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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Right and Wrong Politics-1


Its an open and shut case. Either you are right or wrong. It was Richard Armour I think who said that ‘ politics, it seems to me for years or all too long has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. Richard Armour is an American poet and humorist.

This is probably what is happening in Malaysia at the moment. For the past few weeks the nation’s attention has been riveted to the political drama. It’s a roller coaster. It involves the former deputy premier, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. His political opponent is Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. He is our current DPM. We want to know are they right or wrong?

In the meantime the nation’s economy is not doing too well. The price of oil is skyrocketing. It has reached USD140 per barrel. It caused the government to spend more on subsidies. It has paid motorists RM 650 per person per year. How much money they have spent is unclear. But the party processing the payment will stand to make RM81 million a year. That is a lot of money. The price of essentials have also gone up. The price of Malaysia’s staple food, rice has gone up by leaps and bounds. We shall talk about this later.

Dato Seri Anwar is embroiled in an allegation of sodomy. If convicted , the offense is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment between 5 to 20 years and whipping. This time around, his accuser is a young lad by the name of Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Saiful bukhari is a dubious character. The records show that this former student leader of UNITEN is not a bright student. He scored a measly CGPA of below 2.0. He was very active in students extramural activities. He wanted to be very popular to show that he can do many things. Also he wants to hobnob with political luminaries.

He has made a statutory declaration saying that Anwar Ibrahim has sodomised him eight times. This took place at an expensive condominium in Desa Damansara. The police has since searched that premises. They have brought in the forensic team.

Anwar Ibrahim's actions, after being reported on proved bizarre. He took refuge at the Turkish embassy drawing Turkey unnecessarily into a political storm. He claimed his life was suddenly in danger. In the preceding few weeks he was busy berating the government. In various public rallies, he drew thousands of listeners. His life was never in danger then. Fortunately his sojourn at the Turkish hammam was only brief. He exited from the embassy looking afreshed.

He then went on the offensive. He held a large gathering at stadium Melawati in Selangor. It was attended by more than 10,000 people. Alas, Anwar Ibrahim was very oblique about the SD. He tried to divert his audience’s attention. He spoke about the economic management of this country. He spoke about corruption. He spoke about conspiracy. It is the same recycled stuff. It was very unpleasant.

He then came up with a statutory declaration of his own. He asked the government to investigate the commission of perjury by the nation’s 2 top law enforcement officers. They are the inspector general of police and the attorney general. Anwar Ibrahim alleged that these two people fabricated a false story saying that Anwar Ibrahim was never assaulted in 1998. He was in fact bludgeoned.

Now, we all know the perpetrator of that hideous act was convicted and sent to jail. The person was the then IGP who had served the nation well. He also apologised for that incident.

We would have been forgiven into thinking that Anwar would be satisfied. But he is also like Shylock the Jewish moneylender. He wants his pound of flesh and blood. Those who like Shakespeare will remember:-

If you repay me not on such a day

In such a place such sum or sums as are

Express’d in the condition, let the forfeit

Be nominated for an equal pound

Of your fair flesh, to be cut off and taken

On what part of your body pleaseth me

Dato Seri Anwar wants his pound of flesh and also blood. The flesh is Tan Sri Musa Hassan. The blood is Tan Sri Ghani Patail.

You may ask, if the chief perpetrator of that heinous crime has been punished, why does Anwar press on with SD? The answer it seems is this. If he could prove in court that these two officers perjured and falsified information, then any future proposition based on their testimony must be doubted. Anwar will say, once a liar always a liar.

Anwar Ibrahim has continued his defiance. He will travel the length and breadth of this country. He says he will bring his case to the court of public opinion. He has no faith in our judges. These people are corrupt he says. Judges can be bought like a commodity. Judges should be a fortress keeping justice. Unfortunately, the Latin maxim is also true. NIHIL TAM MUNITUM QUOD NON EXPUGNARI PECUNIA POSIT- NO FORT IS STRONG THAT IT CANNOT BE TAKEN WITH MONEY.

During the last few days, Anwar’s behaviour have disappointed many even his supporters. He has chagrined a large number of his believers. Why hasn’t he agree to swear before God?. He was suspiciously evasive about this.

Anwar Ibrahim is a devout Muslim. He claims to be so. He has a record to show. He has been the leader of ABIM, the movement of Muslim youths in Malaysia. He has been a leader of many Muslim organisations. He is respected as a young Muslim leader.

He has been challenged. To undertake the Islamic swearing ritual of Mubahalah. This is rarely done. It involves the disputing parties to come into the mosque with the Holy Quran in hand and swear before GOD that they did not do what they are accused of. The accuser and accused will do this. They will also enjoin Allah to deliver divine retribution immediately.

As a Muslim, Anwar should have ceded to this request. This is the only way to clear his name. It is the best way to absolve and purify himself. If he does this he will win more adherents to his cause. But he is reluctantly evasive about this. He says he is willing if he is advised so by credible ulamaks. How does he determine which of the ulamaks are credible?

By refusing to do so quickly and unreservedly, he has created doubts as to his innocence. Indeed, he seems guilty of the crime committed. Anwar must do the Mubahalah if he wants political survival. He must not procrastinate. Then he can go on to seek his vindication in court. Then he can get his pound of flesh and blood.

He must take the road seldom travelled. He must undertake Mubahalah. The prophet Muhammad( PBUH) said that it’s good to have faith, but tie your camel anyway. Brother Anwar must fortify his faith and that of others by doing the Mubahalah and then carry out the worldly court action to seek temporal redress.


jebatmustdie 8 July 2008 at 10:31  

If Anwar is Shylock, then somebody out there should be Portia in order to save us! :)

Shamsuddin Nawawi 8 July 2008 at 12:32  

Its Saiful not Khairul

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