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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Driving on reserves of depleting hopes.

Let us not be alarmed by the leaked medical report. It’s not necessary for the DIG of Police to come out with a statement. All he need to say is that investigations are not yet completed. One cannot reason with people with mob mentality.

The die is cast. Whatever you do, there will always be people who believed that Anwar is a bloody devil. (may I use the word devil incarnate, Yang Ariff Ian Chin?). Then there will people who believed that Anwar is innocent.

What if the medical report from the doctor from PUSRAWI is itself doctored? Will the fate on Anwar rests on this not a gospel document?

What will it destroy? It will destroy all those melancholic and longing hopes, those subscribing to somehow please please god- let Anwar be innocent kind of prayers. These wretched romantic do gooders, the nerdy green peace types, those looking high on LSD types, these are the people longing for the elusive truth.

They can hope for whatever they want. The truth will prevail anyway. You see, in my opinion, those supporters of Anwar are driving on reserve. Its fast depleting. Even among PAS supporters, there is a gnawing feeling or doubts-what if these allegations are true?

Despite so many times written, that the earlier judges who tried Anwar in the 1998 case acquitted Anwar on technicalities, people like to rush and bulldoze into saying that Anwar was innocent. If I am not mistaken, what the judges said were, there was insufficient proof to convict Anwar of the sodomy charges. That he was let of the hook by just that, but the judges were of the opinion that the allegations did take place.

Anwar’s innocence hinges on hopes and just hopes alone. Relying on an initial MR can only suggest the weakening of Anwar’s armour. Why is Anwar afraid to go to court then? The details of the investigation by the much despised police( despicable to anwaristas only) should be heard in court and must never be presumed to disintegrate and vaporise just because Anwar has discovered a medical report supporting him. Brother- the fat lady hasn’t completed singing.

Imagine the crushing feeling of Anwar’s supporters, who had braved rain and heat, tolerated undue hardships, expended money and time if Anwar is actually guilty of the sordid activity he’s accused of.

Let us allow Anwar to contest. He may win and earn his seat in parliament. We shall see whether he gets to form the government. It does not matter to me if Anwar gets to become the PM by buying in parliamentarians from other parties. Heck! If politicians want to prostitute themselves and form the Sodomy Party of Malaysia (SPM)who the hell cares.

If desertion happens, we will be able to see the betrayers. UMNO must allow itself to do some bloodletting. Its unhealthy to have contaminated blood inside the system. We don’t know who are the vultures inside the party unless the political carcass is out there.

As for the MR from Pusrawi, let us compare it with the report from the government hospital. If if affirms the Pusrawi MR, then - Dato Najib is doomed.


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