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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Of pretty boy Pete- he is convalescing somewhere. Abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit. He has left absconded, escaped and disappeared. His fiancée or tunang says she will stand by him.

For Dato Seri Anwar- we say,

acta est fibula, plaudite!. The play is over, applaud.

We are trying hard to understand why you were holed up at the Turkish embassy. Perhaps they have a Turkish hammam there. You looked refreshed this morning when you exited the embassy.

By doing that you have demonstrated that you do not care for Malaysia’s image. I am sure you do not need Turkey to champion your cause. You are already well known. You said you fear for your physical safety. Then please make a police report so that it can be given the urgency that it richly deserves.

Rocky of Rocky’s Bru says your people received reports from intelligence from a friendly neighbour that some hit men were brought over to bump you off. Thank you very much because we value that kind of information. If that helps in saving lives. Even yours.

You are already prejudging the issue. Nothing has yet come before the courts. Everyone including you have applauded the recent changes in the judicial system. When the tribunal on the Lingam tapes affair came out with findings amenable to you, you stated that it is triumph of justice.

And now, you are saying the very same people who are no less committed in doing justice are tainted and corrupted such that they cannot judge you in this accusation.

Excusatio non petita, accusation manifesta- he who excuses himself, accuses himself.

And you have so many excuses. We are tired of these. The country is tired,. Your followers are tired too. You can buy a condominium for RM 2 over million. Some of your supporters have to beg from UMNO leaders to go to hospitals

We are tired of your allusion to a grand conspiracy theory. Yet you were literally unscathed during the general elections. you could campaign around without harassment. Therefore pray tell, why should interested parties conspire now when they could have done it before? And if people wanted to bump you off, that would have been easy no? Because people know where you conduct your trysts. It would be easier to c4 you rather than fabricating a story about you sodomising someone.

You think the government is that stupid yes? You suggest that the government is willing to go through this political charade and risks being ostracised as a pariah by doing you in? Come on, Dato Seri. The government has other important things to attend to. The UMNO leadership has to contend among themselves. Dato Najib has to fend off the Altantuya issue. You would be imputing there exists a highly organised and intelligent group of experts employed by Dato Najib to manufacture sodomy part 2. If you were to go to Dato Najib’s office, I assure you will be like Captain Kirk asking 'Beam me up Mr Scotty!. There are no signs of intelligent life there. Me transmitte sursum, caledoni!

And the much touted evidence that Dato Najib is behind this latest accusation is a photograph of young Saiful together with Khairul Anas. Is this circumstantial evidence as they say in legal terms?. Are you expecting us to believe, by way of this perverted logic, that all those who were photographed with young Saiful are conspirators against you?. Ab asino lanam! Wool from ass, blood from stone. Impossible!

If there ever was a conspiracy, it is the one that is committed by those who are close to you. Or were close. These include Dato Nalla, Ezam and countless others. They all conspired to conceal the truth from us. I put it to them, are you people really interested in saving Malaysia? Save us from this depravity. You people flatter each other and confer upon yourselves qualities that you do not have. Honesty. Asinus asinum fricat. The ass rubs the ass.


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