its impossible to recall and remember things that happened  a long time ago.  Even  things that happened  a week ago we can't remember.  They say we are engaging  in selective  recall.

That's verbal gymnastics.  Certain  things we just remember.  There are no mental exertions. I can also say some people have historical  amnesia.  They  deliberately  deny certain things took place.

Can we then deny Altantuya was murdered? She bombed herself.  What Azilah said cannot be  true. Not possible  for Azilah to remember.

Certain things we just can remember.  I can remember things 50 years ago. I stayed at 600, Jalan Lipis transit quarters Kuantan. That was over 50 years ago.

I can remember my late father stepping on a nail 50 years ago.  Behind our house there was a turi tree. I used to pluck turi leaves to be cooked.  Our neighbour was a Singh family Gurbachan Singh.

The point is we can remember things especially  those that are important  to us and about important  people.  So if Azilah can remember  some details about  the killing of Altantuya, that's not strange.

Things about the brain ability may not be amenable  to legal machinations  all the time.

Historical  amnesia allows us to forgive  Riza Aziz and allows us to deny that 1mdb took place. Bosku is an angel and that DOJ return of monies to Malaysia  is a dream.


Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The law is an Hydra - its a many headed monster.

I listened to the commentaries of Apek Cina and believed they must not go unchallenged.  I too leave it to the public to judge.

Let me give you a real story, not a fiction.  One day in Negri Sembilan, before an assembly of UMNO division heads- Zahid Hamidi tells them if your father gives you  money you don't question  where  the money comes from. Later the  government  says the money is stolen.

Are you a thief? No!. You can always say you believed the money is legitimate and you  return a portion, not all of the money.

You are  not  a thief but you are guilty of receiving stolen money.  And returning a portion of the money absolves you.  The sin is erased! Hooray!

Using the same fallacious argument you declare  that Riza Aziz is not a thief.

1) He believes the money came from  legitimate resources  and 2) he returns a portion, not all of the money.  In any case who the fuck is the government?

Isn't that what Apek Cina is saying?

If he can dispute anything what's stopping  him from  questioning  the  legitimacy of government ?

First, the  one giving the money is not  our father and does not enjoy filial  relationship. Second, returning  a portion, not all the  money does not erase  the original  wrong. Savvy?

That being the case, the thief of the powdered  milk can plead he honestly believed what he did was correct, and  he volunteers to return a portion of the money equivalent  of the powdered milk. He has  no  criminal  record  of stealing.

Charge  him  for using excessive force.

The law permits you  to  use force but feather-light force. That so?

The law charges Riza for  money  laundering.  The money  came from  1mdb through  Aabar investment limited. That's too difficult  to understand?

So Tun Mahathir does not need lawyers to clarify things to  him. I from sekolah atap can. A lawyer is like a painter. He can turn black into white.

Of course that is just a fiction.  But if I were to see a snake and a lawyer it's prudent to kill the lawyer first.

The  tape released by sprm has Najib saying so that it would appear-it implies  that Najib  actually  knows the truth.  Would appear and appears  are two  different  things you know.

When Najib  says 'would appear' it means Aaba PJS investment Ltd is farcical.  It launders some hot  money.

The head of Aabar maybe a crown prince, but he's not our crown prince. Unless we are to believe  he doesn't go to the toilet to shit.

Tommy Thomas  says he agrees in principle. To me this means he can agree if there are more evidence,  qualifications and conduct from the plaintiff. He may also not agree.  To read acquiescence  into 'agree in principle  is presumptive.

There  is an assumption  that Riza believes that by returning  a portion of the money he can avoid going in and out of court.

That's Balderdash. Riza agrees because that's an admission  of guilt.


Monday, 1 June 2020

There's a thousand ways to skin a cat.

Let me ask a question.

A man steals a few cans of milk powder using excessive force he knows how. On the facts he gets convicted and is jailed  for 2 years. The law ignores his level of intelligence.

In another case a person steals over 1 billion says  he doesn't  know where  the  money comes from took the money  from x company  not from y.  He cannot be charged because  he says so returns some of the money he gets away scott-free.

In case 1 the law ignores the level of intelligence while in the second, to cut it short, celebrates  the level of intelligence  and rewards the more sophisticated  person by dropping all charges.

The law says it bases its decision on the facts and that's  why the  sentence  is different.  The degree of mischief  is lost in legal sophistry. The judge does  nothing but interprets the letter of the law.

The law can always be differentiated on the  facts-so that an apek cina can always dispute everything  under the sky while contrarian views to his, because  they don't resort  to social  media, makes us unaware of them. It makes his views seemed persuasive.

Let's  not rush to judgement just because we have not heard contrarian views and therefore  accepts glib arguments from apek cina.

Is the mischief  of stealing $50 more severe than stealing $1 billion? Is hiding behind  technicalities more commendable?
The powdered milk thief behaves in the only way he knows how while the  1 billion felon has many things going  for him including unsolicited defence from an attention  grabbing lawyer.

But who wants to defend the powder milk thief?  Making excuses for the 1 billion felon is more news-worthy.

So lets not be taken in by robust but glib rationalisation.


Sunday, 31 May 2020

Golden Memories


Saturday, 30 May 2020

Melodic songs


Friday, 29 May 2020

In memory of my parents


Some modern classics


Thursday, 28 May 2020

Have a good sleep.


Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The halcyon days


Tuesday, 26 May 2020

4 golden oldies.


Monday, 25 May 2020

Your listening pleasure


Saturday, 23 May 2020

Our own game of thrones

I saw this poster and I immediately say they won't cross and  support TDM. Not in a million years.

John Gotti Najib is facing  a number of court charges notably  1MDB. The Java man Wak Jahid has got more court charges than Najib. At one time couldn't even afford to buy baby milk. The fake Tengku is facing a number of charges associated with his tenure as ft Minister.
I wouldn't touch them with a 10 yard pole.

In the bottom row you have the 2nd liner rouges.
The ex taxi driver from Kinatabatangan is just an ordinary redneck who's just happy  to be with his wife  monitoring laddies  menstruation  cycle.  Just an empty vessel.
He has committed minor corruption  at RISDA.
Then  you have the half Indian  ex repo man who has made some notoriety at Tabung Haji. His mission in life is to lick the balls of bosku.
Next you have the Banjar man from Pontian who took 1 million from bosku. Famous for his 7 petala langit, 7 petala bumi adulation of  Mahathir  once.
If necessary I will negotiate with the trio in  the bottom row. Enough to give me the number.  Leave  out the trio in the top row.

If I were a Muhyiddin I  will do that. Finish off the top row crooks. Cultivate the smaller wise guys.

Definitely  the rouges in the top row  won't  cross over to embrace Mahathir.  The latter will not entertain the big crooks. No need to cry before Mahathir.

Mahathir is uncompromising. Muhyiddin on the other hand is softer.

So I think the scenario of the 6 goons supporting  Mahathir  will not happen.

They won't abstain or cross over.

A likelier picture is like  this:-

The  worse to Muhyiddin is a hung parliament. The better thing is he survives with a hairline majority.

In elections, he will lose.

The advantage Muhyiddin has is as the incumbent  pm he can give goodies to 'gratification  now, confound the future'politicians. Hell, he can even make corruption  smelling  like a rose.


Friday, 22 May 2020

A Pyrrhic Victory.

Whatever deal Riza wolf boy offered must be significantly  important  enough  to persuade the DPPs.

Riza must have made an offer the DPPs cannot refuse.  And that could only be he's ready to turn state witness to enable  the government  convict bosku.

In return for the readiness Riza must have asked that  all 5 charges be dropped and wiped out from  his record. So that he is pristine!

Wow! If what  he offered is not earth-shattering we will do what Shakespeare  asked  us to do: kill all the lawyers!

Unfortunately, the deal is a rotten deal no respectable  persons but imbecilic  people will accept.

The plea bargaining (PB) entails:-

  1. The return of properties in Beverly Hills., New  York  and London-already seized by the US
  2. DOJ Return of monies already seized  by the DOJ
  3.  Pay a penalty - not followed
I can see the AG triumphantly jumping up and down declaring he got a lithograph  and the return of USD 108 million. This is a pyrrhic victory.

The  cost is too punitive  to us.  The USD 108 is not even half of the usd248 million…
  1. All things returned  already  seized by DOJ
  2. The penalty ought to have been 5 x USD 248 M
  3. The  charges  would  result in  75 years prison time
The lithograph  would  hardly justify total  pardon. Its unconscionable, unjustifiable  and unjusticiable.

