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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Rule of Law


Even though I am bedridden because of my stroke, I have been watching and reading as New Malaysia events unfold. While I rejoice in a ruling coalition that I support, I will not stop criticising.

It has now been over 100 days since PH’s inauguration.

And I ask, why are we so engrossed over the 100 days issue?

Right off the bat, I must state we have not achieved everything we promised. Instead, we have completed 21 of 60 promises. This is a significant accomplishment to the promises made on the campaign trails. 

And I am not concerned for the rest. We are given a 5-year mandate. So let us not lose sleep over it. There are extenuating reasons as to why we have not accomplished everything. We must not be corralled by the 100-days limit. Explain to the people. They are intelligent enough. After all it is they who overthrew the previous kleptocratic government.

What is the political meaning of the rule of law? It isn’t the application of law or according to the constitution, no one is above the law etc. Those are nice legal definitions to the lawyers. To the politician, it is the intelligent application of political power. You have power—use it wisely.

The PH people appear not to know how to use power. They appear to be more engrossed in proving they are more democratic than the previous government. We have nothing to prove to them. The people’s welfare is more important.

For instance, why give the BN people air time? They didn’t give us any when they were in power so let us give them none. We are no less democratic.

Then there is spending; if we have to spend, then we should. We need to spend on people’s housing. We need to spend on widening roads and street lightings, not on grandiose projects. In Pekan, the former PM Najib’s backyard, areas like Jaya Gading and Sri Damai do not have sufficient street lighting and widened roads. Pekan also has no flood mitigation facilities, nor efficient access to high-speed Internet. In my opinion, the best mark of a developed nation is not the amount of highways or factories, but the quality of life of its rural populace. They must be on equal footing with their urban counterparts.

The idea of open tender is good but it is also slow. Business people want quick results. Ministers must decide fast; business people want to negotiate and deal. After open tenders, ministers must use discretionary powers in deciding. Then they display their powers. Don’t behave like school children who don’t know how to use power.

As for the perpetual thorn in our side, DS Najib does not have to lose sleep over just RM2.1 billion assets. If the late JJ got his wealth through legitimate means, then Najib has nothing to worry about. There were rumours that the late JJ was holding some of 1MDB’s money so that must have gotten Najib worried.

I believe the greatest failure of the 100-days limit is the failure of this government to put the people who committed economic crimes behind bars. If Najib were guilty of economic crimes—and all signs point to yes—he must be sent to the bamboo river resort. He was the one who paid exorbitantly for various IPPs. The government should investigate Ananda Krishnan, the people at Genting Sanyen, and Jimah. Were these people forced to pay tribute money to UMNO?

Najib is hiding behind Clause 117, the MMA of 1MDB. It was he who overrode the board of directors, and ordered Shahrul Azmi to pay 1.3b into Jho Low’s account.

I hope Tun Mahathir will not allow Toh Puan Rahah to intercede on Najib’s behalf. It is not the first time we jailed a minister, why should Najib be the exception? Let’s see if a third-generation fake Bugis warrior can hold court in a six-by-eight cell.

The efforts of the PH government can be sabotaged by the 1.6m civil service. I have a friend who operates a PLKN and has been waiting for his payment just because the TKSU decided to act as a modern-day Napoleon. This idea of rehiring retirees who will give them extensions must end. Let younger people and new names rise up.

Sakmongkol will return.


Saturday, 19 May 2018

1MDB: An Unfinished Tale

1MDB: An Unfinished Tale

It has been nearly two weeks since our country rewrote its history. In this short time, we have watched new Councils and a Cabinet be formed, and a shake-up in the former ruling party. But I am concerned that while we celebrate this new chapter of our lives and occupy ourselves with the hustle and bustle of Ramadan, we will find it easy to simply wipe the slate clean and overlook the wrong we endured for so long.

Malaysians must never forget 1MDB and SRC. Did we see Najib return any of the money he took? No, we did not. He stole monies from public funds. This is part of his feudal constitution. He goes around with a feeling of self-entitlement; for years, everything he fancies was seemingly his for the taking. Now that he is no longer lord of the land, the reports by the DoJ should have no issues in naming the mysterious MO1. Many suspect it is Najib, but a confirmation will clear all doubts.

However, I have little doubt. He stole money and people will soon know he is a despicable person. But he is not alone. The UMNO leadership is infused with the feudal mentality, believing they are entitled to anything in life—that the masses owe them a living. For years, the masses continued to live under Malay Feudalism, believing Najib inherited Tun Razak’s leadership. The truth is, he inherited nothing but vileness and was supported by the sycophantic UMNO leadership.

