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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Trees for forest.

There is a toddy drinking Malaysian Indian asking the IGP to arrest Tun Mahathir, Tun Daim and Lim Guan Eng.  Maybe he's drunk.  Maybe he drank 1 bottle but drunk like drinking 10.

There are now concerted attempts through gutter journalism to divert our attention absolved Herr Najib and blame others. In that process we fail to see the forest for the trees.

If this clownish  man who is so remote from the persons he asked to arrest can do with So then I who was Najib's Ketua Penerangan and AJK bahagian a fortiori has got more locus standi to ask the IGP to arrest Najib.

If the gov has proof that these people have done some wrongs  it can ask the I to  arrest them.  Even Najib  who has clearly committed  the heist of the century remains scott free!
The court of the people ought not  to be influenced  by the climate of the day but will be affected by the flavour of the era.

The bigger picture is that Najib stole from us! We must not forget that!

Oddly he's silent on arresting the embezzler in chief Najib son of  Razak. Maybe Najib  sent him crates of thali merah. Dei thambi!

What I find strange is that some journals find it justifiable to dignify the muttering of a drunkard.


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Covid 19: Opening the floodgates, to corruption.

The world is facing the pandemic Covid-19. President  Trump erroneously called it the Chinese  virus. There are more Americans now affected  by the virus.  Shall we call it the American  virus? Sounds so racist, doesn't it?

As a response  Malaysia implemented the MCO which has now been extended  to 14th April 2020.

But out of our misery and inconvenience, some of our leaders saw it fit to implement qustionable policies.  The Malays  have a saying:scooping fish out of muddy waters. We are not going to be silent.

I am going to talk about it without fear or favour. Friends  or foes.

Why for insistence  must there be a policy to buy inhalors only from  Pharmaniaga? Suddenly  the MOH doesn't know where to buy the equipment.  Or shall we continue to drink much  warm water as the minister suggested.  After  all he is a clever person.  Apart from  his Mbbs he has, 2 ba.

Perhaps  the most ridiculous  proposal  is to have our roads sanitised.  Pardon my ignorance, but I thought the roads are heated by the sun.  And at 60 degrees all viruses are exterminated!

Next shall we be asked to buy face masks and hand sanitizer from a particular source?

I think Muhyiddin should stop all these nonsense..... Unless the Chinese saying is true: "If the top beam is crooked, all the rest will not be straight"


Greetings everyone.

I realised there are many grammatical mistakes in my writings lately. As many of you know, I am recuperating from stroke and this may have impaired my physical abilities. 

Your indulgence is much appreciated. Thank you.


Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Why Najib is hateable

There was an article saying at long last, TDM's hatred for Najib is exposed. That apologetic regurgitation shall not go unchallenged! It does not require TDM to hate Najib. The jowlish Najib is intrinsically repulsive.

Najib is H. Weinstein and J. Epstein rolled into one Clyde Barrow of Malaysia and David Duke of UMNO redneckism.  What's there not to hate?

Najib became MP when his father Tun Razak  passed away. It was also the result of the Malay fetish with ascriptive character.

A person is assumed to inherit the father's leadership qualities. How wrong can people be?

Didn't the Quran tells us there comes a person whose narrative about the world doth mesmerised us but behind us plots evil? The person destroys our livestock and farms!

Tun Razak built Felda, Najib the evil son dismembered it and called the settlers who refused his ploy "haramjadah"?

Look at NFC. Najib allowed it to happen. When the top beam is crooked, all the rest will not be straight!

When Najib became MP, he could not even speak Malay properly prompting one ex-adun to remark,
"Awak ni kalau minum arak baru lancar!"

Where Tun Razak was humble, Najib is feudalistic. Where TR genuinely cared for the people, Najib  was hypocratic. Where TR shook our hands firmly, Najib's handshake is limp! That's the measure of the man. Still wonder why Najib  is so repulsive?

I remember once, Najib visited a kampung in Pekan. He saw people living in chicken-coop like dwellings. He asked wryly "Do people still live like this? "
The people of Pekan can only respond in their typical manner : kepala bapak awak!

Don't ever forget Najib's role in 1MDB and the various GLCs where he may have received  money.  Of course he will do Mad's Alfie - me don't know anything.

1MDB was an ab initio evil in design hatched by a diabolical mind. If he continues to claim he doesn't know anything then he is using a loophole in the law to commit a crime! Judges called it Lacunae in the law.

In the end, Najib is an over hyped and an overvalued man!

So I asked again, do we need TDM to tell us to dislike Najib?


The Economic Transformation of Malaysia: Part 2

When we were asked to look East, we were not shown how the Japanese lived. How do we emulate the Japanese? 

We can get rich if we are actually shown how others succeed. Exposure is the answer to success. People must be physically exposed to living examples if they are to progress. 

That is why the ECR project must be carried out after eliminating the corruption element. People and trade are exposed. Competitive advantage can operate, businesses can prosper.

The present government must honour its promises -- all of it, not 60 or 70 percent. You think the people care two hoots when you have achieved 70%? They don't give a damn! Have you abolished tolls? Have you written off or reduced PTPTN? Petrol and diesel? Have you reduced the price of gas? Please don't give nauseating excuses. The government does not operate on profit motive! That's Government 101.