Even if Riza agrees to testify against  bosku, it can result only in reduced sentence  not total pardon.

So I  ask again:why did the judge and the DPPs agree to the  rotten deal? That's why the PB must be investigated.

If the AG did not tell all the fault is his. People  comment on what is given. When they do  it, cannot be determined  by the AG.


Thursday, 21 May 2020

Is trivialising corruption part of our national ethos?

Is trivialising  corruption  part  of our amour propre? If it is, we are sub-humans.  We cannot differentiate  what is wrong  and what is right.

I am sorry to visit this subject  again. But I am incensed Riza Aziz got away just like that. Wtf!

I am puzzled how he did this.  Hopefully  he has offered something  big enough  to convict bosku and co.

So what level of sophistication  and sophistry did the AG use? Please tell us in simple terms. Write it down. Didn't uncle Mao say as long as its written  down we can  understand.  Don't use fuzzy language.  Uncle Mao also said too much analysis  leads  to paralysis.

The most damaging thing is the  message.  The government, AGC and the MACC are telling  people to steal big and quote Riza's case as precedent.

Was this intentional on the part of the AG? If that is so, he is not a fool but a bloody fool.

Don't  assume  we are dumb and mute.  The residual voice  of our conscience must be heard by sophisticated  people at AGC. The deal stinks to high heavens.

If the previous  AG thinks there is a strong case it is not opened to the present  AG to cavalierly dismiss the case. There must be continuity.

The present  AG must be lying when he said that Tommy Thomas had agreed to the deal.  Thomas has denied this in writing.

Moreover, it's a question  of integrity,  honesty and credibility  which cannot be compromised.

There were 5 charges proffered  against  Eiza.  Each carries a 15 years jail sentence. Why were these ignored?

Didn't Parliament  as the highest law making body mandated a 5 times penalty to the sum stolen? Why was this ignored?

Over 1 billion  is stolen.  Returning not even  half is a good deal? What kind of maths is this?

What meritorious  deed has Riza Done? The USD 108 million  would have been returned  by the US anyway.  We are giving Riza free credit.

If Riza offered  to satisfy the deal, isn't this prima facie an admission  of some guilt?

The trial judge would  have been invited to mete out appropriate  sentence. Why did he easily agree to a rotten deal?

The DPPs who advised the high and mighty AG acquiesced easily.  Why did they?

Are there grounds to sue the judge and DPPs for dereliction  of duty?

Betrayal  to the pm and to the government  is less important  to me.  Politicians get betrayed all the time. Betrayal to the concept of justice and betrayal  to the people is more heinous.  Will the people  trust the law and lawyers ?

I am less bothered with the way  Muhyiddin gets power. Call it treachery or it anything  you want.  Its making trivialising  corruption  as part of our ethos that angers me.


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Is mediocrity the zeitgeist of our times?

A spectre  is haunting the AG Chambers.  It's the spectre of Appandi Ali. Its infamous spell is contained in the phrase case is closed and NFA.

Now its 'end of story' or 'that's  the end of it'. Well it's not the end just because you  mentioned  it.  We are not stupid people you know. We can  and do read between  the lines.

What is it that Riza Aziz returned to the government that are not already seized by the US  DOJ?

It means the AG chambers  got a deal that has got not much to shout about.  So don't lecture us about that's the end of it.

One over billion ringgit  has been stolen and yet our DPPs recommend  the case  be closed. It's not  the end until the fat lady sings.

Let me make a comparison.  There are poor Malays in Tawau, Sabah eating rice with just 1 egg and snake beans for buka puasa. But at the same time we have a legal system freeing a billion ringgit felon. Is this a prelude to a featherlite sentence to bosku?

So much for Wolf of Wall Street and Hermes crocodile skin handbags.

It's a travesty of justice. The  AG conducted a lengthy briefing but a farcical one!

Its true then what Kafka  wrote :a lawyer is some who writes a 10,000-page document and calls it a brief.

Somebody must have felt it that way during the AG's briefing.

The only thing extra the AG got was a lithograph and fine.  All other monies would have been returned to Malaysia  anyway.

Monetized the total sum returned amounted  to over rm400k hardly half the money he took from 1MDB.  Hell, there are hungry people in Malaysia  mah.

The condescending  press  release was symptomatic of people not voted to office. As the people in Pekan say kepala bapak awok!

So tell us Mr smart AG- is justice and the greater good served?

This  is not the thin skull eggshell rule on Riza Aziz.  His frailties are not relevant.  Tell that to the poor who has no inkling  what plea bargain is. What baloney!

The window dressing - press release and the sophistry of the AG hides the quality  of the government  lawyers.  As the chief in 'men in black' says you are expected of the quality of training  from  the government. Thank you.

Let me ask candidly with candour but without rancour-are our DPPs half past six fellas? Have they failed to protect us from the corrupt?

I hope the quality  of their professionalism does not represent the zeitgeist of our age. If it does, it means our judicial  system  is in a mess!

On the contrary, I  hope they represent  the fin de siècle of a 'jaman edan'.

To the defendant I  can only say  your acquittal  does not mean you are  not guilty, it only means you have beaten the rap.

Perhaps  you have achieved this with much deviousness and a hell of a help from  the half past six fellas.

As to the closing of the mad age, to bring us to the next level, we need a more forceful leadership.

As Mario Puzo puts it-a lawyer  with a briefcase  can steal more than a thousand men with guns.

I watched this film with my mother at the Rex cinema in Kuantan.


Tuesday, 19 May 2020

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" - William Shakespeare

Does our law practise double standards? You steal canned sardines and powdered milk you are  sentenced to 2 years in jail.  You steal and plunder 1 billion ringgit, get a sympathetic DPP you can get all changes  dropped!

I texted a few friends about this.  Two said  it's a sad day for our country. One mischievously said if you want to steal, steal big. Another said we are just whistling  past a graveyard  that is our country.  We are  just the reasonable  man on the Clapham omnibus. We  don't have the sophistication  of a DPP!

Surely the AG who was a 4th college boy of UM and the DPP whose advice  he took were in the minority. Even previous  AG Tommy  Thomas  said  he did not agree to any plea bargaining. So who  is  lying?

What is clear, the common good is sacrificed.

What I understand  is that Gopal Sri Ram and possibly Thomas  agreed to consider the proposals from Riza. That is different from agreeing to plea bargaining.

The AG can regale us with stories about the return  of properties  in  Beverly Hills, New York  and London or Timbuktu  for that matter, the  surrender of monies sequestered  by the government  etc.

The willingness  to pay  compound and strict adherence  to the terms of a plea bargain. But tell us dear AG will these erase the original  wrong?

So in the end we feel cheated.  Tell us also, does a plea bargain lead to.a total drop of the charges.?

So this plea bargain involves  complicated negotiations and all the jazz. These are but condiments  to the real dish.  In any case what do we pay you for?

So don't short change us Shylock AG. This is typical of a person who is not voted to office. Ditto for the DPPs.

What say the religious  purists in PAS? Do we condone the  kind of horse-trading?

I end  my  article with a saying:

When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you, you  know your nation is doomed.


Monday, 18 May 2020

Plea bargaining ought to be outlawed. Part 1 of 2

The dropping of the money laundering  charges against wolf boy Riza Aziz, is a black mark on Muhyiddin's administration.  It implies that he countenances  corruption.

Not being a lawyer, I thought plea bargaining is for a lesser charge and stealing over a billion ringgit is hardly  one.

I thought plea bargaining entails a lighter conviction  but not getting away scott-free. That appears to be the case for Riza Aziz.

I thought plea bargaining gets you a lighter sentence but not no-sentence. Something is terribly wrong  here.

It can mean that our judicial system is a mess such that judges accept plea bargain to alleviate  overcrowded  court dockets.  But I thought its for low level misdemeanour. Misappropriating money from 1MDB is no low level crime.

It can mean our  prisons are overcrowded. They are full of minor offenders such that jailing a major offender disrupts the life of a rich person. We are compassionate for the rich but severe for the poor.

It is also a question mark on the integrity of judges who are too willing to accept a plea bargain. I hope not.

We can accept the judicial economy  argument  for low level crimes but is stealing  more than 1 billion ringgit one?

A, man of straw will readily accept a plea bargain because he cannot afford a costly and robust defence. But a person with deep pockets like Riza is not a man of straw.

