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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 13 July 2008



A friend called me to ask; why do you hentam Dato Najib, when your hero Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Najib is the best. Najib was the shining star. Where did you get that information, I asked? It’s in the vernacular newspaper lah- Sinar Harian.

I countered- that’s only a portion of what Tun said. What he actually said was Najib was indeed a shining star last time, but he has since become a yes man. I am in total agreement with the whole part of the statement.

Mana you tahu that what’s Tun said? Haven’t you heard of the internet? The second part was blacked out by the newspaper. Maybe I said to my friend – you should investigate whether that article was written by a form five boy or girl.

In two years time Dato Najib will be a spent force. He will have to deal with a whole range of allegations not excluding ill gotten wealth. Already we can hear the machetes being sharpened to hack through the maze of seemingly discreet concealments. And maybe he would be spending the next two years, not as deputy president of UMNO. He may lose this December .

The allegations involving the brutal murder of Altantuya will simply not die out. Mubahalah or no mubahalah. Though I am very critical of Dato Najib, I would be dishonest if I do not say I believe that Dato Najib has nothing to do with the murder. I don’t believe he is murderous.

Perhaps he is guilty of a serious breach of judgement. It started when he took in one political analyst into his confidence. I believe that Dato Najib’s overtures encouraged the political analyst to take advantage and manipulate Dato Najib.

The political analysts was once hailed as a strategic thinker although I think that assessment was an overrated embellishment by an awestruck young journalist. He is no big deal. He is not a serious and rigorous intellectual.

In the late 1990’s, the analyst concerned can often be seen to frequent MINDEF where Dato Najib was the minister then. I presume the analyst was like any other visitors meeting up with Dato Najib, asking for projects or submitting proposals here and there.

The political analysts would often be seen carrying large briefcases to MINDEF. On most occasions, he would be seen in the company of a bevy of good looking girls. As to what role these girls play in spicing up the proposals during his tete-a-tetes with Dato Najib, I would not know.

As soon as the succession plan was announced on the 10th of July, the political alignments and re-alignments within UMNO are taking shape already. Dyed in the wool supporters of Dato Najib like the beleaguered Dato Jamaludin Jarjis will be the point man. He will counsel Dato Najib on who to be included and excluded from the Najib team.

What would those people who are excluded do? Perhaps all of them have no serious issues with Dato Najib personally. But with Dato Najib’s political minders? Maybe there are old scores waiting to be settled. Or perhaps some feathers ruffled in the past. Or massive egos bruised. For 1001 reasons, they will coalesce into an opposing bloc to Najib’s ascent. These will provide the backdrop for the coming infighting within UMNO.

Among the UMNO leadership right through the divisional leaders, there is unfortunately no unity. The UMNO leadership is not an homogenous bloc of likeminded people. Each is prompted by his or her own personal interests and their role and function is to adjust and fit into the leader’s own interests. Loyalty is a contingent word to the UMNO stalwarts.

UMNO is a values-less political party. It has no ideology to provide the cement that binds members and leaders together. The fight for Malay interests is not firmly articulated and seems to be watered down when leaders become complacent and softened up by the trappings of power.

Dato Najib hasn’t got the determination, energy and resolve to provide the firm leadership that the UMNO ship needs. He is, like Tun Mahathir said- a person inclined to the easy life.

The armies will be assembled. The storm troopers are waiting for orders. VESTIGIA TERRENT!- (THE FOOTPRINTS FRIGHTEN ME!)


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