Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Emotional Health of Some Malays.

Malays are not thinking properly and rationally nowadays. The collective mental normalcy associated with the Malays is hijacked by a few irrational individuals who become spokesmen for the Malays as a whole. Mainstream media, always serving the interests of the ruling clique of Najib and gang, elevate these individuals as the voice of conscience of the Malays.

Hence if people from ISMA voiced alarmist concerns about the perceived threats on Islam, Malays and the Malay kings- that is the voice of the mute majority. UMNO has spoken through ISMA without having to say it on its own.  That has enabled ISMA to say the threat to UMNO is synonymous to the threat to Malays. If the president of Perkasa says something- that are also taken as the representative fears of the Malays.

And Najib, the back-boneless leader of this country says nothing because it serves his interest which is to stay in power at all cost. Otherwise how else can a party which won 47% of the popular votes stay in power? It already lost the will entrusted by the people. It will now do anything to contain and cut further losses among the Malay electorate. It can do only do this by appearing pugnacious, confrontational and even martial–spirited at times. Najib has already set the tone for the upcoming UMNO general assembly by calling that Chinese must respect the Malays.

To the Chinese, if they do not already know, respect means subservient and pliant to the wishes of the Malay elite who will go on to deceive, rape and plunder the wealth of this country. Please don’t do that.

The once nature’s gentleman ought not to be seen in a negative light as a result of the industry of these irascible individuals. The thinking and articulations of people in Perkasa, Isma and other right wing Malay supremacy groups do not represent the emotional state of the Malays.

The majority of the Malays see the many problems weighing upon the Malays as being the result of the policies and politics of UMNO. They have nothing to do with the actions of the other races in Malaysia. As such, I call upon the majority of the thinking Malays to explain and educate the other Malays that this is all about politics. These are all about UMNO desperate measures to stay in power so that they plunder the country’s wealth and resources and enjoy the trappings of power.

We must resist the deception to lead us into meddling and become busybodies about matters that do no concern us. We must resist the lazy man’s solution of using might to foist what be believe onto others. If I have very strong feelings against drinking- it is not my business to have this belief translated into a ban on others who like to drink in Oktoberfest, make themselves look silly, rolling on the floor or ground and doing all sort of things. That is their business.

 If I don’t like Elton John for whatever reasons- maybe I hate his specs or his platform shoes or his gaudy outfit- it is not my business to have my personal dislike translated into a ban on Elton John’s, Rihanna or whoever else’s concert. Because there are many more people who like these entertainers and are willing to pay to see them. I don’t like it- I don’t drink, don’t go to Oktoberfest and do not go to see the concerts. I will do that despite salivating at Rihanna’s body or BeyoncĂ©’s goyang.

My business is never to let others impose and foist and tell us how to behave and to become conformist. Let us focus instead on cultivating ourselves, cultivating members of our family, cultivating and building character of our race.

We do not pick quarrels and concern ourselves with matters not affecting us directly and conducting ourselves in a natural state of contention and confrontation is not a climate contributing to the cultivation of the self in us.  Let us Malays reject people like Perkasa or Isma.

UMNO which has as its main and only interest in self-preservation and staying on in power, facilitate Malays thinking in dysfunctional manner. When they ought to focus on problems affecting them directly, they busy themselves with problems that don’t affect them or if affecting them, do so indirectly. They ought to focus on issues such as unfair income distribution, inequality in opportunities in education, housing, upward mobility, restricted access to wealth producing resources. They ought to be concern over increasing numbers from their family, from their community becoming drug abusers, drug addicts and so on. They ought to be concerned with the diminution of family values and breakdown of moral values among family members and within their own race. These are the things that affect them directly.

 They ought to be concerned that Islam is being hijacked by extremists who are bent on imposing and foisting their own insecurities and who are motivated by the overreaching need to assert dominance on a not so pliant society.  

Instead, the issue of others affect them violently in the mind. They seem to be concerned with what is not their business. Chinese schools for example. How do Chinese schools affect Malays? Malays don’t naturally go to Chinese schools. Why should Malays be concerned with what’s happening in and to Chinese schools?

