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Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Good, The Bad and Mubahalah


The sanest statement from politicians in the last few days came from Dato Seri Hj Abdul Hadi Awang. Yes you heard right, the PAS President. Commenting on the hoohaa about mubahalah and so on, Hj Hadi said, mubahalah is to be done in the absence of courts. That makes sense. Anwar Ibrahim, Saiful, Dato Seri Najib and Datin Rosmah all can beneft from this statement.

But Dato Najib has sworn before all the saints that came marching in at the PWTC on the 10th of July? How?

I joined millions of Malaysians asking Saiful, Dato Seri Anwar, Datin Rosmah, Dato najib to perform the mubahalah or malediction. Dato Najib has done it in the hall at PWTC. Perhaps the place where the swearing is to be done does not have to be a mosque. I don’t know that.

I have also asked maybe after each party has sworn their innocence, they still must go through the courts. They can choose to do it in the civil courts or the shariah courts as Anwar Ibrahim has done. Justice must be seen to be done.

Let us analyse Dato Najib’s conduct. He has uttered the words Wallahi, Wabillahi and Watallahi. Very good Dato. Now please let the courts decide.

A person’s malediction or mubahalah is unfortunately not conclusive to ascertain absolutely, a person’s innocence. Nowadays, in practice if one does so, it serves only to appease our religious emotions and cravings. It still does not clear one’s name in this temporal world.

A person who has lied and continues to lie does not mind doing it again anywhere. For he knows divine retribution will come in the afterlife or if he is afflicted by some strange infirmities later, those can be easily rationalised and attributed to acceptable reasons.

In other words we should not attach too much importance to a person’s readiness to conduct malediction. What if all the parties, Anwar Ibrahim, Dato Seri Najib, Saiful and Datin Seri Rosmah performed the mubahalah and each say they are innocent of the accusations each faced? They are all telling the truth or they are all lying. Who is doing what? After each has done mubahalah and all claim innocent of the accusations, then how do we determine who is telling the truth?

This means you will still need to go before the courts. If you perform mubahalah, it’s you and God alone. The people still want to ascertain the truth in temporal terms. So, do as what the Prophet( PBUH) enjoins, trust in God, but tie your camel anyway.

God has two prime ministers. One is boss of the good side( arch angel Gabriel or Jibril) and the other, Capo di Tutti Capi (boss of all bosses ) of the of the dark Side- count Iblis.

Now count Iblis knows the existence of God absolutely. He is in direct communication with God. He knows God can dispense with divine retribution. He bears witness to God’s absolute powers. But he also knows despite all these, God has given him freedom to wreak havoc and cause mischief on earth right up to the end of time. He of course knows that God dispenses His divine retribution in the afterlife.

Despite absolutely knowing God has absolute power to punish, mubahalah or no mubahalah,Count Iblis continues his evil ways. lying is nothing! Capiche?( understand? Ada faham?)


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