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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Adolph Muhyi's budget.

1. In case people forget this is yet another Deficit budget. It means you spend more than you earn.

2. For 2021 we will spend 320 billion, and we will earn only 227 billion. How will bridge the gap?

3. We can borrow. 2nd, we can hope the economy will expand. The FM is being Pollyannaish saying the economy will grow by 6 to 7%. 3rd we can print money.

4. A deficit is not to be alarmed at, if it's linked to the ability to pay. Unfortunately we can't.

5. Specifically how can we fill up the 100 million gap? I think this backdoor government will do 2 things. Concoct a stimulus package and squeeze blood from stone.

6. Muhyi can always fleece the PETRONAS emaciated cash cow. Do you know that at one time shopaholic Najib asked Petronas to pay RM74 billion? Muhyi can always do the same. Then he can claim there's no recession. Like lying Najib.

7. Muhyi can also order Bank Negara to provide stimulus packages like lying baby face Najib. If I remember correctly, Najib introduced 2 stimulus packages totalling 67 billion. Muhyi can introduce 3. One up on Najib. Then he can brag- what recession?

8. In fact, I am told swollen faced Muhyi has introduced 4 stimulus packages totalling 305 billion.

9. Muhyi even copied lying Najib when he increased the debt to GDP ceiling from 55% to 60%. So he can sing to the tune of Magnificent Montague and Marvin X's- spend baby spend.

10. Does Muhyi understand the meaning of the concept of economic prudence? Does the aristocat(not aristocrat)bean counter at MOF understand its meaning?

11. I am not being a Cassandra here. But there are more questions than answers in the 2021 budget. Here are a few.

12. I want to cite James Carville-its the economy stupid. That should be the primary focus of the bean counter. As for Muhyi he's suffering from the Morarji Desai syndrome. Drinking his own urine. He just doesn't care.

13. Where are the economic growth coming from? Our exports are down revenue from Petronas is down, We can't export our manufactures etc. The world is in recession.

14. Economic logic says in order to achieve 6-7%growth we have to double or triple our growth. Otherwise, a normal growth rate would just be absorbed by the economic contraction previously. That's impossible as A.R. Tompel says.

15. Has the FM considered the potential of e economy especially now that we are ravaged by the pandemic? Online infrastructure can even jump start the rural economy.

Download E-Conomy_SEA_2020_Report

16. Without these the option opened to this government is to keep borrowing. That would transfer present liability to future generations. Our succeeding generations will only know debt and pay higher taxes.

17. Supporting this Budget means you are complicit in the continued repression. The 13 who stood up are heroes.

18. In part 2 we will discuss some details of Muhyi's ridiculous budget that finds support from Anwar Ibrahim and other stupidos.


Tuesday, 1 December 2020

A Faustian Deal.

1. When Muhyi leaves office at any time, he doesn't bring his dirt with him. He leaves them behind.

2. The most repugnant being the unbridled corruption and kick backing. He is worse than UMNO. Frantz Fanon calls this the oppressor complex.

3. Perhaps readers are more familiar with the concept of Stockholm Syndrome. Muhyi is captivated by UMNOs corrupted ways but Muhyi is emotionally attached to the ways of
UMNO. Muhyi criticizes and berates UMNO but becomes UMNO.

4. Thank God it's not the Oedipus complex. I am at a loss to describe his liaison with Nita Gee as a what complex. This time he saw Nita's husband as a rival.

5. Stranger things are happening to Malaysia under his watch than Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

6. That reaffirmed that our reward system is wrong. Teach our children that they don't have to go to the university. Form 5 is enough. Secure work in Immigration, Customs, Police Local Governments- become SOs. Jobs there attract better income than graduates of universities.

7. Sensing that maybe they in the wrong profession may have prompted this:-

To make matters worse, the PAC also revealed that a number of the special approvals were given via middlemen to foreign workers despite many of them having failed the Foreign Workers Medical Examination Monitoring Agency (Fomema) inspection.

According to the PAC, five out of the 10 middlemen identified were politicians.

