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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pahang and VP Race


Dato Seri Adnan Yaakob, the Menteri Besar of Pahang has made his decision. He will not offer himself as candidate for the post of UMNO Vice President. With this withdrawal, Pahang will have no one from the state as candidate for an important post.

It is OK. Pahang will not die just because its MB has decided not to contest. Unlike certain other place for example, people will tear their hair, jump into rivers, burn their padi fields, if their favourite son is denied the premiership. Dato Adnan Yaakob has his reasons for deciding so. Others cannot pretend to fathom what he actually thinks. Perhaps he will tell his story sometime.

When the 3 principal characters in the film the last of the Mohicans, stood at the edge of the cliff, the last of the Mohicans( Mohegan actually) chief Chingachgook said with melancholic sadness, he is the last of the Mohegan. Hawkeye( played by the actor Daniel Day Lewis) and Cora Munro(Madeleine Stowe) will soon leave for some distant land and get married.

Chief Chingachgook , the father of Uncas had no more progeny( as depicted in the film). As a principal character, chief Chingachgook embodies all the good qualities of the good man. The rock to Hawkeye’s impulsiveness. Stern and disciplined, forthright and yet hides his sensitive side very cleverly. He betrayed his true feelings perhaps in that film when Uncas his son was killed by Magua the archetypal villain.

You are surprised that suddenly I veered off tangent from Dato Adnan Yaakob to chief Chingachgook, the last of the Mohegans. Ha ha, actually there’s a method in this brief interlude of madness. Adnan Yaakob is probably the last of the UMNO Mohecans.

Adnan Yaakob has been vilified several times over. He became instantly infamous when he instinctively gesticulated a vulgar hand sign to several hundred ranting PAS mullahs during one by election. It is funny how, he being a direct person that he is, was and is still vilified for that hand gesture, while those ranting mullahs doing sanctimonious(?) vulgarities were not ill spoken of.

His exit from the VP race will mean UMNO will forfeit what can perhaps be the true conscience of the party. Forthright, without fear or favour, no beating around the bush as a matter of fact ,in your face kind of assessment. Whoever becomes the UMNO president will need this kind of anchor. The president must be wary of sugar coated empty bellows that carry nothing of significance.

But who are the Maguas in Pahang? And more importantly, is Dato Nan the last true Mohican? Perhaps my friend Dongtalk can enlighten us?


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