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Friday, 18 July 2008

UMNO Politics in Pahang


Today I am writing on a different subject. It shall be the first of a few series. I had wanted to begin by asking- Dato Seri, you didn’t forget your socks today right? Let us then begin with the MEASURE OF THE MAN.

You see dear readers, when Dato Adnan Yaakob was a teacher sometime ago in Bentong, students and teachers will look askance at this kampong regular who would often go into class socks-less. This and many other personal anecdotes were narrated to me by many of his students from Bentong.

A few days ago, I was reading the blog of ‘unker’ Bernie the unmasked Zorro which showed Dato Nan doing his famous hand sign pose toward PAS supporters in a by election. That was a show of spontaneity of the man. Un refined yes, but forthright.

How do you treat a subject like Dato Nan? The enfant terrible to many, people’s champion to many more.

A few lines into writing this piece, I suddenly remembered a book written by one of the greatest economist in the world, Paul Samuelson. Every graduate student dread having to read Samuelson’s writings and articles. While still a graduate student , Samuelson wrote a seemingly un-understandable theses which then became a book known as Foundations of Economic Analysis. Highly technical, rigorous and rapier sharp, Samuelson is the bĂȘte noir of the economists world.

But he is also capable of rendering comprehensible complex issues of economics for the common man. He wrote one memorable book called Economics from the Heart. Unpretentious, straight from the gut, unglamorous., just plain talk and commonsense. Writing about and for the interests of the common man.

The real Dato Nan in an unreal political world.

That is the way we must look and comprehend Dato Nan. He is what you see is what you get type. Un-hypocritical, unpretentious, up front with everything. He is what he is. He is the uncut diamond, rough on the edges but in essence still and always a diamond. He is always the staunchest of Pak Lah’s supporters. That is without doubt. But the man is also capable of respecting people who deserve his unshakeable obeisance. I have personally seen him run disavowing protocol and decorum after Tun Dr Siti Hasmah to kiss Tun Siti Hasmah’s hand.

I am willing to wager that Dato Nan is ever ready to go fisticuffs with anyone who has greatly offended him over Pak Lah. Make no mistake- what Lee Kuan Yew said may well apply to Dato Nan. If you want to go physical with him, get ready to be trapped in a cul-de-sac and he will be there with his knuckle-dusters to clobber you. Though I am not a fan of Pak Lah, I would like to have a person like Dato Nan by my side. Loyal and fearless.

In the increasingly hypocritical and farcical world of politics, we need to have the sane voice which keeps us on an even keel. Better the devil you know that the hypocritical saint.

Dato Nan will offer himself as one possible choice for the post of vice presidents. He has done it before. He lost but was unfazed by that setback. Now he is again offering his leadership for consideration.

I have no interest whatsoever in his candidacy. But I am disturbed that his counterparts in Pahang have not stood by him. What I write in the preceding passages are shared by many. Dato Nan comes across to many of us as a pit-bull, merciless with the facial expression of a Mafiosi don. Even changing his spectacles fail to damper his severe looks.

But like me, I am sure all the rest of ADUNs, the division heads, the would be delegates to the UMNO convention want what is best for UMNO. A leadership that is determined, resolute, disciplined and energetic to achieve the best for the people. To provide leadership which is of paramount importance in an atmosphere of eunuchised leadership at present. Let us for once admit it. The last time he lost was also due to the fact that, we did not stand by him 100 per cent.


To be continued…… The politics of UMNO ketua bahagians in Pahang. The Malay version of the present writing will be posted in


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