They were a former Dewan Rakyat speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, Tan Sri Noh Omar (BN-Tanjung Karang), Datuk Masir Kujat (GPS-Sri Aman), Kok Lanas assemblyman Datuk Seri Mohd Alwi Che Ahmad and Sungai Dua assemblyman Muhammad Yusof Mohd Nor

8. I read a report about the MACC arresting a Dato and his wife for stealing millions from a public listed company. We asked a fox to guard a chicken coop.
Muhyi will ignore this.

9. He does nothing about useless head of GLCs earning gargantuan salaries. The mother-effers still earn the high salaries even when their GLCs are not doing good. What does Muhyi care when he has accumulated enough loot? Didn't Musa Hitam once said that the only land which Muhyi hasn't sold is his mother's grave plot? I won't be surprised if Malaysia is for sale.

10. There is a rumour going around that a company linked to the Home Minister is after a RM1.5 billion project at the immigration department. The company is fronting for a company owned by a gambler who owes a casino RM33 million and doesn't want to pay. The politician and the crook are 2 sides of the same coin.

11. This is what you get when you have a PM who manages with reckless abandon.When the mouse is away the fat cats come out to play.(the reverse of the idiom is intended). When the number 1 washes his hand these things happened .

12. What are you supporting then? You are supporting corruption, abuses of power and perpetuation of special interests You are the bourgeoisie. Damn you!

13. So dont try to straighten the wet thread. The opposition has made an irreversible error. Hypocritical Anwar gave some palliatives to justify support for Muhyi's budget. They are just that. Strained palliatives. DAP and AMANAH bought them hook, line and sinker.

14. I am being judgemental here. I maybe wrong. But who cares? AMANAH led by the stupidly dressed, looking stupid and actually stupid Mat Sabu was just a bunch of Uncle Toms. They just stood to attention and said 'siap komandan'. Wasn't Mat Sabu the chap who termed Anwar as Anwar al juburi? Its a shame that there are some good and virtuous people in AMANAH.

15. Anwar said he supported the Budget because the Budget incorporated some of the ideas of PH. That's a load of holy camel shit. One PKR leader said they will give PN hell at the Committee stage. Who are you trying to kid? How will you reconcile your earlier support by now contradicting your earlier behaviour?

16. I am surprised that the DAP which consists of many good people went along with Anwar. Perhaps they believed Anwar will be a useful idiot later on.

17. My guess is, they are just freeloaders believing in Anwar's sleight of hand politics. You can never trust this man. He will abandon you like a ton of bricks if he sees a clearer path to PMship.

18. As a result DAP will suffer some trust deficit. Some people will not support DAP any longer as they question DAP's political consistency and endurance. To them DAP has wilted.


Monday, 30 November 2020

The false Prophet and His Flock

1. I come back to my favourite piƱata which is what Najib said. Because they are blatant lies which must be answered at once. It must be whacked vehemently to spill the Goebellsian lies.

2. That incendiary speech must be doused unequivocally to prevent charlatans like Najib and other red necks from UMNO spewing lies and deceit.

3. The hypocrite-in-chief then was telling the big lie. That the Malays will become our own dalits or destitutes if UMNO were to lose power. The big lie was uttered in Kangar.

4. Malays should rise up against this Goebellsian deceit, falsehoods and untruths that have kept them in servitude for so long.

5. No, Herr Najib, Malays can prosper without UMNO. Their lot is not determined by the likes of you in UMNO.

6. Who the hell are you? You are just a spoilt rich kid accustomed to get your way. Well, the fat lady has sung. It's the end of the road. For you.

7. We are not thieves like you were the embezzler-in-chief. We are just honest country bumpkins. But we have our dignity. You on the other hand have none!

8. The only Malay phrases which Najib has in his vocab to demean people are bangsat and papa kedana. When he was opposed in Pekan, he called his opponent papa kedana. He called felda settlers who refused his FGV scheme bangsat. Najib bangsat al papa kedana. That name has a nice ring to it.

9. It is ironic that Herr Najib chose Perlis to regurgitate his lies. Perlis is one of the poorest states in Malaysia and predominantly Malay. That shows that poor Malays are not only servile but easily malleable. They need an emotional release and bossku provided the silver bullet.

10. The lies perpetrated and perpetuated by Herr Najib are easily debunked. The states of Selangor, Kelantan, Trengganu, Penang and Sarawak are not ruled by UMNO. But we don't see Malays dropping like dead leaves, do we?

