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Monday, 10 May 2021

The Man Most Fit To Lead Umno And The Country.

1. One advice Machiavelli gave to nice people "learn from the tyrants". That is not to become tyrants but to learn their methods. For the sad truth in politics is, bad people end up first while nice people end up last. The choice is yours:want your 5-minute fame or want to last as long as you want.

2. That's what happened to Mr nice guy Tengku Razaleigh. Unaccustomed to rough methods and being too refined, he's fodder to stupid umno people- the rough and tumble village people.

3. Hence, the one time number 1 person at the World Bank, the underpaid chairman of petronas, Pernas, Bbmb, the country's economic czar is sidelined. Instead, the umno Malays idolise and celebrate the cobra mafia, the clique of mediocre people. The grade 'c' eggs

4. By the twisted logic of the malleable umno hoi poloi, the nice people are brushed aside and the umno cobra mafia is elevated to prominence. The people like the grinning 'ow' minister, the going nowhere KJ, Anuar Musa, Tajuddin, blur Zahid et al.

5. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.

6. In more modern language, its like what Michael Porter says. If you demand mediocrity you get mediocrity. If you demand excellence you structure what you desire accordingly. Under the present circumstances, it seems the umno hoi poloi has a death wish:- wanting to see umno implode under the leadership of the cobra mafia which is at once toxic and venomous.

7. Therefore, if the umno majority thinks rationaly and business like, wanting to save umno and lead the country-theres only one person most fit to lead umno. And that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

8. I am not coy in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the person most fit. He has charisma, well known and can transform the country. He has the vision, resolve and drive to put things right. The others are just making politically right and populist noises. Plus there is a certain fellow offering us nothing but demagoguery. Which takes us nowhere.

9. Mind you, I am not talking as a dyed in the wool umno member but as a DAP man. And I can confidently tell you the chief difference between the two parties.

10. The chief difference as I see it is, that while DAP celebrates excellence, umno celebrates mediocrity. That's why the loudmouths and drum beaters are given prominence in umno. My own thinking may not be shared by the DAP denizens, but in the name of excellence I have no hesitation in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the best of the crop.

11. Beside having all the required qualities, Tengku Razaleigh is royalty himself. He is old enough to tell off wayward royals what Constitutional Monarchy means.

12. The undisputed reality is that umno is a mass based party. This fact seems to be forgotten by the cobra mafia. The person best able to interpret the needs of Malays and Malaysians is the most fit to lead Malaysia. And I believed the person most able is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He is one of us with no pretensions. Why do I get the impression that someone who says the Chinese, Indians, the ibans etc are his children is just faking it?

13. Because it's a mass based party it requires a person with the vision, drive, discipline and above all places the welfare of the people above all.

14. When he created bonded areas for car importers and only after cabinet insistence, that he took a remuneration of RM4000 as petronas charman-these showed he places the common good above all else. And he is a selfless person. When he was willing to talk about oil royalty for Kelantan that shows he is motivated by a strong sense of fair play. When he was willing to resign after losing the umno elections, that shows he is a man of principles.

15. Can we expect that from Mr Anus of ketereh, Mr Ontop of sembrong, Mr Herpes of rembau Mrs tightfit and Mrs klitoris, and Mr Aimedik from bera? Meanwhile, Mr Arsebandit is waiting in the wings fueling his ambitions.

16. Doesn't the umno hoi poloi feel guilty about ditching a good man? Isn't saving umno the top priority? Didn't Mr Maiprrik from Bagan Datoh says that a good seed thrown into the wide ocean becomes an island?

17. Umnos forgetfulness in this aspect can only be explained by the intense indoctrination and brainwashing by the umno cobra mafia. So as the late poet 'komrad' Kassim Ahmad says-for so long we die because of loyalty, now we live in rebellion.

18. Umno needs a person with stout courage to do two things. One is to put umno on its right footing and two, to clean up the government machinery. Of all the qualities demanded of a leader, courage says Winston Churchill is the most important.

