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Saturday, 5 July 2008


I first posted parts of my forthcoming book- from Manchester to Pulau Manis sometime in June 2008. I have deleted the preliminary version and am currently posting new and revised versions. Since the last three months after the 12th GE I am able to put my thoughts in perspective. Accordingly these are reflected in these versions.

There is also another reason why I decided to post a revised version. It gives me a respite and some breathing space from the urge to continuously write on the burning issues at present. The saga that’s engulfing leading politicians like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Dato Seri Najib immediately comes to mind. Alas, I can only get off for a briefest of time.

I have just come back from Pekan. Dato Najib has a function there today. During the last week we have received letters from our UMNO division asking us to gather in full force to welcome Najib. This is a normal practice to show solid support for our embattled leaders. Dato Najib likes the adulation.

I am not going to run down my Pekan brethren. Each is entitled to his and her opinion of Dato Seri Najib. As for me, having been with him since 1992 until I was despatched on the eve of the 12th GE, I have been critical of him. I am on record of saying I have no wish to regal others with between the blanket and mattress stories for I have none nor personal knowledge of any.

Today, Dato Seri Najib has claimed victory. He told the honest Abe of Pekan folks that its GOD’s wish that the terrible and contemptuous story about him, be expunged by the author himself. Mr P Balasubramaniam. In one of my blogs I said that it was the devil that made Bala retract his story.

I am afraid Dato Najib’s claim of victory is premature. He is already a damaged good. In another one of my blogs I put forth the theory, that Bala’s retraction was in fact a reaffirmation of Dato Najib’s involvement. It was an application of reversed psychology. You entrench the idea of involvement and guilt by asserting the negative. And Dato Najib and his mentally challenged coterie of advisers bought it hook, line and sinker.

Indeed the rumours that spread in Pekan while Dato Najib was telling his version was that Bala was either paid, threatened with bodily harm and given an offer he could not refuse.

Lucca Brazzi, Don Corleone's enforcer offered Bala cash in one hand and held a revolver in the other, to his head. Sounds plausible eh? Sorry folks especially my fellow bloggers who have high hopes on Dato Najib.


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