11. All the mb's, SS, DO's, penghulus, ketua kampungs, are Malays. Why are Malays still backward and poor? That means the UMNO bozos are not helping the Malays. Shame on Najib for claiming the Malays will turn bangsat if UMNO loses power.

12. There are about 18 million Malays. UMNO has about 1.3 or 1.4 million members. Roughly out of 18 Malays 1 is an UMNO gangster. If 1 UMNO member kicks the bucket 17 other Malays live on. The message is UMNO can fly kite.

13. God says He will not change the lot of a race unless they change it themselves and Truly God does not change the lot of one race unless they change what's within themselves.

14. Thus, if they allow an idiot like Najib and other UMNO goodfellas to determine their fate, they have only themselves to blame.

15. If man's sustenance and his lot depends upon himself what is the relevance of a kichimayung like Najib and his UMNO?

16. Najib and his UMNO should stop playing the role of an Orwellian big brother. The Malays must unshackle the manacles that are holding them back, putting them down and dumbing them down. They must have their amour propre, reject and jettison people like Najib and like-minded UMNO goons.


Saturday, 28 November 2020

Selling Their Souls To the Devil

1. Shame on PKR and DAP for supporting the 2021 budget. Shame on kleptocratic minded UMNO for supporting the budget. I may not understand the DAP's rationale behind its support but that will not stop my censureship of its behaviour. PKR? It's a closet bourgeoisie. It's our Hampstead liberals.

2. Ignore their hypocritical questioning of aspects of the budget. It just means they support all the rampant corruption and leakages, racism, bigotry and attempted undermining of our Democracy. Their politics is sham politics.

3. We know what the PKR yahoos are here for. They are here to promote Anwar as the rear PM. Once they achieve their nefarious objective they will replace UMNO as the capitalist roader.

4. They are just a bunch of hypocrites. They are the smoked Salmon Socialists and Gauche Caviars and the Salon Reformists.

5. So much for the self-appointed reformists who know only to shout themselves hourse about changing things. These f**ks are getting too big for their britches and boots. But actually they are just myths in their own minds.

6. They are just trophy cockerels more suited to decorate the political display board. They are long in talk but very short in deeds. Both PKR and DAP were there to play brinkmanship.

7. Dangle a few carrots in front of them, and they will wilt. Principle was thrown out the window in exchange for gratification. Perhaps the following was true after all.

8. Maybe that explains their facetious reading of the pernicious budget. Principles were thrown out because of expediencies.

9. This proves that this government can only survive on kickbacks and corruption. Trust and principles were thrown out. With no compunctions.

10. Anwar Ibrahim is a political hydra- a beast with many heads. Him talking different things to different people is legendary. He's tricky. Right now the flavour of the month is to support the Pagoh Jawa only to slight Mahathir. Clearly he has buggered everybody. And they are happy about it. Perhaps that makes them do their toilet duties easier.

11. Now we see the Benedict Arnolds, the Tokyo Roses and the Aldrich Ames of the opposition. All betray the trust and hope of the people. Who can we trust any more?

12. If the 2021 Budget is passed because of kickbacks, this is the first time in our history it has happened. That's Bolehland for you.

13. The DAP consists of sanctimonious bastards. All the time talking about justice and righteousness - it's all BS. They have sold out.

14. Besides the possibility of some people being bought Muhyi may have promised LGE to drop charges proffered against him. Self-preservation is a powerful motive.

15. I am a DAP member. I even became an MP on their ticket. But I am not big on group think and herd instinct. Especially when I feel strongly about the pernicious Budget. It's not about supporting or shaming Mahathir. If I feel DAP is wrong it won't stop me from criticising the party.

16. It is understandable for kleptocratic UMNO to support Muhyi. The acorn does not fall far from the tree. Some UMNO luminaries hope Muhyi will drop some onerous court cases.

17. They forgot the axiom there is no honour among thieves. Umno is no longer useful to Muhyi. It has lost its bargaining chip. It will be in no position to demand anything. It can go and fly kite. When you already have the honey the honeycomb is thrown away.


Thursday, 26 November 2020

Silence is Not an Option. Part 2/3.

