Thursday, 23 April 2015

The UMNO Shadow Play and the Great Great Grandmother of Financial Mystery.

The 2 burning issues these days are Dr Mahathir’s criticisms and 1MDB. Dr Mahathir intends to remove Mr Najib who has clamied the whole world supports him. We want to know which world? Dr Mahathir insists Mr Najib is not qualified to stay as PM.
Dr Mahathir has also talked about 1MDB. Dr Mahathir’s continued assault on the PM has forced my parliamentary colleagues Rafizi Ramly and Tony Pua to take a holiday. That is because Dr Mahathir is using the material unearthed by these two staunchest critics of the PM regarding 1MDB. If Dr M continues with his little crusade, my 2 companeros cannot cari makan.

Otherwise, the two remain the authority on the 1MDB issue. I asked a leading banker to explain me 1MDB from a bankers point of view- he responded by saying Mr Tony P has explained it all.

In the meantime, a few UMNO leaders have now come out in the open to tell Najib that his days are numbered. When the mice are away, the cats come out to play.
Rais Yatim a former minister of information and now serving as the vaguely named position as adviser on cultural matters or something said Najib’s men can no longer help him.Najib has his own version of 4th Floor boys what?

How can they help? If the information officers go to the ground, they cannot defend the lies the government has been making. These officers have to defend the story-lines manufactured by the PM’s team of consultants.  Moreover, these officers need to understand the story lines first.  Then they need to believe the story-lines. Believability is a rare commodity and impossible to find from the government side.

Now it’s a question of when Najib’s end is to come. The others are smelling blood already. Muhyidin has come out with the statement endorsing what Dr Mahathir said.

Before we all rush in to conclude that Dr Mahathir has endorsed Muhyidin, lets slow down a bit. There is no such endorsement. What Muhyidin has done is to position himself on a strategic point- because he has read the situation correctly. He knows Najib is finished.

The other VPs are doing likewise- because they want to be number 2 should Muhyidin becomes number 1. The UMNO people are merely repositioning themselves.Others are waiting in the wings.

This Saturday, an NGO will stage a forum with Dr Mahathir as the only speaker. Everyone knows the NGO Prihatin is a proxy for Ibrahim Ali. But dont be misled by the tagline- all are invited. All means mainly Malays and by Malays Ibrahim Ali means only UMNO Malays or Malays who believe UMNO is a godsend to them. 
All Ibrahim wants is to have Muhyidin installed as PM. He is hoping DR Mahathir will give a good mention of Muhyidin. If you are fortunate enough to qualify at Ibrahim's Malay, do go to the forum. See the man who can walk on political waters in action.

The 1MDB Bermuda Triangle.

Not only the information officers if they are so asked have to defend the incredulous stories crafted by the PM’s consultants, the PM and his ministers in the MOF are also misled to lie. Of course, it’s an entirely different matter if the PM knows about it and deliberately and knowingly furthered the lies. Then he is complicit in the great lie.

Let me quote readers and instance in light of the announcement by BSI Singapore regarding the bank statements submitted by Arul Kanda. BSI has denied the documents submitted by Arul Kanda came from them.

If such document did indeed come from Arul Kanda, 1MDB is really a desperate case. I am reluctant to conclude the PM lied or Arul Kanda did the same. But people from the government tell me, desperate people do desperate things. Furthermore these are not statutory statements to be recorded in the statement of accounts.Some people therefore believe the degree of accountability is less.

On the 10th of March 2015, I received a reply from the minister of finance, probably authorized or otherwise endorsed by the most intelligent talent in the MOF- the man with the 3.85 cgpa- the reply was as follows:-
if there is no cash, who caused the Finance Minister to state the money is in BSI?

My question was listed as question number 59 in the list of replies issued by parliament.

There is now a report that the bank statements used by 1MDB CEO Arul kanda are false. The bank known as BSI has denied that the documents submitted by Arul Kanda came from them. BSI is reported to have made reports to the relevant authorities in Singapore.

After the reports, BSI the bank must now initiate legal actions against Arul Kanda if indeed the documents he used were falsified documents. BSI needs to do whatever it needs to do.