It is time for this government to set up SEZs in economically-depressed areas such as in the East Coast, Sabah and Sarawak.

To insulate the people from knowing how to behave is a half past six solution. We must not build iron curtains of economic ignorance. 

The concept of self sufficiency is a mythified concept. No one can exist as a Robinson Crusoe economy. The more isolationist you are, the more backward you become. We learn this from China's experience. China was able to free itself from poverty when it opened itself up and freed the creative energies of its people. Now it is embarking itself on the Belt Road Initiative. The ultimate objective is to expand the market for Chinese goods and services.

The Lesson for Muhyiddin is this: He must forcefully remove all barriers that impede the creative energy of the people. 

One of these is the enervating and numbing racism perpetuated so long by UMNO and its blackcoat allies.

To prevent people from learning the object lesson is actually a form of pompous selfishness. Hopefully the creation of the SEZs will free the creative energies of the people. We must stop believing  that progress is possible only as top down. 

But the government can help in some ways -- create micro financing facilities for the rural people wanting to do businesses and specialised financing facilities for urban people. The collateral  must be minimal. The old and the infirm must continue to receive direct cash allowances.

There must be some ways to reduce carte blanche cash disbursements. While politically correct, our people must be taught  there is no free lunch and that rewards accrue to one's contributions.

Pragmatism must underlie decisions taken by the government. Do not be constrained by theories that worked elsewhere. The acid test is, Does this work here? At the end of the day, we shouldn't care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice.

Successive Ministers of Information failed Mahathir. There were no programmes showing etiquettes of success. We were left to our own devices. That is wrong.

Now the current Minister of Information must show why Muhyiddin is right for Malaysia. He must endear Muhyiddin to the people. Otherwise, all the apparatuses of opinion-building he has at his disposal are useless!


Saturday, 4 April 2020

The Economic Transformation of Malaysia: Part 1

This article is divided in 3 parts: Part 1 is what I believe is the sine qua non for economic transformation. Part 2 is an evaluation of previous economic polices, and finally Part 3 is the economic transformation of the rural economy.

First, Muhyidin must be a pragmatic leader, using common sense instead of theorising and philosophying. Don't be shackled by the theories of Samuelson or Friedman. Use practical and common sense. Does this policy work here?

Don't be a goody-two-shoes leader. I was aghast when a person suggested that we celebrate differences in opinion and it was suggested that we give air time to the opposition. It's not the business of this government to allow the opposition to undermine  us. Being practical means not to be caught by these airy-fairy ideas of democracy.

Being practical also means to quickly get rid of nincompoops  in  the cabinet. For instance, it was laughable to hear the new Health Minister suggest that we drink a lot of warm water to combat Covid-19. What a bozo! 

Unless of course Imperial Muhyiddin wants a court jester in his cabinet and entertain his dour existence! 

Being pragmatic also means Muhyiddin must be prepared to take unpopular measures and not be unduly concerned with ratings. If he is, then he is blowing with the wind and playing the gallery, eager to please everybody.

The PM has just announced a slew of charitable measures. They are both good and bad. 

Don't get me wrong; charitable and gratuitous money is good for the very poor infirmed sick and the economically depressed, but in  the long run is not good for the able bodied and the economic pupae soon to become butterflies.

To able bodied people, FELDA settlers, and the self employed, Laffer's Backward Supply Curve and Muth's Rational Expectations will operate.

I am talking as an economist here; the able bodied will work less and expect gratuitous economic handouts from the government. Responsibility to oneself becomes the responsibility of the government. This is not good if our intention is to create rugged individuals who roll with the punches.

The lesson for Muhyiddin here is be discriminate in his charity. I remember Najib once told me there is nothing the Malays like (he was talking about some Pekan Malays) than to get free things.

The PM must be supported by an efficient civil service. The undisputed fact is a good government requires good people.

To attract the best, we must have competitive remuneration. The salary of ministers in Singapore for instance is tied with the top 5 private sector salaries. Not only does it attracts the best, it can also discourage corruption.

I am not at all impressed by the fact we have 1.6 million civil servants if the majority consists of grade "C" eggs. 

I once gave a talk (with others) to cadets of Singapore's civil service, consisting of their brightest. I asked, the convenor herself a Cambridge graduate, "Do you take in 1st-class graduates only?" "No," she answered as a matter of factly, "2nd upper- and above." I kept quite in acceptance. That confirmed the quality of civil service needed. Having a high quality civil service means we don't have to explain  many times to make them understand. They will understand much faster. 

But having a quality civil service is not a happenstance, it does not happen willy nilly. We must assiduously cultivate it. Must consciously plan for it. I do not want the government to become an employer of last resort, attracting the riff-raff. It is time to restructure our civil service, military and police to reflect our racial composition. If non-Malays are good, we take them in.

The PM needs to control and reduce corruption. In his bid to be everything to everybody, he must not be forgiving. It is a travesty of justice if we overlook the massive corruption done by the David Duke of UMNO rednecks, the billion dollar whale Najib Razak. He must face the law. All forms of corruption, commission must not be tolerated by the PM.