1. The way Muhyi wants to 'sell' his budget is pathetic and desperate. He sends out vehicles with megaphones and loudspeakers to public areas such as markets and malls. There the public would be told of the benefits of the 2021 Budget.

2. We would have thought he would ask his officers to about the COVID-19 virus. Instead, he talks about his pedantic budget. Sad.

3. It's not about social distancing, wearing of masks, self and mandatory quarantine or sanitization. The measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Instead it was about the bloody Budget. We have people debating about it in parliament. Why so desperate to get us involved when at other times we are ignored?

5. Besides reminding us of the SOP we are more interested in knowing there's no economic, development lockdown and no health facilities lockdown. Go play with yourself about the budget.

6. We want to know about vaccines and how will they be distributed. We want the public heatlh officials speak with one voice.

7. Instead, we are listening to incomprehensive and conflicting voices. The health DG says those coming from outside the peninsula have to undergo mandatory 14- day quarantine. Here comes the drink more warm water minister saying those from Sabah are excepted. What the hell!

8. That indicates 2 things to me. First, it shows that Muhyi is not confident that his padded budget will get passed. Second, Muhyi presents us a dysfunctional team. There's more damaging group think and herd instinct than listening to the people. Our ministers have all reached a pinnacle level of greed.

9. The Java Penorogo is only interested to save himself than managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement by the Health Minister was meant to accommodate degenerates like Pairin and riotous Bung Mukhtar. Muhyi must really be clutching on straw.

10. If the Health Minister can be laxed about mandatory quarantine, where is the emergency element Muhyi wanted to use to justify his diarrheaic Emergency declaration?

11. It is obvious that Muhyi is an incontrovertible liar. If he lied about COVID-19, then there is more reason to believe that he lied about having majority support. Then he would have no problem facing a vote of no confidence, would he?

12. It is also clear that Muhyi is siding with the oppressors and the fornicators, the embezzlers the thieves and robbers. For no good reasons he put a stop to the investigation of 1MDB.

13. Muhyi agreed to stop the investigation in exchange for the return of the stolen money. The return is already an admission of stealing.

14. I think that is a stupid thing to do. Even if every sen is returned the original felony stays. The return may only mitigate the sentence. It does not erase the crime.

15. The accused, Najib can't plead stupidity. That is not believed by anybody. What is Najib's stupidly compared to the village idiot's? That means the village idiot can claim innocence to committing a serious crime on account of inherent stupidity?


Monday, 23 November 2020

Silence is No Longer an Option. Part 1/3

1. I once wrote that I have no problem with how Muhyi took power. He saw an opportunity and took it. In a way Mahathir created the chance by treating his resignation as part of a chessboard game gone awry. So blame Mahathir for unleashing a beast.

2. I have no faith in Mahathir any more. Just like previous PMs he was no revolutionary. He countenanced widespread corruption, supported urban development at the expense of rural areas etc. He's the Nehru of Malaysia. He liked grandiose industrialization.

3. A revolution is not like a dinner party, doing carpentry, eating Mee Abu in Alor Stak or eating Penang Pesembor. It cannot be so refined and courteous. It is aggressive and by nature, violent. It must involve the overthrow of the parasitic class by the oppressed. Mahathir coopted himself as the new oppressor.

4. But after having seen what Muhyi has and is doing to Malaysia silence is no longer and option. The country is on autopilot and corruption is rearing its ugly head with wanton abandon. I thought wanton abandon is a phrase only Nita Gee understands. I am wrong.

5. Muhyi harbors dictatorial tendencies when he tried to persuade the Agong to declare an Emergency. That was a most reprehensible thing he did. It was an attack to our work in progress democracy. Shame on him.

6. When Filipino insurgents invaded parts of Sabah, we didn't impose an Emergency over the whole of Sabah. We imposed curfews over the affected areas. Here he was trying to create a massive fraud on Malaysians by making use of COVID-19 a public health issue, to have the Agong declare a sham Emergency. Only a despotic and totalitarian leader would do that.

7. Imagine the heinous and deleterious effects he would have created. He would be able to suspend Parliament and ruled by fiat just as Kim iL Sung does and Papa Doc Duvalier did. Remember his fondness in using the term of endearment 'Abah'.

