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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kuantan MCA Battle.

Kuantan MCA.

I like the MCA style. They have no reluctance about having a fight in the open. The present brouhaha in MCA Kuantan is a case in point. The newly minted YB of Teruntum is going against the seasoned Dato Ti Lian Ker. I wish them both, the best of luck.

It is in UMNO’s interest and in particular the MB’s to see MCA as a strong partner. A strong party needs good men at the top. I hope the MCA people have the qualities of a good leader in mind. I am sure our MCA friends are aware of the strengths of the prospective candidate.

As for me, I know the incumbent well. Dato Ti Lian Ker who is still young, is a formidable MCA personality. I am not talking about his MCA standing, something which I do not have any knowledge of. I am interested in telling you of his performance in the Dewan Undangan Negeri of Pahang.

I have high respects for two MCA stalwarts. One of them is the man who hails from Kampung China in Kuala Trengganu, Yb Pang (TM Pang) with whom I enjoy very good relations. I have always considered his speech in the Dewan as that with substance.

YB Ti Lian Ker is of course an always in form and polished speaker in the Dewan. His speeches were always diligently researched worthy of the highest praise. It shows he is a man concerned with and paying attention to details. His preoccupation has always been with how to bring benefits to Kuantan. That indicates his interest. His encounters with his favourite topic- tourism as an economic resource’ were always illuminating. His reasoning in his speeches indicate his clear line of thinking.

YB Chang , I have met on several occasions during Mesyuarat Pembangunan Daerah. He often stood in the place of Dato Fu Ah Kiaw, the then MP of Kuantan. He has the good looks of a film star and if the face is the window to the soul, I think he will go far too. He has been a YB for 4 months now. He is also a personable fellow.

In politics, it is good to dispense with sandiwaras. It is good if we allow people to make open declarations. If we stop people from campaigning or standing as candidates in party elections, we are only delaying the inevitable. Anguish, repressed feelings certainly become incendiary material from within.

UMNO should take lessons on party management from MCA. The MCA has no quota system. MCA does not prevent people from campaigning. Its healthy to let out and let go.


Ti Lian Ker 10 August 2008 at 00:07  

thank you bruther for your kind words. good luck to whatever you are doing now. bila senang 'yam cha' lagi

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