Are our prosecutors overworked? They find plea bargain as a means to lighten their caseloads. But with  so many law schools and graduates a lawyer is a dime a dozen.

That can mean sadly, we have half past six prosecutors or grade-C egg prosecutors. Unable  to argue their cases they opt for an easy way out. Are the Lesser gifted in our prosecution  team? Hope not!.

But in any case a plea bargain assures a conviction albeit a lighter one.  It cannot mean no conviction!

I hope plea bargain is accepted if it means a bigger conviction  for a criminal kingpin.  Let us hope that Riza Aziz  has a damaging testimony against bosku. If not plea bargain is a miscarriage of justice.

But I  still think plea bargain means a lighter sentence but not none at all. I hope this plea bargain does  not amount to  full acquittal. It's a sad day if it does.

I hope plea bargain is not the Plaster of Paris to fill the lacunae in the  law. Don't adulterate the Law.

I am puzzled  why lawyers are silent  on this  issue-either they are not sensitive  in preserving the sanctity of  the Law or  too busy pursuing their Porsche Panamera.

Is the defendant  looking for a more lenient  sentence? That would mean  we can kautim with the law.

It can also mean the defendant  has opted for certainty rather than risks being convicted by a judge.  Then the law is like a free  size t shirt or a spandex.

Or it can be a crafty strategy  by the  defendant  or his lawyer.  He can free the defence  lawyer to concentrate  on a bigger case or allowing  his lawyer join the team defending the criminal  kingpin.

But the nugging question  remains.-are the judge  and prosecutors  compromised?


Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Law is an ass!

I read with dismay that  money laundering  charges against  wolf boy were dropped. The message sent is utterly wrong. The law is indeed an ass.

If you want to steal, steal big. If you are caught you can kautim with the prosecutors.

The law fraternity must be patting themselves on the back thinking they are beyond reproach  don't steal a can of powdered milk.

Your misfeasance can be forgiven if you return some of the money. You enjoy the other half.
Even if you return  all the money you don't erase  the wrong.

We, are all suckers if we think the law is just.  If I have the powers I will order a mistrial.

Najib  is smiling  like a Cheshire cat. If he woke stole 50 billion he can cut a deal with government  lawyers.


We cannot trust the law it seems.  They look out for each other.  If you have donkeys as prosecutors  you might as well-read chicken  entrails.

We will mistrust  the law.  We are convinced we have second rate lawyers in the government. We shall have to explain  to them several  times the meaning of justice.

Thieves of the world unite! We have nothing  to lose but half  of our loot.


Saturday, 16 May 2020

The No Confidence Vote.

Anwar Ibrahim is now the national opposition leader. So why is Dr Mahathir the author of the no confidence vote?

He's not going to be the PM.  That means he has allowed himself  to be used in  moving the motion.

He appears to dig a hole he himself  will fall into.  It gives me no pleasure to say that of him.

Muhyiddin must have thought long and hard about becoming PM.  It's not as if he woke up one morning and decide  to become pm. He saw an opportunity and took it.

I am not going to be judgemental  on this - you can say he is scheming and unscrupulous  and argue about it till the cows come home or you turned blue in the face, but he was effective then-the ends justify the means.

I don't think Muhyiddin will just stand idly and hand over the premiership  to Mahathir or anyone. He will use any means necessary  to stay in power  including  deceptive  means. There's  nothing illegal  there.

Some people say Muhyiddin's days are numbered.  Mahathir has the numbers. There is dissension  in UMNO.

The  same can be said of BERSATU. Muhyiddin is president of  BERSATU meaning he has his own support. Mahathir made the cardinal  mistake of empowering a rival, and he's paying for it now.

If  Muhyiddin has the numbers just expel Mahathir. All problems solved  for now.

Now I hear parliament  will just meet and will not debate.  The PM can do this. Mahathir  has jumped into the pool but there's no water.


Friday, 15 May 2020

The Politics of COVID-19 part 2 of 2

There are many things we can learn from bungling America  in dealing with COVID-19. It is number  one in corona deaths and number one in cases. It's in that unenviable position  because of  poor leadership.

First we must prevent  the  rise of artificial  and fake leaders.  Remember when Trump  described  COVID-19 as an ordinary flu and it originated in a Chinese  lab?  Now the epicentre  is New  York  and not Wuhan.  Can we now say it's an American disease due to filthy Americans?

Don't show poor leadership and judgment.  The constant lying and trivializing  are hallmarks of a totalitarian leader.

These leaders are a danger to us.  Here we have a health minister who asked us to drink a lot of warm water and consulted  500 countries. Can he tell us which world has 500 counties? And his ministry was alleged to commit some corrupt purchases. The PM must jettison this kind of leaders asap.

Not only he, but all the idiots in the cabinet.  We have a higher  education  minister asking us to play tick-tock application  on our hand phones and a women's minister counselling  us to be lovey-dovey and play act as Doraemon. Out with them!

Never ever shrink our health care system if we ever want to ready to confront  COVID-19. View health care as a social responsibility and not allow the private sector drive our health care system.

We must never  allow the medical -industrial complex to determine our health care system.  This consists the hospitals, doctors, drug companies  and medical insurance  companies. Keep them  out.

At, the same time never  allow the department  f health  to be too overbearing. Yes they are  responsible  for preventing  harmful drugs into our country. But they can also prevent  the  entry  of cheaper and generic  drugs  into our  country. They do this through  their  bureaucratic tyranny  and little Napoleon-ship.

Never appoint anyone not an expert in the field to talk about  COVID-19. In Germany  Bill Gates has suddenly  become the go-to person as Spokesman  for COVID-19. The only  reason why he is treated that way is because  he is rich.
In our country its akin like asking  Robert  Kuok to talk about COVID-19. There are thousands of medical  specialists who can talk about COVID-19.


Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Politics of COVID-19 Part 1

I was reading the speech by the Ugandan  president.  It is regarding physical  and social distancing to confront COVID-19. At first instance it is a good  speech.

In truth, it was a condescending  speech.  He calls his countrymen  idiots. The  only way to deal with idiots is to use force and violence. Is the way to overcome idiots?

Did we hear Muhyiddin or Hsien Loon calling the people  idiots? The Ugandan model is not for us.

Obviously, the Ugandan  president, Kaguta Musaveni, does not respect his people. Reading in between the lines he is threatening  the use of force and brutality on his people.

Because  they are  idiots  the use of force  and brutality are justified  clubbing shooting  and raping people are okay.

At one  time  in  America, the whites  labelled  blacks as mad to send them to the sanatorium. In Malaysia, it was okay to C4 Altantuyaa because she was a prostitute.
Funny she wasn't  one when she entertained  Razak baginda and maybe bosku.

In Malaysia, we understand  persuasion  and do not need recourse to brutality. Neither do we use legislation  to secure obedience

Don't forget Uganda  is the land of  Obote and big Idi Amin Dada.  Musaveni may be cut from the same cloth. Atrocity is normal to him.

To be fair Musaveni spoke about valid things.  He  described  COVID-19 as a war without  borders -indiscriminate in its hellacious effects.

As a result of this war we don't talk about refusing to stay at home, children going to school, opening  up business, talk about freedom etc.  We ought to be thankful we are alive. Except in Uganda these are all permanent.

We are  not going to follow the Ugandan  model.  We are not idiots who are too thick to follow the orders of the government temporarily.

Hitler and Mussolini gave stirring speeches too but behaved atrociously. Perhaps Musaveni is too lazy to think of more civil ways to persuade people.

What I am saying is  COVID-19 can be used by authoritarian  leaders to undermine democracy. That could be the motive of Musaveni.

Covid-19 has allowed some unscrupulous  leaders do Heinous things. President Trump for example  said the virus originated in a Chinese lab: that has been debunked by medical  specialists and scientists.  They are mostly American.

Then Trump quarrelled with WHO accusing the latter to have insidious  relationship  with China.  Trump has since threatened to defund WHO.

Like Hitler  before him Trump spoke before adoring and pliable crowds.  Trump's  behaviour is closer to an authoritarian  leader.  He's been described  as a gangster in the White House.

The epicentre  of COVID-19 is not Wuhan but New York.  Trump is using COVID-19 to mask his colossal policy errors.

 I listened  to this song when  I was  small.  My late father bought acrylic  records.


Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Opinions, Ghostwriter and a Contrarian view on immigration.