Now everything will be exposed. Everyone will see the real Najib Razak.

The new administration must investigate his role in 1MDB. If the law says he must be jailed he must. After all, this will not be the first time Malaysia has jailed politicians, aging or otherwise. And do not forget he likely did not act alone. Investigate all those sycophantic UMNO colluders, those who received the 1MDB largesse.

Reopen also the case of Altantuya’s murder. Nobody dies without killers.

Investigate the role of former head of SPRM. Did he meet with Nik Faisal in Jakarta and coach the latter with what to say when SPRM officials come? Did he meet with Patrick Mahoney in Bangkok? What was his role in 1MDB in advising the AG to exonerate Najib?

Investigate the role played by the former IGP. Was he the one who ratted on the five prominent Tan Sris?

We are on the brink of serving justice. Private properties have been raided, and assets have been seized. We have seen the pictures and there will certainly be more pictures revealed in the coming days, filled with images of accomplices and ugly truth. Do not worry about feeling sorry for them, because at when it’s all said and done, it will not be about vengeance or vindictiveness.

It will be the triumph of the rule of law. Now that they are no longer in power, they must receive their comeuppance. 

More will come, dear readers.
-        - Sakmongkol.


Friday, 11 May 2018

PRU 14

Assalammualaikum and Hello to All.

Like most of you, I watched the results of PRU 14. I am disappointed for not being able to participate in the Elections, as I am still recuperating in the privacy of my home. Many people might not be aware, but in May 2017, I was struck by a brainstem stroke. Fortunately, my doctors are assured of a full recovery. It will take a bit of time and like many things worth doing, a lot of hard work. I am thankful to be surrounded by accomplished medical practitioners, as well as encouraging and supportive family members and friends.

Along with a great number of my countrymen and women, I too was overjoyed by the defeat of the Barisan Nasional government. I together with all Malaysians celebrate the triumph of democracy. I thank those who gave me the opportunity to serve the people of Raub. It was a great honour to do my part in upholding the values of this nation.

I wish to thank all supporters of DAP and Pakatan Harapan. I wish to congratulate the winners in PRU 14. 

‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way’ (Roosevelt, Franklin). 

I will be back. Sakmongkol will be back.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Building World Class Infrastructure means creating more personalised ATM Machines.

