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Monday, 14 July 2008

In Search of Leadership.- The UMNO Quest.


On the 12th of July I wrote a blog article entitled In Celebration of Dato Najib. I concluded by saying we must now pray for the noblest of the Pekanite.

The short essay was a satirical piece. It followed an earlier article titled The UMNO stage Play. There I have quoted Shakespeare’s ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE… I wanted to show that political life too imitates the life’s 7 stages written by Shakespeare.

These two articles perhaps drew up a response from a blogger known as Pesanan. He then re-quoted some remarks made by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid about the stages that democracies often travel through. Pesanan re-quoted Tan Sri Sanusi Junid’s quote of some well known passages often wrongly attributed to the Scottish lawyer and politician, Alexander Fraser Tytler. Rightfully, the passages can only be attributed to anonymous authors. It is rather a pessimistic viewpoint which reads:-

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage From Courage to Liberty From Liberty to Abundance From Abundance to Selfishness From Selfishness to Complacency From Complacency to Apathy From Apathy to Dependency From Dependency to Bondage

If the above is taken as a statement of natural law, then we are doomed. However, history records that early civilizations have often responded to a challenge and then gone on to a higher plane. In other words the expression is cyclic in character with different degrees of amplitude and different frequencies.

The pessimistic conclusion that is very often extracted from the above quotations can only be cancelled out by capable and determined leadership. That is what our country needs now.


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