I must admit I am opinionated in the sense I hold my opinions tightly. That doest not mean I am overly inflexible  in my opinions.  I do accommodate  the thinking of others if they are well reasoned and thought of.

Those who write in one or two lines are  simply not worth reading.

I am also offended by those who appear  they can evaluate  my writing when I know they are not well versed in the English language  and hardly read any English  books. At all. They must be aping the opinions of some envious souls.

I will also ignore those who continue  to say I don't write my articles myself and say my writings  are crap. Isn't that oxymoronic?

How is it possible that I don't write my own articles yet be responsible for their crappiness?
Must be a moron then. If I write only then I am responsible  for their crappiness.

Take for instance my views on immigration. You may disagree with me and think they are elitist. But who cares!
I hold it to be self-evident  that you are entitled  to your opinion as I do mine. So learn to live with that.

I am all for immigration  for jobs but will never support immigration  that takes advantage of our welfare, education,  health care, transport  facilities.
Yes I would support skills based immigration.  It sounds selfish but why should I take in the riff-raffs?

Sometime in 2019 a Trump Head of Immigration quoted a poem about the Statue of Liberty. He didn't want immigrants who take advantage of welfare but wanted immigrants with abilities. It was a politically incorrect statement but a realistic one.

Give immigrants  a choice of a) stay illegal or b) registered illegal or c) naturalised citizen when qualified. Provided we remain protective and guard jealously our country  (a) means they will not qualify to any of our facilities.

Paradoxically when the immigrants  are illegal it is good for us.  By definition, they are not entitled to any of the facilities  I mentioned.  They choose to be illegal and hence must pay the costs.


Monday, 11 May 2020

Muhyiddin's coup de grace

On the 9th, Pakatan held a ceramah "Kembalikan Mandat Rakyat".  Now that sounds strange to me.  How to give back?

The only way to do that is to have general elections.  Parliamentary action is a waste of time. Vote of  no confidence is just that.

If they find themselves  out of power blame it on Mahathir. He's so itchy-fied to resign. This is no game.

Mahathir thinks it's just a game.  This time he may have overplayed  his card. By choosing to resign he shows he doesn't respect  the mandate from the people. Hell, he doesn't even respect the mandate from heaven.

Dr Mahathir  may have the number in parliament  but that doesn't me he's right.  He's playing Russian  roulette with the people.  MPs are not our overlords.

So to me it's a misnomer to say kembalikan mandat rakyat.  Ask Mahathir  to kembali.

Nobody asked him to resign. Anwar is a non entity. Mahathir says he has no problem with Muhyiddin becoming PM.  So his motion is unconscionable.

Muhyiddin saw an opportunity  and took it.  That's hardly blameable.  Isn't it fair in love and war? Politics is just an extension  of war by another  means.

Can we expect any earth shaking policies from Mahathir  in the twilight of his years? Let's give Muhyiddin a chance. At least he can be better than bosku.

Mahathir  created a dysfunctional  cabinet.  He was  more interested to give member parties of PH their proportionate share.  It wasn't a government  of primus inter pares.  BERSATU seems incapable  of pushing its core policies.

As a result each member party wants to push its own agenda. Each week we are subject to petrol price change regime. Corporations are unable to do businesses under a suffocating regime.
That what is expected  from present day Mahathir.

Whether we like or not the people want core members of the cabinet to be Malays. Do we see Malays composing 15 percent of the Singapore  cabinet? The policies of the first among equals dominate.

Whether  you like it or dont like it-learn to love it.


Sunday, 10 May 2020

The no confidence vote is an exercise in futility.

I never knew Saloma sang this song.

I admire TDM.  I have described him as'the man who can walk on water.  He can do impossible  things.  I have called him the 'Don Corleone 'of Malaysian politics. His place in history is already assured.

He has submitted a motion of no confidence against Muhyiddin. The speaker has accepted  it.  Malaysia will be in for another round of political  Tsunami.

But I am afraid it will be a bridge too far for TDM this time. And I will tell you the reasons why. I don't  expect universal agreement  though.

Muhyiddin is still the president of BERSATU is he? Isn't it easier to purge him?.  Is Dr Mahathir  practising a form of political infanticide?

Is TDM the hippopotamus beach master killing  the baby hippo? He may have 1001 valid reasons but the majority  of Malaysia  will be against  TDM. This time.

I am aware that some people saw Muhyiddin did a power grab and rise to power was unconstitutional.  I beg to differ. Muhyiddin saw an opportunity  and seized  it.  He was an effective  leader. Its just that.

Pakatan may not be unified as one thinks. They may sleep on the same pillow but dream different  dreams.
DAP sees itself as lord of shanghai. Didn't Anwar  says he will not play second fiddle to Mahathir  any more? AMANAH will do what Mat Sabu says. They will bend with the wind.

Mahathir  does not know how to lose. One's personal ambitions knows no bounds.
In any case how long more can we endure Mahathir. Surely we cannot  have a PM who is 100? At that time some men play with their own urine and faeces.of course Mahathir is no mere mortal.

The reasonable  man will not want anything of it.  He is not the man on the Clapham omnibus.  The MPs are not the men on the Piccadilly commuter tube either.  Both do read in between the lines.
They read it as Mahathir  wanting to leave a legacy.

I know this issue will be played out in Parliament.  But the MPs have a duty to read correctly what the people  want.  Reading correctly  means they have to repudiate  the  no confidence  motion.

We have to also consider the political fatigue that has drowned the people.  Mahathir's move the other day threw the country in turmoil.  People are tired of political  intrigues.  One more is too much!

Muhyiddins administration  has 2 great things going for it.  The measures taken to combat COVID-19 show the people they are protected.

The slew of financial measures  show  people they are cared for.

The same cannot be said of the Pakatan government. They are more interested  to run the country as a business  unit.  They are manually  driven zombies.

The people  now want stability and certainty.  They didn't get that from the Pakatan  government. The MP's have a duty to give them to the people.

For these reasons I think the no confidence  motion ought to be rejected.  It's an abuse of Parliamentary privilege.

I will end this article with 2 things a friend said.

"Worry is a misuse of the brain"

"Sometimes there's  nothing we can do but wait for the rain to subside and the sun to shine again."


Friday, 8 May 2020

The Economics of COVID-19 part 3/3

The ideas held by many, the government  must do more. We elect them do the minimum wage, tax the rich, because that benefits the poor. Legislate more through manipulation of the employment  act, employment  insurance  schemes-  are all myths.

Myths, I might add are like an air mattress. They are comfortable for many purposes until  they  get deflated. Then you get a jolt.

When things go bad there's always a shift from reliance  of individual  responsibility to collective responsibility. From  self-reliance  to depending  on big brother  and ward keeper.

I doubt  very much taxing the rich will benefit  the poor. What we feel is different  from reality. Let me illustrate.

Take for example politics.who dominate the sphere? Hardly the poor. The very rich may have a few reps but the bulk is from  the middle income group.

The poor are on  the side lines. They are  there in the first place because the have lesser talent, lesser entrepreneurial skills  are unfortunate  to be born handicap or are in groups discriminated against.

From the very rich I could get money, so it's worthwhile to sacrifice  a few seats from the middle income group.  What can I get from the lower income group?
I may feel empathy for them, but the reality is what it is.  The middle income looks after their  own.

So if they look after their interests can we rely on  big brother? I submit, no.

The very  poor may get crumbs  but the middle income get the meat.

There is no good relying on big brother. It only gives them an excuse to impose their bureaucracy  and cause havoc through  their ubiquitous  corruption.

I used to think why Malays remain poor despite Malays dominating  government  instrument  from ketua kampungs to kings? Big brother doesn't help. But that's part of the answer.
The other part is to give big brother an excuse  to become little Napoleons  and impose corruption!

If Everyman were allowed  to pursue their  own interest the good of society is furthered. Adam Smith said that. A long time ago.

But we cannot trust the free market. The free marketeers are profit driven. They are rapacious  people.  So trust the government.
I have  shown what trusting big brother entails to.

So what to do? First of course  existing  facilities  must be managed better. Health facilities rubbish disposal  clean water supply electricity  etc.

Development policies must be skewed towards rural areas. Don't focus on workers only.  The café latte socialists  and Gucci  communists  talked about them. They are hardly the poor. The poor are in the kampungs.

Bank Negara must tell commercial banks to provide cheap loans to kampung people.  Lower interest  loans must be provided to kampung people.  Commercial banks should establish coffee shop bank branches in kampungs.