19. Umno is a mass based party, in essence a revolutionary party, parti orang kampung says Musa Hitam-Tengku Razaleigh must give meaning to the term

20. Giving meaning to the term must mean to correctly interpret and give direction to the will of the people.

21. It's impossible to think that the people are so forgiving and do not seek some redress. The transition of one government to the next cannot be so orderly and smooth. All the leaders of the outgoing government must be brought into account. There's no democracy without accountability.

22. It seems to me that it's insufficient for Tengku Razaleigh to use household cleaning detergent but also needs industrial detergent to clean up the government. He has to clean up the civil service, the judiciary, the police, the GLCs etc. Previous PMs and the prima donnas mentioned in 15,.are only content to continue the pillage and plunder. None have the courage.

23. Tengku Razaleigh is not perfect but he has the courage, none of the failings of previous PMs and none of the character flaws of the clowns mentioned in para 15.

24. Finally, let me answer one off-putting question. What can one person like ku li do?

25. First he will surround himself with people who share his vision. Two, if you think one person cannot make a difference-think of what one rouge Najib does to our country. Think also of what one inept Mahiadin does to our beloved nation? Therefore, one person like Ku Li and people who share his vision can make a difference.

26. So my dear umno brothers and sisters, please think rationally who is most fit to lead umno and the country. Without a doubt that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

27. In part 3 I will try to outline what ails umno. Its up to you to accept my analysis.


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

The person most fit to lead Malaysia. Part 1.

1. When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says tongue in cheek, that he has all the qualities to be elected as PM he's not being braggadocios.

2. He's saying it as a matter-of-factly because nowadays, that is the language people understand. Direct language is the language of choice especially when inundated with the convoluted language of Zaid. Zaid, the man with weak leadership and low level brain IQ.

3. But some envious umno people, don't you roll on the floor tearing your hair yes. Especially that asshole from Ketereh, the purveyor of piffle. Read the statement from Ku Li carefully.

4. Ku Li said he has all the qualities to be PM but won't be because (a) his own party, umno does not support him and (b) possibly he is supported by the opposition.

5. These two statements reveal a lot about the political parties. Allow me to expand.

6. I know a thing or two about the umno culture. From 1990 to end December 2011, 1 was with umno. I was an ADUN under umno.

7. From 8th January 2012 to now I am a DAP member. Under DAP I was the MP for Raub from 2013-2018. Therefore, I am qualified to say about the political cultures of both parties.

8. So, not to sound bragging about it, I think I am qualified to talk about the thinking of both parties.

9. What is urgently required of umno is thinking what is good for business. What is good for business is a complete break with dumbing conformity.

10. The first thing to do is to abandon thinking in terms of preserving the hierarchical set up and archaic traditions in umno. If their preservation leads to the destruction of umno. Its adapt or perish.

11. Its so objectionable the suggestion by umnos Rottweiler, oberleutenant Nazri Aziz to just pass the leadership of umno to another reactioner, Mat Hassan.

12. That chap is cut from the same cloth as plunderer Najib and clueless Zahid, that choosing him will only serve to perpetuate the leadership of despotic leaders beginning with the scheming Tun Razak, Mamu Mahathir, thieving Najib and blur Zahid.

13. The same antiquated idea is echoed by an imbecilic umno youth leader from Kelantan. This is worrying coming from the younger generation. It shows the rot of umno has gone to the core. And the upper echelons have not bothered to correct the anomaly.

14. This shows that the indoctrination by umnos cobra mafia has gone on for so long unarrested. It has resulted in the umno brethren to move in lock-step towards destruction and umnos eventual demise.

15. I tell you dear umno brothers, that the way to save umno is the removal of the umno cobra mafia. Don't be sentimental about them. Nothing personal its just business. The replacement of one set of leadership is not like going to a dinner party or doing embroidery or eating mee abu or pasembor in Pulau Pining. It cannot be so refined and orderly. It must be violent by nature.