PM Najib thinks he can pull wool over our eyes. He says he is determined to provide Malaysia with first class infrastructure. I think he is not saying the truth. 
As I have said before, he is a master at practising dog whistle politics. He sends out coded message to his band of thieves. What he is really saying is, I want to do more projects so that we can steal more money. The ordinary Malay paisan will get his RM30 and a few loafs of Gardenia bread.They will shout , this is the best UMNO in history.
Can a person who stole RM3 million, tell a judge to give him time to return the money? He tells the judge, he can find another RM3 million to replace what he has stolen. If you give a person enough time, all problems will be solved. If the judge gives the person enough time, he can pay. How he gets the money is no concern to others. He may steal from someone else and replace the stolen.
In a businesslike solution, he can indeed replace every single sen that was stolen. To the unscrupulous businessman, this is all right because he has replaced the stolen money. But what about the crime of stealing? It is still a crime which must be punished.  Otherwise we come to the ridiculous conclusion, that a crime can be forgiven, if it is fully compensated.
That is exactly what Najib is asking us, collectively his judge, to do. He asks us to give him time so he can carry out dastardly plans to replace the money he has stolen. The key word is, stolen. More than half of the 1MDB 50 billion was stolen, spirited away, stashed somewhere. So, given enough time, can the debts/pilferage accumulated by 1MDB be paid off? They can be.  
You see, the answer to the issue is not like the person who wrote everything can be recovered by just monetising all our assets and paying off 1MDB. Hell , we can monetise our future. 
1MBB was not a legitimate business. It was an evil plan set up to steal money from the public. It was a giant ATM machine for some people to steal money and have the money replaced before anyone realise or know about it. Unfortunately we all did come to know about it.
We are not only interested in recovering the money but also to see the crime and criminal punished. We cant have a leader who steals lead the country.
The easiest way is by selling off assets belonging to Malaysia. 1MDB has been would up. The whole thing is transferred to MOF. Since it has no businesses to speak off, what we have transferred are the assets and liabilities.  It has no income generating businesses. It once had private electricity and energy companies. That generated income  but all has been sold to China.
What do we have then. Assets we bought on the cheap such as remaining parcels and landed interests in TRX. It didn’t develop TRX and wants to sell off what it still holds. That way it does that is just like all those unscrupulous but well connected person who got largesse from the government. Sell the land to the higher bidder. That was how all the Malay businessmen and some MBs did. Sell the land without thinking the conduct reduces land holding that was supposed to be kept under Malay title. Just like one blogger likes to say- let the malaiyoos fuck their mothers.
1MDB has landed interests. So they transfer these assets to MOF and is planning to sell them off. It didn’t develop Bandar Malaysia. It has ownership of the land. That too it wants to sell, by finding a purchaser who is willing to buy at a better price. It has ownership of fund units. This is hardly a business. It owns some assets.
Sell them at exorbitant price, sure we can pay. Or as the finance con-sultans say- monetise our assets. It simply means selling the family jewels.
What do we have? We have a balance of land acreage in TRX not already sold. That can be sold off at a higher price in the future. We have a share in a JV development with an Australian company, which we can cash out. Of course these do not concern the ordinary Malays- the peons and farmers, the pasar malam vendors, the scroungers.
We have sold off EDRA. We now have 100% ownership of Bandar Malaysia since we ejected the JV Company. Najib may have spent the RM741million deposit. MOF- i.e. the government now pays for it. Who gives Najib the authority to do business this way? He enjoys the RM741million deposit but now the government pays for it.
We can sell this off later or look out for a better partner. If it were we who kicked out the partner after signing up with all the attendant festivities, this tells us that Malaysia is not a business partner which can be trusted. That is because the man doing the business is not to be trusted.
And here is another thing. We cannot discount the possibility of some people around the PM may have gone shopping around to be get better deals after 1MDB signed with IWH consortium.
This is a double whammy for us. Already the first deal was questionable to some of us- selling off 60% of Bandar Malaysia under a cloud of convoluted deal making.
There is indeed no honour among thieves.
We have the unverifiable fund units stashed in pirate island Caymans. Now, here is the puzzling thing-why would IPIC arranged for one of its company to buy out these fund units and then used the sales earnings to pay off the debt owed by 1MDB to IPIC?
So you see dear readers, Najib doesn’t care as long as he can cover the holes he dug. And so to the practical business analysts- we say, this whole business with 1MDB is not the dig hole-cover hole variety. It’s not using one credit card to pay off the other credit cards.
But that is not the point. The point is who gives authority to Najib to sell off our family heirloom so to speak? Nobody does. He has abused our trust. He has stolen from us. He has lied to us repeatedly. That is the issue. We have a leader who lied, stole money from us and cannot be trusted. Why must we allow him to cover up his wrongdoings by giving him chance to monetise our assets?
That makes the leader of this nation an unscrupulous deal maker.  Where do we throw the basic ingredient behind a good government? which is, good government depends on good people.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Orang Melayu beragama Islam, orang terakhir layak bercakap mengenai moraliti tinggi.

