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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 3 July 2008


I have just written something on this vis a vis Dato Seri Anwar. It is about the fallacy of cause and association. What I did not expect is to see it being employed by both sides of the fences.

Khairul Anas is the young lad employed as special officer by Dato Najib. He has many. Now it is also being bandied around that kharul Anas may be a mole planted by Anwar’s camp. Reason. Because he studied at UIA when UIA was Anwar’s political bastion. So when he went to do his masters at Oxford- he becomes by association, a stooge for Khairi Jamaludin?

Okay , for the moment lets humour this argument. Dato najib has a political secretary by the name of Dato Haji Sahlan. Now Haji Sahlan is the brother to Saifudin Nasution, one of Anwar’s powerful and fiery lieutenants. I personally liked him- does this make me a sympathiser if not a mole? Come my brothers and sistah- let us mole each other.

Are we now to infer and indeed deduce, that because Dato Haji Sahlan is so associated, he is the mole that Anwar planted?. Or maybe it's the other way round. Saifudin Nasution is the mole planted by Dato Najib in Anwar’s camp. Look out Anwar- he’s after your behind.

Enter, the private investigator employed by the accused and goaled Razak Baginda. One P.Balasubramaniam. He has made a statutory declaration. It is not palatable to many. Because he has spoken about it on PKR platform. Just because he has spoken on a PKR platform, he could not be assumed to tell a truth eh? Why? Because the SD that Mr Balasubramaniam speaks of is damning the DPM. Also because it is associated with despicable PKR.

The DPM is seen by many as the last UMNO man who can save UMNO. On this, I have written many pieces. Saviour to UMNO is an accolade that Dato Najib ill deserves. It looks like I have to write on this again. It’s like Milton Friedman said- belief in something must be won over and over again.


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