I have long advocated that Chinese schools seem to prosper only because national schools declined in quality. During the time when I went to school, where English medium schools had better teachers, produced better results, provided education in the language medium that is a pillar of communication in the world- performed better than vernacular schools of any kind, Chinese schools did not prosper. Chinese parents would want their children to go to Chinese schools up to standard 6 and then go on into English medium schools.

Having given the Chinese their vernacular schools, and allowing them to prosper consciously and by default, it is now not an option for Malay policy makers to snuff out the Chinese vernacular schools forcibly. But if the decline in quality of public schools is reversed and can produce superior results, do not discriminate against the English language, I believe Chinese will return to public schools.

The Bibles? Malays who are Muslims don’t read bibles. Some don’t even read the Quran. So why should the bible written in Malay language bother Malays who don’t read them? The bibles are meant for the natives of Sarawak and Sabah who are not Muslims and which propagation of the said religion is permitted.

Because the name of Allah is written in the Bible that’s why. Because that would likely to confuse the Malays. But if the Malays who are Muslims don’t read such bibles why should they be confused? If the principles of the Islamic faith are already etched indelibly into the persona of the Malays, the bible written in whatever language ought not to affect them.

If propagation of religions other than Islam is not permitted by law, it means we already have a law against it. If some missionaries do that, they will run afoul of that particular law and if found to be in violation of the law, will get punished for that. But the bible is not the problem to Malays. Why should the Malays get depression and go manic over the Bible issue? Stay away and don’t read them. Read the Quran.


Monday, 17 November 2014

Agenda Melayu yang Gagal

Minggu depan UMNO akan bersidang. Orang putih kata- you know the drill. Sudah menjadi semacam protocol- UMNO mencipta musuh2 baru untuk diperangi; kemudian menaikkan suhu dan darah para perwakilan yang berebut rebut membuat ucapan penangguhan yang berapi api.

Habis perhimpunan, wakil orang melayu yang datang kesitu lupa tujuan asal mereka berhimpun- untuk menilai sejauh mana pemimpin mereka telah meningkatkan pendapatan orang Melayu, membetulkan agihan pendapatan antara Melayu atasan dan Melayu bawahan. Mereka lupa mengingatkan pemimpin mereka, orang Melayu hilang tanah mereka, orang Melayu tidak berumah, orang Melayu lemah dalam perniagaan dan sebagainya. Mereka lupa menilai pencapaian pemimpin mereka yang memegang tampuk pemerintahan dan kuasa.

UMNO hidup atas pembohongan sekarang. Bukan lagi prinsip perjuangan.
Setelah hidup 68 tahun, ia gagal menebus bangsa Melayu. Selama memerintah sejak pilihanraya pertama 1955, selama 59 tahun- UMNO masih bertanya apa lagi Cina mahu, apa lagi India mahu. Maksud nya, sekian lama,UMNO tersangat bebal masih tak tahu apa rakyat mahu?

Jadi, untuk menutup kegagalan nya, dan menyembunyikan hipokrasi nya, UMNO kena terus berbohong kepada ahli nya dan kepada orang Melayu am nya. Dengan menceritakan agenda UMNO untuk Melayu disabotaj oleh bangsa lain. Dengan menceritakan agenda UMNO untuk Negara, agama dan bangsa disabotaj oleh bangsa lain. Pensabotaj ialah musuh UMNO dan pada masa yang sama, musuh Melayu.

Itu cara UMNO menyambung hayat politik nya- membohongi ahli nya dan membohongi bangsa Melayu.

Tapi kita tahu, itu cakap besar pemimipin UMNO. Rakyat luar yang bukan UMNO dan bukan menyokong UMNO mesti sedar bahawa puak UMNO ini tidak boleh melakukan apa2 melainkan apa yang dibenarkan oleh undang2. Biarkan mereka jerit sampai leher urat jadi biru, atau menangis teresak esak meratapi nasib bangsa Melayu yang diperlakukan oleh UMNO sebetulnya.

Yang mahu jadi jaguh akan mencari isiu untuk pablisiti murahan. Tidak ada benda yang meng-herokan orang UMNO daripada mengistiharkan dia akan mempertahankan maruah bangsa Melayu sampai tetesan darah terakhir. Pemimpin UMNO tidak mahu ketinggalan akan menghunus keris dan mengeluarkan kenyataan demi kenyataan mencabar mereka yang menggugat bangsa Melayu. Yang tergugat sebetulnya ialah UMNO bukan orang Melayu.