Orang Melayu UMNO maksudnya.
Apa durjana dan musibah yang paling besar dalam negara kita? Jawapan nya tidak lain ialah pimpinan yang korap. Saya hanya cakap perkara ini terus terang. Biarlah orang tidak suka.  
Pemimpin UMNO rasuah dan korap. Jemaah menteri kaya raya dengan cara yang mencurigakan. Pegawai tinggi kerajaan sudah terbukti rasuah. Jika yang diatas rasuah, maka besar kemungkinan yang dibawah rasuah. 
SPRM gegak gempita bertempik kata- SPRM rakyat yang punya. Jika demikian, siasat Sharol Helmi, siasat Ismee Ismail, siasat Jho Low, siasat Casey Tang , siasat Jasmine Loo. Kenapa kita hendak lucut kerakyatan Jho Low? Jangan, sebab kita hendak bawak dia ke pengadilan Malaysia. 
Rasuah diterima sebagai amalan biasa. Bila diterima sebagai amalan biasa ia jadi sebahagian dari budaya. Adakah rasuah itu sebahagian dari budaya Melayu?
Ah- kalau pembangkang dapat kuasa dia orang akan rasuah juga. Adakah ugutan kehadapan- prospective blackmail seperti ini, memberi alasan kita kekal dengan Najib?  Kita menyangka bahawa semua orang yang berkuasa akan bersikap dan berkelakuan seperti Najib dan rejim nya.
Negeri yang diperintah oleh Pakatan harapan- Pulau Pinang dan Selangor berjaya dengan rasuah yang minima. Mereka mencatat kemajuan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang lebih pesat dan tahap kepedulian kepada rakyat lebih baik dari UMNO. 
Siapa mahu percaya kata2 Adnan Mansur bahawa UMNO komited terhadap rakyat? UMNO tidak ada monopoli keatas kepedulian kepada rakyat. Semua orang yang berkuasa dan menjadi kerajaan akan bercakap demikian. Jadi, jangan lah hendak temberang rakyat.
Orang yang menjaga institusi agama pun tidak terkecuali dari rasuah. Sebab itu transparency International Malaysia 2017, menyatakan  bahawa 31% dari mereka yang bertugas dengan institusi agama termasuk mahkamah syariah, terlibat dengan rasuah kewangan.
Bukan sahaja Najib, tapi juga menteri, pegawai atasan dan penjawat awam yang membuat keputusan. Yang terlibat memberi kontrak, pembelian, yang membuat keputusan semua akan disiasat.Semua terlibat dengan rasuah pada tahap masing2.
Adakah orang ini semua akan duduk berdiam diri? Mereka akan mempertahankan UMNO  sehingga tetesan darah terakhir.Untuk menghalag dari masuk jel.
Jadi kita tidak hairan jika Najib cakap mempertahankan UMNO sehingga tumpa darah. Jika tumpah darah itu ugutan untuk mencetuskan huru hara, maka polis mesti bertindak. Sesiapa yang mencetuskan keganasan mesti di tangkap oleh polis.Orang UMNO bukan diatas undang2.
Apa mesej yang disampaikan oleh Najib dalam sambutan UMNO ke-71? Secara umum ianya ialah cakap besar untuk menaikkan semangat ahli UMNO yang datang. UMNO parti polituk terbesar orang Melayu hari ini terpaksa mengangkut perwakilan dan mengadakan cabutan bertuah? Apa jadi dengan semangat perjuangan? 
Kenapa kena gembeling  pelajar UITM? Bukankah ahli UMNO ada 3 juta? Jika 10 ribu yang hadhir dan 2 ribu dari nya pelajar dan 1000 budak PLKN, maka ahli UMNO mungkin 7000 sahaja.
Himpunan BERSIH lagi ramai dan ia nya lagi menyeramkan dari himpunan kabilah UMNO.
Saya harap orang ramai jangan ribut bila tengok kabilah UMNO berkumpul. Biasa je riuh rendah nya. Kita sudah pun mengalahkan mereka dari segi undi popular. Ertinya, mereka boleh dikalahkan walaupun jutaan duit diguna untuk mengumpan orang. Kasih sayang dan perpaduan bukan boleh dibeli semuanya.
Siapakah yang mahu bersatu padu dalam melakukan angkara durjana?

وَأَلَّفَ بَيْنَ قُلُوبِهِمْ ۚ لَوْ أَنفَقْتَ مَا فِي الْأَرْضِ جَمِيعًا مَّا أَلَّفْتَ بَيْنَ قُلُوبِهِمْ وَلَٰكِنَّ اللَّهَ أَلَّفَ بَيْنَهُمْ ۚ إِنَّهُ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ - 8:63

Dia lah yang menyatupadukan dikalangan orang yang beriman. Dan jika kamu membelanjakan seluruh kekayaan kamu seisi muka bumi ini, kamu tidak akan boleh melakukan nya. Sesungguhnya dialah maha kuasa dan maha bijaksana