Housing loans should  be provided at zero interests. Applicants  consisting of  women should be encouraged.

Facilities at pasar malam should be upgraded. Build permanent premises with rubbish collection facilities  and cold room facilities.

Direct income transfers should  be made to the very poor. These are the miskin tegar who are worse off than the organised workers who are defended by well-intentioned do-gooders.


Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The Economics of COVID-19 Part 2

I was reading an article  asking the government  to do more to help workers.
Surprisingly there is no mention at all of "unions". This tells me unions do not protect  the workers.

We intend to help the workers but very often the outcome is the opposite  of our intention. So who protect  our workers?

There are 951 unions covering 800000 workers in Malaysia.  Are we, able to say the other 800 thousand  are not protected? The pasar malam vendors  have no unions. How are they protected?

Before the trade union  act 1959-we have no unions. Can we say our workers are not protected?

Unions protect  2 classes of people -members and the union officials. The protection given is not equal.

The strongest unions are probably  the teachers union, banking, medical, airline workers, municipal unions. We can hardly call the workers here as poor!

The unions are therefore not relevant in our discussion.  I submit they are not important.

That is not to say unions are not useful-they are.  But their leadership structure  must be re-engineered  and democratised.

That leaves the government  to do its duty:-by manipulating the employment  act through  the EPF or some employment insurance schemes  through  SOCSO etc. Or it monetises its debts. Even this proposal is misleading.

Before independence, we had no government to protect workers but workers got by. So not wholly true the government makes the difference.

Before I discuss some ways to overcome  the economic  downturn  there  are several issues  I want  to  talk about. These are the minimum  wage issue and taxing the rich  more.

Ramon Navaratnam is undoubtedly  a do-gooder who intends  to help  the poor.  Unfortunately  almost always good intentions produced the opposite  effects-producing increased unemployment  and increased poverty.  A do-gooder like Navaratnam becomes inadvertently a tool for special interest groups and the monopolists.

That's what the minimum wage rate does. Strange,  is it?

Think this way. In order  to pay the minimum wage rate the employers look for workers commensurate with the skills and qualifications  demanded  by the minimum wage rate.

What is the effect? The wage rate discriminate  against  those who don't have the required  skills and qualifications. The very people Navaratnam wants to help.
The poor are kept out the job market. They remained unemployed  and poor still.

Well intentions  but the effects  are not.  Have the government  published  results  of the minimum wage rate?

The special interest  groups  like the trade unions will like the idea.  It entrenches them and keeps off competition.
Do the do-gooders still like the idea? Unemployment  and  poverty will be on you!

Tax the very rich and help the poor says 'Robin Navatnam Hood'. Perhaps  he has not heard about Director's law(after Aaron Director). The law says almost  invariably  government  programs like this benefit the middle income group at the expense of the very  rich and the poor.

I can only say to the poor 'be still and wait without hope, for hope is to hope for the wrong  thing'. TS Eliot.


Monday, 4 May 2020

The Economics of COVID-19 Part 1

COVID-19 has affected our economy adversely. It has become a pandemic which bring dire economic consequences.

In response the government has introduced MCO-movement control order. Really, the duration is indefinite.

The government is asking people to stay at home do social distancing wash their clothes  use hand sanitizers wear masks cook more and make love more too. How else to entertain?

We are  also provided  with some comic relief. We have a higher education  minister asking  us to play  tick- tock on the phone.

We have the women affairs minister asking the wives to do the voice of Doraemon when romancing their husbands. Wow! This lady is unsangka-rable!

And we have the Health Minister asking us to drink more warm water. He has consulted 500 countries whereas there are only  195 countries in the world.  Clever fellow-not only is he a medical  doctor but has two ba's to his  name!

Our economy  has undoubtedly  shrunk. Our GDP is down. Many industries have gone south.

The hospitality industry  is down. Hotel occupancy is down. The aviation  industry is laying off workers. 2 to 3 million people will be retrenched.
Poor Makcik Kiah will not be able to sell her goreng  pisang.

The government  has  introduced  a slew of economic incentives.  I hope this policy will not be an excuse to implement  more collectivist programmes.

The normal and typical response  is to ask the government  to do more.  It is precisely more government  intrusion  that makes matters worse.  Sad to say it's not a call for a mini dictatorship  of the proletariat.


Sunday, 3 May 2020

The Misuse of Religion.

One of the brothers in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov said "If god is dead then everything  is permissible".

That means conduct  like killing, rape, plunder, perjury etc can be done.

There are  no  more religious  injunctions  to restrain  you and society at large is mute and dumb.

These 2 things  explained  why Najib  plundered the country.

To Najib at that particular  time god  is dead.  there is no celestial being to restrain him.  Now of course he beseeches  god to let him of the hook! God is back.

If God can be switched off and  on it means God's existence  depends  on how Najib thinks at a particular time.
Surely on this point alone the religious zealots  must censure him.

At that particular  time, i.e. when Najib  stole billions through  the agency of 1MDB, God is either dead or non-existent.  Najib is both ungodly  and blasphemous. He should  be crucified  for this.

For being murtad and shirik shouldn't  death be the punishment?

If the religious fakers are silent on this-not only are they complicit  they undermine our beliefs in religious  morality.  It exposes them as hypocrites!

Aren't  they the ones clamoring  for the implementation  of hudud and shariah laws?

Excuse me-Najib  is not only stealing but behaves that God is dead or non-existent. Isn't that a mortal sin?

We must  not be lenient  towards a person teaching us that God is dead and non-existent. Actually  God has nothing  to do when we commit wrongs.

We are the architect of our conduct  and must answer  for it or be called to account. Doing  a Mad's Alfred-what me know or a Baldric-deny everything  is only sophistry.

Don't  make a sumpah laknat saying you don't  know about 1MDB or you have nothing  to do with a lady's murder, do a repentance because you behaved that God is dead or  does not exist.

Don't use  God when it's convenient  to. Like mullah Nasruddin says to the barber who cuts him as he shaves exclaiming  Allahuakbar and Astaghfirullahal azim -lets leave God aside!

Society is mute and dumb.  That's an insult to us. That's  saying  we don't have an innate sense of what's wrong  or right.
We don't need a terrestrial  big brother like the religious fakers to tell us what is right and what is wrong. No sir!

Like judge Thomas  says-its irrelevant! The concept of vicarious redemption is irrelevant.
Ask some of the humanoids to say they are guilty  on your behalf.  Then you are forgiven.

Is that how it works?

Must find a village  idiot!


Saturday, 2 May 2020

Part 2. Pas and Islamic politics

Another problem with PAS is that it claims legitimacy from God.
That is a troubling thought.

God's omnipotence is translated politically into absolute  rule.

There  are many ways to persuade  gullible  people. The clerics are the inheritors of the holy Prophet (pbuh)
There is a very thin  line that separates personal interests from  the common good.

Once this kind of rule is accepted, PAS can justify honour killings, violence and other forms of tyranny.

Our objections are grounded on:
(1) where are  the control mechanisms to reign in unbridled lust for power?
(2) if such mechanisms exist they are weak.

PAS will keep changing the goal posts when we want to score.

PAS derives its legitimacy from interpreting Gods message and since they are derivatives  they ought to be questioned.  But will PAS tolerate criticisms or perpetuate  its emotional manacles?

We don't need a dictatorship  to tell what is right or wrong. We have access to literature and our own reasoning  and abilities.
That makes PAS which eventually leads to dictatorship  irrelevant.

Can the wrongs of a particular person be forgiven  by punishing others? What kind of morality does PAS condone?

It's disturbing to see pas not condemning  the thousands of duds supporting Najib. It appears that PAS condones passing the blame morality.

Therefore, for PAS, its right for Najib to lie and its right  for others to shoulder blame.
Najib's guilt will be written off if others volunteer  to accept  punishment on his behalf.

Can we support a PAS like that?


Thursday, 30 April 2020

The PAS-inisation of Islam:-some preliminary views

In Indonesia, a Muslim cleric, Habib Riziq Shihab was deemed guilty when it was discovered  to have video WhatsApp his nude girlfriend.  He wasn't content to see still pictures.  He must see live action!

The male family jewel does not know it is attached to an ustaz or otherwise. It answers to the calls of its opposite member when appreciated.

Clearly I can also swear like a trooper like a former friend said. That is not the issue however.

A person who adopts a pious persona must behave accordingly. He owes a higher degree of responsibility.

We do not do a double standard here.  Its just the way life is.

