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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Anwar's fate rests on the MR


The knee jerk response is expected. The bearer of the message is always vilified. We appear to be less interested in establishing the veracity of the report. We want to punish the messenger instead.

The police says that the leaked report is part of an attempt to confuse the public. The statement by the police spokesman seems to suggest they are working to arrive at a different conclusion. Hmmm.

Yes, it’s true, doctors’ handwriting are horrible. Since my younger days, I suspect doctors purposely cannibalise their handwriting to prevent us, the layman from knowing what’s written. Bloody Hell!. Yet I am always astounded the nurses and the dispensary workers always know what is written. Do they have a code somewhere?.

In my case, I had to employ my amateurish Sherlock Holmes skills to DEDUCE what’s written. In the first report, I could only make out patient suffers pain when passing motion. In the second part of the report, it said there was “zero active bleeding”, “zero ulcer or pus” and “zero tear and scar”. It also said To Rule Out assault(sodomise). The patient was advised to go to a government hospital for further investigation.

Referral to a government hospital is not sinister ok. In many normal cases, we are told to go to a government hospital to seek a second opinion. Doctors at private hospitals are humble enough to admit they may not be 100% exact.

And so, we wait for the report from a government doctor. Before the anwaristas jump from balconies out of euphoria and jubilation, hold on to your senses. The report from Pusrawi can always be disputed by another professional doctor from elsewhere. At the end of the day, we will have to make a judgement call.

What happens if the government doctor after examining pretty boy Saiful goes on to certify that indeed that fellow had been analised? We will be subjected to yet another round of mental assault?

Why cant Anwar allow us to get on with our lives so that we can focus on the economic issues and the management of this country. The best way he can do this, is to shut up and contest in a by election quickly. So that he can win and go to parliament. So that he can form the next government as soon as possible. Once in power, you can sack all those who have victimised you. You want to do in Tan Sri Musa Hassan or Ghani Patail, do it after that.

Will somebody now leak the report from the government hospital? Just so you anwaristas can answer us out here- how do you know that this report from the pusrawi doctor wasn’t manufactured. Maybe he is Anwar’s supporter? Jangan marah- just asking.


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