Dalam kes yang paling asas yakni pegangan tanah reseb Melayu- pemimpin UMNO yang kita sanjung2 lah yang menjual tanah reseb Melayu dan gagal menggantikan nya. Daripada 3juta hektar sekarang sudah tinggal 1.7 juta hektar. Yang jual dan benarkan keadaan begini ialah pemimpin UMNO. Ini pun sukar difaham oleh puak UMNO.

Fakta nya, ialah orang Melayu berkeadaan seperti yang mereka ada sekarang kerana politik. Dan politik maknanya siapa yang berkuasa. Lojik nya, jika orang Melayu mundur dalam pelbagai cabang hidup, mereka jadi demikian kerana yang pegang kuasa itu menjadikan mereka demikian. Yang pegang kuasa dan yang menjadikan mereka demikian ialah UMNO.

Jadi UMNO akan mencari dan mencipta isiu menggambarkan orang Melayu dalam bahaya. Dan mempertahankan maruah Melayu itu biasa nya dikaitkan dengan ancaman yang dicetuskan oleh minda2 rendah jatidiri.

Walhal maruah orang Melayu jatuh serendahnya kerana miskin nya mereka, mundur nya mereka dari pendidikan, dari pelbagai cabang kehidupan seperti yang telah lama digambarkan oleh Pendita Zaaba.  Hari ini kalau Pendita Zaaba ada , harus dia dikenakan akta hasutan kerena berani dan jujur mendedahkan kelemahan bangsa Melayu.

Kita tahu isiu lama yang akan didendangkan- betapa orang Melayu terancam, agama mereka terancam dan raja2 Melayu yang berdaulat itu terancam. Jika sudah memerintah sejak 1955 sampai sekarang, UMNO gagal menjaga Melayu dan Melayu masih terancam, apa alasan untuk kita kekalkan UMNO sebagai penjaga orang Melayu?

Fakta nya, kepentingan orang Melayu tidak semesti nya dicapai melalui jenama UMNO.

UMNO mahu meresahkan dan menggemparkan orang Melayu- walhal mereka mewakili sebahagian sahaja dari orang Melayu, dengan cerita dongeng bahawa orang Melayu, agama mereka, raja mereka terancam. Berapa kali kita hendak ulang- UMNO dan suku sakat nya hanya dapat 47% dari sokongan undi popular. Lebih ramai orang Melayu mengundi PKR, PAS bahkan DAP daripada mengundi UMNO.

Ini parti yang tidak sedar diri. Kalau kita jumlahkah semua 88 kerusi yang UMNO menang dan kirakan pengundi nya, hasilan nya lebih rendah dari jumlah undi yang di perolehi oleh pembangkang.  UMNO menang hanya kerana persempadanan yang tidak adil dan taburan pengundi yang tidak adil. Itu sahaja yang menyelamatkan UMNO.

Dasar yang mereka laksanakan tidak dpercayai lansung oleh rakyat. Dasar sosial mencetuskan perkelahian dan syak wasangka; dasar ekonomi menyebabkan jurang pendapatan melebar, dasar ekonomi juga menyebabkan Melayu terpilih bertambah kaya; dasar mengenai agama menyebabkan golonga ekstrim yang tidak dipilih rakyat meletakkan agenda melampau keatas Negara.

Pemimpi nombor satu mereka, cakap besar dan berdegar degar, tapi semua kosong. Bukan saya cakap, Dr Mahathir yang cakap. Dan Mahathir PM kita selama 22 tahun.

Kita tahu sebab apa UMNO mesti lakukan segala pembohongan ini. Ianya untuk menutup kegagalan mereka membela bangsa Melayu, agama mereka dan raja mereka.

Kesemua ini tidak pun terancam. Orang Melayu jumlah nya 60%dari penduduk Negara ini, polis dan askar hampir semua Melayu,, pegawai kerajaan, penjawat awam hampir semua Melayu. Senaraikan mereka yang ada kuasa- semua Melayu. Dengan bersenjatakan ini, lojikkah untuk berkata- kumpulan 60% dengan segala macam kekuatan, dengan kuasa kerajaan yang ada- berada dalam bahaya?