When I asked government officers concerned what is the rationale of placing USD1.103bn in a small bank- the answer I got was, a smaller bank can offer better rates. If so why not place the funds with the smaller banks in Malaysia and negotiate with them good rates? Place the money in a few small banks. 

But here is the sting of the issue. Contrary to the statement given as answer to my question and now, BSI has said the documents were false, we just want the PM and the ministers in the MOF to answer- where is the cash? Where is the USD 1.103bn? That’s slightly more than RM4bn at the current exchange rate.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Rising Tide of Religious Terrorism in Malaysia?

Revised version with some factual corrections

It’s one thing for PM Najib to direct police investigation into the Cross incident, it’s another thing to actually do it. Contrary to the statement from the nation’s Chief Constable, this case should be dealt with swiftly and punishment applied equally fast. There is no way, this issue be swept under the carpet.

A group of people, almost took the law into their own hands to stage an aggressive protest outside the premises of worship belonging to other people, and demanded the Christian Cross to be taken off from being displayed. The Cross is a sacred symbol of Christianity. 
This is clearly an indication of the growing intolerance of some Muslims against the faith of other people. If not checked this would lead to the rising tide of religious terrorism.

This isn’t a case of a community with a different religious creed being assaulted on account of them having breached some conditions of their presence in this country given,  at the pleasure of the community doing the assault. The Malaysian Christians are legitimate citizens of Malaysia with equal rights before the law.

This is not an Islamic state where non-Muslims in this country are allowed to stay at the pleasure of the Islamic authorities. If the Muslims are displeased, they cannot take the law into their hands. If the church has broken any law, the government must also take action on them. 
The underlying issue is whether people of another faith can be allowed to carry out abuse and threats of physical harm on people of a different faith. If this incident is excused, our country will be a cowboy and lawless country. Everyone will then say, the chief sheriff is impotent.

Whoever demanded the cross to be brought down by way of threats of physical harm or other forms of physical threats ought to be reined in by the law. There should be no compromise. 
The government must show its unyielding resolve to punish those who were out to create religious conflicts. The business of government is to ensure its legitimate authority prevails.

I sincerely hope this is not one of those melodramatic responses of the PM. Certainly he must allay the suspicions of many that the protest was politically motivated. For the danger is, once a religious creed is motivated by politics, this is a sure recipe for future conflicts.
From now on, if the PM does not show an iron hand in this, every normal and legitimate political conflict is transformed into a religious conflict. Then this country is finished.

Then the Muslims will call for jihad. You will jihad this and that. The Christians will call for a crusade. Now a church, next a temple, a Gurdwara and kovil.

We must be aware that there are some politicians hell-bent on exploiting religious issues as a short cut to political popularity and justification for further scorched earth politics. We must not drag religious sentiments into the political arena or using it as a cloak for political ambitions.  

The Najib government must stop a to-ing and fro-ing approach in this powder keg of a matter and must quickly douse a possible outbreak of religious intolerance.  The entire government machinery must not show tolerance to this issue.

What would the response of Muslims should one day, non-Muslims demand the relocation of a mosque or surau since the housing estate now is populated mainly by non-Muslims? The congregation of Muslims in the mosque or surau does not exceed 10 people? The demand for relocation itself will be looked upon as designed to create religious tension.

The essential principle of all religions must contain exhortations for people of different religions and creed to live peaceably with one another and adopt a high degree of tolerance.

It is difficult for the majority of Muslims to believe the action of a group of Muslims forcing themsleves aggressively outside the church , demanding a symbol sacred to Christians be removed or taken down, and threatening Christians with physical harm is motivated by an abiding desire to preserve the sanctity of Islam or because their Islamic sensibilities are offended. 
The protest display the hallmarks of a bully. 

Muslims have a high degree of tolerance believing that it is a principal tenet in the teaching of Islam that his religion is designed to bring out the best in him. That means to bring out love, decency, charity, and tolerance all of which are essential values for the advancement of society.

The act of a group of rogue Muslims can only be described as most un-Islamic. I hope the majority of us will refuse to be used in the plots of others.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Politik Selamatkan Malaysia

Peringatan: Sesiapa yang membaca translasi artikel ini dalam FMT, saya ingin buat peringatan: saya tulis seperti ini:
Tidak ada orang hendak orang pas darjah 6 jadi PM kita. Maksud saya ialah kita tidak hendak orang lulus (pas periksa) darjah 6. FMT menulis darjah 6 dari PAS . Itu translasi yang salah. Saya tidak bertanggung jawab versi yang ditulis oleh FMT.