16. In order to stay relevant umno must get rid of the evil trinity of race, religion and royalty. Its racism is based on irrational paranoia. Its religion is used to hold people back. Umnos defence of the royalty aside from mobilising unquestioning loyalty, is to masquerade the intention of umnos cobra mafia wanting to be the new royalty. Weren't it some cobra mafia suggesting tying up the Malay royalty and letting swarming weaver ants stinging them?

17. We come now to the question of who is most fit to lead umno and save the country? It is obvious that the person most fit must have the vision, resolve, personal discipline and wherewithal to manage the country. These are more important qualities than having charisma and being well known.

18. Musa hitam for instance, thinks that the person most fit to lead Malaysia is Anwar Ibrahim. Because he has charisma and is well known. The thinking is so 1960ish and 1970ish. Although well known can now arguably be replaced with notoriety.

19. Now, Tun Musa Hitam is my friend and is a fan of my blog. But I won't use kids gloves in dealing with his erroneous ideas. I will use bare knukcles. If after this he ceases to be both, its no skin off my nose. Like James Carville said it's the economy stupid! And I will add its good governance dumbkoff!

20. Of course, it's not a sin for Anwar to have an ambition to be PM, but it is equally not a sin if people refuse to acquiesce in that ambition.

21. In part 2 I will outline the qualities of the person most fit to lead Malaysia. And say who is in my mind.


Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Najib The Best PM? Debunking The Najib Myth. Part 2/2 .

1. Let me tell you where I am coming from so that you know what shaped my thinking. My great great-grandfather, khatib Amin died in Lebir Kelantan on the run from the fish and chips imperialists. A great great-granduncle khatib Rasu, aka Tok Gajah died in Kuala Berang Trengganu also on the run from the British. While my forebears fought againts the British, Najib's forebears lived out a life as parasitic palace feudal chiefs.

2. That is why I am offended when a great great-grandson of Tok Gajah, Nazri Aziz chose to cavort with Najib a confirmed feudal chief. Although we share the same great great great granfather, Tok Shahrum, we are worlds apart in terms of ideology. He's a right-winger and I, a left-winger. But he is combative and fearless in a certain sense. I'll grant him that.

3. I have an instinctive revulsion for all form of wrongdoings. I measure the greatness of someone in a contrarian way. Thus while Musa Hitam thinks that Najib in the greatest PM since Tunku, I think Najib is an overrated dumb ass.

4. So let me educate Musa Hitam on how to measure greatness. Not that I believe he will read it. I don't give a damn. Suffice if some readers share my beliefs.

5. Can Najib be regarded as great when he was not able to free us from the resource rich curse? We have many natural resources, yet we are importer of petroleum products. We earned a lot of revenue from these resources, but they are not translated into excellent education, good public health and superb Infrastructure. Yet Najib has earned the admiration of the one time kueh seller from Johor?
When Musa was a teenager in JB, he sold kueh as did my uncle the late Zainudin Mohd.

6. Was Najib thinking about the people's welfare more than his own personal gain? I contend that he wasn't. We sell raw water to Singapore on the cheap but buy treated water from the republic. Why weren't our engineers able to treat the water? Was their inability the result of poor education?

7. Petronas is our biggest cash cow. Under Najib did we become the biggest refiner or the biggest oil rig maker? No! Can Pengerang erase the deficit? It's a bridge too far. What happened to our oil rig making facities at Teluk Ramunia? Did Najib pay attention to these? We have oil but we import petroleum products. We wasted the revenue anyway, so why not reverse the exporting strategy and increase the welfare of the people?

8. Did we apply the revenue in good health and educational facilities? Excellent infra facilities? Nein!

9. Under Najib did we have expansive industrialized agriculture? Did we have a sizeable manufacturing capacity other than being a contract manufacturer?

10. Indeed, like many 3rd world leaders Najib was obsessed with the perks and trappings of office.

11. He likes lavish offices, inflated staff and a collection of private jets. And of course a large retinue of sycophants. That's how you measure an inadequate person.