Similarly, in Malaysia, a person who adopts a similar image owes a higher degree of own-upship.
There is no difference  between a Genteel and a Philistine  when  it comes to sex.

For example, I am a philistine for I have come to terms with how I conduct  my life. I don't know about others. It is not my business.

A person who does not go to a mosque frequented by a PAS member goes to hell does he?
That is a discomforting  thought.

It suggests that God is not fair.  He has chosen a side.
All our life we have been  taught that  our entry to heaven is determined  by our piety and definitely not party affiliate.

We don't know of any community  that says it's OK  to steal but pas aligns  itself with a known plunderer.
Pas cannot  work with DAP yet can sleep with heathens MCA and MIC.

We believe in Islam but cannot accept unquestioningly PAS version of our religion.

The problem with PAS is our total submission to the party. Unless we behaved in certain ways we are  not moral. But morality is defined by pas. And that morality is as big as Hj Hadi's nose. What he does not comprehend  are not moral.  So our morality  depends  on big brother. Where is our freedom then?
Politically that is a condiment to totalitarianism.

That is our strong objection to the politics of PAS. The party will lead to totalitarianism.
That is why it demands total submission. After all total are the first 5 words to totalitarianism!

Musyawarah masks total acquiescence actually.

Can we trust a party that has no finality in whatever it says?
Where is Tahaluf Siyasi now?
They cooperate when it profits them as what it did to DAP.  Hence to PAS only interests are permanent. All other things are ephemeral.

Why is it Tahaluf Siyasi now to work with MCA and MIC but not with DAP?
I remember Nazri Aziz once told me he trusts DAP more than the scheming  MCA.  And I assure you not a few in UMNO hold that view!

Do people ask what kind  of government  does  pas promote? Therein lies another of our opposition to pas.

The answer is an intolerant  government. That is surely against  free and inquisitive people unless  we don't mind   being muted  people.

Pas can only survive in a government  that broods no opposition to it. Any opposition  to it will be branded heretic or blasphemous.

Such a government only promotes pre emptive cowering  and submission. Can we allow pas to rule?

And since it views opposition  to its government  as blasphemous and heretic  that could only lead to violence. Using religion, pas can justify killing and violence.
Do we want that in a civilised community?


Tuesday, 28 April 2020

The Religious Faker

When a few adulating sycophants ululate "bossku" to Najib - what has he done?

He's doing what many worshippers of the unknown are doing-rubbing a black goat and letting  it off in the desert to die of thirst and hunger.  We call it scapegoating.

What the selfish Najib  is doing is escaping from personal responsibility  and letting others fry for it! Some people's children!

I am surprised  to see some people falling for Najib.after all he has done doesn't he deserved a break?
Well, that does not excuse  his plunder.

The fact that US  has returned  over 1 billion confirmed that 1MDB has taken place. Surely someone  must be punished!

The sycophantic supporters of Najib  are sending the wrong message. We don't know of  any society that says it's okay to steal!

Its one of the 10 commandments.  Thou shall not steal. Show me where Islam says it's okay to steal. Does our religion, Islam says it's alright  to steal?

The problem  is that Najib  believes that it's his divine right to steal from  the country. Let's debunk that myth.

Could  it be that Najib uses religion  to justify his pillage?
Najib is a religious  hypocrite!

When I was information chief of Pekan UMNO, I volunteered  to do a session of Ratib Haddad at Najib's residence. The purpose was to bring in glad tidings and drive out evil.

After thinking a while Najib gently refused.  Perhaps he was afraid the session would blunt Rosmah's mandram!

Only God knows.  How do we know Rosmah directed her magic only on Najib? It could even be on Mahathir!

That would also make us question the allegiance  of some religious  people!.  A party like PAS that aligns with a known philanderer  is dangerous!

It's not all of a sudden Najib has turned religious. I hope the people will rule him out!
He has not got a leg up in terms of support.

The most vile of a person is one  who believes he or she gets permission  from god to do as he or she pleases. We ought to say that religion is the  refuge of scoundrels. Najib is a bloody scoundrel!
You may disagree with me, who cares.  But then  you are free to  shove any object down the place where the sun never shines! The choice is yours.


Monday, 27 April 2020

An Asian looks at Trump's USA

We think America  has broken the rules in  international  trade. It uses economic and political tools to promote its own interests. It's promoting economic hegemony.

So let Trump howl and wail huff and puff about china's trade practice. They are just the rantings  of a schizophrenic man.

If America  does not respect  others she will be Isolated. The recent US -China  trade, war serves, only to expose. American  economic hegemonic tendencies.

Trump is, a bully  narcissistic  sociopath who has, managed fo transfer these onto  American  life. The trouble  is many accepted  this as, the new normal.

Well he's not pulling a fast one on us like he did to Huawei.

Huawei is just a casualty to Trump's bizarre economic  policies. Friedman  would be, rolling in his grave.

How should  we deal with a Huawei for Instance?
We should do like Russia  does-open her arms to Huawei. By blockading  Huawei US is exposing  its incapable  of overcoming china's technological prowess.

We, should welcome  Huawei to develop our 5G internet  technology like Russia  does. We take, advantage of US Parochialism.
Its, an extension of Trump's  narcissism anyway.

But there's more than just Huawei and Panda diplomacy. They have technological advances. In Tula Russia, Great Wall Motors is investing USD 500m in a car factory producing Haval SUV. Now they can produce 1500 cars and 1000 jobs. Imagine  that  kind of investment  to us.

China possesses wind turbine technology  and solar technology which we can transfer.

While on this subject we can have more economic relationships with Russia.  Perhaps  she is not an ogre as painted by US.

We can do this by being not  too attached  to the USA.
After  all free market means free trade and that means we  are free to trade with anyone.


Sunday, 26 April 2020

The Economic Transformation of Malaysia part of part 3

Part 1
Part 2

I am directing  my attention  to rural economic transformation or traditional economy and less on urban economics or modern economy.

In a sense the attention is intentional because the income gap between rural and urban economy must never be allowed to widen.  It would lead to confrontation.

The rural problem, simply put is: How do we raise the nominal and real income of rural economic  actors?

We are already familiar  with price support and subsidy policies.  We should focus on economic and social policies.

People in rural areas are either self-employed or farmers as landowners or tenant farmers.

Some farmers cultivate government -owned lands.  They are frequently  raided by settlement  officers.

Tenant farming  should be abolished, tenant farmers should  be given lands. Those who open up government  owned lands should  be given lands, regularised in  size.

From here we can move on to the next  step  to help both the self-employed  and farmers.

But the transformation is not overnight. The individual farmer who railed over the minister of agricultural is expecting a quicksilver solution, the transformation of the rural economy of which agriculture is but a part requires time.  When it happened the individual farmer must seize the day and cannot expect to be spoon-fed.

Assuming the "challenge and respond" attitude is there, here are some measures which the government can facilitate.

I believed every district  should  have their own marketing premises, Alor Star has its Pekan Rabu, Kuala  Terengganu has it's Pasar Payang, Kota Baru it's Pasar Khatijah etc. The gov should build these in every district.

There, the rural economic actors can sell  their goods and services. Each premise should  have their own stage premises  to hold  cultural shows. That  would attract people  to come.

Farmers markets  should  be permanent premises. The premises should  have permanent  stalls. Refrigeration  facilities, toilet and prayer hall facilities  and rubbish Collection  facilities.

A previous  agriculture Minister, Ismail Sabri  I think, supplied 3 wheeled vehicles to farmers. I think this practice should be continued.  So is the supply of things  like coconut milk Extraction  machines and food-trucks.

Really it should  be the rural development ministry looking after these things because  of direct effects to rural folks

Certainly more pusat kemahiran should be built in the districts including vocational  training in agriculture

There must be institutions that promote growth!


Friday, 24 April 2020

You cannot please everyone!

I once talked to Najib  about winning.  You see, he's obsessed  about  getting  support from everyone.  I said that's not necessary. You can't please everyone.

If you win 60% you are winning.

It's pointless to please everyone. Since Tun Razak's time there's always about 10000 who for 1001 reasons will not support him.

I have long learnt  that you can't please everybody. So those who disagree with me are no problem  to me. But unless they write to argue properly I will hold tight to my opinion.

For instance there are some envious souls who say I do  not write my articles.  They say its written by some ghost writers.

Some people just can't believe some can write better than them.

I tolerated even Caucasians who commit grammar and tense mistakes because I know what they want to say!