Maka jika Najib membelanjakan semua duit dari 1MDB, semua duit komisyen ECRL, semua duit dari TRX, duit dari penjualan EDRA, semua duit dari Bandar Malaysia, dia tidak akan berjaya menyatupadukan hati rakyat semua. Sebab Najib bukan nya Tuhan.
Walaupun ada orang kata perjuangan Najib ialah mengikut sunnah dan ada juga yang berkata kalau tak percaya pada  Najib  sama seperti tidak percaya kepada Tuhan.
Mudah mudahan kita tidak akan lihat pecacai UMNO dan penjilat buntut Najib seperti ini selepas PRU14.
1MDB hutang lebih dari 50 billion. Bolehkah kerajaan membayar nya ini? Diberi masa, semua boleh dibayar. Kalau kita monetise semua asset- yakni menjual asset kita, hasil nya boleh guna untuk bayar. Malah jika ada lebihan, boleh sapu lagi. Satu bumi Malaysia pun boleh dijual untuk menutup lubang. Isu nya bukan boleh bayar atau tidak- isu nya ialah siapa yang beri Najib kuasa untuk jual harta benda kita. Kita tidak pilih pemimpin untuk mengosongkan asset kita. 
Tapi pernah kita terfikir- penjualan asset ini bererti menjual sebahagian dari negara kita? Kita jual EDRA bererti kita membenarkan China memasuki pasaran penjualan tenaga. Kita jual Forest Ciy, kita jual Melaka gateway, ECRL, China-Pahang development, pelabuhan2 lain bererti kita memberi China akses kedalam Negara kita dengan mudah.
Bersediakan kita memaafkan rompakan dan rasuah yang mendahului segala projek yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan? Jika kita bersedia, tak usahlah orang Melayu bercakap mengenai bangsa dan jangan sentuh lah soal agama.Mereka tidak layak bercakap mengenai moraliti tinggi, wasathiyah, maqasid syariah dan sebagainya.
Bila tak jadi jual 60% Bandar Malaysia, bererti Malaysia pegang 100%. Najib boleh shopping mencari sesiapa yang hendak beli tanah tersebut pada harga yang lebih tinggi. Berapa harga baru? Katalah jual 5 billion . Masih ada hutang 1MDB. Kemudian syarikat JV membangunkan kawasan ini dan dapat , sebagai contoh GDV RM200 billion . Kalau 40% ada 80 billion sap sap sui. Boleh bayar.
Tapi itu jangka masa pajang. GDV tak kira kos lagi. Tolak kos, tolak kommisyen dan kos rasuah, mungkin realised value hanya RM60 billion. Cukup untuk bayar. Tapi kebolehan membayar ini datang dengan kos yang tinggi.
Rasuah dan penipuan awal kita tidak kira. Kita kata ok sebab setelah gadai , dan jual, kita kata duit dah ada,  boleh bayar. Adakah ia boleh mengensel penipuan dan rompakan dan jenayah yang berlaku?
Walaupun setiap sen dibayar, jenayah tetap jenayah. Pemimpin kita tetap menipu dan mencuri wang. Jangan sebab kita boleh bayar dengan kos yang tinggi, kita kata tidak mengapa.
Kemudian, orang juga bertanya maksud mempertahankan UMNO sehingga tetesan darah? Itu maknanya, mereka akan berkerja bermati matian. Mengenai kerja kuat, kita tidak sangsikan. Mereka akan berkerja bertungkus lumus mempertahan gaya hidup yang mereka nikmati selama ini- yakni mendapat laba tanpa usaha, hidup dengan perasaan ada hak semula jadi. Jadilah mereka orang yang sombong dan bongkak bersembunyi disebalik agama dan bangsa.
Memanglah benar- AlQuran menyatakan bahawa Tuhan mengadakan pembesar2 negara yang jahat untuk melakukan tipu muslihat dalam negara. Yakni pembesar kerajaan dan pembesar agama. Tapi mereka menipu dan berlihai sesama sendiri. Orang2 PAS yag warak yang tidak reti bermain politik akan dibeloti oleh Najib. Haji Hadi ingat dia pandai. Mungkin dalam hukum hakam bidang dia, dia pandailah. Tapi dalam politik harian, dia sama bodoh atau sama cerdik dengan kita sahaja.

وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَا فِي كُلِّ قَرْيَةٍ أَكَابِرَ مُجْرِمِيهَا لِيَمْكُرُوا فِيهَا ۖ وَمَا يَمْكُرُونَ إِلَّا بِأَنفُسِهِمْ وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ - 6:123

Maka dengan ini Kita jadikan para pembesar dalam setiap negeri menjadi penjahat2 nya untuk melakukan tipu daya dan angkara durjana masing2. Tapi mereka berangkara sesama sendiri kerana mereka akan jadi mangsa kepada  kedurjanaan mereka sendiri tapi mereka tidak menyedari nya.

وَكَذَٰلِكَ نُوَلِّي بَعْضَ الظَّالِمِينَ بَعْضًا بِمَا كَانُوا يَكْسِبُونَ - 6:129

Dan bahawasanya Kita menjadikan sebahagian penjahat kawan kepada mereka kerana mereka mendapat habuan dari kejahatan mereka.

Inilah yang terjadi dalam negara kita hari ini.Suatu masa dahulu, gabungan pelampau agama dan pelampau nasonalis disebut sebagai Fascisme.


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