12. The fish rots in the head first. It follows then, a bad leader begets bad people. Not the other way round.

13. The quality of leadership must never be compromised. Leadership provides the direction for where the country is going. Low quality leadership is rudderless and translates itself in low education quality, poor infra, inadequate public health and inflated projects from where low quality leadership skims from.

14. Did Najib have a vision? I believed he had, but it never went beyond his dick and his pockets. He has failed to tranform the country. How is he great then?

15. A visionary leader gathers around him men and women who share his vision of transforming the country and placing the welfare of the people above all else. Najib did none of that.

16. Instead, pants caught in the arse Najib surrounded himself with sycophants and minions. Not only are these morhereffers at crossroads, but they are also looking out for their own interests. To them welfare of the people is just a so forgettable 7-letter word.

17. Hey! Didn't Najib say he prefers personal loyalty above all else. That means if you are stupid but personally loyal to Najib, that is OK. Imagine the impact of stupidity on the country. And surrounding himself with stupids, indicates that Najib in an insecure mothereffer himself.

18. Did Najib eliminate the on off morbid and xenophobic nationalism that typifies umno? No he stokes them to mobilize the umno Malays into a mindless frenzy. He needs the lash out at anyone nationalism to make the Malays run to him.

19. Did Najib remove bumiputraism from the umno lexicon, which is nothing but an elitist concept? No, he needed it to steer umno to his advantage.

20. Giving manifest substance to the special position of Malays means conferring benefits to the already rich and well-connected Malays.

21. I mean do the ordinary Malays understand the share market? Who gets the discount houses? Who sapu the educational facilities? The well-connected and the already rich Malays.

22. Therefore, he needs bumiputraism to heap the advantages to him and his cabal. That's why I say the phrase bumiputera is nuts.

23. Putera is at the front. The puteras of royalty, the aristocrats, the well-connected, the Malay bourgeoisie etc. Bumi is behind. The puteras sapu everything the bumis get the leftovers . Hellillujah! Najib was and is the spokesperson of the Malay bourgeoisie. He stands on the side of the oppressor. We are the oppressed.

24. Did Najib remove the shackling religious bigotry that's engulfing umno? No! Because religiosm permits the oppressor anything but prevents the oppressed everything.

25. For the oppressor class represented by Najib, their version of religion permits corruprion, greed, theft and all sorts of crime. For the oppressed class it's the celestial big brother holding them back.

26. So saying that Najib is the best PM since Tunku in a boisterous and garrulous manner must be a cruel joke. The speaker must have taken in a copious amount of air ketom or smoked marijuana.

27. Now that we have debunked the myth of Najib as the best PM, we turned our attention to the issue who ought to take over the leadership of umno. In particular there was a suggestion by umno's Rottweiler and Najib's attack dog, Nazri Aziz.

28. The war general has suggested that Mat Hassan ought to take over umno in accordance to umno's hierarchical system. He is being technical in this issue.

29. But this is not the time to be technical. The suggestion is not aimed at saving umno nor saving the Malays.

30. Because umno needs a complete overhaul. This means abandoning umno's hierarchical system. Mat Hassan is cut from the same cloth as are Zahid and Najib. Choosing Mat Hassan will only perpetuate the enervating system that is destroying umno.


Sunday, 25 April 2021

The Best PM We Ever Had? Musa Hitam Must Wake Up And Apologize. Part 1.

1. A long time ago Musa Hitam said that a person when young is a socialist. As he gets older he becomes a free marketeer or capitalist.

2. I am sorry to disappoint him. I am 65 years old. I am still influenced by leftist ideas as well as the ideas of Friedman and Hayek.

3. That means what he says is not necessarily true. The phases he mentioned are not etched in stone. Its highly subjective and not universally shared.

4. So when Musa Hitam says that Najib is the best PM we ever had, it's not black or white. It's his business if he thinks so. Expectedly he has omitted Mahathir. Was he objective?

