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Monday, 7 July 2008

Scientific Sex?


I don’t like to include profanities into my writing. On the rarest of occasions I may find it necessary to accentuate my point. The present one is the first. Therefore please pardon the expression.

Many eons ago, I heard about this joke on Newton’s 10th law. Yes..yes, there is no Newton’s 10th law. Any way it goes like this;

“ The angle of the dangle of the balls is proportionate to the thrust of the pole at the hole provided pressure at the breasts is kept constant.”

It is absolutely balderdash, but I put it in for good measure to press home the point that you cannot approach sex with Isaac Newton’s cold logic. I was reading the posting made by Jebat Must Die which included the forensic exercise carried out by one Lekiu on Bala’s statutory declaration. It was a rigorous exercise indeed. Hats off to Lekiu and of course to Jebat for his unfailingly in-character excellent piece of writing.

Nobody approaches sex with the mind and logic of a scientist. Who are we say what Dato Najib’s sexual preferences are? When Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik banged the Portuguese girl, that lass was what? 16 years old? So 5 years ago, the Mongolian was 22 or 23. Perhaps this descendant of Genghis khan had a body and mannerisms beyond her age. In any case, the apparatus between the loins cannot distinguish the age profile of the intended partner. It is a brainless Sukhoi missile.

When the Malaysian government was negotiating with the French, this Mongolian must already be there in Paris. The affairs of the heart do not require years to blossom or in this case to get randy dandy. Altantuya must have been in Paris during that time and her services were either procured by the French or Razak Baginda serving as emissary for MINDEF.

Bala was recounting what was told to him by Razak Baginda. He may have been told what Razak Baginda SELECTED to tell him. This of course does not include the possible fact that Altantuya was already known to Razak during the negotiating phases in Paris.

Altantuya did not have to serve on the board of PERIMEKAR SDN BHD. She had only to serve as an external consultant- a broker if you may. PERIMEKAR SDN BHD merely used her services to negotiate with the French and perhaps provide some invigorating diversions.

As to the introduction of Altantuya by Dato Najib to Razak Baginda in Singapore in 2005 or earlier , it may have been a staged drama. Once again, it’s that portion of the story, Razak Baginda CHOSE to reveal to Bala. Bala is not the confession priest whereby Razak Baginda poured his heart out. He is just a minder.

Altantuya did not have to marry Najib to render her services. Nor did she have to squeeze a few thousand dollars to go by. She must have been given monthly allowances and monies upon request while waiting for the USD500,000 commission to be disbursed. She just had to squeeze on certain strategic and ultra sensitive parts.

To the sexually depraved they hold to this principle. One does not have to buy a dairy cow to get milk. It was not necessary to marry an already available girl. All it needed is to place her on retainer fees.

Taking care of Altantuya may mean to make sure the girl has her needs sufficiently cared for- money and so forth. It can also mean, an instruction to Razak Baginda to employ any means necessary to prevent Altantuya from blurting out and hurt Dato Najib’s position as the DPM.

Reading the statutory declarations by Bala, Rpk and Saifool, I adhere to the Latin maxim:-

NEE VERBUM VERBO CURABIS REDDER FIDUS INTERPRES- as a true translator, you will take care not to translate word for word.


Anonymous,  7 July 2008 at 23:50  

Sex and the C4

Sodomy is a useful word
recently said and heard,
in Malaysian homes and offices
it’s all about famous orifices.
What is going on, you wonder
when Bala steals the thunder,
finger pointing the magic word
to the delight of a horny herd
Organs united, names forgotten?
VIPs are really rotten
Saifool he knows and did not know
doubts about Aminah begin to grow
of whose loose lips he was afraid
but liked her other end instead;
of course he knew it wasn't right
but it felt so good and tight!
You could not hump like Greeks
the Hindenburg’s fat cheeks;
what her hubby found so succulent
was making Rosmah trucculent.
And so she thought, the time was due
for a nice Mongolian barbecue.
Enter the analyst, not so anal,
who found the girl too banal;
fearing supernatural harm
from her juicy feminine charm,
he hired Bala straightaway
to keep the honeytrap at bay
but private dicks were of no match
for Aminah's superlative snatch
and now that Najib had had his fill,
he would not share the till;
right after the submarine deal,
Aminah's fate he would seal.
Now Rosmah had one idea
on how to kenakan dia
"Let’s bomb the bombshell,
let's send her to hell."
Thus perished the hapless beauty
after translation and booty duty;
now Rosmah’s ass was happy
until one blogger got yappy;
this Hindenburg nearly caught fire
yet to sue she has no desire.
But Najib's part in this murder
will travel much further;
despite his media actions
and one or two retractions,
some questions will remain
a big part of his bane–
how did Altantuya really die?
and why did he have to lie?
Did he pay off Bala savvily,
or threaten to C4 his family?
What acts could be more despised?
With his money, we’re not surprised;
after all, he's such a bully beast,
to him and him alone, at least,
magic words that cannot apply–
are useful for making rivals die.

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