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Sunday, 20 July 2008

ATale of Two Friends


I was having the usual kopi at kuantan kopitiam yesterday night. A few UMNO friends were in town. All the way from Pekan. A total of 8 branches in Pekan had already completed their meetings. All is now not that well that begun like hell. But we will leave Pekan for a while.

In Kg. Razali about 4 miles from the city centre on the Kuantan- Kl Road, there was massive traffic jam. Brother Anwar and his entourage is in town. For one of his stops in his road show. Barely 48 hours of being released exclaimed the newspapers. His back has recovered. It’s true. Damn true.

At the rally attended by supporters and Anwar devotees, came the announcement. Dato Fauzi Abdul Rahman has joined PKR. It finally had to come out in the open. Dato Fauzi has always been with Anwar Ibrahim. Way to go Dato. It is good to be upfront. At least we know where you stand.

The entry of Dato Fauzi Abdul Rahman was greeted with enthusiasm by Dato Seri Anwar’s supporters. Immediately a blogger recounted Dato Fauzi’s brave stance against the corrupted BN leaders. Of course his skirmishes with Tan Sri Khalil Yaakob( now TUn) were regaled as indicative of a fighting spirit. He may be small in size. But that only serves to belie his indomitable spirit.

His late father was Dato Abdul Rahman Talib, not Rahman Yaakub as told by a blogger. Dato Abdul Rahman Talib was a contemporary of Tun Razak. He last served as ambassador to Cairo in the 1960s.

Now, why does Dato Fauzi want to join PKR?. He has been with UMNO all his life. His father was instrumental in galvanizing Malays in Pahang to join UMNO. That he has a combative streak in his constitution is without a doubt. He has always been a fighter and retreats from no one. He has one admirable quality that is lacking among many current UMNO leaders. He is intensely LOYAL to a friend.

He and Anwar Ibrahim went a long way back. During their MCKK days. Anwar was in the arts stream, Dato Fauzi was in the science stream. Dato Fauzi and the late Tan Sri Yahya the man who started Proton were classmates. Dato Fauzi went to England to do a degree in Mining Engineering.

When everything else vanishes, people will talk about Dato Fauzi Abdul Rahman and his LOYALTY.


A Voice 21 July 2008 at 15:33  

I like yr coverage of Pahang so-po affairs. Not many covers it.

If not for what you have written, I wouldn't know Fauzi Rahman and Anwar are MCKK classmate.

In MCKK, it seems their batch brotherhood take them for life.

One classmate of theirs that I know is PKR's former Sec-Gen (before Khalid Ibrahim) is Dato Kamarul Baharun. He was former Mat Taib's strong man in Tenaga Ehsan Selangor.

Another one in blogosphere is The Ancient Mariner, Retired Captain Yusof.

On ething I observed is that they are united to defend against allegation of Anwar's homosexualism.

All except one and that one has to remain private. :) But his senior in MCKK talks of it. One known to actually admit did jambu him.

Anyway, I believe he will get out of this second sodomy allegation alive and gain more political mileage.

This is dangerous to Najib. If Najib does not rid of Dolah now, he will be rid off soon! The lead is who wins the VPs.

I believe it is designed to be a triumvirate of Dolah's man. They will be in a strong position to stop Najib's further political inroad near 2010. While, Anwar will continue his assault from outside.

One of the triumvirate is a former Anwar man and two others are lallang. If all falls into plan, Anwar will return as PM via UMNO.

PAS looks to be cutting off from PR. PKR will disintegrate with so many conflicting interest groups and ideological leanings. Anwar wants to return back soon.

Even if one is sympathetic for him, ponder what benefit he can actually bring to UMNO?

What ideology will he carry? Remember he has changed and reinvent himslef so many times - Islamist during student and activism days, Malay Nationalist during UMNO days, and now Islam Liberal/Civil Rights.

If he maintain his liberal views and UMNO remains impervious to the current going on in government to break up Malay strategic positions. We are doomed!

Anwar without power can be a real threat. WIth power, genuine platform and Uncle Sam openly backing him, he is a BIG DISASTER to the alif ba and ta!

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