5. I believed not so. What he has not completed is that Najib is the best thief. The thief of Malaya.

6. The greatness of a PM is not measured in terms of monuments or accomplishments he achieved - that is a function of his duty and vision. But rather its measured, I believed, by the number of crimes minimised.

7. Najib's rule is characterised by the crippling case of SRC, the mother of all heists -1MDB, the rape of felda, the desecration of Tabung Haji and inflated infra . Were these good? Seems only Musa Black thinks so.

8. These failures are brushed aside in the eagerness to elevate Herr Najib as the best PM we ever had. The foundation on which to support his(Musa's) proposition is weak. It's not justifiable. Coming from a rough and tumble person does not mean we have to swallow a 'chibai' opinion.


Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Flying On A Private Jet Plane Is Kosher. If Done By Others, Its Called Corruption.



1. 1 have got news for you. I have not finished with the issue.

2. The minister admitted he was sponsored by someone. In other words he has received instant gratification. That's the calibre of cabinet members of the Mahi government.

3. The man of the holy camel dung has dug a bigger hole to hoist his large arse out from. Isn't what he admitted a form of corruption?

4. Or the offer, as a result of his supplication or doa becomes halal? Is eating pork alright because we recite bismillah first?

5. Sprm, haul him. He is under a duty to reveal the party who made the offer. Of course, he is equally guilty of corruption. Or is corruption permitted if done by a holy man but send the ordinary fellow to jail.

6. This is a very subtle example of doing something in the name of God. Thus, for instance Haji Hadi wants to find verses permitting corruption.

7. But we are not dumb to just accept a farcical answer like that. As a response if their actions and behaviours are questioned, blame them on some conspiracies of some anti religion deviants.

8. Know that when we oppose you it's not the religion of God that we oppose, but you. It's typical for the men of God to have an inflated importance of themselves and think they represent God himself.

9. The ex mufti would like his explanation accepted without question. Because his thinking can only prosper under an unquestioned and servile regime. Religiosm, I wouldn't say Islamism can only prosper under a totalitarian regime.

10. This kind of straight jacketed thought can only prosper under a totalitarian rule such as we now find ourselves in the Mahi regime.

11. So it's not our station to ask why the sahibus samahah went to Riyadh on a private plane. It's done for the greatness of Islam. It's also done in the name of religion.

12. In addition, who are we to question the admission of his holiness when he says he was sponsored? Somehow receiving gratification with holy hands, makes the sponsorship halal. If a man on the street were to receive it, expect fire and brimstone. If a holy dick were to penetrate the innocent virgin, say Alhamdulillah.

13. Clearly he's a babe in the woods when it comes to politics. The holy dickhead doesn't even know how to lie. He'd better learn the art of lying from Shahidan Kassim or Tajuddin Rahman. Of course, Najib is the grand master.

14. Just sit back a moment and think what's attacked here in the name of religion.

15. First is the assault on freedom to think. Under the rule of mullahs you have a regime, where you are punished for just thinking in the head. Hence, thinking about the minister flying on a private jet plane is not allowed. You are not allowed to even think critically. That's how Malays are supposed to think:docile manner.

16 . Don't think about the flying. It was done for the good of Islam. Thinking mischievously about it is sacrilegious. Piety, though pompous is beyond mortal thinking.

17. Becoming unthinking dolts is the preffered choice of the Mahi government. Don't think about the country going bankrupt. Don't think about the inflated cabinet. Not about the recent appointment of a China man who lost his deposit in the last GE. This is a cabinet of infamy. Don't think about the farcical Emergency though its laughable that Indonesia, with a much larger population and more COVID-19 cases, didn't declare an Emergency. We Malaysians do not know the meaning of shame.

18. Don't think about the bullying and being treated like digits by the unelected government. Just spread your legs and enjoy the voracious thrusts. It's a divine rape after all.

19. Such fatalistic thinking is compatible only in a totalitarian regime. That's what the Minister of Religious Affairs is subtly inferring to and what the Mahi government expressly intends to do. A Malaysian North Korea.