The same people say my writings are crap. How do we reconcile  the allegations that I do not write but attribute crappiness to me?

Usually fellow bloggers do not question me but those who cannot even construct some sentences do.
Perhaps  they engaged in some empty  talk among the chattering class or hope to score with somebody.

Ah well you cannot please  everyone. Like John  Maynard Keynes said, "In the long run, we are all dead!"


Thursday, 23 April 2020

Unsolicited advices from citizen A

When Muhyiddin was asked, by journalists when Najib will be arrested, he answered he will not  interfere. Politically correct answer, but wrong anyway.

The better answer would have been, "If Najib were guilty then he will have to face the legal consequences. Muhyiddin cannot be neutral.

Muhyiddin must seize the opportunity to isolate Najib and his, ilk in UMNO. Confiscate the billions he stole. Ban him from politics.

Do the same to like-thinking  UMNO people.
Muhyiddin must have the killer instinct  to crush these people.

Now is the time to set up Bersatu branches in every UMNO divisions.  PBPM must engage the people directly.

It must open itself to engaging all Malaysians and not only Malays.

This is the time to co-opt  like-thinking people into Bersatu. By doing this it will cause the dilution of UMNO.

There is a rational reason for not staying neutral. Muhyiddin must show which side is he on. 
By deliberately making  choices Muhyiddin can earn respect and loyalty of the people.

In this circumstance  only Najib hates him, but he has gained admiration of the people.  Najib is one person. Can he win against  the many?

By making choices, Muhyiddin shows he's making a bold decision.  People will prefer a decisive leader.  Not choosing side  will  only show you as an irresolute  leader.  Its better to be hated by one person than by the many.

Action is more preferable than inaction.  So by throwing  his hat with the people  Muhyiddin shows he is decisive  and bold gaining their respect.

Choose a front and fight for it wholeheartedly.  Like Hussein Onn once said don't fight on several  fronts at once. We are not a fan of neutrality.

By not  making a bold decision shows  you are timid and indecisive.  You will be hated by both sides.
But which side do You choose?
In my example above, in a democracy  choose, the majority.  Najib is one person. Sacrifice him.

Not making a bold decision must only be done for strategic reasons. Even that must  not be overused lest it shows timidity. People say this is discretion and it may indeed be the better part of valour.

This principle was shown in WW2-thw fascist leader Mussolini  sided with Hitler  while  Franco of Spain  remained  neutral. Although Mussolini  was eventually executed the Germans aided him and helped  him regain power.  Franco  because he was neutral  managed to stay in power for another 30 years.

Mussolini  chose the wrong  side BUT gained  the respect and admiration of the Germans.
By postponing his decision and remaining  neutral Franco  remained in power.  But today Il Duce is more remembered than Franco. 
Even when making a wrong decision  but a decisive one gains respect and admiration  and is remembered  longer.
Hence,  don't be neutral  and timid, by setting up Bersatu branches and divisions  Bersatu shows its presence and deal with problems  hands on.

Nowadays  it may not be possible to be  physically  present  because maybe you are holding  public  office and so on, you can appoint personal  representatives etc. Hold skype meetings  and send e-mails. Show your presence.

Co-opting friendly  UMNO  members and aiding  them  to form Bersatu branches is like expanding and acquiring  new territories.

Through  these people  establish beach heads through  which to expand Bersatu's influence. Ask them to dissolve  UMNO branches  but remember  not to give them too great power. They will and can undermine  you. Use them to put down rivals.  That is good politics, unethical  but good.

In ancient Greek  history  Achilles  and Hercules  were educated by a being known as Chiron. It was half beast and half human.

There are two ways of getting power.  One is to use the law the other by force.

The first is opened  to man, the second to beast.
When civility and discussion  no longer work then fear and intimidation  need to be employed.

Hence, the good leader must use both methods. Sometimes,  force is necessary to achieve what is wanted.

Be open-minded then. If Najib is guilty use overwhelming force on him.  Others too. Confiscate their ill-gotten  gains. Close their accounts. Ban them from politics.

Resorting to animalistic conduct be both a lion and  the fox. Be strong like the lion and be cunning  like the fox.

The good leader will adjust his policies according to circumstances.  That is why he never judged something  prematurely. Decide the fate of golem Najib  when the time comes. Don't judge now.

Adapt or perish!


Monday, 20 April 2020

Najib Personality Disorder

Najib lambasted PH for not fulfilling its election promises. That is the same question I posed to a PH leader when the latter visited  me.

I told the leader people aren't interested to know you have fulfilled  70% of the promises.  They are looking for big ticket items like the reduction in fuel prices, the abolition  of tolls and PTPTN.

They are no longer the government, so I  am not going to talk about them.

But I am certainly going to talk about pee wee Najib.  He is like 7-Eleven.  He never shuts his  mouth ever. Well, he's not going to be unchallenged!

Perhaps Najib is suffering from NPD-narcissistic personality disorder. He thinks the world revolves around  him.

He thinks highly of himself to the exclusion of others. Accordingly, the world ought to run as he thinks.

Because of that Malaysia was turned into a gigantic ATM machine. His own that is.

In that world  Najib was able to apply his voodoo economics-cash is king. He spent like nobody's  business.

It became our business. We had to dedicate time and resources  to rectify our voodoo-ed economy. He created a huge mess!

The monumental  mess is the main reason  why PH was not able to fulfil its promises fully. Much time and resources were spent in cleaning the shit he left behind.

We must not wonder why we could not fulfil ALL of the election promises!


Saturday, 18 April 2020

A Lesson In Pragmatic Politics

Many years ago I was in a group discussing why we need a good person like Pak Lah to lead our country. A friend said as a matter of factly-if you want a good person find an imam.

It made me realised that it's almost impossible to be both a good person and a politician.
Hence, the popular image of a politician who is sly underhanded and dishonest.

We should not be thinking  that way, rather the question  we should  ask ourselves  is-. Is this person an effective leader?

Hj Hadi was once MB of Trengganu. His avowed objective was to establish a kingdom of God there.  He soon was overwhelmed  by real politiks.  He failed after 1 term.

M. Yacob of Kelantan is different.  There his primary objective  is not to  establish a kingdom of God but to manage the state effectively.  So he has managed  to endure longer.

But the jury is not out yet.  With the increasing Mullah-isation of PAS Kelantan, it may prove to be his Achilles  heel!

So the ustazs in PAS may not be purely persons of God after all.  Earthly matters may colour their character.

If they want to remain fundamentalist, be a preacher not a Politician.

The raison d'être of a good politician  is to defend enrich and honour the state. And this may require the use of the darker arts.

To honour the state may include  jettisoning  people like Najib and his inklings in UMNO.

In order to do this Muhyiddin must use judicious virtue, Machiavelli used the term criminal  virtue.  Simply ruthlessness.

We are not asking for Najib to be sawn into two but asking  for Najib to spend sabbatical in Sungai Buluh.  Or ban him from politics.

That includes axing civil servants  who behaved like little Napoleons.  Those who don't answer phones should be terminated. We the taxpayers have long tolerated their nonsense.

But the use of criminal virtue must be what it is-judicious. They must be used sporadically to avoid being accused of mindless  brutality.

Action on Najib and the little  napoleons should be done once. After that use diversionary tactics-. Concerts, Public  Shows, lower taxes, financial incentives  etc. Let people think you are an effective  leader.

Very often, being a good politician and a good person involves moral trade-offs, -to be a good politician  often means you have to abandon being a good person.

I am afraid  that's the problem with PH people -wanting  to be a good person  and a good politician.  In the end they failed.

They want to celebrate differences, they wan to give opposition  air time.  It's not our business to allow the opposition  to undermine us. We must be ruthless.

I have said it before -we don't have to be apologetic to the Bukit Tunku Bolsehviks the Hampstead liberals, the Gucci communists, the Country Heights, Café Latte socialists-just do  it!

So we must not think politicians as sly underhanded or manoeuvring but rather, my friends, are they effective?


Friday, 17 April 2020

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

Najib 's articulations through  the social media  will invite  comments.  Having made the bed he must now lie on it. His  comments must not  go unchallenged.

Najib  has made some presumptuous  remarks  regarding  PH's performance.  His insolence is typical of a feudal overlord who is accountable  to no one.