Saya tidak berhajat menjadi spoiler- tapi saya hendak komen sikit mengenai cadangan triumvirate Mahathir- Razaleigh –Anwar.

Lee Kuan Yew pernah berkata- if you are in jail, you are useless. Saya rasa Anwar pun sedar perkara ini.

Bolehkah ia dijayakan? Boleh tapi tidak bersama Anwar sekarang. Kerajaan baru mesti muncul dahulu dan membebaskan Anwar.itu pun melalui proses undang2 supaya Anwar mendapat full vindication. 
Untuk include Anwar sebagai faktor sekarang, tidak akan menjadi. Kita tak boleh ubah keyakinan Dr Mahathir bahawa Anwar is not fit to become PM and that is a belief shared by many, I am afraid. 
Selamatkan Malaysia dahulu, kemudian selamatkan Anwar. Kita jangan lupa Pak Sheikh. Tapi selamatkan Malaysia dahulu.

Untuk suatu tempoh, Anwar tidurlah bersama nyamuk di Bamboo River Resort. Apa yang dia boleh buat ialah menasihatkan PKR berkerjasama dengan tokoh politik diluar. 
Buat masa ini, tokoh politik yang boleh menyelamatkan Anwar, jika dia jadi PM ialah Tengku Razaleigh.

TRH berada diluar politik mainstream UMNO. Dia tidak terpalit dengan daki dan persepsi negative terhadap UMNO. Ketika TRH berucap di parlimen bulan lalu, dari sebelah UMNO dan BN- jika satu batang pin jatuh, kita boleh dengar. Tapi TRH masih UMNO dan bukan pembangkang. Itu difference dia dengan tokoh2 lain.
Contrary dengan kepercayaan orang, TRH tidak ada kena mengena dengan skendel BMF dalam tahun 70an. BBMB ketika itu bukan melapur kepada menteri kewangan tapi kepada Jabatan PM.

Orang UMNO boleh memuliakan dan menghormati dia. UMNO boleh memanfaatkan pengalaman dan kecerdikan TRH. Saya bukan nak angkat bakul TRH atau bodek nya( saya dari parti DAP)- tapi separuh dari kepala TRH lebih bernilai dari seluruh badan kesemua menteri dan timbalan menteri kewangan sekarang. Kebetulan saya mengenali TRH dan ahli parlimen Pekan dari dekat.

PAS rasa nya boleh berkerjasama dengan TRH dan DAP pun boleh. JIka Lim Kit Siang berkata dia boleh berkerjasama dengn Dr Mahathir untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia, saya tidak nampak masaalah berkerja dengan TRH.

DR Mahathir tidak ada orang lain untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia. Jika dia pilih Muhyidin, kerajaan baru akan hilang solongan dari Sabah dan Sarawak. Jika dia pilih Muhyidin , Muhyidin akan berdepan dengan pemberontakan dan tentangan Najib loyalists.  Jika Muhyidin takes over, dia mewarisi kerajaan yang akan implode. Lagi pun, Muhyidin belum jadi PM, maka cerita mengenai nya belumlah keluar lagi.

Projek tumbangkan Najib boleh dijayakan oleh mereka yang diluar penjara dan ada pengaruh dan sumber. Ketika ini yang ada pengaruh ialah Mahathir- Tengku Razaleigh dan mewakili PKR- Azmin Ali.

Azmin Ali mungkin bertemu Mahathir di London beberapa bulan yang lalu. Saya diberitahu oleh seorang yang hampir dengan TDM, suatu pertemuan did take place in London.

Apa yang dicakapkan? Saya rasa sukar untuk percaya subjek mengenai Anwar diperbualkan memandangkan pendirian Dr Mahathir. Dan saya diberitahu, Azmin pun tidak menimbulkan nama Anwar.

Yang saya rasa dibincangkan ialah isiu politik orang Melayu. Politik orang Melayu ya- bukan politik UMNO. Mungkin yang dipercakapkan bila new political arrangements dilakukan- bagaimana menjamin bahawa kepimpinan politik berada dalam tangan orang Melayu.