8. He would be able to hoist a Budget accountable to no one. It's not a budget really but a spending list. We would be better off by singing 'hey big spender'. We will continue listening to his patronising but nauseating announcement of a slew of financial incentives. Read buying of loyalty while he allows the looting of the country.

9. But the most reprehensible motive Muhyi has, was to hide the tenuous support that he has in parliament. It seems the Java Penorogo was and is willing to use any Machiavellian underhanded tactics to hold on to power. This man is a menace to democracy.

10. If we are ravaged by the virus, it is due to the incompetence of Muhyi. First he allows politicians who know nuts about corona to speak about it. The ignoramus health minister, the drink more warm water minister, has gone AWOL. Perhaps too busy making hay while the sun shines.

11. When it suits him he will bask in the compliments that the pandemic is well managed. He consoles himself that most of the cases originated from foreigners. At best his approach to the pandemic is Darwinian in the sense the fittest will survive while the weaklings die off. All in all how can a well managed public health issue be used to justify his diarrhoeic Emergency?

12. If Muhyi lied about COVID-19 being the reason justifying an Emergency which suffered a miscarriage, then there is a stronger reason to believe that Muhyi lied to feel Agong in getting majority support in the first place that catapulted him to PM. The Agong has a liar before him.

13. As a result Muhyi is afflicted by the Napoleonic complex. He compensates his insecurity by having a bloated cabinet. His cabinet has 82 members consisting of not so sparkling personages. It includes a Doraemon and drink more warm water ministers. A minister and a deputy who lied about their qualifications. And God knows how many more nincompoops.


Sunday, 22 November 2020

Langit kian mendung. Dari Pak lahisme Bosku- isme dan Abah- isme.

1. Dulu kita ada Pak Lahism. Kemudian kita ada Bosque yang celaka. Sekarang kita ada si Nita Gee Abahku.

2. Ada persamaan antara orang2 yang menggunakan gelaran2 mesra sayang ini. Pak Lahisme macam Rajiv Ghandi. Rajiv mati kepala nya bersepai. Pihak Polis bingung kerana walaupun kepala pecah, Polis tidak menjumpai otak kerana otak tiada. Era Pak Lah terunggul kerana kita ada PM yang tiada otak. Separuh masa dia tak tahu apa2 kerana tertidur. Orang gelar dia sleepy Joe.

3. Kita tahu apa berlaku di era sicelaka bosque. Ibu segala rompakan yakni SRC dan 1MDB.

4. Bila Tun Razak meninggal dulu dia ada RM400 ribu. Itu pun hadiah dari Magsaysay Award. Najib al munafik belum konk lagi tapi dah ada berbiliun Ringgit. Masa kojol nanti bukan bawa sesen pun.

5. Ada orang tanya dari mana mamat ni dapat duit sebanyak itu? Kalau dia PM seumur hidup dengan gajinya segala, dia takkan ada duit segitu. Dia bukan berniaga.

6. Orang buruan siperompak cha ya nun alif Jho Low, mendedahkan segala pekong. Lahabau ini rupanya berkelana di Macao kota casino Asia.

7. Cha Ya Nun Alif pipi montel tu mendedahkan sekurang2 nya USD 500 ribu digunakan oleh Rosmah membeli barang kemas dan perhiasan.
One two three four
Satu dua tiga empat
Rosmah Mansor cincin besor
Rakyat jelata apa dapat?

8. Dan puluhan juta Dollar digunakan untuk membeli kereta2 mewah untuk Pak Arab dan membayar kapal Putera Mansur Abu Dhabi.

9. Joe Bawah juga mendedahkan segala penyaluran wang 1MDB di sahihkan oleh bosku. Dan USD 681Juta Dollar sebagai derma Pak Arab hanya satu pembohongan. Memang ada derma tapi jumlah nya hanya sebagian kecil dari 681 juta dollar tersebut.

10. Rompakan keatas 1MDB sudah terang dan nyata. Kita tahu siapa yang mendalangi rompakan tersebut. 1MDB menjadi ATM peribadi kepada penyamun yang digelar amirul mukminin. Bencana!

11. Yang menyedihkan dan lagi mendukacitakan rompakan ini disokong oleh setengah-setengah orang Melayu yang kononnya kuat aqidah dan keislaman mereka.

