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Saturday, 5 July 2008


Dato Najib has concealed a crucial information. When the brouhaha concerning young Saiful Bukhari the sodomised became public, Dato Najib remained silent. He does not know Saiful.

The photograph of Saiful with Khairul Anas was merely coincidental. The young man came to see Khairul Anas asking for help to get a scholarship. The university dropout intended to enrol into a flying school in Kelantan.

The photograph was retailed around to imply that somehow Dato Najib was behind Saiful. Told you, Najib is a political invertebrate. Anwar Ibrahim has a bad back, Najib has no backbone.

Now, you may ask, why didn’t Dato Najib be forthright about his acquaintance with Saiful? Because if he admits seeing Saiful a few days before the young lad stepped forward with his SD, the link between Najib and Saiful could then be establihed. Anwar and his PKR blackshirts allegation of Najibs complicity will be true then.

And Dato Najib does not want that. He is an honourable man. It will then be easy for people to infer that yes, Dato Najib does indeed has his fingers in the conspiracy pie. He wants nothing of this.

In the end, Dato Najib has to admit about having seen Saiful in his official residence, Sri Satria in Putrajaya. Pity, that name is too heavy a burden to be shouldered by the invertebrate Dato Najib. He had no choice but to counter the allegations contained in the statutory declaration of P. Balasubramaniam. Dato Najib believes of course, that Anwar Ibrahim must be behind Balasubramaniam and thus decided to fire his Sukhoi missiles at Anwar.

This brings us to the treatment accorded to the authors of the statutory declarations. When the irrepressible RPK made his SD, the AG stated that it was done with malicious intent. It was regarded as criminal defamation. RPK was subsequently sued by the two film extras, the colonel and his wife. But RPK was sued for a pittance. Surprisingly, the star of that SD, Datin Rosmah ‘ I am not a politician’ Mansor did not sue. Strangely though, RPK himself was free from police investigation.

When Saiful the sodomised made his SD, he was given police protection so that he will be completely shut out from external contacts. Nobody knew here he was for a good many days. He was seen at a police station a few days later, smiling way exposing little dejection after being buttfucked for 8 times. The joke being dished about is that on the 8th time, he was so frustrated that 61 year old Dato Seri Anwar did not perform, that he decided to tell the world about it.

When Subramaniam made his SD, why wasn’t he given police protection? Could it be that our police attached more credence and importance to Saiful’s SD than Bala’s? Why the different treatment? Could it be due to police malfeasance, that allowed the probability that some people visited balasubramaniam and made him an offer he could not refuse? What transpired when Bala was called in by the police and are transcripts of that meeting between Bala and the Police accessible for all to see?

Now, Dato Najib is a sitting deputy prime minister. His image has seen severely tarnished. His credibility and integrity has been severely assaulted and people find him hard to believe. I am sure in the days to come, a lot more mud regarding him will be thrown around. He can no longer pretend he is not affected by all these scrutiny.

Dato Najib must do the responsible thing. Who will counsel him? His advisors will not and cannot. He must send word to the Political Sage. He needs help

The creator of the term elegant silence is strangely mute about all these. Where are you Scooby Doo? The reason I brought up his name is because of an ingenious solution he once offered to this country.

Many years ago, the MCA was embroiled in its own internal war. It was the MCA’s period of the warring warlords. The troubles within the MCA threatened the integrity of the Barisan Nasional itself. It was at this time, Musa bin Hitam came up with an ingenious and diabolical solution. He suggested that MCA leave BN for a while, sort its problems then re-apply to join the BN. In the immortal words of the late Pak Sako.. wow!

Now, can we offer the same solution to Dato Najib? Will he consider taking a sabbatical to confront and demolish his demons?

Like Captain Kirk, Dato Najib must:-

AD EUNDUM QUO NEMO ANTE IIT- to boldly go where no man has gone before.


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