Najib lambasted  PH for:-

  1. Breaking its promises of appointing  politicians  to GLCs
  2. Not fulfilling  its election promises
  3. Messing up the  economy.
I answered points 1 and 2 in my article. See my link below.
The government  made political appointments not because Najib said so but because it is pragmatic to do so.

"It's Business, nothing personal"

I will answer part 3 in a separate article.

Najib seems to think that if some things are not thought  by him they couldn't  happen. Sorry Najib, don't be a narcissist.

As to Najib's prognosis  of our economy Najib  is no Cassandra.  Our economy will be as it is not Because  of Najib but in spite of Najib.  Tuan,  the world will move on without you!
How  clever can  Najib  be?

The last time I checked, the present government  is a coalition  between Muhyiddin's Bersatu faction and what remains of UMNO!.  And Najib is left out!
Najib is just  being sour grapish or bringing coal to Newcastle.

So why is Najib  railing against  PH when it is no longer the government? Najib is kicking  a dead horse.
Najib is envious that the train has left him, or he is suffering from talak mad he is no longer the PM.
Stand down commandant!

Just because Muhyiddin seems to replicate many of Najib's policies does not mean Najib caused them. Don't suffer from post hoc ergo propter hoc syndrome.

When Najib was a pm, he was not interested in our economy:, it was collateral to him.  He was more interested  to turn Malaysia  into a giant ATM machine!

So stop and desist Najib. Don't infect us with the post hoc ergo propter hoc virus! No, thank you.


Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Malaysia's King Louis and Marie Antoinette.

Suddenly there is a flood of subjects written on  the Bonnie and Clyde couple of Malaysia.

I am afraid none are complimentary. We cannot say we don't agree, but  we don't do the extremes.

We are not interested to know who was Rosmah's first husband, by the way Aziz Nong Chik was my colleague in shell.

I once brought Aziz  to see a Tun,  I introduced who Aziz was.  The Tun responded by congratulating  Aziz!

We are not interested to know that a former CM was the one who introduced Rosmah to Najib.

We are not interested to know that Rosmah was once an ugly duckling who turned into a swan and whose overriding ambition was to marry Najib.
Or she was called a ''puaka'' woman  and  her siblings  did not talk to her for years.

We are certainly  not interested to know that her hormonal  pills cost 1 million a pack. 
Of course now she is like Siberia-everybody knows  where it is but no one  wants to go there!

But we are interested to know how she fleeced money from companies doing business in Malaysia. We are interested how she demanded money from the China company building  the ECRL here.

As far as Najib is concerned we are not interested to know he humiliated Rosmah a few times.
We are not interested  to know he mistreated his first wife and called her gila babi or sporadic bonkers.
We don't care two hoots if he had a good time with Altantuya which he did.

But we are interested how Malaysia's King Louis and Marie Antoinette got their billions.
The only châteaux befitting them are at Sungai Buluh and Kajang. Adieu!

We must know what this degenerate  pair want-they want honour and adulation.

Ignore the fact Najib made an Oath in a mosque. What is an oath to a liar. Najib is a congenital  menace, when he was a kid, visitors to Sri Taman were often shocked.  When visitors came to see Tun Razak young Najib would be upstairs.  He would throw objects at these visitors. Najib is  sadistic! One shouldn't  be surprised  when he called  people ' haramjadah' and ' papa kedana'

I was amused when there was a political commentator who gave a basket list of parameters on why Muhyiddin chose Najib 's style over Tun M.

Muhyiddin did no such thing.  Really he is isolating Najib. He has said he will not interfere with the due process of law in response to questiions when Najib will be arrested.
Najib and Rosie will get what they deserved.

But don't believe me wholly,  there are  those who say I employ  ghost writers. See if they can imitate my style.

They also say my writings are crap.  That's an insult to my intelligence and almost 27 million  others who read my crap.

As, they say res ipsa loquitor!


Sunday, 12 April 2020

Najib's Crab Teaching Muhyiddin How To Walk.


Najib's crab must be the only crab which can walk straight. There's a Malay saying that says if your nose is not pointed don't push your cheeks.  But that is what Najib is unashamedly doing.

Najib tells Muhyiddin don't do as stupid PH did. Do like his UMNO did is it?

There's the sword of Damocles pointing at his heart.  He faces a myriad of court cases. Sungai Buluh Hilton beckons him. He is free to revive the 'Tin Mine'...his unsolicited advice does not earn him brownie points.

Perhaps  his unsolicited  advice  gives a brief  orgasm to the servile bossku followers. Still, it does not absolve him from the billions he stole from  our treasury. Perhaps its possible to take a class action against him.

Indeed, the court should order Najib  to compensate the government for the billions lost. Najib must commit seppuku just  as Mishima did. But Najib is not an honourable person.

Nobody  Gives a rat's ass what Najib says. It's his attempt to stay relevant. If we remember correctly he was the one who fired Muhyiddin.

So Najib can continue giving  unsolicited comments to stay relevant.  His only means of staying  relevant is to install pliant and equally corrupt people like the Java man Wak Jahid!

But subtle as it is, it means that UMNO is making him irrelevant  as it should.
I am not  worried about  future inmate Najib  but  will continue  to expose his hypocrisy.

UMNO determines what it is by what it does correctly.  The correct  thing to do is making people  like Najib and his minions irrelevant!

But why should I be concerned with what UMNO does to salacious Najib?
It's not about UMNO or Najib. It's about saving millions of Malays from being duped!


Saturday, 11 April 2020

It's business, nothing personal.

There is a parody that described Muhyiddin as a permissive father. Good for him.
But I hope that does not include to mean he will excuse Najib.  He's a Poor excuse of a man.

After what Najib has done, he cannot be called a Human being. The man is a bloody thief! Commiting the heist of  the century.  He's the billion dollar whale! It's a crying shame that some people still hold him in high esteem. They must suffer from some mad cow disease.

I hope Muhyiddin is not that pliable blob of a putty!

Having said that, I would like to know has there been an appreciable increase in value when we appoint non politicians to head GLCs?
I see none.

So Muhyiddin should revert to appointing politicians to head GLCs and the like. They have the political nuance and some are highly educated.

Appointing politicians is also one form of rewarding loyal politicians who are not appointed ministers.

On the flip side, why is Muhyiddin appointing so many senators as ministers? For instance the finance minister maybe a top notch-banker, but it is a mistake to think that his credentials are transferable.

I also hope Muhyiddin does not go soft on ECRL project. Remember it was Tun Daim who negotiated the cost downwards. That suggests the inflated price was done by someone. The scandal maybe bigger  than 1MDB!

It was rumoured that Kak Ros demanded she be paid money for per metre line built! And Najib got paid seperately.  Clearly, Najib and Rosmah is the Malaysian  Bonnie and Clyde couple.

It's better for the IGP to arrest this Couple than start a new set of  IP on Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim and LGE. Don't distract us on a wild goose chase.

Its business, nothing personal.

Apart from that I have no quarrel with TSMY. He has announced  a slew of financial relief.
To some these may just be charmed offensive or crowd pleasing populism.

But the pièce de résistance of all these, he understands what the people want.

The people must FEEL they are cared for and protected. The financial  relief showed  the people  they are cared for.

The measures taken by the government against COVID-19,.show the people they are protected.
The actions against Najib  and Rosmah showed people they are protected against  the avarice and capriciousness  of a sham leader and his missus.

Contrast this with what took place during the previous  PH government.  People feel constricted  and suffocated.

The Finance Minister was over close-fisted, the weekly revision of petrol prices placed people in turmoil.  Each person has got personalised  agenda

The PH people patted their backs having fulfilled  70% of their promises. People don't care. They wanted  to know whether tolls are abolished, PTPTN forgiven, etc.

I am convinced  therefore TSMY's government  will endure.


Friday, 10 April 2020

The Invisible People

It has been brought  to my attention  that some people bitched behind me.
I don't know any of them nor met any of them.

But as they say u cannot close the mouth of the vase.

They say I employ  ghost writers. I have never employed any. Even during sickness I typed with my left finger. No one can replicate my thinking.

Some say my writings  are crap. They have not even written a single sentence.
Funny nearly 27 million read crap.
There must be something  wrong!
People are envious.

Shame on them for claiming  they are  my friends when they are clearly  not! We don't know  each other.

They are the invisible people known only to nameless people.

I still read extensively. I have the Sarawak Report and the Billion Dollar Whale.

I have books by Xi Jinping, Deng Xioping, Ezra Vogel, Erskine May and Lord Denning.

I am going over The Sarawak Report at the moment.


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