20. Let this be a warning: Any incoming government-if it doesn't redress the excesses of the blasted Mahi government is criminal! For example put the health minister on trial if he goes ahead with the plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine from China with only 50% efficacy on 60-year-olds. That's a caring government for you.
Whereas, that amounts to murder.

21. That's what you get when thinking is not allowed. When you are punished for just thinking. A government run by imbeciles and its apparatchiks on dullards. A government by dullards for dullards.

22. What's under assault is our ability to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. There is a presumptuous assumption that we ordinary beings, are not able to distinguish between right and wrong unless schooled in religious texts. Hence, our complaints about the flight were dismissed cavalierly by saying the trip was sponsored.

23. To that I would say up yours. We do need spiritual training to say receiving sponsorship is corruption.


Friday, 16 April 2021

The Uses And Misuses Of Religion.


1. Now, tell me after watching this video, would the innocent and God-fearing Malay, the farmer, the fishermen, the self-employed and the lumpenproletariat would want to listen to the men of God with their pompous humility? They would rather be cynical at all these religious fakers and not fakirs, mind you.

2. Going to Riyadh on a private plane was the Minister of Religious Affairs and his cabal, entertained and serviced by miniskirted cabin crew or ladies in belly dancing attire? I see a bed on the plane- did the trip also come with happy endings and some 'pepek' pleasure?

3. Did it involve some physical pepek inspection? After all these religious fakers must see with their own eyes and their own dicks.

4. I sincerely hope the female cabin crew did their Brazilian bikini waxing. Otherwise, it's heavily forested down there were even using Waze couldn't find you the direction.

5. But believe me when I say they don't need Waze or Qiblah Founder. They will just bulldoze their way there rapacoiously.

6. Heck, I have often said the dicks don't have eyes and ears. They don't know if they are attached to the torso of a Haji, a Cleric, a Mullah, a Mufti or an oily labourer. They just do a Star Trek -to boldly go where no man has gone before. I bet you some of them are VVIPs, preferring the back entrance to avoid nosy reporters.

7. Ouch! Some of the female cabin crew will have loose bowels! Sirs, I apologise for being irreligious in the sense I refuse to listen to the nauseating mouthing of official religious sermons and pontifications.

8. Their mouthings are just talk- celestial or spiritual licenses if you may, to keep Malays servile, docile and meek whereas for them all is permissible under religious pretexts. Yes the same mouths used for cunnilingus.

9. I would rather listen to the bawdy jokes of Joanne Kam Poh Poh about pepeks and teteks and her urgings for the girls to have more sex lest the poison water from the vigina get to the faces and heads causing splitting headaches. All hail to Joanne Kam!

10. This bloody trip to Riyadh may be a small matter but have wider political and religious implications.

11. Where is the supposed humility and ordinariness that you bloody preached about? So you have one set of religious injunctions for the people and one set for you? You are a hypocrite my man!

12. So you have one set of religious injunctions telling you not to rebel against the ulil amri even if they are incompetent in governance or are corrupt and so on. You never complete the verse saying you don't rebel as long as these people do as Allah tells them.

13. Meanwhile, for the holy camel dung men, everything is permissible even bonking the sexy servants and maids. Corruption is allowed for these men of God.

14. Selected edicts in the Quran are used to justify a host of litanies and indiscretions. Flying in a private jet we may be told, advances the grandiosity of Islam. Muslims, even though the come from a 3rd world country know style.

15. So let non Muslims use the term Allah because the claim that the term is understood to mean specific things to Muslims is hollow. Allah is just an unseen 'concept' easily manipulated by the men of god. Under it everything is permissable. But only exclusively to them. People like the minister of religious affairs.

16. This deviant form of Islam is of course supported by the State, keen to keep the masses servile and under control. Religion thus becomes an opiate for the majority.

17. Whatever esteemed titles you have before your name-whether you are called Tuan Haji, Ustaz, Sahibus Samahah etc, dont necessarily mean you are a good person. Indeed, you may be the pits.