The PM must promote meritocracy. This can be achieved through competition.

But how do you choose people? I used to work for Shell -- they have an appraisal system called HAIR. Kuan Yew also used this. This is a method which we can begin. It stands for Helicopter  vision, Analytical power, Imagination and Realistic. Can the person see the big picture? Can they analyise problems? Is the person imaginative? Think outsidse the box at times? And is the person realistic?

Is giving all and sundry RM1000 to RM3000 realistic? What are the consequences? Will Auntie Kiah be jumping with joy as a result of receiving RM4000, forgetting that her sarong has slipped? Or will she be sulking because Muhyiddin like Bosku Najib before  him had also lied?

Take heed of a Laffer's Backward Supply Curve and Lucas' Rational Expectations. Is Muhyiddin's RM250 billion package capable of producing a temporary financial placebo effect?

Has anyone heard of Manzhouli? It's a city in China near the Russian border. There, the Chinese built a Russian town, complete with Russian architecture, buildings, restaurants, a large inland port etc. Russian immigrants bring their ballet, trade values, their industriousness etc. It is not an uncommon sight to see people queuing up to buy bread. China exports fruits and vegetables to Russia. Manzhouli has turned into an economic and a social hub. The Chinese and Russians learn from one another. The Chinese has pushed the IDEA of learning from others to the extreme. I think learning from others should be part of our economic policy.

We can do similar things in Malaysia. We should forget about the Look East policy for the moment. It's not directly profitable to us. 

We can do an Indonesia town here. I and others have pushed the idea of building a bridge from Dumai to Malacca. So Malacca is the best candidate for an Indonesia Town. The Indonesians can bring their cuisine, culture, values, and industry to Malaysia. We can gain access to its huge market. Don't think Indonesia as a source of maids only. Learn from them.

These are the factors we require. First of all, to launch an economic transformation of Malaysia. We proceed from first principles. Muhyiddin must remember he cannot please everyone.


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Malaysia: The Way Forward

I am not exactly a big fan of Muhyiddin, as I don't believe he has the constitution to be a good PM. I was dismayed at his failure to deal with the pollution in Johore. That was why I said Johore was run by dullards and Muhyiddin was the Ketua Perhubungan. 

To compensate for that deficiency, he -- as the current PM -- has surrounded himself with some good people (save for a few muddied buffaloes).

For these reasons, I am willing to allow Muhyiddin and his cabinet to prove their mettle. Who knows, there may be a few gems in the cabinet. Dr Abdul Latif, Noraini Ahmad, Shamsul Nasarah, Ismail Said, and Ismail Sabri seemed promising.

Having said that, I am not looking down on Dr M. I still believe he is a master chess player. He has not taken out another piece of king from his pocket. But he seems to have lost his mojo. He cannot form a musical-chair cabinet if he comes around again. 

Meanwhile let us give Muhyiddin space.

Out of deference to Dr M, I have called him the 'Man who can walk on water' and the 'Don Corleone of Malaysian  politics'. History will judge him favourably.

By the end of 2020, Muhyiddin will have to accommodate with the idea of a more meaningful unity government, other than being  confined to Saravanan and Wee Kah Siong. They are hardly representative of their communities. Whether he likes or not, he has to accommodate the non-Malays, especially DAP.

I predict at the next elections, Amanah will be greatly reduced  while PKR will suffer the same fate. Bersatu should contest in all seats held by Amana and PKR. In the mean time, Muhyiddin should make efforts to co-opt individual umno members into PPBM.

PAS should be able to sit down with DAP. Doesn't the Qur'an say that races are created many so that they could befriend one another? The idea is to isolate UMNO -- if the raison d'ĂȘtre of PAS is to defend Islam, it is better for them to be part of the government. The cooperation with UMNO is not profitable!

Automatic voter registration would ensure Malays would remain numerically superior so that UMNO can never play the race card. And at the end of 2020, the government can carry out its delineation exercise to say, create 350 parliament seats instead of 222. Most of these seats are Malay dominated anyway, ensuring Malay political  dominance. Malays have nothing to be fearful of.

Ban all forms of hate crime -- UMNO won't be able to talk about racism. So will PAS, DAP and all other parties. Ban the affixture of Islam to the name of political parties. PAS has no monopoly over Islam. 

The government must be serious in wanting a unified country.

The ECR project must be carried out. A railway line must link the interior of the nations -- linking Gua Musang, Jerantut, Kuala Lipis, Raub, Bentong and KL. Forget about the 2nd causeway to Singapore. Build a bridge from Dumai to Malacca.

Indonesia is our sleeping giant. If it gets its act together, it can surpass Malaysia in terms of economic growth. So let us establish physical links with Indonesia. Singapore should be less of a priority to us. Sooner or later we will catch up to them in terms of human capital. So what will Singapore offer us?

While doing these we must not forget about our fundamental issue: the pervasive corruption perpetrated by Najib and his apparatchiks. By the middle of next year, do a cabinet reshuffle and get rid of the remaining crooks of UMNO.  

That is, if Muhyiddin survives.


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