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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Its horror time for Najib.


I read with gleeful indulgence on what were written on Najib’s nomination from Kampung Ubai in Pekan. You see, this is what I say as the untutored perception of what’s going on in UMNO Pekan.

Ahirudin Atan of Rocky’s Bru says that the Ubai Branch is the largest branch in Pekan. Wrong buddy. Ubai can only send 2 + 1 delegates to the division meeting. The ketua cawangan goes automatically as a branch delegate. For every 50 members, you can send 1 delegate. So do the math brother. There are branches in Pekan UMNO who have 600-700 members and send 6 or 7 delegates. There are 139 branches in Pekan.

Tunku in her blog says this is an expression of what the rakyat actually want. Wrong again. The ketua cawangan of Ubai with due respect will say anything that he pleases and he does not necessarily consult with his members. That nomination was done without much thought and was designed to embarrass Dato Najib only. Indeed it was written down during one of our many kopi tiam sessions in Kuantan. In the meanwhile my friend En. Hanapi Salleh will get his 5 minutes shot of fame. That was done to show, how much track record Dato Najib has and control over his own backyard.

You give me money and I will give you whoever you want to have nominated. Ada faham?

If you want a true reflection of what the rakyat wants, the UMNO members want:-

1. The dismantling of the quota system as this impedes the emergence of resolute and determined leadership.
2. Allow the top posts be contested.
3. Stop bringing ketua cawangans on a regular basis to meet up the top leadership.
4. They want Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyidin to go for the top posts.

By the way, do any of you who write with pompous authority know where kampong Ubai is? Allow me please.

It is located halfway between Kuantan and Pekan. Its population is perhaps 200. It has a number of village shops on the right towards Pekan. It has a famous nasi dagang stall on the left to Pekan. Mr Hanapi Salleh who is the ketua cawangan has a lifelong history of causing minor shocks here and there to the system. He is 53 years old, unmarried. A harmless loose cannon. But perhaps anyone out there can do a service and find him a bride?



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