Pandir punya cerita ni.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Islam Kita diancam

Ketiadaan kepimpinan menyebabkan huru hara.

Ada banyak pola atau trend dalam masyarakat kita yang memerlukan intervensi tegas dari pemimpin negara. Sekali lagi Najib gagal menunjukkan kepimpinan yang berani. Iaitu mengambil tindakan keatas mereka yang, oleh kerana pengaruh mereka, boleh menyebabkan huru hara dalam masyarakat. 
Siapa 'mereka' ini? Mereka yang seperti bekas hakim, pemimpin NGO, pertubuhan bawahtanah atau organisasi berperwatakan bawahtanah yang menggugat kestabilan.

Oleh kerana Najib tidak ada ketegasan pimpinan, trend2 ini berjaya menggugat kestabilan negara. Najib yang terkenal sebagai the PM who does nothing- melakukan apa yang menepati deskripsi tentang nya- tak buat apa apa. Inilah sifat yang diagung agungkan oleh pengikut UMNO.

Sebagai contoh- jeritan cemas bahawa Islam digugat dan diancam jika tidak dibendung segera akan menyebabkan huru hara dalam masyarakat. Siapa dalam Malaysia ini yang mengancam Islam?

Islam yang diamalkan secara sederhana seperti yang kita orang awam fahami, diancam oleh anasir dalam Islam sendiri. Iaitu dari golongan berminda militen yang ingin mengenakan Islam versi mereka sendiri keatas orang lain. Dan kita pun sudah dengar alasan yang mereka berikan- Islam tidak ada versi lain tapi hanya se-Islam nya; inilah argumentasi yang digunakan diseluruh dunia Islam iaitu Islam seperti yang Tuhan hendakkan yang menyebabkan pembunuhan sesama sendiri, penindasan keatas wanita, kezaliman keatas umat mereka sendiri. Islam yang di poliskan oleh lasykar2 Islam yang berkeliaran dalam kampung dan Bandar mengkoreksi perlakuan dan perbuatan yang dianggap mereka sebagai tidak Islamik.

Mereka ini yang hijack Islam dan yang mengancam kredibiliti Islam. Jika Islam tidak dapat dipertahankan oleh nilai universal dan sarwajagat nya dan mesej kemanusiaan nya , tapi memerlukan skuad penyelamat dan pengsuci Islam- maka ini membayangkan kerapuhan Islam itu sendiri bukan?

Islam tidak diancam oleh golongan bukan Islam dalam negara kita ini tapi oleh orang Islam sendiri.  Islam seperti yang orang awam seperti kita faham, diancam kerana dirampas oleh para ustaz yang berminda militen. Islam diancam oleh golongan yang merasakan diri mereka mewakili Tuhan di muka bumi. Islam diancam oleh mereka yang menghukum tatkala Tuhan sendiri menangguh hukum Nya dihari akhirat.

Islam diancam oleh gologan ini bukan oleh golongan bukan Islam dalam negara kita. Perkara ini sepatutnya nyata dan terang sangat kepada sesiapa yang berfikiran waras.

Golongan minority mana yang berani ancam agama yang dianuti oleh 60% penduduk Negara ini? Islam agama yang dijaga dengan cemburunya ileh 60% penduduk Negara, oleh bala tentera dan polis, oleh apparatus berkerajaan, oleh Raja2 Melayu? Mustahil agama seperti ini diancam.

Islam diancam oleh orang India dan Cina? Jika mereka ada pilihan- mereka akan jauhkan diri dari memberi komen pun terhadap Islam. Kerana mereka tahu jika mereka berbuat demikian- alamat mendapat respons yang ganas dari puak2 Muslim berminda militen.

Bekas ketua Hakim negera yang sekarang mengisi masa dinihari nya dengan penglibatan dalam pertubuhan PERKASA sepatutnya lebih cemas dengan ancaman puak berminda militen keatas masyarakat negara ini. Sungguh heran bagaimana orang yang berminda bigotted macam Tun Hamid ini berjaya menaiki kareer nya dalam system penghakiman Negara kita dan menjadi ketua hakim Negara.

