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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 3 July 2008


One day after leaving the Turkish embassy, Anwar’s party men, the PKR black shirts organised a huge gathering. It took place at stadium Melawati. Some 10,000 people attended. Many spoke at the gathering.

Anwar Ibrahim of course spoke. He is without doubt a fiery orator. He rabble roused. The crowd turned into a frenzy. Every time the screen showed images of certain personages in Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim of course claimed that the report against him was politically motivated. Enough to convince uncle Sam to support him. It was, he says an attempt to camouflage the weaknesses and mismanagement of the country by the ruling clique.

We of course agree with many things he said. The issue is about managing this country. The issue is about leadership. Which Malaysia currently lacks. What’s new brudder? All these are true.

But how does one associate these with the report by young Saiful Bukhari on Anwar? In the famous and immortal words of Augustine Paul J, IT IS NOT RELEVANT.

Anwar Ibrahim employs a lot of deductive reasoning. But his deduction is of a questionable type. We can term it as reductio ad Hitlerum. Yes its named after Hitler, hero to some, villain to many.

The term reductio ad hitlerum was first used by professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago. In 1950 he wrote a book called Natural Right And History.

Reductio ad hitlerum is used to expose fallacy in logic, or more specifically expose a questionable cause and association fallacy. For example, Hitler supports X, therefore X must be evil. Tan Sri Musa the IGP and Tan Sri Ghani Patail supported Tan Sri Rahim Nor- therefore they must be evil. Eeviilll.

Many years ago, the chief justice Eusof Chin was photographed with Lingam the lawyer. He therefore must be evil. Indeed his successor to the post, says he disliked Tun Eusof Chin. It’s difficult to please everyone eh?

Then there is the famous photograph of young saiful with Kharul Anas special assistant to Dato Najib. Ah ha.- there must be some link to Dato Najib in this. Hence applying, reductio ad Hitlerum, Najib must be evil. Notice how, that description reverses from a lowly officer to the master. Not the other way round. Turning over everything is Anwar’s predilection.

To Dato Seri Anwar, Dato Najib is the evil incarnate. This is all a conspiracy initiated by Dato Najib. The proof is in the photograph. Dato Najib is doing all these to divert attention away from him. That is Anwar’s version of this Sherlockian mystery.

The question of the SD by the noxious RPK is not resolved yet. Then there is another statutory declaration that is yet to be made public. It is one that is submitted by the private eye employed by the accused Razak Baginda. It alleges that it was Najib who introduce the Mongolian to Razak Baginda. In the famous words of the singing diva Aretha Franklin- who’s zooming who?

Are we to infer that everyone that is associated with Dato Najib are now all evil? Or those associated with Razak Baginda? The forthcoming SD was alluded by Anwar when he spoke at the Melawati stadium.

We shall wait to comment on the SD.


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