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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 12 July 2008

From the inner recesses of the mind


Let us talk about economics. I mean the absolute number one priority of the government of the day is to create economic development. Economic prosperity if you will.

Otherwise we will be talking about twaddle. People don’t want to talk about some nebulous ideals. I am a Muslim. I don’t want to clutter my mind with for example a treatise on what Islam Hadhari is all about. Can Islam Hadhari pay for my housing loan? Car loan? My children’s education? I don’t care a rat’s ass if you want to pontificate and proselytise. Hell, I thought the completeness of our DEEN was declared 1400 years ago? I don’t need an intrusive officious theologian pretender to tell me what Islam is. In any case I am appalled to think that some people think that a truer Islam can be appreciated by way of ceramah perdana or something like that. Hello tuan penceramah! you want Islam, you improve the masjid and suraus. You create programs there. Nowadays, masjids and suraus are almost deserted. Especially if they are managed by UMNO GOONS( guardian of our nation’s soul).

When you ask people what they want. They will say they want jobs, they want housing, health care and education. They want to have a reasonable living. They want to own homes. Quality and homes worth your money. Not homes given to nondescript contractors to build which are more suitable for rearing chickens. Give the people dignity. Price of essentials within their reach.

We want education. We pay for it. Unless you are downtrodden poor. Then the government will help you. I am amazed when people create a rumpus over scholarship awards. Let’s make it a two tier thing. Lets establish the fact scholarship is not a birthright. It’s a privilege given to scholars.

In the olden days, unless you are smart, you don’t get scholarship. Nowadays it is carte blanche. A freebie that must be given. That mentality should be discarded. Let us establish that scholarships will be given only to really smart people who qualify to earn the title scholar. After that, let us offer student loans to the others who don’t make the grade. Everyone else can take student loans which they must repay later. Irrespective of race. You take a loan to finance your education. You inculcate the dignity of responsibility. Make banks apportion a mandatory amount for student loans. The chances of the loan turning bad may be the same as loans given out to corporate liars anyway.

The Malays have to re engineer their thinking. They must adjust their thinking that the world is moving towards lesser government. By that I mean, Malays must accept that their destiny primarily lies in their own on hand. They must accept the dignity of hard work and brain power being the requisites for personal advancement, not government assistance. Unless you are an invalid.

Let’s talk about good government. That's the sine qua non for economic prosperity. The core question is what makes a good government. Some people think that you can govern with less that intellectually capable people. That’s a load of rubbish. These people seem to think that all you need is to install a good system. You think we can last long with corrupt and inept leadership?

This thinking for example is held by Dato Seri Najib. During the 12th GE he was saying vote for the party. Easily translated, that means we already have a system that can accommodate mediocrity. Yes Dato, mediocre people can be easily duped and controlled. Especially those sycophantic lickers of sun-unreachable body parts.

This was in contrast by the calls made by the Perlis Mufti, that people must base their preference on the quality of candidates. The mufti who holds a doctorate made more sense that Dato Seri Najib. Well, we all know what happened to UMNO at that elections.

Dato Najib seems to think that because we have clearly defined party structure, that is sufficient to ensure wellbeing. Absolutely nonsensical. We have the MKT, we have the political intermediaries- the ketua bahagians, the ketua cawangans. We have instituted a system susceptible to corruption and manipulation. We have a good system yes but all of which can be neutralised by incompetence and ineptness. We need to put in place a better system to make sure the most capable and the most upright offer themselves for leadership. The present system, I am sorry to say, encourage the manipulators and riffraffs to take over.

Hello brother. Ghana had a good system of government. It was wasted when corrupt leaders took the helm. You need good people at the helm. With good people even a passable system can be made to function reasonably well.

Why is this? Because then you have people who are equal to their functions and tasks. But of course Dato Najib does not believe in this. He is a closet despotic. All good things emanate from him. He does not want to place other people equal to their jobs to help him . it’s all about him. The amber lights are flashing for you sir.


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