18. Because of all these, I am sorry to say dear sirs, that I have an inherrent distrust for these religious fakers. I am speaking from observations and my own personal experience.

19. It reminded me of a despicable sorry excuse of a son, a person who used to be my friend. Let's call him Tuan Haji L. With a friend like him who needs enemies?

20. When a lady friend then, and I invited him for breakfast, he later asked me whether there are similar lady friends as mine then, available? He wants to befriend one. Little did I know that all he wanted was to get under my friend's knickers. When I confided in him to tell some good story about me to the friend he went to tell the lady friend to leave me. He can introduce some suitable person of interest to the lady. Of course, he will try out my friend first.

21. Once when I was short in cash, I asked him for rm400. He said he can only do that if he sells his Rolex watch. I said if it amounted to that then don't. But what did he tell my lady friend? That I asked him to sell his watch. That was a lie, yet he didn't bad an eyelid. This came from a person with the title Haji.

22. When I told him if I have my own money I will buy houses for my children, he told my lady friend that I plan to take the latter's money to buy houses for my chldren. Is it wrong for a father to do that for his children using his own money?

23. That came from a person with the title Haji and one who will stop at every R&R to pray.

24. Clearly that's a person who misuses religion to mask his real self. No wonder he quarrels with his siblings and disowned his own father. When he served in Thailand he had a Thai language lady tutor. He bonks the tutor several times. He told me that.

25. Therefore, how do I not lose faith in men who paraded their religiosity? The behaviour of the Minister Of Religious Affairs served only to accentuate my cynicism.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

But Some Stupid With A Flare Gun, Burned The Place To The Ground. Smoke On The Water -Deep Purple.

1. Either his diffidence or hesitancy have emboldened his enemies within the party.

2. This is expected from a dullard trained in the umno 'factory'. He likes to listen to his own voice and sees his image in the mirror.

3. Because of his idiocy and lethargy the following festering irritant has arisen. It's his fault.

4. If the ignoramus that he is, Zahid has not struck at them a mortal blow politically, it could be that Zahid wants to strike deals with Wak Mahi.

5. Its one crook dealing with another. Perhaps he wants the court charges against him and his court cluster colleagues dropped. Well these are charges in rem. Or he wants to be made deputy PM. What do you expect from a catfish mouth megalomaniac like Zahid?

Except When 2 losers combine what can they achieve?

6. You know what people say about a person with a catfish mouth personality. He will eat everything including the shitty material at the bottom.

7. Fortuitously, the Bersatu cluster overestimated their own strength and influence but nevertheless must be dealt with, mercilessly. Unless of course Zahid has a death wish. If that is so, then it's his funeral. Nak buek camno.

8. I don't think the pro bersatu has got much influence. The umno people will rally behind Zahid not because they loved Zahid but simply don't want to work with bersatu.

9. I think sane umno people cannot accept the excesses of the Mahi government. Therefore, it follows that pro ppbm cluster will also not be tolerated. They will be expunged.

Menteri ugama n the geng Naik private jet ke riyard 


10. So the ppbm cluster will fizzle out, but Zahid needs to deliver the coup de grรขce. Unless he's busy making phonecalls to VVIP Anwar Ibrahim. You know, Anwar the vvip who prefers the back entrance-to avoid the paparazzi.

11. The majority of umno people remain purists. Righ now Zahid is aligned to them and will get their support against the ppbm cluster.

12. Remove the pus from the pesky boil fast and next deal with Zahid. The weapon is in the hands of the delegates. It's not Zahid or a bunch of selt gratifying idiots who determined the future of umno.

13. As long as Zahid remains in umno and as do people of his ilk such as Mat Hasan they shackle umno. It's the duty of umno people to liberate themselves. They have nothing to lose but their chains!

14. I am telling you the future of umno lies in the hands of right-thinking umno members. The objective is to reboot umno. Its salvation lies not by placing umno in the hands of more of the same. So the thinking that Mat Hassan is a natural is erroneous.

15. Habih nak buek camno. Habihkan boreh je.


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