Jika hakim kita mempuyai minda tidak stabil seperti yang diperlihat oleh Tun Hamid ini, apa masa depan yang rakyat ada bila pergi ke mahmah untuk dapatkan keadilan?


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Leadership and the Malaysian eCONomy- Part 2 of 3

Second Najib is not a man of action. In fact he is more known as the man who does nothing. He has taken up Musa Hitam’s elegant silence to a ridiculous level.
If one particular strategy has failed or show indications of failure, he doesn’t act to change course.  Isn’t that the message contained in Blue Ocean Strategy which the PM is very fond of quoting?
A man of action changes course if after analysing the situation, the original course chosen is faulty. We all know where the money invested in 1MDB will end up, but he doesn’t stop the rot. The sovereign fund is around RM36billion in debt and when the figures for 2014 are revealed; most likely the debt has shot over RM40billon. 
The fund is bleeding Malaysia; one because of the handling charges. Two, because of the secrecy surrounding the application of the fund and the narrowness to which the fund is applied.  It has gone into the energy sector ( buying up used IPPs) and real property.
Already the coupon rates are higher than the market rates offered on dividends- we need to know whether this spread is taken up by some people. Why are we paying above market rates?
We know what is happening to FGV when even the current share price has never overshot the initial price offering, yet Najib doesn’t reverse course by making changes.
He knows enriching Malays through rent seeking isn’t the answer to address Malay economic issues; he does not act to correct it.
Our country is like a runaway freight train. There is no one to steer it. PM Najib has been a big disappointment. He is no leader. He has been long on slogans but short in substance. He has, as the title of a book written by Milton Friedman says-issued bright promises, but has produced dismal performance.
The system of government is out of control. The country’s finances are frightening. Public debt has definitely overshot the 55% of GDP debt ceiling if we also and must include all the contingent liabilities which the government gave out but hides from us. 
Once again, for example what is so secretive and sacrosanct about the debt accumulated by 1MDB in the offshore accounts? The people managing our money have extraordinary brain power than the rest of us that their identities must be shielded from us? That’s RM36billion of taxpayer’s money in 1MDB that can get incinerated if the secretive investments and applications go bust.
Public debt service is very high. Public debt is also tied to our ability to pay. It’s paid from revenues collected by the government. If this country’s earnings are reduced, how are we going to pay off his debt?
Najib can eloquently say in parliament we have a moral duty not to bequeath succeeding generations with debt, but his government has shown the most ravenous appetite for accumulating public debt.
This government has the knack to introduce supplementary budgets in the ensuing financial year making a mockery for the fine detailing on the principal budget presented on each Friday in the selected parliamentary session.
Household debt is about 80% of the GDP. We have young people unable to get decent paying jobs they dream of, and the dreams massaged by unconscionable promises by the government and for-profit learning institutions, finding themselves saddled with debts. They can be insolvent at the age of 25.
What about the social cohesiveness of this country? The weak PM allows hate groups and other bigots to challenge the harmony of this country. He allows people like Ibrahim Ali and those from Malay hate groups to destroy the social glue that has bound us- and the social glue needs reinforcing always, not weakened. He should have acted harshly on people like Ibrahim Ali throwing them into jail.
If a Chinese were to do the same like Ibrahim does, apply the same laws on him or her.
This shows how weak and intellectually porous our PM is. Nothing seems to stay in his mind. He can learn from all over the world, the best practices in managing a modern state, but he hasn’t done so.  Whatever problems this country faces, they must have been sorted out in some countries very efficiently. But he is too deep in his worthless blue ocean strategy as though reading and talking about it, is a panacea for all the ills in this country.  He is mentally lazy.
Lets amplify his flavor of the month playing around with the so called Islamic agenda. If I were him, I will ignore the way Islamic countries are managed (doing so does not mean he is not a Muslim). No country governed by Muslims in modern history has achieved anything of significance. Pakistan- they have nuclear bombs but they kill one another on the flimsiest of excuses. Saudi Arabia- they treat women like sex slaves but when they go to other countries they behave like heathens of Jahiliyah era.
Indeed most of the counties ruled by Muslims are economically backward, corrupt, decadent, dictatorial, repressive and oppressive. Why is it difficult for any sensible fellow to come to the conclusion, that the way Islamic countries are managed should be dismissed.


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