12. Sangkaan tebal aqidah tersebut, adalah hanya omongan kosong. Surau dan masjid hanya merupakan tempat perbuatan ritualistik semata mata. Sedangkan sokongan kepada amirul munafik melanggar suatu piagam Islam yang penting.

13. Bukankah Islam mengatakan bahawa kita adalah sebaik baik umat bila kita menganjurkan amar makruf dan menolak segala (nahi mungkar) atau kemungkaran? Bagaimana kita reconcile sokongan kepada kemungkaran yang dilakukan oleh amirul munafik dengan aqidah kita? Sebab itu saya katakan dakwaan tebalnya aqidah kita hanya a load of bullshit!

14. Sokongan kepada bosku membawa 2 implikasi. Yang pertama seperti yang telah kita sebut yakni betapa rapuhnya fahaman Islam kita.

15. Implikasi kedua ialah bahawa undian kepada amirul munafik, adalah komoditi yang boleh dijual beli dan dirasuahkan. Bayar RM50 atau 100 sesetengah orang Melayu rela menjual ibu mereka! Secara kesemulajadian( by nature) undi orang Melayu adalah sesuatu yang boleh diperdagangkan.

16. Negara kita terus dirundung bencana dengan keberadaan Nita Gee Abahku dengan Abahku- isme nya. Membisu terhadap kegoblokan Abahku bukan lagi satu pilihan.

17. Si muka sembab ini merupakan ancaman terbesar kepada bukan saja perlembagaan kita tapi juga kepada demokrasi. Dia telah cuba menggunakan -covid- 19 untuk mengistiharkan darurat.

18. Jika terlaksana, bererti Parlimen akan digantung. Dia akan memerintah melalui fiat dan mengistihar saja. Dia boleh meluluskan belanjawan tanpa pertanggung jawaban. Objektif yang sebenar ialah menyembunyikan fakta bahawa dia tidak lagi mempunyai sokongan majoriti dalam parlimen. Bila ini berlaku dia dan kabinet half past six dia kena letak jawatan. Dia melantik dirinya sebagai emperor atau maharaja.

19. Apa yang menjamin Parlimen tidak digantung terus menerus untuk mengelak diktator Wak Muhyi dari meletak jawatan?

20. Dah syok sekali dia akan mengulangi perbuatan nya. Ia nya seperti yang pernah dikatakan oleh Lee Kuan Yew. Detention without trial is like making love to a virgin for the first time. Its painful at first but gets pleasurable subsequently. Begitu juga menggantung Parlimen. Sakit pertama kali, seronok berikutnya.

21. Ianya suatu yang melucukan bila kita mendapati kaitan statistikal yang cukup kuat antara keasyikan bermain golf dengan bencana. Semakin kuat pemimpin negara bermain golf, semakin teruk bencana yang datang.

22. Di Amerika Trump asyik bermain golf sementara Amerika di landa covid dan ekonominya memerlukan pakej rangsangan. Ia seperti Emperor Nero menggesek biola manakala Rom terbakar.

23. Mungkin kita kena letak syarat untuk menjadi PM tidak boleh main golf. Ia benar-benar menjadi apa yang dikatakan oleh Rahman Yaakob-Golongan Orang Lemah Fikiran.
Pak lah kuat main golf, Bosku kuat main golf, Abah sangat suka golf. Hanya dalam kes Bosku dan Abah mereka lebih menyukai one hole golf dari 18- hole golf.

24. Di Malaysia Wak Muhyi asyik main golf manakala negara diserang Covid dan ekonomi kita menguncup. Astagha!

25. Amat menyedihkan, dibawah kerajaan Wak Muhyi negara kita macam berada dalam mode auto pilot. Sudahlah kabinet kita ada 82 orang pengurus2 GLC terus bergaji super besar- paengurusan negara biar lantak la. Negara berada dalam keadaan lakonan Aziz Sattar dan S. Shamsudin. Lantak la.

26. Ini adalah bencana2 Abah dan Abahisme. Negara jadi hancur. Francois Duvalier juga suka digelar Papa Doc Duvalier. Lihatlah malapetaka dan bencana yang menimpa Haiti. Malaysia menuju kepada keadaan yang serupa. Mungkin tiba masa nya kita gelar Wak Muhyi sebagai Papa Muhyi.


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