Sama ada kita suka atau tidak, kerajaan baru mesti dipimpin oleh orang Melayu. Para pemimpin nya mesti jua lebih ramai melayu. Parti politik bukan melayu menerima fakta ini. Orang bukan Melayu pun yakin negara akan aman dan damai, jika kuasa politik terus berada dalam tangan orang Melayu. Tapi biarlah orang Melayu yang memberi fair treatment, adil, jujur dan cekap. Tidak ada orang hendak orang pas darjah 6 jadi PM kita.

Dan sama ada kerajaan baru suka atau tidak suka , suara bangsa Cina ialah DAP. Maka kerajaan baru mesti melibatkan DAP. PAS mesti juga ada peranan sebagai mewakili kepentingan mereka yang mahu membudayakan kehidupan mereka dengan agama.

Tapi sama ada PAS sebagai sebuah parti politik boleh merealisasikan impian hudud nya- itu perkara lain. Yang penting, PAS mesti participate dalam political arrangements yang baru. Mereka boleh jerit sana sini bahawa hudud itu Allah yang punya, tapi jika tidak ada penerimaan masyarakat kerana 1001 sebab, jeritan itu tinggal impian.

Jadi, apa langkah kita seterusnya?

1)   Pertama menabalkan seorang pemimpin melayu yang boleh mendapat kepercayaan dan keyakinan oleh semua pihak.

2)   Kedua , melalui menentukan bahawa kepimpinan Melayu itu terdiri dari mereka yang relatif bersih dan komited terhadap politik baru.

3)   Ketiga, dengan menjadikan politik Malaysia inklusif. Ini bererti bangsa bukan melayu mesti di coop kedalam political arrangements baru.

4)   Kepentingan rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak mesti diiktiraf dan dilihat terlaksana.

Kepada semua parti- politik baru tidak ada tempat untuk politik exclusiveness samaada ianya diasaskan atas agama, bangsa atau klas.

Tanpa mengurangkan hormat kepada Anwar Ibrahim, saya merasakan, pertamanya, Dr. Mahathir dan Tengku Razaleigh must engage with each other. Buat masa ini, saya rasa PKR berfungsi sebagai passive participant. Tidak ada peluang untuk melihat Dr Mahathir berdiskusi dengan Anwar. Bahkan, Dr Mahathir tidak mahu terlibat dengan pembebasan Anwar when that actually takes place.

Ramai orang membaca terlalu jauh kehadhiran Dr Mahathir ketika menziarahi jenazah bapa Anwar- Dato Ibrahim. Ramai orang lupa, Dr Mahathir mengenali bapa Anwar ini lama ketika mula2 politik. Ayah Anwar rasa nya pernah bertugas sebagai dresser dan harus mengenali Dr Mahathir yang seorang doctor. Kemudian ketika politik, ayah Anwar pernah jadi s/u parlimen kesihatan.Entah2 mereka ada talian persaudaraan kita tidak tahu.

Jadi kedua dua Dr Mahathir dan Dr Siti Hasmah mengenali Dato Ibrahim, dan mereka pergi menziarahi jenazah nya atas dasar kawan. Itu menunjukkan bahwa Dr Mahathir ada class. Bukan seperti seorang yang tidak bertegur DR Mahathir selama 6 bulan hanya kerana hendak elak dari memberi jawapan dan berasa bersalah kerana kelentong Dr Mahathir.

The real troika atau triumvirate yang boleh menumbangkan Najib dan kemudiannya membebaskan Anwar ialah melalui Mahathir-Razaleigh dan Azmin. Azmin sendiri memerlukan bantuan untuk kekal jadi MB terutama bila berdepan dengan kemungkinan PAS mahu berkuasa melalui Khalid Ibrahim dengan gabungan PAS dan UMNO dan keberangkalian pembelian beberapa ADUN PKR.

Kepentingan Dr Mahathir dan Razaleigh ialah menyelamatkan Malaysia dan kepentingan Azmin, dalam masa terdekat, ialah menjadi sebahagian dari politik selamatkan Malaysia dengan dia sendiri berkerja menyelamatkan dirinya sendiri.


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